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10 (anti) parallels Emma with the hook / others with the hook

Requested by my dear friend @cat-sophia and also by anonymous. Dedicated to them and to all my followers for my 3 years blog anniversary. 

This show that we all love is treating many issues, but I feel like this was the most important one. Not because A&E knew how to approach it all the time (I’m sure they never saw nothing wrong with any of Regina’s comments), but creating this character to begin with was a huge campaign for accepting people with disabilities. 

But in addition, I think this thing can also be related not only to disabled, but also to all of us as human beings. Because everyone of us has a weakness (or several), everyone of us feels like people are judging him because of something they see on the outside. Some people feel like the first thing people see is how fat they are, others feel like they are only seen as a pretty face. Others (like myself) feel like the first thing people notice is how short they are, others how they are too tall. 

What Emma is doing here is not just being tolerant and respectful to Hook’s disability. She doesn’t see it at all. All she sees is him, the man she loves. He just happens to have a hook for a hand, and she finds it extremely sexy. I think the moment I loved most on the show in regards to this issue was on 4x04. Not only because Emma didn’t notice or cared if he had the hook or the hand, but because it was the first time that we really saw how it bothered Hook himself. It was amazing to see how in the same episode that he felt so unworthy and disable because of it (actually thinking Emma wouldn’t enjoy being intimate with him with the hook) was the episode that proven how unjustified his feelings were. 

So no matter what is your own thing that makes you feel unworthy or less than others, remember that this thing is also what makes you yourself, and it is part of what makes other people love you so dearly.  

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Imagine Woozi reassuring you that you look great in your choice of outfit after you expressing how you don’t quite like the way you look in it.

Im hurt and disgusted and i feel used and thrown off at the road. My studies have been effected because of this,my last and MOST important school year has suffered because of my wish to see two men in love confess it on tv. I was played and used and so were you.
We have to speak up and let our voices be heard.


He seemed like he was in a really mad mood in the beginning. He could have just been tired and he had a sore throat. But this guy really made my night. SO MUCH interaction with him. I didn’t expect it at all. But I’m only going to write about the two most important ones because this post would be WAAAAY too long 😂The first time, he caught me staring at him, so I looked away. I looked back and he was STILL looking at me. After like two at three time I blushed and put my head down, and he smirked like that shit was funny. And let me tell you it wasn’t only one time that happened. Second, I smiled at him, he smiled back and gave my a peace sign, then I gave him a peace sign. And the everyone around me started shaking me a and screaming at me 😂. Ok so let me guess what your thinking. “She’s doesn’t have videos of him doing that She must be lying” well guess what? Someone else has the video so I’m trying to hunt for her social media. And I think the best chance for Jaebum to interact with you like THAT is if you aren’t recording him. but my bias noticed me yesterday so I’m really happy! And to comment on the fan he picked for the raffle. I have no words for to describe how angry and how bad I felt for him. When she rejected his hug. I gave Jaebum a “fuck her” gesture and he laughed. Even though I’m extremely sad it’s over. I hope to see them again soon.

Hey everyone  i won’t be posting anything for couple of days,reason i got a virus on my laptop last night and naturally i used my antivirus to get rid of it. Problem is that along with virus my antivirus has deleted many of my photos (it has deleted some other of my files like music and videos as well) so i will have to play big part of my game again because too many photos are missing.But to be honest i’m not overly upset by it because it’s my chance to do some things better , the most important thing for me  is that i still have my sims  playing game again is not much of a problem :) 


What was the legal problem?

Conflict of interest. Pennsylvania has broad civil forfeiture laws about property getting forfeited on grounds of “it was probably related to a crime.” (The most important one is drug crimes, because that’s what gets enforced the most.) And for several of these crimes, it says the money from selling the confiscated property goes to enforce the same law.

So we end up with police incentivized to take people’s property, completely byzantine procedures for proving it wasn’t involved in a a crime, and as of 2014 police nationwide seize more property than burglars do. It’s a problem.

(Note that they don’t have to accuse the owner of being guilty. They just have to be able to say that whatever they took was probably related to the crime, and then make it hard enough to contest it that you give up.)

Not all the PA civil forfeiture statutes have that incentives problem—sometimes it goes to the state treasury, for instance. The ones that do include human trafficking, terrorism, and scattering rubbish. (On a second offense for littering they can take your car. No idea if that has ever happened, but it’s in the statute.)

So if the lawsuit works and that part of the Controlled Substances Forfeitures Act is declared unconstitutional, I suspect we might see more enforcement of these other laws. Not because those types of crime would suddenly be more important, but because that would be where the money is.

(The same applies to vehicle chop shop laws. I left those out because it kind of ruins the joke but felt terrible about it.)


dctv ladies appreciaton weekfavorite character: 
Iris West ( The Flash )

“ You raised me to be tough and I am. “

do me a favor. take a look at your life; now get a pen or pencil and paper and write down the names of the most important people in your life. now make a list of all the things you love; from hot coffee to the smell of his cologne or her perfume as you lean in to hug him/her. do you see your name on either one of those lists? you should be the most important person in your life because at 2am when you’re breaking down, you’re all you’ve got. your name should be the first thing written on the list of things you love because you are bones that are made of stardust give you structure, your eyes, the colors of oceans and galaxies and planets, let you see the world and all its beauty, your mouth, with its perfect shape allows you to express your creative ideas and opinions, and your skin that shines in the sunlight allows you to not only touch another person’s skin, but to touch their souls.

•EMBRACE THAT BODY! Fat, skinny, thick, whatever your category, EMBRACE IT! And if you aren’t happy with how you look, CHANGE FOR YOU! Not for a man, not for anybody else that has made slick comments about your weight.
•BE UNAPOLOGETIC! If you already were, continue. If you weren’t, BE THAT!
•STOP APOLOGIZING! For saying what and how you feel.
•LEARN HOW YO SAY NO! Without making any excuses
• LOVE YOURSELF! Not because nobody will love you if you don’t but because that’s the most important thing and the most healthiest thing for you.
• PUT A STOP TO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING UNHEALTHY! Relationships, friendships, situationships.
• DON’T KEEP THOSE EMOTIONS BOTTLED UP! Let it out, talk about it, cry about it, be angry about it, showing emotions is not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of strength

Saving myself would require love. That is all. I have to love myself in order to care enough to even save myself. There are so many ways to slowly destroy myself: not eating right, not getting washed, isolating myself, leaving my personal area a mess. But you have to care. You have to make yourself better. Not anyone else. Because no one else will. Not because they don’t love you or because they don’t care. But because they have to save themselves. YOU are the most important person in your life. Not anyone else. You are the star. You were born with your Self and you will die with your Self. When I look in the mirror, it is I that I see. Not anyone else. Same with you. Being your own hero can mean just getting up and brushing your teeth. I know these things can be hard because I struggle too. But you have to want it. You have to want to get better. Once you have that strong desire, you’ll get to where you want. Little by little. And if not there, you’ll get to where you need to be.

I interrupt your mindless dash scrolling to point out that Captain Jack Sparrow jumped into the ocean after seeing a girl fall off a cliff. He didn’t know this girl, had nothing to gain by saving her life. And yet the notorious pirate, pillager, thief, scallawag and womanizer literally jumped to the aid of this girl because she was drowning and no one else was going to save her. 


So there’s been a lot of hype about today’s episode and Yuri and Viktor’s relationship and as such there have been a billion posts analyzing different scenes and what they meant development-wise. Specifically, there have been a lot of posts talking about the scene in which Yuri cries at Viktor. While that was an incredibly important scene, people seem to be neglecting the scene right after it, Yuri’s freeskate.

In my opinion this scene is one of the most important scenes to Vikuuri’s progress, because it’s where their relationship finally gets to its first goal. That goal is Viktor and Yuri being on equal ground.

From the beginning it was clear that there was a wall between them in the form of Viktor being put on such a high pedestal by Yuri, making him effectively unreachable. People this far apart from each other can never have a close relationship, so in all the previous episodes, the main emotional progress made was a way to knock Viktor down from his pedestal while raising Yuri up so that one day, they could finally meet eye to eye as equals as only then could their relationship bloom.

In the scene of Yuri’s freeskate, you can hear Yuri’s inner thoughts during it. (I could actually make a whole other post about his own singular character development in this scene but I’ll just stick the Vikuuri development for now.) 

”Viktor’s expression when I started to cry was priceless.”

Yuri thinks about how clueless Viktor was when he was crying. This thought is sort of playful, showing that Yuri is fine now, and is thinking back on the scene beforehand. After this comes what is in my opinion, the most important line in the scene:

“Viktor’s too inexperienced as a coach.”

Yuri criticizes Viktor. 

“He should be prepared for this much.”

Yuri seriously criticizes his idol, one of the most renown skaters in the world, and now, his coach. He points out a major flaw of someone he only ever thought of as perfect and untouchable.

“Stupid Viktor!”

And THAT is what finally breaks down the wall between them. THAT is what finally sets them on the same level. Yuri allows himself to see Viktors flaws, to see Viktor helpless, clueless, unsure, doubtful, floundering, all of these things Yuri has only seen in himself so far. Suddenly, when Yuri was crying, he was the one who had to guide Viktor through something, he was the more experienced one, he was the leader of the situation. Through these little thoughts, Yuri allows himself to see Viktor as a human, just like him. And now they’ve reach a codependency, an equivalent exchange as skater and coach and as partners.

This is such an important scene because it’s what allows the following kiss to happen. Yuri and Viktor are on equal ground now, they can finally see each other in the same light as themselves, and their relationship is going to prosper now because of it.

  • Mabel Pines chose love over fear and bet the whole universe on the word of a con man and won.
  • Mabel Pines didn’t get the summer romance she was looking for but in the end she was okay with that because she learned to love herself.
  • Mabel Pines thinks that every woman she meets is beautiful, including herself, and if you don’t understand how radical that is you’ve never been a twelve-year-old-girl.
  • Mabel Pines met a creature she idolized and it told her she wasn’t good enough and she punched it right in its smug stupid face.
  • Mabel Pines was terrified of growing up because of everything she might lose, and the narrative didn’t blame her or break her for feeling that way.
  • Mabel Pines cared more about friends and family than magic and mysteries and not only did the narrative validate that, her scrapbook ended up being the most important object in the show.
  • Mabel Pines is glitter and sweaters and cheesy pop songs and blurry group selfies and the biggest smile in the crowd and she’s also so, so, so much more.

This isn’t a “your fave could never” because those are weird and needlessly combative, but look, I know what kind of narratives girls get. I thought that my fave could never. And then she fucking did.

Birth of the Minotaur
  • Poseidon: So. I gave you a bull.
  • Minos: That's right.
  • Poseidon: A beautiful bull. To sacrifice. To me.
  • Minos:
  • Poseidon: But you didn't. Because it was too beautiful to sacrifice. Right?
  • Minos: Yes...
  • Poseidon: So. You find this bull beautiful.
  • Minos:
  • Poseidon: Do you think your wife feels the same way? Do you think she also finds this bull beautiful?
  • Minos:
  • Poseidon: Do you think she finds this bull... irresistible, maybe?
  • Minos: I'm not sure where you're -
  • Poseidon: Listen.
  • Poseidon: I'm gonna make
  • Poseidon: your wife
  • Poseidon: fuck
  • Poseidon: the bull.
Reasons why the mob psycho 100 age swap au is good
  • Mob is always drawn in a turtleneck 
  • Tiny Reigen
  • Very bitter and very tired adult Ritsu
  • Toichiro trying to take over the world and recruiting teams of very angsty 13 year old ESPers
  • Shou is a dad
  • Toichiro is Shou’s shitty son 
  • Shou is a dad

“There is certainly a big part of conditioning in society that still very much tells women that the most important thing is their appearance and their bodies and how they look. That’s a very, very strong message. I’m someone who is lucky enough to have gone to school and university. At times, I have just felt so irritated because what ultimately seemed like the most important thing was how I looked. I just thought, ‘Why do I bother?’. It’s changing, and I think women are learning to be valued for what they’re saying, doing and thinking, for who they are. But there’s still some strong messages saying what really matters is how you look in a bikini.” —Emma Watson

The Stages of Male Weight Gain

Stage 0: Start point.

This is the start point. Your lowest weight or “fightin’ weight”. Almost no one is consistently at this point and if they are it won’t be for very long. Also, note that Stage 0 can change at any point. Example: Your stage 0 could be 140 pounds when you were sixteen, but now that you are in your mid twenties, your new Stage 0 could be 155 pounds. Still confused? Don’t worry I’ll explain further on.

Stage 1: The first 10 lbs…

Everyone, gainers and non-gainers, go through this stage shown in the next 2 pics below at least once in their lives. It is also the most important stage because it is technically a safe zone where you are not defined as “fat” but you very well could be in the near future. Let me explain, one of two things is going to happen. The first is one day you are going to take your shirt off and realize you have lost some muscle tone. Parts of your body are softer than they once were; you might even have a little belly depending on your size. You realize that you haven’t been eating well recently and it is very probable that you have put on weight, therefore it is time to kick bad habits, hit the gym, and get in shape. Either this happens or the alternative happens. You gain ten pounds, don’t really notice it and continue on to the next stage.

Stage 2: The 15/20 lb mark… the “Freshman 15”.

This is a stage that is common amongst most people, but not everyone. Most people that do hit this stage do it in college, hence the “Freshman 15”. At this point it will be apparent that you have gained a little weight. Granted it’s not a lot in retrospect, but it is enough to make your jeans a little tighter, or to have a little belly, or to appear fuller in the face. Exceeding this stage takes an interesting personality because it means you are in extreme denial (which you may very well be) or you simply don’t care. There is also the possibility that you have achieved a new Stage 0. Maybe you’ve kept that “Freshman 15” for four years now. You never were able to shake it off, so you now accept that it’s going to be there forever and you’re not going to have the same body you had in high school. Or maybe you’ve had that paunch for a while now to a point where you don’t even recognize it as being anything but the norm. If you haven’t hit the gym at this point, you could easily achieve Stage 3.

Stage 3: The first 30 lbs…

This is a corner stone in the gainer world. Depending on your size it is usually the line you cross to becoming overweight, by definition “fat”. If you have gained thirty pounds you will not be able to hide it. Baggy clothes and sucking in your gut are not going to hide the fact that you have let yourself go a bit in the past few months. Even the people in the deepest denial with have to face the truth when they can’t button up their pants. This point is when some people start to feel bad about themselves and attempt to lose the weight. Others, however, go to the store, buy new clothes, and just become the butt of everyone’s jokes. Assuming you haven’t broken old habits at this point you are well on your way to stage 4.

Stage 4: 50-100

This is the most broad stage because people who fall into this category are the “fat guy” personalities. People who eat because it gives them joy. The result from your love of donuts is a prominent belly (if you’ve gained fifty pounds or more it is biologically impossible to not have one), love handles (I’ve haven’t gained more than ten pounds in my life and I still have ‘em), chunky legs (not my thing “butt” whatever), and maybe even features like the double chin or man boobs! If you are at this stage you are definitely overweight or maybe even obese. Your Stage 0 has also probably changed to ten or fifteen pounds heavier than it was before, so if you do try to lose weight you’ll be satisfied at your new Stage 0.

Stage 5: 100+

Congratulations! You are a minority! Most people stop when they’ve gained over a hundred pounds (unless you are a gainer of course). It takes a very strong level of denial coupled with a love for Italian food in order to get to this stage. Your Stage 0 could be all over the map at this point because dropping that weight is not going to be an easy task.