because it rains all day

Six Ways of Looking at the Rain

The rain brings a bit of magic:
droplets on shamrocks
from petals,
rain beats like drum beats
upon leaves and pebbles.

My apologies,
for intruding upon this
perfectly sunny day.
Please accept this rainbow.

My tears were indistinguishable from the rain;
For that I am thankful.

Buried roots rejoice,
for this they had prayed.
Their thirst finally quenched,
their home goes from dust to mud,
and growth is welcomed.

The rain beats a lullaby
on the roof above your bed.
Go ahead and close your eyes;
Gray can be content,
gray can be a comfort,
when it is not constant.

Is it not wondrous to feel the drops
on our faces,
on our upturned palms?
To be bathed in that which brings life?
To be connected to all others
caught in this downpour;
For like the Lord in Heaven
from which it falls,
the rain is no respecter of persons.

of monsters & men || starters

❛  just grab a hold of my hand .   
❛  somewhere deep in the dark a howling beast hears us talk .
❛  i dare you to close your eyes .
❛  you love love love when you know i can’t love you   
❛  after every sunny day , comes a stormy night  
❛  you’re my king & i’m your lionheart  
❛  breathe in , breathe out . let the human in .   
❛  my head is an animal .   
❛  all the trouble i have caused with my two hands .
& we’re far , far home but we’re so happy .   
❛  we used to play outside when you were young and full of life and full of love .   
 i watched you disappear .   
  it’s best we both forget before we dwell on it .  
❛  as i looked around i began to notice we are nothing like the rest .   
  there’s an old voice in my head that’s holding me back .   
❛  are you really going to love me when i’m gone ?   
 i’m shaking like a leaf .   
❛  can you chase this fire away ?  
❛  but i tried , oh , i tried .   
❛  just let me go & we’ll meet again soon .   
❛  we won’t run .   
❛  it’s killing me to see you this way .   
 i’m a crook for not caring for it . ❜   
❛  the stairs creak as you sleep , it’s keeping me / you awake . it’s the house telling me / you to close your eyes .  
❛  don’t listen to a word i say  
❛  as the world comes to an end i’ll be here to hold your hand .    
❛  please hang around .  
❛  i can see through you .   
❛  it’s perfectly strange .   
❛  hungry for the kill , but this hunger , it isn’t you  
❛  we are the same .    
 some days i don’t know if i am wrong or right  
❛  you can follow me .    
❛  some days I can’t even dress myself .   
❛  why are you shaking your head ?   
❛  i’m all out of breath .
❛  your mind is playing tricks on you , my dear . 
❛  i am a killer .  
❛  i take off my face because it reminds me how it all went wrong .  
❛  darker days are raining over me .  
❛  my blood runs red but my body feels so cold .    
❛  i am the storm .  
❛  please look away , don’t look at me .  
❛  i heard them calling in the distance .  
❛  i am sorry for the trouble , i suppose .  
❛  i need nothing .   
❛  i know that it’s a waste of time , chasing in the dark .  
❛  you’re cold against the skin .  
❛  & i run , i run , i run .  
❛  the way you held me so tight … all through the night …  
❛  you & i will not be shaken !  
❛  stop , i will take control .  
❛  you scream , you scratch , you bite .  
❛  the books that i keep by my bed are full of your stories .  
❛  i’ll meet your eyes for the very first time , for the very last .  
❛  let go , lay to rest .  
❛  maybe i’m a bad , bad , bad , bad person . well , baby , i know .  
❛  these fingertips will never run through your skin .  
 i will lead you through this wonderland .
❛  water up to my knees , but sharks are swimming in the sea .
❛  ignore all those big warning signs .
❛  you have scars & some scratches . it makes me wonder about your past .
❛  the light is blinding my eyes .
❛  i push you away , although I wish you could stay .
❛  i’m never ready .
❛  time won’t let me show what i want to show .
❛  all eyes on me .
❛  i spend my night dancing with my own shadow .
❛  i packed my things & ran .

anonymous asked:

May I ask what's going on in your country at the moment? It seems bad and I'm getting worried. (You don't need to answer this if you don't want to.)

There are many things, if you search news about venezuela (or photos) you will see what’s happening, but a thing is happening recently are the violent protests in all the country, my mom had to return to home because it’s dangerous, I also almost lost my parents many times and I had luck of not being killed by two dudes in a motorcycle 

The last time I tried to grow plants was for a science fair project way back in high school. Going to try and see if I can save the bees by growing flowers and planting them in the backyard.

Fingers crossed maybe the squirrels won’t be interested.


imagine faberry goin on a walk and it starts to rain and quinn doesn’t mind and just lets the rain drip down her face and blinks it out of her eyelashes and shakes her hair out and keeps walking but rachel’s covering her head with her purse and complaining because “you don’t understand how long it takes to get THIS MUCH HAIR perfectly straightened” because i mean quinn’s hair is so short and thin and easy, but quinn doesn’t say anything and just pulls a little umbrella out of her bag but it’s really little like one of those mini umbrellas so they have to get real close to fit under it and they’re just awkwardly bumping against each other trying to walk and they’re giggling and then they share a slightly damp faberry smile-melting-against-smile kiss ahhh


9th of Inktober! Prompt: broken

Remus Lupin in the Shrieking Shack :(

Anyone feeling particularly on edge today? Nothing, not even my special interest can comfort me today and nothing is right because I accidentally slept in, it’s been raining all day and my whole routine got messed up the second I got up… and now my mom made the one thing for dinner I’m allergic to and then proceeded to try and hug me and it just really pissed me off and yeah… I’m not having a good day

Peter x Storm Friendship

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Them acting like they’re the shit cos who else can rock silver or white hair?

Storm threatening to strike Peter with lightening if he won’t stop bugging her

Going to Professor X together for interventions about their kleptomania

Storm noticing Peter being bummed when it rains and makes the sun come out for him

Peter standing up for Storm whenever someone cracks on her hair

Storm standing up for Peter whenever someone tries to make fun of his hair

Peter asking Storm what his dad was like since they’ve spent time together

Storm making a rain cloud follow Peter around all day because she’s sick of his pranks

Peter unexpectedly being able to open up to her

Peter being there for her when she rants cos he thinks it’s adorable with her accent but he’ll never admit it

Storm trying to convince Peter to tell his dad the truth

Storm being more understanding of Peter than everyone else 

Peter always attempting to make her smile when he sees she’s upset 

The science march was awesome but also miserable and bad because it rained all fucking day??? what the fuck… but also like it was big and amazing

Easter Sunday Ruminations

Today was the greatest day in history because it’s the day JESUS OVERCAME THE WORLD! 

I woke up this morning at 6am to attend a sunrise service at a local church, and as I got up & ready, I instantly felt a burst of joy. (Every year, just because of the pure fact that it is Easter, that Jesus defeated Death, I’m always filled with so much happiness and excitement). As the pastor was preaching, we could see the sun peeping out from the horizon, creating some kind of ethereal atmosphere, which added to my joyfulness because it was supposed to rain all day but IT DIDN’T!

After attending this church, my family and I headed over to 4C (where our hearts are ultimately rooted). I sat in the English congregation for worship and singing repeatedly “oh happy day happy day” on SUCH A GLORIOUS DAY was spirit boosting. (I could keep singing this song forever)

Adding to the beauty of today was that we witnessed my sister getting baptized! It was a bit sentimental because I remember four years ago on Easter, I was exactly where she was today; surrounded by all my friends and family as I publicly declared my decision to follow Jesus. It’s wonderful & inspiring seeing her grow up to becoming a young lady who loves Him more than anything else.

The end of the night was sealed by carefree laughter, genuine happiness, and a reminder of how much friends can love, but also of how much more He has loved us—Which is the real reason for this marvelous day. 

Got a package from the Pokémon center website~ They delivered it to the wrong house so I had to go get it after work, and it sat in the rain all day D: But nothing got wet because everything was wrapped in plastic. The secret thing covered with the sticker is for my boyfriend, but everything else is for me~ I love the kuttari plush, and the drifloon is so big! And the ditto bulbasaur makes me think of a ditto who knows that his trainer really likes bulbasaur, so he stays transformed to make his trainer happy.


When I woke up yesterday, my mother told me it had been snowing in the AM and then walking outside was the glorious swamplike weather that makes me love spring *cough* I’m lying *cough* so. mucH. MUD. And then rain like all day. All day. And by all day I mean all GREY because it was raining and… um… grey… (that one sounded a lot better in my head).

I should have checked the weather for today but oh well, I will attempt to let the sleep take me and wake up to a surprise.


A/N: Hi guys! So this is the first drabble I’ve ever written and I’m quite happy with it tbh. It’s based on two imagines from imaginexhobbit and it’s about 1300 words long. Let me know what you think, enjoy! :D

Imagine falling asleep against Dwalin and then waking up with his arms around you. (x)

Imagine being sad and Dwalin worrying about you. (x)

This had to be the worst day of your life.

You had been walking all day, which was not uncommon when one went on a quest, but the difference was that it had been raining. All. Day. Long.

You were drenched.

And because of the horrible weather, your clothes were soaked. You started shivering violently, which definitely didn’t improve your mood.

But you could’ve dealt with all that, optimistic as you were, if it wasn’t for one teeny tiny thing you forgot.

Today was your late mother’s birthday.

It was only halfway through the day that you remembered, when you saw forget-me-nots grow in a field you were walking past. Those always were her favourite flowers.

You kept walking of course, not wanting to draw the company’s attention to yourself and having to answer unwanted questions. But your mood was ruined.

Usually, when it was her birthday, you’d go to her grave with one of her favourite books and a bouquet of flowers and sit by her grave all day, talking to her, reading passages the both of you had loved and just keeping her memory alive, even though she wasn’t anymore.

But seeing as you were on a potentially dangerous quest far from your home, you couldn’t do that today.

Which made you sad and irritable and overall not enjoyable to be around.

That night, when you sat around the campfire, everyone left you to your own thoughts, not wanting to disturb you and risk you lashing out at them.

However, after most of the company had settled down for the night, one dwarf was brave (or careless) enough to approach you:


You could recognize his heavy footfalls from a mile away, so you didn’t need to look up to know it was him.

He sat down heavily on the ground next to you and looked at your sullen face:

“Alright, out with it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Tell me what’s wrong.”

You looked at him. His face was mostly covered by the darkness surrounding you, but the light of the fire clearly reflected the concerned look in his eyes. It occurred to you that the only times you had seen that look on his face was when Ori, Fili or Kili were in danger or when Thorin had withdrawn himself from the group with a melancholic look and a deep frown on his face.

Why would he be concerned about you?

“Nothing’s wrong, Dwalin, I’ve just had a bad day is all.”

“I know you’ve had a bad day, lass, usually yer the happiest person around, save for Bofur maybe, but today ye looked as if someone had died.”

You paled when he said that and tried to hide your face, but it didn’t escape his notice.

“Y/n…what happened?”

You held your breath for a moment, scared of breaking out in tears in front of him and waking up the rest of the company. Finally, you exhaled and looked at him.

“It…it’s my mother’s birthday today…I didn’t even remember until this afternoon…”

“Oh…are ye sad because ye can’t celebrate with her?”

“…In a way, yes. She…she passed away when I turned eighteen. Every year since, I’ve been going to her grave on her birthday and celebrated her life by talking to her and leaving her flowers. This is the first time since then that I haven’t done that and I guess it just doesn’t sit well with me.”

Dwalin stayed silent for a moment, trying to think about an appropriate answer to that, no doubt. You weren’t done talking however.

“In a way, holding up that tradition felt like keeping her alive, I suppose. Maybe that’s why it hurts so much. It feels like I’ve lost her all over again.”

You finally broke out in tears, silent sobs shaking your body.

Dwalin started rubbing soothing circles on you back, whispering comforting words in your ear with that deep voice of his, trying to calm you down as much as he could.

After letting it all out for a while, you finally stopped crying and settled down a bit.

“What was she like?”

“What?”, you blearily asked. Your mind was still a bit foggy from all the crying.

“Yer mom, what was she like?”

You took a deep breath.

“She…she was very kind. She smiled all the time, to everyone she saw. She used to tell me that a smile and a friendly word cost her nothing, but gave her so much in return. I loved that about her.”

“She sounds like a wonderful person. Just like you.”

It might’ve been your imagination, but you could swear you saw Dwalin blush when he said that.

You started telling him stories of when you were younger, talking about all the times your mother had laughed at your antics, or had held you when you cried, or had taught you to fight back and never give up. You talked till late into the night, and it wasn’t until you tried to stifle a huge yawn that Dwalin tried to get you to sleep.

“Alright lass, time to call it a night, I believe.”

“No, no, I’m fine, really. I’m just-”, you tried to hold back another yawn.

“Uhu, sure you are, let’s go.”

Dwalin got up and pulled you to your feet as well. The two of you cautiously stepped over the sleeping bodies of your friends to where your bedrolls were spread out. Strange, you hadn’t noticed that Dwalin had placed his next to yours.

You settled down on your bedroll and were just starting to drift to sleep, when you sleepily grabbed Dwalin’s hand and thanked him.

“No problem, lass. None at all.”, he whispered, but you were already asleep.


The next morning, your first thought was that you were very warm.

You second was that you quite liked this soft and fuzzy cocoon that was the source of the warmth.

It wasn’t until your third thought that you realized what exactly that cocoon was.

It was Dwalin.

You shifted a bit, trying to turn around and confirm your suspicions, but Dwalin unconsciously pulled you closer and hid his face in your neck.

You swore you could hear him mumble “ ‘s my teddy bear” in your hair.

“Dwalin”, you whispered. He just grumbled in his sleep.

“Dwalin!”, you tried again, a bit louder this time.

“Hmm…mornin’ love.”

You snorted. “Love?” you asked, stifling a laugh.

You suddenly felt his arm stiffen around you and heard his sharp intake of breath. You turned around just as he removed his arms from around your waist. You noticed he had a mortified look on his face, and before he pulled away from you completely, you grabbed his hand.

“Dwalin, wait. It’s okay, I don’t mind.” You smiled and put your other hand on his cheek. He wouldn’t look you in the eye.

“Dwalin, look at me. That was one of the most comfortable nights of sleep I’ve had since the beginning of this journey, honestly.”

He finally looked at you then. You noticed he was blushing slightly, and you were sure your cheeks had reddened as well.

He looked so adorable in that moment, you couldn’t help yourself and gave him a feather light peck on his nose, before getting up and starting breakfast.

If he placed his bedroll beside you every night since then and you always fell asleep in his strong, warm embrace, neither of you mentioned it.

And if he sometimes slipped and called you ‘love’, or muttered it before drifting off at night, you only smiled widely, gave him a kiss on the cheek and called him ‘your teddy bear’.

Because how could you resist a flustered Dwalin?

Two more more or less unknown Finns from Finnish expressions

Lyyti - Nyt alkoi Lyyti kirjoittamaan! “Now Lyyti began to write!” meaning that things start going as they were planned or something is proceeding after a break.

Manu - Tuotiin kuin Manulle illallinen. “It was brought to him like dinner was brought for Manu” meaning that you get something without any effort and for free. Manu is actually originated from a word meaning master or a travelling worker who usually got free dinner in every house they stayed in. 

I’d also like to thank all of you who have commented on the previous name posts about the origin of the names. Here are some of them:

 - A loan word from German

Ellu and her chickens
 - A character of a story

- A goddess of rain
- On “women’s week” in July it always rains. It’s called women’s week because all the name days then are female (one of them used to be Esteri.
- An old firetruck where the water hose is located in the back of the truck
- A boat

- Loan word from a word meaning death, similar as in chess “Checkmate, shakkimatti”