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The Magic of Crows and Ravens

  •      In Native American mythology these birds are greatly respected. Some southwestern tribes believed the raven was a bringer of light that escaped from the darkness. They associated the raven with creation because it brought light where there was none. In other tribes the raven and crow were thought to be tricksters and the guardians of sacred and secret mysteries.                                                                                     
  •      Ravens are associated with psychic powers and their feathers can be used to aid the clairvoyance.    
  •      In Celtic mythology the Goddess Morrigahn often appears in the shape of a raven or crow or is accompanied by a group of them. If they are seen in a group of three it means that Morrigahn is watching or preparing to pay someone a visit. Because the Raven is Morrigahns bird some believed that the bird has special visionary powers.
  •      Western cultures believe that the raven or crow bring bad luck and death.    
  •      In Greek mythology Athena and Apollo kept ravens but turned them black when they couldn’t keep their secrets. Originally they had white feathers. The raven was said to be a method of divination. The aguars in ancient Greek used the colors of the ravens and and the direction of flight to interpret messages. 
  •      According to Welsh mythology the ravens were the hare bringers of death. They believed that witches and sorcerers would turn into ravens to avoid capture.    
  •      In Norse mythology Odin was represented with two ravens.      
  •      In parts of the Appalachian mountains, a low-flying group of crows means that illness is coming, but if a crow flies over a house and calls three times, that means an impending death in the family. If the crows call in the morning before the other birds get a chance to sing, it’s going to rain. Despite their role as messengers of doom and gloom, it’s bad luck to kill a crow. If you accidentally do so, you’re supposed to bury it but be sure to wear black when you do.
  •      The raven is also frequently linked with prophecy, further enhancing its status as a bird of the occult. Not only was it a messenger of the gods, both as an informant and as a guide, but it also was thought to be the most prophetic of all birds.                                                                                                                                                                             References: and                       ==Moonlight Academy==  

So… there are wildlife rescue centers in the urban fantasy settings, right?

Big Lessons From Finding Dory

So I saw Finding Dory tonight and let me just highlight a few things that are very important that were shown in the movie but may have gone over other’s heads (none of these are spoilers, really but im tagging them anyways):

1. Not all marine life institutions are like SeaWorld. This film demonstrates there are a lot of really helpful marine life institutions out there who are dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals. It takes place in California and although they never directly call it the Monterey Bay Aquarium you can tell that is what it is based off of. Many aquariums like the one in Monterey and a local aquarium by me are completely dedicated to the rehabilitation of marine life/mammals and yes, they tag some animals, but it is just to track their migration patterns and conduct research. SeaWorld has given such a bad name to other marine life centers out there and to be honest, these centers are the kind of organizations we need to preserve our marine life. Most operate on a vast network of volunteers and they could really use your donations–especially when it is apparent that our government does not care about our waters to make any laws protecting it.

2. PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FINAL SCENE. (The one where Dory says the view before her is “unforgettable”). If you’ve seen the movie, you might have noticed something….well missing. In fact, a lot was missing. Much of the coral reef in this scene as they pan out has become discolored and is dead. Pixar clearly wanted to draw your eye to this scene. Our coral reefs are dramatically dying and if we don’t stop to care for them now, they can be gone easily in a lifetime–as little as 15 years. Those beautiful views will become forgettable if we do not do something about them now. Back when Finding Nemo came out 12 years ago, scientists were just starting to notice the dramatic changes in iur coral reefs. Now if you see recent pictures of the Sydney Harbor, the same one featured in FN, most of those beautiful colorful corl reefs are dead and gone. Although Finding Dory is supposed to take place one year after Finding Nemo, Pixar was really trying to bring that important message out.

So please, keep in mind as you spend money towards a movie ticket, maybe next time use that money and donate to ocean conservation funds. We really do only get one world, and she takes care of us so we should take care of her.


the scene where dennis and charlie are talking about how stripping isn’t rock bottom and how dennis can’t believe the stripper is traumatized because he “had sex with one disgusting bird” charlie has the most SUBTLE response like “yeah, yeah….” with a nervous laugh and dennis says “cmon man that’s not trauma, not real trauma” and charlie nervously laughs again and says “yeah it’s not even that bad” almost to himself with a subtle ass head shake like i’m 10000% convinced charlie and dee are still sleeping together and charlie might even have feelings for her like literally go rewatch that scene again it’s SO SUBTLE but definitely has meaning and the chardee conspiracy lives on!!!




Hello hi my name is Ashleigh and I’m here to inform you if you didn’t know that Lulakan is not just a beautifully designed bird he is a real bird he is a Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo. I found this out a little while ago because my school has an entire room for taxidermied birds and I saw this bird in a case right in the center and literally my only thought was

“the gay bird is real”


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Utapri Repeat Drama CDs

Okay I’m sorry that I’m popping up a lot but if you get (probably) a limited edition of Utapri Repeat Vita Port at a specific location they come with new drama CDs!

“The Everyday Lives of the Two -Let’s Enjoy!-“

A drama cd about the everyday lives of the idol candidates that attend Saotome Academy. How do they usually live out their lives? Looking more into a certain day that the two lived through! Maybe you’ll see a different unexpected side to them?

Otoya and Cecil and an Amusement Park

Cecil is really happy that Otoya took him to an amusement park. To have Cecil have the most fun at the amusement park, what type of attractions would Otoya choose?

Masato and Otoya and an Arcade

Masato came to an arcade center with Otoya. Being perplexed by unfamiliar machines like crane games and racing games, when he actually tries them out he….?

Natsuki and Masato and a Bird Cafe

Natsuki and Masato came to a cafe that apparently has a lot of birds. Because Natsuki can talk to animals he starts introducing Masato to the birds and…..

Tokiya and Natsuki and a Fancy Shop

Tokiya was invited to go to a fancy shop together with Natsuki. He first refused but was moved by Natsuki’s kindness he take a step into the unknown world….!

Ren and Tokiya and Lunch

Ren and Tokiya go to lunch together. In contrast to his appearance, Ren, who eats a lot, orders as usual feels Tokiya’s eyes on him and…..

Syo and Ren and Coordinating

Syo and Ren go out shopping together. Their goal was to coordinate an outfit for each other. Syo, who has confidence in his fashion sense, takes Ren to a shop he regularly goes to in high spirits and…

Cecil and Syo and Street

Cecil and Syo witnessed a street performance at the place they were going to. Cecil looks at it curiously but when he heard Syo’s explanation he starts to say that he too wants to try it out and….