because it makes him look so unwell

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do you have any vulnerable enjolras headcanons?

  • One of the thing that goes deep under Enjolras’ skin is his physical appearance and the fear that people only listen to him only because he’s handsome
  • He doesn’t care about being handsome, sure it comes in handy once or twice, but he wants to be listened to for what he hs to say, not beause people think they can get into his pants
  • He actually got interviewed once, a real interview of national reach, and all the journalist focused on was the fact that he was nicknamed “The Adonis of politics”. He had to make a few cutting remarks to get the interview back on track
  • Enjolras is painfully aware that Grantaire is attracted to him. And that kills him because sure he’s attracted to Grantaire, but it seems like Grantaire only goes to ABC meetings to look at Enjolras longingly and mock his points of view!
  • One night, Enjolras was frustrated and unwell and he snapped: “If you only come here because you think we’ll end up fucking at some point, you can go, Grantaire! I’m not eye candy, I’m a person, and you don’t seem to like me very much as a person, so you can go!”
  • He regretted it immediately after, and even more when he saw that Grantaire didn’t show up at the next meeting
  • A week later, he opened his mailbox and found an enveloppe. I was a list of all of Enjolras’ quirks, likes and dislikes, little things he does. Things that are More than his physical appearance. It’s signed Grantaire and “I like you as a person. I swear. You may be one of the most person to ever person.”
  • They started dating like a week after

gods and monsters

[stranger things / it crossover]

her voice had been in his head for as long as he could remember, and no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t seem to understand what she was saying to him. and then one night he did, and everything turned upside down.


chapter one. the house on neibolt street

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A cute auto story from DC con 2017

Hello, everyone! An anonymous source decided to share their autographs stories with Jensen and Jared that happened at DC con this year. I’m relaying their experience with their consent and in their own words. 

i was just stressed during the day because i heard creation was being rude to j2 because of the rushed schedule, and an assistant told me this caused jared and jensen to be grumpy and overwhelmed the whole day. jared was already having a bad mental health day due to people telling him too many triggering stories during the solo photo ops. i started to notice a change in jared during the photo ops that were way later in the day, and it made me worry about him so much. he looked very unwell in my j2 photo and i broke down crying because i really worry about jared and it was hard to see him look so drained. but by autos he was back to his giggly self, and the picture i had jared sign made him laugh really hard. that’s all that mattered to me, was making jared smile after such a stressful day. it was a picture of the both of them. because i’m a tinhat i feel like after the hard day they had, my picture brought light to their day because it was a memory of a funny moment they shared together.

We got to talking about the moment further and it came out that Jensen had a lot of memories of this picture. It had apparently been Jared’s idea to drop the leaves and take a picture of this moment - Jensen even did an impression of Jared trying to get him on board and stressed his own reluctance to participate. (yeah right, Jensen ;) )

Jared had burst out laughing, exclaiming “YES!”, thinking back fondly and saying it was a fun moment without sharing any further details. My source was delighted to bring joy to the J’s after a rough day. Thank you for doing that! You’re a wonderful person and I’m so glad you decided to share this with my readers. Here is the picture that was signed:

I Promise I Am Sick This Time! Sick Harry ~ Harry Styles Imagine

When Harry told you he was unwell you were apprehensive at first. Normally he did this so you would have a day off work and look after him, which because of tour he really enjoyed having you with him. Most of the time it was a trap, as soon as you hung up the phone to your boss saying you can’t make it in and you’ll do extra hours next week he was chirpy as can be. The magical ‘illness’ which was so severe he was unable to walk had gone. And in its place stood the Harry you knew and loved.

The alarm bells started to ring in your head as soon as he walked in the kitchen. You had already made the tea, knowing even though he could be in bed for another few hours, he liked to send you off just like he had done for years now. His grumble echoed throughout the house, you not paying much attention to it and continued to absentmidenly turn the pages of your book while sipping your tea. As Harry walked in and realised you hadn’t reacted to the first he groaned again, with extra pressure as though he had a rock fall on his foot. You looked up glancing at the God like creature which was in front of you.

“S'not feeling good love, think you should have the day off. Look after me, good like you do” his voice still ruff from sleep, exhaustion etched on ever part of his face.

“Why don’t you just go back to bed Harry, I’ll be back from work at 1” you hummed, finishing off your tea before placing it in the sink and making a mental note to wash up when you get home.

“I have tried Y/N, didn’t work. Need a back rub or something, can’t do that at work can you?” You glanced over at him, expecting the familiar smirk to be carved into his face but disappointment ran through you as all that you saw was a blank canvas no emotions running through it. He’s trying his best to either fool you, or he is actually unwell you weren’t sure which.

“I can’t keep having days off Harry, they do add up you know. My boss already called me on the other day because of it. What about when you want me to come on tour, hm? I won’t be able too because of all these sick days.”

“I promise I am sick this time” Harry walked around to you, his hands wrapped around you waist as his head rested into the crook of your kneck. “Y\N, I swear.” You don’t know why you fight really, knowing you always give in to him anway. A sigh left your lips as you pulled him off you and grabbed your phone, making the call that your office was probably expecting as soon as the knew Harry was home.

“I won’t be able to come in today, yes I know, that’s fine, yes thank you, I’ll see you tomorrow, bye” The conversation ended as Harry grumbled again making your eyes subconsciously role. “There you happy now?”

“Very, I have the day already planned out”

And there it was, the illness faded apart from a cold he probably caught of the flight back. Blankets laid in the sofa and movies which could last a whole week laid out of the coffee table. You knew you should go to work, guilt of putting added pressure on your colleagues grinding at you. But, seeing Harry’s face when he realised you’ll be there made it a lot better.

Short I know but I have a lot of work so this is all I could produce xoxo

A Smile on His Scarred Lips

The “Oh no we’re stuck in a snow storm and I’m cold” trope is actually one of my fave tropes.

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“Andraste’s tits must be frozen out there just like mine are,” Dorian complained, too cold to even shiver. He was eyeing the small hunting cabin they had taken refuge in. Cullen closed the door behind them and made sure the wind wouldn’t push it open.

“There must be dry wood in here, I’ll make a fire.” He turned to Dorian, faltered at his cocked eyebrow. “Or I’ll assemble the wood and you start the fire.”

“Thank you, dear Commander, for remembering my magical talents.”

Cullen rolled his eyes, used to Dorian’s antics, and set to prepare the small fireplace before they both froze in place. He had only started to feel alarmingly cold, but Dorian hadn’t been prepared at all for the snowstorm, and he wasn’t about to let him suffer longer than he needed to.

The small house was well equipped, the bed had a warm-looking fur on top with thick blankets in the cupboard when he checked.

“There’s food in the pantry, do you think they’ll mind if we eat some?”

Cullen began piling wood in the fireplace. “We’ll leave them coins. The fire is ready to be started.”

Dorian joined him, unable to hide how unwell he felt when he crouched beside him but instead almost falling over because his legs were so stiff. He grunted and managed to stay upright before Cullen could help him. “You mean you’ll leave the coins, it appears I forgot to make my money pouch for this training excursion.”

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Father’s Day


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Maybe an imagine for Father’s Day this weekend with Mac? We all love Daddy Mac and you did a great job on the Mothers Day one!!

-  I loved the self conscious one I actually requested that one a long while ago! Anyway I have another Mac imagine a sick Mac with a cold red nose and all and you try to make him feel better 💜

Side Note: I’m combining requests for this Father’s Day imagine, so I hope it’s okay. I needed an idea and I had another request that I think will work. :)

Pulling up into the driveway, Mac’s car caught your eye. Never in the time you and him had been together did Mac get home before you. Curious, you ventured inside.

Across the floorboards tissues scattered everywhere, an empty tissue box knocked over and laying on the couch, your husband of 3 years lay with a small towel across his forehead. Removing your heels, the relief instantly hit when bare feet came in contact with the coolness of the floor. Dipping down onto the couch, Mac’s eyes fluttered open.

“The Phoenix sent me home, well Jack did. Apparently I can’t work if my mind isn’t 100%, which is absurd because my mind is great”. He sadly explained. Feeling his forehead, it was warm but not overly hot and his nose was beginning to turn red.

“As great as your mind is, the team is right. I know how stubborn you can be, you don’t need to be working, you need to be getting some rest”.

Mac shuffled his body weight and sat up. “I feel fine, besides today is Father’s Day and I promised Y/S/N that I’d help him build his robot”. He removed the blanket covering half his legs. You weren’t having any of it and firmly told him to sit back down.

“Angus Macgyver you will not move from this couch. Y/S/N will understand that daddy needs to rest and can’t play. Don’t make me call Matty or Jack to come over here”.

His eyes went wide, “You wouldn’t”.

Smiling. “Oh, my sweet husband, I would”. Sweetly kissing his forehead, you came back with a fresh damp towel. “I’m going to go check on Y/S/N. Get some sleep Mac, you’ll get better a whole lot faster”.

He cuddled into the pillow and his chest rose up and down lightly.

Knocking on Y/S/N, you entered and saw him fully immersed in building the robot he’d been working on all week. His face lit up when he saw you standing at the door.

“Mummy!”. He shouted, running straight into your arms.

Hugging back tightly, “Hey, baby”.

“Where’s daddy?. He said he’d help build my robot”.

Picking him up in your arms, you sat on the bed with Y/S/N nested in your lap. “Listen sweetheart, daddy is not feeling very well and can’t help build your robot. His face dropped and it broke your hear to see him so upset. “I’m sorry, baby. Daddy is upset about it too”.

He hopped off your lap and ran to the tiny bookshelf, carrying over his favourite book in one hand and in the other grabbing his teddy bear. “Can I try and make daddy feel better?”.

Ruffling his hair. “Of course, he’ll love that”.

Following Y/SN, Mac was wide awake looking bored out of his mind. But that all changed when he saw Y/S/N racing towards the couch. “Hey, buddy. What you got there?”.

Y/S/N wiggled his tiny body beside Mac’s. “Mummy said you weren’t feeling well and when I’m not feeling well, you or mummy read me a story”.

Mac glanced up at your beaming face and motioned for you to join him. He then scooped up Y/S/N into his arms to make room for you, listen to Y/S/N read. When Y/S/N got stuck on a word or tripped up over a sentence, Mac would lend a helping hand.

The rest of the afternoon, you and Y/S/N took care of Mac. When evening approached Y/S/N was beyond exhausted and had curled up on the other end of the couch.

“Dare I say, you’re looking a little bit better”. Checking his temperature again.

He turned to Y/S/N. “It’s all because of him. Between working so much I forgot what it was like to spend an entire day with him”.

Rubbing his back. “Mac, I know what you’re thinking. And you’re a great dad, Y/S/N knows that your job is important. He loves you, I love you”.

“Y/N, I’m sick but I still wanted to be at work then resting at home, and on Father’s Day no less”.

Sitting on the coffee table, you grabbed Mac’s hands. “Look at me, Mac”. He hesitated, but eventually meet your gaze. “Do you know what your son says about you?”. Mac shook his head. “He says that his dad is like a superhero saving the world from bad guys, Y/S/N can’t stop talking about how he wants to be just like his dad when he grows up. He idolizes you, Mac. Our son loves you so much. So don’t you ever think you aren’t a good dad, because your an amazing one”.

Not caring about him being unwell, you kissed him, making sure to add so much passion and love. “Happy Father’s Day to the best man and the most increbile dad I know”. Mac pulled you into a hug, the two of you not moving from the couch or each other’s embrace.

Mukami Ruki: Bullied + Revi's note (important)

Revi’s note: Lately this fandom gets sadder and sadder… I mean, a lot of people - or one awful person - send anonymously a lot of shit that is supposed to just hurt. I think it may be a person who wants to get rid of DL blogs to monopolize their own blog. Whatever it really is, remember that NOBODY deserve to be killed, raped or hurt. You are precious people, every one of you. So please, do not apologize nor let this fucking anon feed on you.

2nd thing: I planned to write this as a Mukami Shitty Thing, but when I wrote Ruki’s I realized I spend on tumblr too much time since there are few weeks to my exams left and I have to study a lot. So I’ll be quite inactive now, maybe one Shitty Thing per a week? It’d be okay, I think. Feel free to send requests, it’ll be much easier for me.

He approached you as you were laying on your bed, your sobs louder than his steps so you didn’t even hear him.
“What’s wrong, Livestock…?”
You almost jumped in shock, but managed to restrain your choice, at the same time not letting him see your covered with tears face.
“It’s… nothing, I just… feel unwell, but it’ll be okay…”
He sighed, sitting behind you and placing hand on your arm.
“You never cry because of a sickness. Tell me what happened.”
You turned your face to him, making him froze at the sight of your red, puffy eyes with dark circles underneath.
“You didn’t sleep last night, did you…? You look awful…”
“Thanks.” You buried your face in a pillow again, curling yourself into a ball of sadness.
“Oi, Livestock…” He grabbed your arm a bit harshly and made you look at him. “I told you to explain. Why are you crying?”
It’s not that easy to say, you thought. Saying what’s wrong isn’t easy at all. And you didn’t want to bother anyone with your problems…
Ruki sighed again, seeing that you’re trembling too much to say a single word, so he just pulled you into his arms.
“Calm down, Livestock, I’m not going to repeat myself, so just listen.“ He stroked gently your hair, making you feel at least safer in his embrace. “I’m here for you and nobody’s going to change it. So whatever happened, it’s not stronger than the both of us. I love you more than anyone. Remember that.”

Title: Up in the Sky
Prompt: nervous flyer and random seat mate AU
Pairing: NaruHina
Words: 4309
Summary: AU. Naruto meets Hinata on a plane. When realizing that she is afraid of flying, he gives his best to calm her down somehow. 

A/N: Here is another fluffy AU for you. The prompt was so cute I couldn’t resist.

Naruto checked the seat number on his boarding pass while walking down the aisle of the plane. On his way he evaded the other air passengers, being careful not to hit anyone with one of his bags.

When he found his seat, he confirmed the number again. He nodded reassuringly to himself before he slid it into his pants’ back pocket when he saw a woman sitting in the window seat.

She looked up from the book she was reading and shortly locked her eyes with his. She brushed a strand of her long hair behind her ear and Naruto had to admit that with her big eyes and her fair skin she was attractive. He remembered that he had to sit next to her for the next 14 hours and smiled. She returned it and bowed her head but didn’t spend any more time on him, continuing in reading her book instead.

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Amusement Park Mini-Series Part I: Everytime I See You

Summary: In an abandoned amusement park, three AOMG members will discover love.

A/n: This is the first part of a three-part mini-series, where the first main character is Simon D. You’ll notice that there are times when I address him as Simon D and sometimes Kiseok. This depends on whose thoughts are being relayed; SD for you (because you’re not close yet) and Kiseok for him and Sunghwa talking and on the later part. I’m confusing, aren’t I? Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Part I: Everytime I See You

Originally posted by akookiepls

A woman in her early-thirties approached you while you were fixing your tripod. “They’re here,” she said with an apologetic smile.

“Oh, thank God! I thought something happened,” you replied, putting a hand on your chest in relief. “Are they getting their make-ups already?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “I expect they’ll be done within an hour. I’m sorry for the delay.”

“It’s okay. They’re probably really busy. Besides, I’m already lucky to be able to work with them.”

“I’ll go check on the director first, okay?”

“Yeah, go ahead,” you nodded, and she walked towards the director.

It was already three in the afternoon, whereas the photo shoot should’ve started an hour ago. The models, however, namely Simon Dominic and Gray arrived late at the location.

Rubbing your hands together to keep you warm after you’ve finally set your tripod, you walked towards the carousel in front of you. The location of the pictorial was an abandoned amusement park, and while it was a bit creepy, you found it extremely fascinating as you pictured how the photos would turn out.

A tinge of blush crept on your cheeks while you thought that in just a while, you would finally be able to meet Simon Dominic. You had a crush on him and you were a fan of him. You’d seen him many times, although you weren’t given the chance to talk to him since you worked in a different production.

But now, you could talk to him—maybe even properly communicate with him—because you’re the photographer for this photo shoot they were having as he and Gray were the new models for this clothing brand. You could feel your heart racing just at the thought.

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Another little Bodhi Rook fic in which it is brought to his attention that he hasn’t slept in like 4-5 days. I may post it on Archive of Our Own or but idk yet. So, until then… here you go. Spoilers n shit

They were flying away. They were flying away. All of them.

It seemed impossible that they had all been able to make it to the abandoned freighter in time. Assuming they had. We did, Bodhi assured himself, we did…

And they were all okay. Or going to be. Chirrut had been the most frightening but the reassembled K-2SO had managed to stabilize him. Cassian looked beat to shit but he too would be alright. Given time.

Baze was torn up pretty good but he wasn’t going to acknowledge that. All he would acknowledge was Chirrut. He sat beside him, gripping his hand as though his life depended on it, murmuring, I’m one with the Force. The Force is with me.

Bodhi could only vaguely feel how badly he himself was doing. He knew his muscles ached. He knew his head was throbbing. He knew he was losing track of everything. He knew he couldn’t stop fidgeting. Shaking. He knew he’d been in a constant state of anxiety since defecting, but he’d worn it proudly because he sure as hell wasn’t going to work with the Empire anymore.

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Steve understands your insecurities really well, even if they’re not the same as what he’s experienced, because he still remembers being that unwell, weak, little guy from Brooklyn who everyone made fun of or picked on and he remembers what it was like to have someone stronger (Bucky) look after him. So he does the same, he stands up for you, he makes you feel better because he understands what sort of toll that has on someone whether that’s nasty comments because of your weight or comments about your voice or something else entirely, he understands what sort of toll that takes on someone and all he wants to do is stand up for people and look after people and make people happy.

This Love (Hiddleswift Pregnancy AU) Chapter 1

Summary: Post breakup Hiddleswift. Everything is on good terms for them and when Taylor finds out she’s pregnant they decide to see how to work whatever their relationship will be now with a baby.

A/N: I’ve formulated this story after thinking about the movie Notting Hill. This will be a romantic comedy with no angst.

Rating: Teen (for now)

Taylor is in the kitchen, in her house in Nashville, making batter for Snickerdoodles cookies to take her mind off what was really on her mind. Abigail was coming over with some pregnancy tests. She didn’t notice the symptoms until after the concert in Texas a few days before and also it was almost Halloween so maybe her mind was playing tricks on her but she was late.

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it's halloween. spooky vampire Italy time

-Bugging Germany at night because he has nothing better to do and he can roam free without being threatened by sunlight but Germany’s sleeping so Italy’s bored and just kinda hanging around. It freaks Germany out because sometimes he’ll wake up and Italy will be hanging upside down STARING AT HIM

-It is terrifying because although Italy does his best, sometimes he has to feed. It gets sadly obvious when Germany finds Italy with his mouth covered with blood. Even though Italy looks healthy for once (He tries not to suck blood often and it makes him look unhealthy for a vampire) he still looks mentally unwell because he hates having to kill 

-Germany wanting to be a vampire with Italy in fear that if their relationship continues as it is he won’t be able to stay with Italy, but Italy told him flat out “You don’t want to be a vampire Germany, I like you just the way you are”.