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The One Where You’re Scott’s Little Sister (Part 1)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Summary: When you return to Beacon Hills, a lot has changed - but not you’re overprotective brother, Scott, who won’t let boys anywhere near you. The problem is, you have your eye on Liam and Liam knows dating you could mean a certain death if Scott finds out.  

A/N: part 2 is up!

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“Scott!” you yell, storming down the hallway, “Where the fuck is my hairspray!” you yell, throwing his door open. Scott was talking to Stiles and turns to you with furrowed brows, “I didn’t take it, y/n!”

You suck in a deep breath, barging into his room and swiping it off his dresser.

“Mine ran out,” he shrugs, “I thought I put it back.”

“YOU ARE UNBELIEVEABLE! IT’S THE FIRST DAY BACK AND NOW I’M LATE!” you yell, running back to your room.

Stiles flinches at the sound of your door slamming, “I see your sister is back from boarding school.”

“Just in time to make senior year a nightmare for me,” Scott groans.

“How old is she now?”

“Sixteen – she’s two years younger than us,” Scott turns to Stiles with a frowns, “Dude,” he says warningly.

“What?” Stiles shrugs, pretending not to know.

“You’re giving off the wrong chemo signals at the moment,” Scott says with his eyes narrowed, “That’s my sister.”

“She – she just got pretty – I was surprised… pleasantly,” Stiles shrugs. Scott furrows his brows together, flickering his glowering red eyes at Stiles.

“Okay, okay,” Stiles laughs, “I’m just kidding. We’d better get going or we’ll be late.”

As they both stand up, you open Scott’s door again, grinning at him, “Could I get a ride?”

Scott rolls his eyes, nodding before ruffling your hair. You push his hand away, fixing it.

When you pull up in the school parking lot, you turn to face Scott, “Where’s the office?”

“I can walk you,” Scott offers. You shake your head, “I’ll be alright. You’re already late as it is,” you laugh. Scott wraps his arms around you, “It’s good to have you back.”

You hug him back, “It’s good to be back,” you pull away, narrowing your eyes, “Now, just because we go to the same school, doesn’t mean you get to be all in my business.”

Scott rolls his eyes.

“What’s she talking about?” Stiles asks.

“Back when I was in the fourth grade and he was in sixth, this boy held by hand and Scott bit his ear,” you cross your arms over your chest, “That may have been cute in elementary school but mark my words Scott, try it again and I’ll bite your girlfriend’s ear right off. What’s her name? Carly? Cara?”

“Kira,” Stiles corrects you, receiving a glare from Scott.

“Right. Kira.”

“Whatever,” Scott scoffs, “I wasn’t going to do anything anyways.”

Scott had always been fiercely protective of you – which included talking your mum into admitting you to an all-girls boarding school when he was turned into a werewolf – to keep you out of danger, of course. Finally, 3 years later, he and Melissa had agreed it was best for you to come back here to Beacon Hills where they could make sure you were safe at all times instead of having to call the school at 4am to check that Peter hadn’t gotten to you, or the Alpha Pack or Kate and the berserkers.

“Have a good day,” Scott calls out, watching you towards the school.

“Are you tearing up man?” Stiles teases.

“She’s just all grown up and that makes me worry. She doesn’t know how dangerous Beacon Hills is.”

“You haven’t told her about the werewolf thing yet, huh?”

“Nope and I’m not going to drag her into all of this,” Scott clears his throat, “She has more important things to do like study and – HEY! Is that Josh she’s talking to?! Why isn’t she going to the office?!” Scott growls, beginning to walk over to you until Stiles pulls him back.

“Relax,” he nods towards Josh who was pointing in the direction of the main building, “He’s just giving her directions.”

“Everyone, this is Y/L, she’s just transferred here. I hope you’ll all make her feel welcome,” the principal smiles before leaving you standing in front of the class.

“Nice legs,” one boy hoots.

“Nice nose. It’d be a pity if I broke it,” you spit back. The class falls to silence and your eyes land on the boy in the back who seemed to be biting back laughter.

The teacher clears his throat awkwardly, “Uh – yes, anyway, why don’t you take a seat down the back next to Mr. Dunbar,” he points towards the boy in the back, “Liam, please clear the desk for y/n.”

Liam moves his books over, shuffling his seat closer towards the window as you sit down.

“Hi, I’m Liam,” he smiles awkwardly.

“Y/N,” you reply.

“Nice comeback.”

You shrug, smiling at him. The rest of the lesson he remains silent, studying you each time you weren’t looking. Something about you looked familiar – as though he recognized you from a long time ago. Maybe from the first grade or something?

He could feel his hands growing sweaty – why was he so nervous?

When the bell rings, he stands up abruptly, throwing his books into his bag. As he turns to leave, you reach for his wrist, “Mind showing me where the cafeteria is?” you ask.

His cheeks flush pink as he looks at your hand around his wrist and you pull away.

“S-Sure,” he mumbles, waiting for you to stand up.

You walk down the hallway, occasionally bumping into each other as you move aside for other people, “So, where’d you transfer from?”

“An all-girls boarding school in Florida,” you say in disgust.

“All girls, huh?” he asks, somewhat amused, “Must be weird being at Beacon Hills, then?”

“Not really. My brother goes here.”

“Your brother?”

“Yeah, maybe you know him,” you start to say, interrupted as Scott and Stiles walk over. Scott looks at Liam curiously.

“Oh, Scott. This is y/n, she’s new,” he introduces you. You giggle, placing a hand over your mouth to hide a smile.

“I know who she is,” Scott crouches a little beside you, “Can’t you see the family resemblance?”

“Ew,” you press your hand to Scott’s cheek, pushing his face away, “Don’t say that. People might hear you.”

“Wha- you don’t think I’m good looking?” Scott asks.

“Ew, Scott,” you groan.

“Wait, you’re her brother?” Liam’s mouth was hanging agape, “That’s where I’d seen her – the photo frames at your house!”

“Wait, you’re friends?” you ask, rolling your eyes. Of course the first cute guy you met was one of Scott’s friends, “What are you doing hanging out with sophomores anyway?” you turn to Scott.

“He’s in my pac-“ he pauses, swallowing hard, “Party. Political school party – vote for recycling bins!” he cheers. You stare at him with a blank expression, “It’s embarrassing that we’re related.”

Scott rolls his eyes, putting an arm around your shoulder, “You coming to get lunch or what?”

You smile cheesily at him as he walks you to the cafeteria with Stiles and Liam walking behind you.

“Related? They’re related?!” you could hear Liam pressing Stiles.

“Can you drive me home?” you ask Scott when you’re all seated, “You’ll have to wait an hour after school – I’m trying out for the cheerleading squad.”

“Cheerleading?” Stiles asks, “I would’ve never pegged you for a cheerleader.”

“That’s probably because Scott made me wear ankle length turtlenecks the minute I developed knees.”

Liam snorts, laughing.

“Do whatever you want,” Scott says breezily, “I have lacrosse tryouts after school anyway so we’ll probably be done at the same time.”

“I’m on the team too,” Liam chimes in eagerly. Scott nudges his tray towards him, “Just eat.”

“Lacrosse,” you hum, “Maybe I should try out.”

“Yeah?” Scott smiles, “Imagine us playing on the same team. The McCalls.”

“Or not,” you laugh.

When the bell rang that dismissed you, you immediately got changed and ran to the field. The girls on the squad accepted you straight away, clearly impressed by your routine. Even after trying out, you still had half an hour to spare.

You turned to face the part of the field where lacrosse tryouts were taking place, only to find Liam staring at you. You wave at him and as he waves back, the coach smacks the back of his head, “Head in the game!”

You laugh, walking over and Coach Finstock raises a brow.

“Cheerleading is that way,” he mumbles, barely looking at you.

“I know. I want to try out for lacrosse.”

The coach gives you a once over before nodding toward the pile of gear, “Alright everyone, we have one last try out,” he turns to you, “What’s your name?”

“Y/N McCall,” you answer. He stares from you to Scott.

“McCall! This your sister?”

Scott nods proudly. The boys on the team all hoot and whistle until Scott yells at them to shut up.

“Alright, let’s see what you’ve got.”

You stood with the stick in your hand and Liam and one other person defending the goal. The other boy must have been trying out too because he barely moved from his spot as you ran toward them, which left you up against Liam. You shouldered him, knocking him out of the way but he spun you around by your waist, after which you swept under his feet, sending him tumbling to the floor, dragging you down with him.

“Nice block,” you wink, lying on top of him. His cheeks had flushed red, “I – I- “ he stammers, watching you stand up and taking your hand when you offer it to him. Moments later Scott interrupts, pulling your hands apart, picking up your stick and handing it to you, “Maybe try again,” he smiles, shimmying between the two of you.

This time you don’t play around and go straight for the goal. The whole team cheers as you shoot. Repetitively. Eight times in a row.

“First line!” Coach Finstock yells, “And you, Dunbar, I might have to demote you to second after that poor performance.”

“Oh,” you turn to Liam, “It wasn’t his fault. He was a little… distracted,” you wink.

The coach clears his throat, mumbling about how disgusting young love was as he walked off. Scott walks over, rubbing his knuckles into your hair, “Nice work kiddo.”

“You’re lucky we’re on the same team or I’d totally embarrass you by kicking your ass at this.”

Scott rolls his eyes, “C’mon, let’s get you home,” he pauses, picking up his phone, “I’ll be there as soon as possible,” he says before hanging up.

He looks at you apologetically, “Sorry y/n. I have to go somewhere,” he turns to Liam, giving him a knowing look, “Liam will drive you home. Nice work today!” he calls out as he and Stiles begin to run off the field.

“Ten bucks says that was a booty call,” you laugh. Liam shakes his head, “I seriously doubt it,” he replies, having listened in and knowing it was Deaton with an emergency.

Liam drives you home in silence and you stare out the window, letting the familiarity of home sink in. When he pulls up in your driveway, he mumbles a goodbye, unlocking the doors.

“Not going to walk me to the door?” you tease.

“Oh,” he clears his throat before climbing out after you.

“Nice work,” Liam smiles as you both come to a stop outside your front door, “With cheerleading as well.”

“I noticed you were watching,” you smirk, “Like what you saw?”

“Oh – uh – I was just-“


“Just- just –“

You reach for his hand, slipping yours into his, “You were just totally checking me out,” you whisper, leaning in. He hesitates before leaning in, pressing his lips to you and pulling away just as quickly.

“I can’t – you’re Scott’s sister!”

“Liam, I’ve been at an all-girls school my entire high school life. I don’t have time to pretend I care what Scott thinks. I like you,” you smile, “And judging from how much you blushed today, you like me too – so can we please just cut the crap and get to the good stuff,” you lean in again. This time Liam sinks into it, nervously resting his hands on your waist. When you pull away, you’re both out of breath.

“Want to know something?” you ask. He nods.

“That was my first kiss,” you were grinning like an idiot. Sure, you had only know Liam a day and maybe it was all the pent up sexual frustration, but your heart felt like it was going to burst out of your chest.

Liam eyes widen and he wipes his sweaty palms against his jeans, “Mine too… how did I do?”

You press a kiss to his lips, “Amazing.”

You were both smiling at each other like idiots when your mum’s car pulled up in the driveway.

“Mrs McCall,” Liam choked at the sight of her.

“Call me Melissa, Liam,” she reminds him, “I see you’ve met my daughter,” she runs a hand over your hair gently, “Pretty, isn’t she?”

“Mom,” you groan.

“Yes, very,” Liam replies. Melissa raises a brow before giving you a knowing look. You both wait for her to go inside.

“Want to come upstairs?” you ask. Liam swallows hard, “I think this is enough for today. I don’t want Scott to kill me.”

“He won’t know,” you chuckle. Liam couldn’t exactly tell you that Scott would catch his scent in your room and proceed to literally murder him and so instead he just shrugs and says, “Trust me, he will.”

Random Questions Tag Game

Rules: Answer the questions written by the person who tagged you, and write 11 of your own.

Thanks @ramblingrubyred for tagging me! This looks super fun…

1) What author inspires you?

Hard to answer with just one! My favorite author is Stephen King, so a lot of his work inspires me. I’m not currently writing something of the horror genre, but I eventually want to. Rick Yancey’s work also inspires me, especially with his use of multiple POVs in The 5th Wave (I really, really like that writing style and have adopted it in my WIP). The last (but by no means the least) author to inspire me is good ol’ JK Rowling. I hope to one day write books and characters everyone can relate to–any age/gender/whatever.

2) What time period do you wish you could live in?

“Whatever time period there were pirates?” was my first thought lol (I just really like pirates). Other than that I’m not entirely sure…

3) What movie do you absolutely hate more than anything?

Is it too cliche to say Twilight? I’m a pretty well-rounded movie lover, so I like almost everything. I didn’t like Twilight though (and the only reason I did see it was because I was at a sleepover with like 12 other girls and got out-voted. I wanted to watch Race To Witch Mountain but nooo). Other than that movie, I really dislike those really bad sci-fi movies (I’m lookin’ at you, Sharknado). My dad watches those all the time and I never understand why. They’re soooo bad.

4) What was your favorite childhood food?

It was either Mac N Cheese or grapes….I don’t remember (I still love both of those still today lol)

5) When did you start calling yourself a writer?

Probably freshman year of high school (4 years ago). That was when I started writing my current WIP (yep, still writing it…High school is hard, okay!)

6) What is your favorite genre and sub-genre to write?

Well, other than short stories, I’ve only written YA action/adventure. I love stories like that, that revolve around kids going on an adventure and kickin’ butt along the way. I also like to sew slightly darker elements into my writing though, using sub-genre tones of horror/thriller.

7) What is your definition of successful?

Accomplishing what you set out to do, I guess? I think I’ll consider myself successful once I finish The Crazy Bunch.

8) Why is your favorite color your favorite?

My favorite color is blue. I actually change my color more often than most people do (idk why exactly). But interests change, I guess, and mine change a lot. I like blue because of all the different natural variations of it. The sky is blue, sure, but it can be different shades depending on the weather and time of day. I’ve only personally seen the ocean once, but I’ve seen lots of pictures and it?? Never looks the same color twice??
And then there was that blue-eyed boy….

9) What was your dream job as a kid?

This one made me snort because, no joke, I wanted to be a spy. I was really obsessed with that movie(s) Spy Kids, and that was what I wanted to do with my life; kick butt without all the public fame a superhero gets (even as a child, I was very introverted).
Of course if anyone asked me when I was young I’d give them the usual crap like teacher or veterinarian, but in my heart, I knew…I wanted to be a spy kid.

10) What is it about your favorite season that makes it your favorite?

FALL….Or, uh, autumn (I always feel like I sound like a stupid American when I shout FALL…but I mean I am so whatever). My birthday is in October, I love the colors the leaves change (for the longest time my favorite color was orange), and literally everything about Halloween is awesome

11) If you had to describe yourself as an ice cream sundae, what ice cream and toppings would you be?

Cotton candy ice cream flavor (because I’m super childish most times), gummy bears (because I’m a big softy at heart), and covered in marshmallow…syrup? Like chocolate syrup but marshmallow (because I’ve got Scottish and Irish blood on either side of my family (respectively) and am as pale as the goddamn moon).

Wow, your questions were so good! Hmm…Well, here goes:

  1. If you could wear whatever you wanted, without fear of judgement, what would your outfit be?
  2. Describe your dream home/room/apartment.
  3. Would you rather have the power to turn objects into sentient beings, or turn living things into objects? (with great power comes great responsibility…)
  4. If you could have your own personal magical menagerie of animals, real or mythical, what would you have in it?
  5. Did you have a favorite fairytale as a child? Has this changed as you grew?
  6. Do you think elbows or knees are weirder?
  7. Beanie or ballcap?
  8. What is your wildest dream and why?
  9. What was one of your biggest childhood fears and why?
  10. Besides Harry Potter, what is one fictional world you would want to live in?
  11. What is one person you wish you could meet (dead or alive, real or fictional) and why?

Oh gosh these questions are kinda lame…(I’m bad at this) but maybe a few of you will get a giggle out of it. Tagging:

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That’s a lot lol but I like y’all. Feel free to ignore this.


friendly reminder that in 4x10, uriel implies that anna removing her grace to become human was worse than sam sleeping with ruby and it takes approximately .000004 seconds for castiel to develop a serious case of Guilty Puppy Face™. 

i just saw a photo of someone drinking cooking oil and i just remembered the time my friend made me drink first a cup of vinegar, then a cup of oil, and then made me snort crystal lite because i have problems saying no to anything and he wanted to see how far he could push me

Catching Up (You x iKON Bobby ft. B.I)

I don’t really know why, but I wanted to write something really sweet and cute with Bobby~ I had some feels, so this is what happened lol! Please enjoy~!


“What time are we supposed to meet them? Seven thirty?”


“What?! You told me seven thirty!”

“You know I get it wrong sometimes!”

Your friend Sunyoung winces as you take the stairs by twos, now almost officially late for your blind date. Somehow your childhood best friend had talked you into a night out with some guy you’d never met, just to ease the awkwardness between her and her new boyfriend. Sunyoung and Hanbin hadn’t been dating for that long, but both of them were equally shy and unsure, so you decided to do her a favor. Besides, it had been a while since you got all dressed up to go on a date, so what was the worst that could really happen?

“He said meet them by the clock tower!” Sunyoung calls. The two of you awkwardly mumble apologies as you cut through the crowd. By the time you reach the street where you’re supposed to be meeting up, your bangs are tinged with sweat and your heart is pounding. 

“Why did we run?!” Sunyoung protests, gasping. “If we were going to be late, then we should just be late!”

“Well, now we’re on time.” You stop her, carefully brushing the hair out of her face and checking her eyeliner. “You look good.”

She pops open her purse. “Wait.” A minute later pulls out a compact, dusting your nose and cheekbones with powder. “Okay, good.” You exchange a nervous smile, butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Would he be cute? Would the two of you get along? Sunyoung had instructed Hanbin to bring along a good guy for you.

“Hanbin!” Sunyoung greets her new boo shyly, and he gives her an awkward hug. “Jagiya!”

“This is my friend, ____.” She grabs your hand. “Where’s your friend?”

“Right here.” Your mouth literally falls open. Tall, gorgeous, with a cute smile and a bit of blush in his cheeks….wait. 


Stop everything.

“Jiwon? Kim Jiwon?”

You narrow your eyes, and he gapes. “You know me?” Even Sunyoung and Hanbin are shocked.

“Class 2, second seat from the back row.” You fold your arms over. “We went to middle school together.” He blinks at you for a moment, and then claps his hands so loud it stuns everyone out of their daze. “That’s right! You’re Ham Ham!”

You cringe, and all the memories come back in a crush. Kim Jiwon had teased you so badly in middle school that you’d transferred right after graduation to avoid seeing him all together. He would constantly point out things that you did wrong, or pick with you between classes, and he’s even given you a stupid nickname that had managed to stick all the way up until you went to college.

“Ham…Ham…?” Sunyoung searches your eyes for answers.

“I was a little chubbier back then.” You flush. “No one calls me that anymore.”

“Whatever you say, Ham Ham.” Jiwon throws an arm around your shoulder beaming. You roll your eyes. This was going to be a long night.


Although you anticipate Jiwon talking all the way through dinner, he’s surprisingly quiet, listening to Sunyoung and Hanbin’s conversation about their upcoming university semesters and Hanbin’s new gig tutoring kids who played the piano. You enjoy your food in silence, occasionally cutting your eyes in Jiwon’s direction. You were still in total disbelief. How had your middle school enemy become your date? Was your life really at that level now?! You wanted to cry.

“Why don’t we all go for a walk?” Hanbin suggests after the tab is paid, and the four of you stand outside of the restaurant. “It’s a pretty decent night to hang out.”

“Okay.” You notice Sunyoung lace her fingers into his, and sigh internally. She’d been going on and on about skinship with Hanbin all week, so there was no way you were going to be able to crawl back into bed early and pretend this whole thing never happened. They were going to need at least an hour of “couple time”.

Exactly as you expect, the happy couple disappears somewhere along the way, dipping into a cafe together. That leaves you and Jiwon, walking awkwardly without saying anything.

“You know, I get the feeling you aren’t very happy to see me.” Jiwon chuckles, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

“It’s not that.” You lie quickly. “I just wasn’t…expecting to meet you like this.”

“True, true.” He bobs his head. “I didn’t think that I’d meet you like this, either.”

Music drifts on the breeze somewhere in the distance, and you follow it to an open stone courtyard. Somehow you’ve managed to wander into a park, and a lone guitar player sits on the edge of a low brick wall, singing into a microphone. The trees are lit with tiny fairy lights, draped from their branches and twisted around the trunks. A few couples dance around him, and Jiwon clears his throat. 

“I’m not really good at this kind of thing.” He murmurs. “But…do you want to dance?”

“Um…sure. Why not?”

Jiwon takes your hand, placing it on his shoulder and gently grabbing you around the waist. You bite your lip, staring at his milky collarbones rather than up into eyes. Since when had Kim Jiwon become a man? And since when did that bother you?

“Look, I owe you an apology. About before.” He sighs. “I know I was pretty annoying back in school. I knew what I was doing, and I was a total ass to you. I’m sorry about that. Really.”

“It’s nothing.” You shake your head. “I should have just let it go. It was a long time ago.”

“Do you want to know why I did it?” He asks. “Honestly?”


“Because I had a huge crush on you back then.” He chuckles to himself. You suck in a breath, then quickly remind yourself to keep dancing. “Really?”

“Yeah.” He tilts his head. “I remember the first time I saw you. I walked in and you were sitting on your desk talking to…what was her name? Minjoo, or Minhee, or something like that. Your smile was so pretty, and you looked me right in the face and asked me what my name was.” You wrinkle your eyebrows. The faint memory of meeting Kim Jiwon was there, but it was pretty insignificant. He was the new kid, a transfer from an American school. You said hello. He was weird. End of story…right?

“I couldn’t even remember my name!” He winces. “I was so embarrassed.”

“I thought you only spoke English or something!” You laugh. “But once you started to talking to me, you never really stopped, so…”

“Yeah.” He smiles so hard his eyes are almost closed. “I tried to ask you out a dozen times that year, but I never could.”

“Well, now I know.” You snort. “You made fun of me because you liked me!”

“I’m sorry!” He whines. The music slows a little, and you notice that most of the couples who had been dancing with you are gone now. “But we’ve both changed a lot.” You adds. “You’re not that kid anymore.”

“And you’re not that girl anymore, either.” His voice dips a little, and you meet his eyes. He swallows a little, and you notice the tips of his ears are burning a bright red. Kim Jiwon had feelings for you? More importantly…did he still?

“Ah, sorry.” Someone clears their throat awkwardly behind you, and you turn, breaking away from Jiwon. The guitarist stands behind you, his instrument already packed up and slung across his back. “I’m packing up for the night…I have to close this place behind me, so…”

“No, of course.” You pat the blush out of your cheeks, and the two of you head back in the direction on the restaurant. Jiwon takes your hand, and you let him hold it. “I think we should probably go…” He pulls out his phone, and the glowing screen is lit with notifications. “Hanbin is looking for us.”

“Right.” You nod. “Right.”


When you meet up with Sunyoung and Hanbin again, the atmosphere has changed a lot. You and Jiwon are talking more, and barely even notice them trying to catch your attention. Sunyoung notices the two of you holding hands and shoots daggers at you with her eyes, but you give her one of those “please-just-let-me-have-this-I’ll-explain-later” looks in return. 

“Well, it’s getting kind of late.” Hanbin clears his throat. “We should probably get going.”

“Yeah.” Sunyoung agrees. Jiwon pulls you to the side, brushing a stray hair out of your face. “We have to say goodbye already.” There’s a slight whine in his voice as he laughs. Your heart pumps, and his fingers linger in yours. “We’ll definitely have to catch up sometime.” 

“Hey, Sunyoung-ah.” You make the decision split-second. “Jiwon is going to walk me home.” She gives you a funny look, and you look at him. “I mean, only if you want to. We took the subway, but I only live one stop from here, so…”

“Yes.” He answers quickly. “I mean, yeah. Of course.”

The two of you bid farewell to Sunyoung and Hanbin, talking and laughing all the way back to your apartment building. You stop him outside of the door, fumbling around for your key. “____.” He whispers. You look up innocently. “Yeah?”

He locks eyes with you, and wraps your fingers in his collar, pulling his lips to yours. His arms snakes around you, pulling you closer. “I had a really good time tonight.” He murmurs, burying his chin in your hair. “Maybe we could meet up sometime and hang out. Like, just us.”

“Sounds good.” You smile. He backs away, a silly grin on his face. “I’ll see soon?”

“Yeah.” You let yourself into into your apartment, swallowing a squeal.

It looked like the two of you had a lot of catching up to do.


Scenario done! I hope you enjoyed it! I’m excited now that iKON’s debut date is set~! Let’s all anticipate it together^^ ~Jjangpanda


or that time when they had to play 7 minutes in heaven

At seventeen years old, Ellery regretted that she deemed herself “too old” to trick-or-treat and “too cool” to hand out candy to all the little kids who came to her door. She also regretted allowing Harry to pick out their costume this year, showing up to her door in red braces, cargo pants, and a fireman hat and holding a dalmatian onesie in his arms with a wicked grin on his face. 

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stillintoak47  asked:

Ok I have a better minific idea.. Where beca is with Jesse they just started dating and she's hanging out with chole awhole lot she kind of has feelings for her and vice versa but she likes Jesse then boom Jesse tells her he's gay.. And go

She thought about the trashy reality show that Chloe made her watch last night, and about the way she rolled her eyes when the woman on the screen cried about loving more than one person. “I didn’t think it was possible, but now I see that it is. Because it’s happening to me,” the woman said, which made Beca snort and Chloe respond with a corresponding slap on the arm. She thought about it now, while doodling in the margins of the “notes” she was taking during this particular lecture (which, really, did she need to be here at all? The professor didn’t even take attendance), and it seemed less funny. 

Unless you considered the horrible irony of mocking a satire of your own life alongside the person who was causing the actual conflict to be a humorous situation. Which Beca normally would, but since she was the person in question here, it seemed a lot more painful and a lot less hilarious. 

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