because it is so beautiful!!


Min Hyuk wants to throw a party for the only employee of his new department with only him and her present = HE LOWKEY ASKS BONG SOON OUT ON A DATE! She rejects him without any hesitation and while he’s been enjoying the whole, it’s the first time he gets hurt and seriously worried. It’s suddenly no longer fun, he stops being cocky and instead becomes all serious and unsure of himself, wondering whether she’s dissatisfied somehow. 

Of course, BS’s absence would show because then it would be only Min Hyuk on his own, completely alone, which has been so far the story of his life.

BS doesn’t see the hidden intention behind MH’s action that’s why the library scene is so beautiful because after Secretary Gong asks MH about why he let himself be stabbed, BS begins to slowly realize that MH is going out of his way to spend time with her and that all his actions are just excuses and desperate attemps to be with her. And in the library she accepts his invitation.

Sometimes I think about the possibility of Jughead being the only thing keeping Betty centered and calm throughout everything happening with Polly and Jason’s murder investigation and how she hasn’t felt the need to dig her nails into her palms since they’ve been together and I just want to cry because it’s so beautiful and I just love my ship so freaking much

  • god: anyway here's my OC. he's an extraordinarily charming, funny, handsome movie star and dancer who can act really well but no one takes him seriously because he's so good-looking. he hooked up with every beautiful woman in hollywood and did every drug under the sun. now he's a good boy who does yoga a lot. he became sober and now he spends all his time caring for his children, doing charity, and grocery shopping.
  • comment: sounds like a mary sue :/

im a sobbing mess right now, watching the wedding episodes again and when aaron says: 

“I never thought i would have this with anyone, and i never thought i would have it with you “  

And i think what he meant by that is that he has never loved anyone  as much as Robert and has never been happier with anyone else , but with Robert he is , Robert is it for him <3 

im crying because of this okay :’( <3 they really are soulmates, and sometimes it just makes me cry, because its just so beautiful :’)

Magnificent Feeling (Jake X Female MC)

Title - Magnificent Feeling (Jake X Female MC)
Requests -
“Number 3 for Jake x F!MC?” from Anon
“Can you do number 31 with Jake x F!MC?” from Anon
“10 Jake x MC?” from Anon
Prompts -
“You can’t just sit there all day.”
“I haven’t slept in ages.”
“The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.”
Pairing - Jake X Female MC
Word Count - 605

I’m sorry but I will take absolutely any chance I get to make a Jake X MC fic about him and MC having a kid (who is also named Mike because that’s a beautiful headcanon) so here’s that (again)!

“Jake…” you mumbled groggily, sitting up in your bed, your hair a static mess on your head, and you searched for him in the sheets with the few sun rays pouring into the room through the curtains and dimly lighting the room.

As your eyes focused you saw him standing in front of a mirror in your room straightening his jacket and making eye contact with you using the mirror he smirked, “You can’t just sit there all day, y'know?”

“Whatever,” You yawned and stretched out your arms, swinging your legs over the edge of your bed and slowly stepping to your feet, “How are you so awake anyways? Sleep well last night?”

He chuckled and shook his head, “You see, my secret is that I haven’t slept in ages and I live purely off of daydreams, Princess.”

You laughed with him as you stood by his side and rested your head on his shoulder, and you teased, “How can someone with no imagination daydream?”

He made a face of faux hurt, “I’ve never been so insulted.”

You playfully hit his arm and stepped away from him to pick out your clothes and begin getting dressed.

“What play dates do we have planned for Mike for today again?” You asked, trying to wrap your mind around your schedule for the day.

“Just the one with John,” he replied walking over to you and fixing a strand of your hair that sat on the opposite side of your part as to which it belonged, “But I’m going to that one, babe. You can stay home.

"Are you sure?” You asked to make sure, Jake knowing that you despised the small socializing attempts you had to make with the “other moms” so when you received a nod in response you added, “I don’t know how you do it. Those moms hate me but they really seem to like you.”

“Hey, they don’t hate you,” he comforted, pulling you into a hug from behind as you were done getting dressed, “But, what can I say? The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.”

You rolled your eyes and pushed him off of you and teased, “Whatever, Mr. Mom.”

“I’d respond to that, but I have a play date to get to,” he chuckled, obviously teasing himself by adding to your statement.

“Just make sure you hurry back,” You spoke, sincerely this time, and gave him a passionate kiss.

He raised an eyebrow at you suggestively and when you rolled your eyes and bit your lip he turned saw Mike standing in the doorway ready to leave.

He took a quick glance back at you and then raced over to Mike, lifting him up quickly and running towards the door, and as he left you heard him shout to you, “I’ll be back soon!”

Those “other ladies” can love him all they want but you were the only one who got him and that was a magnificent feeling.

diermina  asked:

💔 for Melania, 🔪 for Svetlana, 😒 for Vladislav, and 💩 for Saliha (i'd do the best friend one but we all know who that is 😊)

💔 for Melania [Who has broken her heart]

Well, the best answer for this is César.  Regardless of whether or not Melania is a Toreador or Lasombra in the end, César’s death is what really changed who she was prior to her embrace. The reason why her acting/singing and general presence became so tragically beautiful was because she could not stop envisioning her brother’s final moments and believed that he must have charged to the end because of his love for her.  That kind of responsibility might have seen her take her own life, but in truth she felt that if anything César would want her to go on living… and to make certain that his heroism was something that would be remembered by those inspired by her voice.

So, she gave herself entirely over to the pursuit of embodying that grieving heart of hers and became a star for it.

🔪 for Svetlana [Someone she’s hurt in the past]

The odd thing is that despite how “evil” she is, Svetlana really does not have many arbitrarily cruel things that she could look to and say that she did it just to hurt someone.  She’s killed people certainly, both in feeding and from a need to survive, but wanton killing or offense has never been her thing.  After all, she’s never been someone that has viewed others as worthy of much emotion if they aren’t as exceptional as she is… and how many people are that way?

I suppose the best answer would be Valerie, but Svetlana really never felt anything remotely “cruel” about that because she made a choice and Valerie became upset over it.  They stopped being friends for a few decades but they are okay now.  

I suppose you could say the entire Vladinov family.  

😒 for Vladislav  [Someone he hates]

Vladislav, much like his distant descendant, doesn’t really think in terms of hate often.  He hates the Wyrm, but who doesn’t?  He hated Liviu, but he’s dead.  He dislikes Herleif’s behavior and attitude, but he’d die for him more than likely. He doesn’t trust Stela but even then, he’d never put her in danger.

I feel bad but I can’t think of anyone that Vladislav hates.  He’s not a very hateful person.  

💩 for Saliha  [Someone she dislikes but admires]

Michaela, easily.  She could probably fill a few on this list.

The thing is, despite all her posturing and protocol, Michaela breaks the rules… all the time.  She breaks her own rules.  She breaks the Camarilla’s rules.  She breaks basic rules of decency. She’s a corrupt person and despite this people do whatever she says and will fight to the death for her.

I mean, Saliha would gladly diablerize Michaela if she ever was given the chance, but at the same time she can appreciate that she’s someone that works to change the world as she sees it should be.


since I discovered a good bus route to get to Burnaby, I decided to go to Metrotown before school. I went to the Crystal Mall because I wanted to have Hong Kong cafe food, so here is my beautiful tin of spaghetti (I ate all of it in one go), milk tea, signpost of the shaved ice place, and mango sago

afterwards, I went to Metrotown proper and mall crawled. their T&T has a fresh soup counter and also mango sago in sealed cups… I brought some sago for the road and I took a picture of an incredible scientific achievement: bubble tea popsicles

even if the Crystal Mall food court isn’t the most calm or picturesque place, I feel more relaxed than usual there so I like it a lot

anonymous asked:

Ok but what is the one Klope scene you absolutely want to see on Friday? One that you have dreamt of since before s4 aired?

I really wanted them to hug! I wanted Hope to caught him out of guard with a hug. Imagine Klaus just standing there looking at her, not being able to speak or move because he’s so astonished to see how grown up and beautiful she is and then Hope would surprise him and run into his arms and hug him. I’ve always wanted this to happen, and then last episode Klaus said: “When I see my daughter, she will run into my arms. She will look at me and know that I love her. I would do anything for her” and I was a complete mess. 

anonymous asked:

You are a beautiful mermaid and I admire you and want to be you but you are also my smol child and I want to protect you. Also I want to go straight up Ursula and steal your voice because it is too perfect.

I literally

dont know what to say

what did I do to deserve this sort of compliment

i sob 

literally thanks so much???? I think im ded

OSRR: 961

okay so like

i keep telling myself that i shouldn’t like connor. i’m graduating, i don’t wanna make things awkward, he’s three years younger than i am, he’s not mormon… there’s a whole host of logical reasons i can name to not do anything, or to just flat out get over him.

but then i see him and i can’t stop looking at him. he has piercing blue eyes, hair that is soft but stiff and sticks up in funny ways when you run your fingers through it, he’s got a jawline that could kill, his arms are strong but lean, his chest is strong, he has beautiful legs holy CRAP his legs are beautiful, his hands are strong and always well-cared for. he’s hot. really. and it kills me because he’s so beautiful. (and there’s exactly no way that he would like me. he doesn’t have a reason to. and that kills me.) but he’s not just attractive. i could draw the line and have no problem if he were just physically appealing. but no. he’s also funny, and sweet, and sassy and smart - he’s so smart, oh my goodness - he cares so much about the people he loves. i can’t honestly say enough how smart he is. like, it’s borderline ridiculous. his smile is so bright and his laugh is infectious and he can light up a room by just being there. he’s reasonable but still fun, he’s responsible but he knows how to let loose, he loves to travel, he eats lemons just straight up. it’s wild. he knows how to fly a plane, he’s just as obsessed with space as i am. there’s more but i’m tired and i need sleep.

but i go and i try to not like him and then i see him and it just. evaporates. i can’t not like him. he’s essentially everything i’ve looked for - down to literally his nails. i have a thing where i can’t deal with people, especially guys, who have long nails or nails that have stuff under them or even nails that are easily bent or too thin. he doesn’t have that. his nails are always neat and short and clean and they’re not flimsy and it’s wild? he takes care of his hands, and i genuinely appreciate that. it’s something i rarely see. welp.

anyway, i have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and i am almost done with my lesson plan. i’m also working tomorrow so i can get another paycheck with three full days! hooray! and today’s working on the lesson counts for my internship, so i’m not missing hours :)

soundofpluie  asked:

Hey Rachel! 💕 In the near future I hope to study aboard in Japan and my concern is how will I practice my religion over there? If that makes any sense haha In Japan it's mainly Buddhist and Shinto and only one percent of Japanese people are Christian.I also want to visit the temples and shrines there because their so beautiful.Do you think I should visit them? If I do what would you advice me to do? Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful night 💕💕💕


Continue to practice your faith exactly as you would here or anywhere else. Remember what the Word tells us about us being light in the world:

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” - Matthew 5:14-16

This applies no matter where you go! Even though you will be studying abroad in a country where Christians are a minority, keep shining your light around you. It may even be His will for you to study in this place so that you can spread the love and light of Christ to others who need it in Japan.

Are you concerned in terms of finding a church to worship, since Christianity makes up a small perfect of the population? If that is the case, I’m sure there must be some local churches around that you could find out about once you are there. And if not, maybe try to keep up with a church that posts videos of their sermons online? Even though it’s great to share fellowship and worship with other Christians by being physically in a church together, you can still find spiritual fulfillment and fellowship through watching services online. JD Farag is a pastor who gives great sermons/messages and posts them regularly online, so maybe you might be interested in taking a look at some of his videos.

In terms of visiting temples/shrines, that’s an aspect I think you definitely should take up with Him in prayer and seek His guidance in. This is something varies from person to person. To my knowledge, the Word doesn’t specifically address this concern. I think factors such as the intent of one’s heart when visiting these places as well as their particular weaknesses (e.g.: maybe some people are more susceptible to being influenced by such places if their faith isn’t yet strong enough) are important to consider. Some feel completely fine visiting places such as these just to admire and look at the architecture and feel the religious aspect is not a part of it at all, whereas others feel convicted to stay away from it all together. I don’t think I am in the position to tell you how you should handle this, but instead, His conviction should guide you as to what the best decision is for you.

I hope you found this helpful! If there’s anything I didn’t cover enough for your question, please let me know and I will go into more detail. :) I hope you have a wonderful night, too!

Ugh every time I hear “All Night” by Beyonce I just want start crying because love is so beautiful and I’ve always been too into love songs, but I actually have someone I love like that right now, and I mean Beyonce is so moving regardless so all of this together just gets me so emotional.

Anyway long story short “All Night” came on at the end of a Mindy Project episode I wasn’t even paying attention to but I still cried because I’m a fucking loser who cries at love songs and weddings all the time.


Agent Vasquez in 2x11, The Martian Chronicles