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if the rumors are true and we’re supposed to interpret that line from tlj about the light rising to meet the dark as rey being born in response to ben turning to the dark side, then you’ve boiled a woman’s simple existence down to a man: to fixing a man, redeeming a man, killing a man, whatever. her story is no longer about her; she has been turned into a tool, an object to be used for a male purpose. putting a lightsaber in her hands doesn’t change that. women do not exist simply to serve a male narrative and if that’s the route the sequels have gone, the story should be criticized as such. rey should exist for herself, random or not.

this was gonna be part of a much longer vent post I deleted bc it was tedious but I’m sharing this bc I’m still mad about it:

When I was about eleven or twelve I wanted to read the Harry Potter books because they were all the rage and, you know, I wanted to know what everyone was talking about. I discussed it with my mom, who still pre-read much of what I wanted to read to see if she was going to allow me to read it or not. I was nervous bc I knew she thought Harry Potter was a “bad influence” (this was back when the hot take was that it was somehow satanic, I don’t remember why except there were good witches in it).

My mom told me she thought I was succumbing to peer pressure rather than expressing a genuine desire, and therefore that I was being worldly and she’d thought she’d raised me to be a good Christian. And, she said, she wasn’t sure I was ready for this because she wasn’t sure I “knew the difference between reality and fantasy” and she was afraid I might start thinking I could do magic because I’d read the books.

It’s been twelve years or more and I’m STILL angry that she heard my desire to read a popular series of children’s books about a wizard and thought “hmm, but is my normal twelve year old who read Lord of the Rings at ten REALLY aware that they can’t do magic by waving a wand? I’d better tell them I don’t trust their perception of reality just in case”.

running a studyblr as an adult is so strange. i see kids as young as 13 having breakdowns about grades, isolating themselves from everyone because they don’t quite fit in, not knowing how to deal with very real mental health problems… it’s not my place as someone significantly older than you to try and intervene in your personal life, but i hope you all know that if you ever want advice - about studying, dealing with life, or just which colour to change your blog to - or need someone to listen to you when you’ve had an awful day, my inbox is always open. things will get better for you, and you will be okay, i promise.

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hey if ur looking for requests can you draw cheddar my son from Brooklyn nine nine


if you don’t believe that cheddars loving fathers have bought him a tiny captains hat then you are wrong my friend


Happy birthday, Jaebum! ♥

I wanted this edit to focus on you as an artist - because you’ve mentioned it many times and recently in an interview about your dream to become a great artist and a better you. I hope you are aware of how amazingly you’ve grown, and how much you’ve achieved through the years and eras. You’ve given us so many wonderful songs, including your own music outside of Got7, which show your sincerity and passion that we’ve all come to love. I truly admire how hard you work each day for that dream, and I’m sure you inspire many others, as well as myself, to do the same for their own. I wish you all the happiness and health. I know you will become a memorable artist like you want to be, though I think you already are. Happy birthday, Jaebum! ♡

Friendly reminder that Scarlett Johannson, Natalie Portman, Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Ezra Miller, Andrew Garfield, Gwyneth Paltrow, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Kat Dennings, and Paul Rudd are all Jewish so please do not draw their MCU/DCEU characters celebrating Christmas or putting Santa hats on their pictures for icons or any other shit like that thanks!!!!!!!!