because it is strangely attractive

Life Is Strange

so me and my boyfriend are playing Life Is Strange on his PS4 and I mentioned it being kind of popular lesbian stuff and he just looked at me all confused like: whaat what lesbian there are none… wait you mean Chloe and Max… they are friends..umm but they are cute…ummmmmm I don’t know Kate.

*3 hours later*

Chloe: If you’re hardcore then kiss me Max 
choice one: Kiss Chloe                      
choice two: don’t kiss Chloe

me: ooooh yeeesss finally
boyfriend looks at me grinning while I laugh and try to steal the controller from him: ooooooooookaaay you were right *he himself hits option one* 

both: awwwwwwwwwww 

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  • pearl: i am going to let go of my painful memories of my past romantic life and embrace approaching this new strange lady whom i find very attractive because i have a type and that is okay
  • ppl, somehow, still: idk seems a little unhealthy :// she's so obsessed w/ rose ://// she only liked mystery girl cuz she looked like her :////// did i mention i hate lesbians,

Story time! So due to art school I have to upend my comfortable hobbit life to another country and in my new place I have no tv and being the lonely creep I am I spy on the weekend night goers below my apartment because its situated literally on the busiest street in city. Long story short, a group of drunk guys wandered over to the bus stop opposite my apartment and deposited a much drunker guy on the bench. Prior to that he was falling over onto the floor and rolling in his own vomit so his friends must have decided to spare him that and thought maybe having him sit up will be better for him. Which didn’t work as he fell over even sitting and promptly rolled onto the road. His friends faithfully rolled him back to the pavement and repeated the exercise a few times because he seems strangely attracted to the road. One even decided he’s not drunk enough and took another bottle of beer out and fed that to him. That lasted for an hour, during which more of their friends swayed over and I realised that these are a group of very affectionate drunk men because they all hugged the newcomers and tried vainly to hug noodle guy on the ground as well and took turns sitting down with him and propping him up. I was cooing at this point because the ground was covered with noodle guy’s vomit and probably previous weekends’ vomits and seriously its so cute watching a bunch of touchy drunk men taking care of their friend who was doing his best to do a worm impersonation. Finale was when somebody’s parents showed up in a sedan, mum got out and scolded them for maybe 15 minutes, somebody went and came back with a tonne of tissues, newspapers and paper bags for the car, dad came out as well and they bundled into the car in a shower of newspaper and I went to bed.

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Do you ever find it strange knowing that a lot of fans have a crush on you? I mean, *I* find it very strange that *I* have a crush on you. You seem like an ordinary guy, but there's something charming about you and I can't quite figure it out??? 🤔

Well let’s explore this in broad public daylight, shall we?? I mean, since you’re anonymous and I can’t really respond “appropriately,” whatever that would even be, and because I just woke up from a long nap on a train to Bristol and I’m pounding coffee in a strange cafe in a fun little daytime delirium and don’t really know what will come out of my head right now… But yeah, all crushes are strange. Because in most cases, it implies a secret, unspoken, unfulfilled attraction. And I guess I can usually probably sense it if it’s someone I know in real life, but being online and “out there” in the world like I am, the reach of that web of emotional connection extends much further than the people I can actually see and smell. So there’s kind of this subtle sensation of warmth that I get from the thought that there might be people out there who like me and maybe I’d even like them too. A nice thought for a perpetually single guy. What I’d like much more is to actually meet those people and interact in real space. Distance makes everything kind of hypothetical and fictional. But it’s still nice. And you’re not the first person who has phrased their crush that way to me, that “I can’t figure it out” sort of thing, which I find very intriguing and a bit amusing too because the implication is “you’re not obviously appealing, and yet there’s something…” It usually comes from women who are “out of my league” physically and probably used to dating much hotter men. So it’s nice to hear there is “something” that I have despite various flaws. But whatever it might be remains a mystery. Anyway, this coy grey dot flirtation is one of the more enjoyable aspects of Tumblr. Thanks for playing. I’m off to look at British things now, cheers!

How I (a Libra) view the signs
  • Aries: Always strangely attracted to/intrigued by their nature because it is so exuberant, confident, and opposite mine. Everything they say makes me laugh, but sometimes their aggression is overwhelming. For the most part they are reasonable people who understand the world around them and they try desperately to make an impact on the lives of others. They are often very silly and sarcastic but deep down have big hearts and are very caring. They take things lightly which is comforting.
  • Taurus: They are cute, quiet, humble, and I always feel calmed by their presence. They are very down to earth people that are so appreciative of the little things in life which warms me heart. They are always polite and shell out compliments, but sometimes they feel a little fake. It amazes me how organized and put together they are. What also amazes me is how they can be so content with routine!!! Overall adorable people that are like teddy bears, lil softies. It's nice to be around them, for they are not afraid of emotions.
  • Gemini: I , love , Geminis , so , much. So smart, whimsical, and creative, so much going through their brains—they are absolutely the most interesting people. I love their upbeat nature and unpredictability; they make me feel alive, for they are so full of energy. They are always the most fun people to talk to or just be around in general (most of the time). They do have some crazy mood swings and tend to seem almost bipolar, but they just have lots and lots of thoughts zooming through their brains and I want to hear all of them.
  • Cancer: Hmmmm, not quite sure how I feel about Cancers. They are very emotional, but it is hard for them to control their emotions (unlike Taurus), which makes them hard to deal with sometimes because I'm never sure what to say to calm them. They are soothing when they aren't stressed out, but it seems as though they are constantly worried. They do have big hearts and are very loving—always there for you when you need them—but they have a tendency to overthink things and twist reality to their liking. Most Cancers I meet are very eccentric and adventurous and are fun to be around when they have no worries in the world (though they probably do deep down). Kindred spirits.
  • Leo: Another "hmmmm". I love how I can say anything to a Leo as long as I grin while I say it. They have amazing senses of humor and are very witty oftentimes. Very creative, but they hold a deep insecurity inside them and try their best to hide it. They seem very confident, but I know that this is because they are pushing those insecurities down when they should open up and accept themselves. They are the definition of the phrase, "fake it 'til you make it." Leo's have a drive like no other to be the best at what they do and it is very inspiring. Their presence is always warm and comforting, but intimidating at the same time. I always want to please Leos.
  • Virgo: Oh, Virgos. Some of the Virgos I've met have some very deep psychological issues, but some are so interesting. There is always a nervous tension to a Virgo; I can tell they are trying to keep up some appearance they desire to have. They are very caring people, but not always loyal. Most Virgos I know seem to live in their head; aware of reality but have a strong disdain for it. They are dreamy and strange—unique in a plain way. They are quite introverted and don't seem to show their true self often (I assume it is because they are afraid of criticism). Overall interesting people who are hard to figure out.
  • Libra: I LOVE LIBRAS OBVIOUSLY? Because I understand exactly where they are coming from all they time. Libras are always searching for understanding, and who could understand a Libra better than another Libra? They are always adorable, shy, humble, lil cuties that just want peace and love for everyone. So dreamy and unreal. Libras are very intuitive, and have the ability to see every side to a situation which makes them great at socializing: they always know what to say. Also, they are so selfless and strive for happiness for all. Love, love, love. Almost left out how amazing their sense of humor is, they just love to laugh and every little thing will cause them to. Such light people.
  • Scorpio: I like how each Scorpio is different from the last. They all have an introverted, darker side to them, but they are truly silly people who love to have fun. They search for a deeper meaning in everything, and love solving mysteries. Their friendship is always an adventure because they have so many strange thoughts that are always interesting. I find that Scorpios either are very straightforward or hide in the shadows. Overall strange people who feel the need to always be right (being a fixed sign), and they don't have very much trust in the world, but they are fighters that can get through any tough situation and come out stronger.
  • Sagittarius: Mixed feelings about Sagittarians, for they are very detached from the world of emotions and can hurt people without knowing. They are fun to adventure with, but the extreme restlessness they carry with them can cause sometimes cause me to feel anxious, like I'm boring or something, although I know it's just the way they are. Their sense of humor doesn't really resonate with mine, but they still make me laugh constantly because they themselves are so entertaining. Their independence and high energy can sometimes be intimidating, but in the end they are softies like the rest of us under the surface. Always trying to better themselves and learn about the world.
  • Capricorn: Misunderstood, depressed people most of the time. They carry an insecure air about them, and I can almost feel their need to look cool and professional. Softies under the surface, very silly, and laugh at just about anything. They can go from laughing to serious in the blink of an eye. Desperate and determined to make it to the top of the world. Will go through hell to get to heaven. They try very hard.
  • Aquarius: Ahhhhh, Aquarius. Elusive, quiet, and insanely smart. They come off as all-knowing, but in truth, they are just so otherworldly that they come off as geniuses because nobody ever seems to know what they mean. Their words are very vague but have infinite meaning. Eccentric by nature, every Aquarius is unique in their own way. They are all very different from each other, but the one thing that every Aquarius seems to have in common is how different they are from everybody else. They love to have peaceful surroundings and are extremely kind people. They rarely want to cause any harm and are very open-minded. Overall great people.
  • Pisces: Pisces are a mystery to me. I honestly don't understand anything about them as people. This aspect of mystery is intriguing to me, causing me to want to figure them out. They are very delicate creatures and seem lost in their dreams. So kind and caring, and almost always truthful. Their emotions go up and down all the time and I get a sense of insecurity from every Pisces I meet. Overall beautiful people.
So, Bog King.

(Boggy-Woggy Kingy-Wingy)

I’m so torn because with cute/adorable/sad/whatever scenes with him and Marianne - 

But then any time BK did something else (that neck-crick thing, singing, making snappy comebacks, talking in that Scottish brogue, existing) - 

Hartwin AU where for whatever reason Eggsy has to pretend he’s a girl, and using the opportunity to hit on Harry, who he’s always assumed is straight. Harry in turn of course being strangely attracted to Eggsy, but conflicted because he’s always preferred men to women. Then one day Harry walking in on Eggsy getting changed and both of them momentarily freaking out - until Harry realizes that Eggsy is very much male thank you and pulling him in for a kiss with an, “Oh thank God.”