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The Real Killer - Vegas Andrews (ft others)

@mrs-jughead-jones this short fic goes out to the theory makers on Rose’s tumblr right now, I’m having the time of my life and decided to make a small fic, inspired by this debate.

Words: 1,317

Warnings: Doge / Violent Doge / Swearing Doge


Archie and Drughead were caught up in their own problems, I don’t know what they were because I am a dog, but I didn’t really care because it meant I got petted therapeutically. That seemed to be my job. When someone was contemplating or having an existential crisis, they would pet me. Drughead preferred to flap my ear around which is…. nice?

They were so fixated on their own issues that they didn’t even realise the killer was right in front of them. To a smelly hooman, it would look like I was simply sitting at Drughead’s side, staring into space and just generally being a dog. But IT’S ALL LIEEEESSS!!!

Inside my mind, I was conspiring and plotting my next move. I had gone off the rails and there was no going back….

It all started back when….

“Woof woof” I barked as I watched Drughead’s mother load her car, daughter’s hand in her own. She had finally had enough with FP and they were moving far away. I wasn’t particularly fussed, because i am a dog, until I noticed the metal cage at the back of the van.

I bounded towards it, barking aggressively. I heard a restrained response from behind the prison bars of the cage. It was my dog bae, my man crush monday, Hot Dog! They couldn’t take Hot Dog. 

I felt my fur coat burn with teenage dog angst, and I ran over to Drughead, clawing at his suspenders, a plead for him to do something. He was too invested in saying goodbye to his sister.


I had to sit and watch as my dog bae was taken away from me. The only other intellectual in this town. I felt sad and angry and emotions that were indescribable. I mean how could I describe them? I’m a fucking dog.

I swore vengeance on my friend/bae/one-time hookup that day. I would get Hot Dog back, whatever it took.

After stalking the Jones household for a few months, i found out that Drughead had left the house to live in the drive-in. This is a dumb idea because the drive-in has no fridge that i am aware of, and that means it’s harder to access food. Food accessibility is another priority in my books. This just adds to the novel i’m writing about the fact that hoomans have no intuition.

Speaking of DRUGhead, turns out that the Dad was high like 98% of the time. This I guess, is why half of his family left. I’ve always wanted to 420 blaze it, but i never have, because i’m a dog.

I followed him on daily basis, trailer park to drive-in, trailer park to drive-in. He had a black jacket with a green worm on the back, along with the rest of his “friends”. I assumed these were his druggy buddies. Drughead was pretty clueless, considering he lived there.

I watched overtime, as the connections with the drugs grew. Reaching out to buyers like Hiram Lodge, a wealthy businessman. FP was getting a lot of money/benefits from these deals, but being a dumbass human, wasted his rewards on alcohol. You see, I may never have been high, but boy have I been drunk.

Perhaps, I could use my intelligence to manipulate stoopid hoomans. I could work my way to the top and maybe offer the Jones’s a huge cash sum to get my friend back! It was a genius plan!

I trained my nose to sniff out Green Worm drug stashes. I became known as “The Hound”, a mysterious thief who kept stealing the stock of the Green Worms. This was quite funny, because I am actually a dog. Hahahhhahahahhah.

The drugs I managed to anonymously deal were stamped with the Green Worm mark, so I couldn’t be blamed for my crimes. At the end of the day, if anything went wrong, FP would be blamed for my misdeeds, not me.

It all went downhill when I got involved with a certain ginger. 

Jason Blossom.

He was looking for some serious last-minute money, so he could escape the town with his preggo my leggo girlfriend. The Blossom’s were the most influential family and town, and they were very very rich, which meant I could exploit Jason for a long amount of time before finally letting him go.

I offered him a job to do for me, entrusting him with the drugs through anonymous mail. Don’t ask me about the mailing process, it’s too complex for hoomans to understand. I put my faith in him. I was desperate at this point, Hot Dog was so close yet so far and I had to push myself and my doggy drug business to the extreme.

He was supposed to take the drugs, sell them to the students at Riverdale High, and give me back his earnings. I had sent him letters, written with my own paws, about how when his job was truly done he would be paid what he deserved. I meant it, but he just couldn’t trust in me for that long. He was  getting desperate too. WELL IT’S A DOG EAT HOOMAN WORLD SONNY JIM.

He thought I wouldn’t notice when he started to take half of the days profits for himself. I was enraged. I also had fleas at this time which is practically the equivalent of a doggy period so I was incredibly pissed off.

Jason knew I was on to him, when i sent him hate mail and insulted his Sailor Moon ships. He was going to pack a getaway car and be out of there by morning. Oh helllllllll no, not today. 

Jason had messed with the wrong canine. I thought about Fred and Archie, the affection they showed me. Then my mind went deeper, to the thoughts of the Blossom’s and how they tried to control Fred’s life and work. I got angrier by the second and I knew that was when I had to take action.

I waited, on the 4th of July, by the riverbank for Jason to arrive. He arrived with his sister looking like twins that deserved a place in The Shining. They rowed over to where I was, and Cheryl left him to die. Fake die. OR SO SHE THOUGHT! Jason was filled with paranoia though, his guard was up and I couldn’t strike without getting hurt in the process. So, I used my doggy hulk strength, and pushed a tree down on him. He somehow got out alive, so I patiently awaited a week for him to wake up. This seemed to work though, because I could get his preggo my leggo girlfriend to pay ransom, or the same from the Blossom’s. Nobody showed up though. I slowly started getting bored, and when dogs get bored they get mad.

Playing fetch by myself was becoming tiresome.

Jason for some stupid reason wasn’t awake, but when he did wake up, he might get away. I couldn’t risk that, he would tell everyone about my scheming and I would be stuck in the pound for the rest of my life with big man Dave. Not Dave. Anyone but Dave.

So I do what most dogs do when their mad.

Charge into the intended victim with a P99 before popping a cap in their head. Followed by nudging into the rivers currents so he would float away like he was in the river of lost souls from my favourite disney movie, Hercules.

I used my handy paws to big a deep hole to China, where I hid the murder weapon. To avoid suspicion, I would have to put my drug hauling on hold and return to my normal life at the Andrew’s house.

I’m still yet to get my bae back, BUT I WILL.




woof woof motherfuckers.


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isn’t that the problem? theres always a person who feels more. cares more. puts more effort. smiles brighter. laughs louder. so loving comes with a price. because i loved more, i get to hurt more.
—  ck.writes (on Instagram)

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Hello, I really like your writing. Especially those about Cor. I'd like to rquest something with Cor, Drautos and a Fem!Reader. Something like Reader is pregnant with Drautos' Child after a One Night Stand with him, but has gotten into a relationship with Cor after the fall of Insomnia. And after it's starting to show that she is pregnant she tells Cor and expects to see him leave her because it's the child of a traitor. Something like that. Please.

Oooh, drama~! Love it! :D And thank you for the lovely compliment on my writing <3 This is also the first time my drabble has actually remained a short drabble! YAY! xD I initially wanted to make this angsty as heck, but then I went down the fluff lane and it was sooo cute and sweet and I can’t have Cor be a butt right now because I needed to write some fluff- there’s too much angsty shizz happening IRL with patriarchs in my life and I just wanted there to be a nice male figure who was sensitive to a woman’s needs around- that man ended up being Cor Leonis LMAO!

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You were shivering as you slowly trudged your way up to your apartment. You almost couldn’t believe what the doctor had told you at Lestallum’s general practice. The symptoms checked out, for sure, but you just didn’t want to believe it to be true. It was too difficult to be true- you were pregnant. And you were four months pregnant at that.

It didn’t make sense. At least, at first it didn’t make any sense to you- Cor had only started being intimate with you around a month and a half ago. For you to be four months along, it could only mean that the baby belonged to none other than…

“Titus… oh my Six.” You murmured to yourself, your voice shaking slightly as you fumbled with the locks on your front door. You practically fell into your apartment and slammed the door shut behind you, fishing out your Crownsguard issue smart phone and scrolling down your contacts list before stopping abruptly on Cor’s contact profile. You stared at the stern picture of your current boyfriend and drew in a shuddered breath before forcing yourself to press the call button.

He answered almost immediately, contrary to your prior experiences with him. He was usually really bad with answering his phone.

“Is there something wrong? How did the doctor’s appointment go?” Cor immediately asked. His voice was laced in concern, and you couldn’t help but bite your lip in both fear and frustration. You had to tell him. He had to know.

“I’m pregnant.” You blurted out, quick and painlessly.

Silence hung over the phone before Cor’s smooth, deep voice rung over the line.

“Congratulations- you’re going to have to look after yourself better now with our-” Cor began to speak, his voice sounding light and stern at the same time. You felt your heart break a little at how he referred to baby as both yours and his. You loudly cleared your throat, stopping him from speaking momentarily.

“I’m almost four months along Cor…” you revealed, your voice impossibly soft. You listened to Cor inhale and exhale over the phone, and you started slightly when he spoke once again.

“Drautos?” he asked, his tone falling flat. You couldn’t help but let out a whimper as you pressed your fingernails into your knee, absolutely refusing to shed any tears. Still, a single tear escaped the corner of your eye and trickled slowly down your cheek.

“… I think so. I’m sorry. I don’t expect you to-” you started to cry over the phone, attempting to let go of Cor in the process. You fully expected him to refuse to be with you, or have anything to do with the child given that Drautos was a traitor- that Drautos was the one who killed Cor’s SECOND king with his own hands. Cor had been aware of your past with Drautos, but he still accepted you into his life. But… Drautos’ baby… you didn’t know if Cor would ever accept the child. You tried not to break into sobs as you awaited Cor’s response over the line.

“Y/n- I want to. This baby needs a father- Drautos is no longer around, I’m happy to take his place.” Cor spoke softly to you, and you couldn’t help yourself as more tears slid down your cheeks.

“You’re too good to me.” You simply said, surprised by his easy assent to the news of yours and Drautos’ baby.

Cor chuckled over the line. “And you, to me. Now go rest- I’ll be to Lestallum to see you after I assist Gladio with something. I’ll speak to you further about this when I’m home- don’t worry, nothing to do with leaving you or anything like that. I promise.” You wiped your tears and hummed in concurrence.

“Okay. Be careful… you’re going to be a father soon. So no more of this ‘Cor the Restless’ business, okay?” Cor chuckled over the line at your made-up title for him. He’d heard Noctis and his friends call him something similar, but it always tickled him right when you called him that.

“Alright sweet heart. I’ll be careful. You take care of yourself and our baby.”

You smiled and nodded, feeling warmth spread through your chest as you rubbed your distended abdomen gently. “I promise I will. Love you Cor.”

“Love you too, dearest. I’ll be back soon- promise.”

Ravenclaw Headcanon #2

A first year Ravenclaw has to enter the common room without an older student for the first time and get so nervous and flustered that they can’t figure out the riddle for the life of them.

However, after 10 minutes of pacing and panicking, the eagle knocker takes pity and gives them a hint. The student furrows their brows for a second but then their face lights up as they realise the answer because they figured it out alone.

All the while, a fifth year watches from a short distance. They had all gone through something similar to learn the importance of working hard to find an answer but also accepting help when it’s needed.

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“For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law but under grace.” Romans 6:14.

The Bible is the Law, our code of understanding and action, it is God’s words and lessons to a better and happier life. There is, however, only one person who has ever lived a sinless life outside of the Atonement and God’s Grace and that is Christ. The rest of us stand condemned by the Law, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23. This is why God’s Grace and Atonement are so important, “Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin.”

The Bible is our guide and key to recognize sin within ourselves and others, and to make the necessary changes to ourselves. To uplift and guide others onto the happier, healthier path. We must however be aware and conscious of our own judgements for to judge is God’s domain. He knows the fabric of each of our stories, he understands where we are and why, while we are only able to see a small fraction of each individual’s story. We are warned many times in the Bible not to judge, but why we are directed not to is often glossed over.

We are taught in Matthew 6:14-15 “For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions.” The Good Lord will literally judge us as we judge those around us, and for some that will end poorly during the final judgement. For those bigots and self-righteous hypocrites will soon discover the lesson of James 2:13 “For judgment will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy; mercy triumphs over judgment.”

There is, amongst certain elements of the faithful, such hate towards those who sin differently from us, forgetting the lesson of Proverbs 10:12 “Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.” The key message behind all of this is love, for “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” His Grace covers a multitude of sins, “For it is by grace you have been saved through faith and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God not by works, so that no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:8

Grace is the staging ground for the atonement, and repentance. It is through our faith, our goodness, and our love for one another that we receive His Grace. Knowing that only through belief, and following to the best of our ability Christ, His teachings, and his laws are we saved. “For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.” Titus 2:11

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Rant time!! So, this is really weird, but peeps are a safe food for me because they're surprisingly low cal. But! I was at an lgbt+ support group for youth and they had some peeps. So, I had some and was feeling fine. Then, one of my friends made some comment about how unhealthy they were and that they were basically just sugar. So, now I'm terrified of eating peeps. It's just frustrating, since they were one of my only safe foods. How to deal with the situation?

Eat the peeps, life is short! Of course eat other healthy stuff too ❤️

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i feel like everything is so pointless because we all die anyway and i cant get out of this mentality :(

Life is too short you never know when it’s your time to go so live life to the fullest without any regrets

It’s 5am and I’m still awake because I don’t want to lose the feeling of inner peacefulness I currently have.

I spent the day intensely depressed, lost in a dark place. Starting in the evening, I ended up shoving down painkillers for hours because my body was particularly awful today. And as the pain improved, so did my burgeoning emotional breakdown

I need better pain control cause I’m tired of this horrible cycle. Life has sucked and physically, emotionally - I’m a wreck. My pills don’t work that well anymore, but they improve my pain just enough that I can feel and act like a human again. My brain clears, my mental health immediately improves, my body feels better. But it’s all short lived. Cause as soon as the drugs wear off, it’s back to where we started: pain, in all the ways. Until the next time it’s acceptable to take my drugs again and everything in my body breathes a sigh of relief.

So it’s 5am and I’m still awake because when I go to sleep, I have to start the cycle over again.

You wanna know what college is really like? I woke up at 12 and all I’ve eaten today is pasta and hot Cheetos. I’ve also had some chocolate and I have a mysterious rash on my leg. Have I showered? No. Will I change my shirt that I’ve been wearing since Thursday? No. Is my hair falling out of my ponytail? Yes. Will I fix it? No. Also my shorts are twisted because I’ve spent the last 8 hours in bed switching from side to side to get comfortable. I love life

I feel like I need to stick in my opinion about Cassandra, because I’ve lots of negative opinions about her and as someone who, on an emotional level, relates to her, I have to at least try to defend her.

I’ve seen a lot about people saying about disliking Cass because she doesn’t like Eugene talking about himself, yet she won’t let him pry into her life. I don’t understand this on a basic level - it’s a perfectly normal reaction to get annoyed at someone always going  me! me! me! without a break ( yes, I know he doesn’t do that constantly but please bear with me! ) as well as not wanting to talk about herself. Her real parents are a red button issue for her clearly, so of course she isn’t going to want to talk about it! 

She’s human. She over-reacts at Eugene’s self-centered attitude and I will absolutely admit that, but that doesn’t mean she has to spill all of her personal and private thoughts just because she doesn’t want him talking about himself. Why can’t they talk about other things? Rapunzel or Corona or politics or books or weapons or strategies or training or something they both have interests in? It doesn’t have to be deep and personal or nothing, and honestly I’m glad the creators have put this in. 

I think the point of this was to show that while friends, they’re still going to have traits that rub each other the wrong way and secrets that will never see the light of day. Eugene can believe ‘ you don’t keep secrets from the ones you love ’ as much as he wants, but 1) personally I feel this isn’t how I’d like to live anyway and somehow I could imagine Cass feeling the same and 2) Cass and Eugene aren’t quite that close yet.

We’re still in the early episodes of the days, guys. I have complete faith in the Tangled : The Series crew and that they will show us more of the characters’ personalities as we go. 

That is a distinct problem when it comes to working with amateurs, if making films or games isn’t somebody’s job or at least something that they regularly invest massive amounts of time into, you have virtually no confidence that something else in their life won’t get in the way and make them leave the project by the wayside.

In short, just because it is your job to provide content for them doesn’t automatically mean its their job. It’s still their hobby.

And one of the biggest problems about these two industries is that there are a LOT of hobbyists who think that they are professional enough to finish things but they just don’t. It gets hard to tell who is who, especially if you have a hobbyist with a very good portfolio and a very mature demeanor.

Listen I am so here for platonic “I love you"s. I don’t care if you think "I love you” is some sacred phrase to only utter to one person in your life, i don’t care if you think it makes me look overbearing. I say “I love you” to my friends every time I say goodbye because I want them to know 100% without a doubt that I care for them and love them and am there for them so so much.

I wish I could read a book on what it would take to get you to fall in love. And I wish I could download an app that told me when you were happy or mad or jealous or confused. And I wish I could look up at the stars and they’d tell me what to say to you and when to say it. Because you’re a little too complicated for someone who likes things simple and I know you think I’m good at solving puzzles but I need something- just one thing- to be a little bit easier right now.
There was a crack in her voice and her words got swallowed up by her tears. She had never done this before, wear her heart on her sleeve showing just how vulnerable she was. But it was him, she loved him, and she would do anything to never lose him, “look at me,” she told him, “you could fall for me, you should fall for me, I can give you the world.”
—  c.f. // “her one and only plea”
I’m tired of being sad and having no clue as to why I am this way, so I’ll write about the happy bits of me and why I smile. I dance when I’m alone, when the music gets just right and I’m sure that no one is watching, it’s okay to feel lonely, I used to not like the idea of it, but once you’re comfortable in your own skin even depression starts to feel like a breeze. I’m reading a book that says we are the beliefs and thoughts that we think and believe in. So if I say that I’m happy a thousand times, one of those will come back as true. So if I say I’ll find the love of my life some day, some day she’ll appear in front of me while I’m writing another poem. It’s good to have goals, the only goal I’ve ever had up until recently was to keep myself happy with someone else, that’s not a goal, but an illusion. You can’t live your life for someone else, it’s called your life for a reason. Happiness must happen when I say so, so I’m saying so. We bring into this world the kind of kindness that we’ve been dealt, so when I fake a smile, my mother is omnipresent. Although it’s not real, fake it until you make it, right? The book also says, spend more time doing things that make you lose track of time, so I decided to write again and more often than not, to not compare myself to others because once you start doing that, there’s no going back. I don’t write like someone else, I write like myself. I don’t think like anyone that I know, there’s just you and the beautifully twisted world, we’re all trying to find redemption inside of coral skies and trustworthy friends. I would break my own hand to contain my anger, it is contained. Happiness is what we make it, so if I say that it exists, then it will be so. Listening to your guidance, that makes me happy. You know who you are. Breathless to the words, you paint the sunrise with your pinky and promise that as long as I’m here today, tomorrow will not be filled with sorrow. I keep writing letters to the future person that I will be, I wonder if I’ll change. I probably will, we all do in one way or another. I’m the kind of person that snaps a picture of the sky while I’m driving, I’m reckless, but we’re still alive. Life’s too short and I need to be more careful, I’m certain that death has given up a few passes for me. Do you ever feel like you’re running out of time? Like there’s something trying to make a statement, a lost word that even google couldn’t even get its hands on. Do you ever feel like no one’s really listening? We’re all selfish in the end, but the ones that truly listen– they are the ones that I live for. I maintain online friendships better than I do with my siblings, I guess our thinking is just on different frequencies. On the topic of frequencies– the you that you would like to be is out there, you just need to listen. Hear the right words said by the right person and you’ll be in the right spot to be the you that you’d want to be in this life. Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? Remember that thing I said about thoughts? Sometimes we just need to let go a little bit, embrace the art of it. To be left to the wind, the unknown will bring us to more adventures and you may not be loved by many, but there’s a chance that you will be– why not take it? I would like to break out of this, I want to smile more and to laugh a little louder, I just want to make myself proud of who I will be versus who I used to be. And you can’t turn back the hands of time, you cannot change your mistakes– they are permanent, but you are not. There is a fire inside of your chest and if you keep suffocating yourself with an indescribable pain then you’ll only suffer in a incomprehensible way. I just want to fill this world with more love and less pain, I see a butterfly and I’m easily distracted– how beauty will fly past you if you’re not even paying attention because you’re so damn sad all of the time. So I drop all signs of negativity and lean towards the positive, I am the only vibe that’ll alter my moods, so I must feel more wealthy than a million silver spoons even if I don’t have any, so I must create the art that likes to spill from my fingertips, we live such short lives– why not be the best version of yourself? Who will you be if tomorrow was your last day on this planet? Will you cry because it’s over? Or will you search the ends of the earth until you’ve found the fountain of youth? I’ve got a secret to share with you. You can be a 100 years old and still have the sweetest smile, you can be in your 20s and have a soul heavy enough to sink the titanic, life is strange, life is strange. We live our youth to buy pretty things, but live our oak days trying to make up more time– it waits for no one, the wrong turn will break you, a simple kiss will turn your thoughts into poetry and a life of self-hate is a road that needs constant validation– why not be your own way out? Be your own lover, be your own brand of music, be your own kind of poem, be your own story of kindness, and if you’re not perfect just look around– nobody is. I’m tired of dreaming, I want to build it instead. You can’t be who you want to be if you’re still having the same thoughts from last year– you can’t change or heal in the right way if you’re not willing to break a few pieces of your heart because the clutter inside of our minds often match the attitude that we give off. So like a quote, so like a poem, so like a bedtime story. If I repeat it enough times, I’ll be happy. I just want to be happy. I just want to let go of the bad feelings. I just want to love myself enough to see a brighter day. You can’t change the world if you can’t even change yourself, right? If I repeat it enough times, then it must be real. I will be happy. Sadness is a crucial emotion because without it, being delighted and euphoric wouldn’t be so dense, but that’s the beauty of the intensity to which we should love ourselves. I want to be so fucking glad to wake up today that it’ll just drown my depression into the white noise. I want to glow in the dark and live like the jellyfishes, give my poetry the immortality to always bring a smile onto the faces of those that love who I am even if I’m a bit flawed because at the end of the day– you’re the only one sleeping on your bed, you’re the only one who’s going to determine if you’ve got enough room to breathe, you’re the only one to have the last say if you’re art or not.
—  I wanted to write something happy for you–
yes, you. The person that’s reading this.

brielarsonI used to DJ. It was the “real” job that floated me while I auditioned for the movies I never got. Even during the filming of Short Term 12 I spun records at magazine parties and hotel bars on weekends because I couldn’t survive off of SAG minimum. I loved rare foreign covers of Beatles songs, Ye-Ye girls, and soul. Drunk dudes would request trap and I’d tell them “Sorry I only play vinyl.” I was hustling, but I got people dancing and hung with my other DJ friends. I’m grateful for where I am now, but want to give a toast to the life I lived before. To all the dreamers with day jobs, I see you, don’t give up. There is beauty in your journey. 🍻#fbf

I could never have anticipated the pain of losing you.
It’s around the same time of year I met you last year, and the nostalgia is killing me. I can’t even walk around anymore because everywhere takes me back to a memory with you in it. Everything feels so out of place. I got so comfortable with you in my life, I had made a place just for you and over time it got bigger and bigger, until you were everything to me. Now the hole is so big but it’s empty. There is nothing to fill that void other than you, and you’re gone.
—  v.m

i walk around the park
with a cigarette in my hand
and shot bottles of gin in my pocket
screaming at the shadows that seem to be following me

i’m home
staring at the ceiling
in my cold king sized bed
wishing you were near me

it’s silent
i can hear a pin drop
it’s never been this bad before
i want this to stop

my insomnia
and my lethargic motioned life
tossing and turning in my bed
wondering the meaning of my restless spirit

i’m down stairs now
i have a cup of coffee
i don’t want to drink it
but the warmth of the cup soothes me

it’s now dawn
and my thoughts have run cold
i live an apathetic life
because you broke my damn soul