because it isss

Top 20 Larry fics in 2016 over 100k by kudos on Ao3

* criteria; completed in 2016 and not part of a fic series

1. Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose by dolce_piccante for docilelou
2. California Sold by isthatyoularry
3. To Be Loved To Be In Love by Angel_Dust
4. Shake Me Down by AGreatPerhaps12
5. Nameless Night by green_feelings
6. wings to break your fall by karamelised
7. Hiding Place by alivingfire
8. Time Bomb by ThisSentimentalHeart
9. Fight For Me by Mie1412
10. Bloodline by banana_louis
11. Never Be by cherrystreet
12. And You’re My Ever After by NiamJenn1994
13. Luscious blood by Deidei
14. run away home by hattalove
15. Into the wild by Deidei
16. Lights Will Guide You Home by louisxharry1
17. Only You Can Be My Alpha by wubwubnparmaham
18. Fake It Till You Make It by thealmightyavocado
19. Dominus. by SS98
20. you are in love by wildestdreams


you are what you wear, pt. 2

alternatively titled: “I Spy: Crisis Indicator Edition”

                                          you know what I love?

that Daryl is not at alllllllllllllll confused or shocked or anything otherwise that Carol is coming to him

like it is the most natural thing in the world that she would 

[because yasssss it isss]

just as it is also the most natural thing in the world that he would choose a spot right beside her to bunk down for the night……

yes, I do love that indeed. :)

anonymous asked:

hey! i live in the u.s., but i might be going to pakistan for the summer and possibly doing an internship or a summer job. what would one wear to an interview? i mean do i wear shalwar kameez or a pantsuit like I would in the US? thanks.


The beautiful thing about Pakistan is that you don’t have to sweat over work wear too much because casual wear isss considered professional wear, for women at least. Pretty much any causal pret collection of a brand will be work appropriate. Even if you’re trying to get a job in the corporate sector, dress code can include shalwar kameez and pantsuits, there aren’t really strict rules unless companies specify. 

But as far as first impressions go, I would suggest going for solid colors. Choose collared kameezes and sleeker necklines for a more sophisticated look.

Since you’re going in the Summer, I know palazzos will be everywhere but avoid them for the interview and pair trousers with the kameez. 

Avoid prints and go for simpler, structured embroidered shirts. 

And if you want to go western, it’s pretty much the same as the west so I’m not gonna go into that since you’re already familiar with that lol I also suggest looking in to this and this for inspiration. And if you’re looking for specific brands to shop at; try The Working Woman, Daaman, Generation (classic line), Sheep, Khaadi, Bareeze. 

Good luck! :)