because it gave me a headache
Ha ha, happy 2nd anniversary to my headache.

I didn’t mention the headache or nausea at the time because I was panicking about the fact that I was mostly blind in one eye. I am so weird that THAT is what I went online to type when I woke up with the worst headache of my life and blind in one eye. I am that dog in the room on fire. Then again, that was one of the worst weeks of my life, and I actually thought to myself “Dying of a stroke is not the worst thing that could happen to me today” and then I gave up and just laid on the floor.

Anyway, while not a stroke, my head still hurts! I got my vision back but it does weird stuff and I hallucinate smells and feel electric shocks sometimes despite increasing doses of seizure medication! I hear lots of screeching noises and I feel things touching me when nothing’s touching me! FACE CRAMPS.

Anonymous said: For the color palette challenge: Sister, with the pairing Tsukkiyama (because your tsukkiyams are adorable, Yanka!) :D

The name of this palette reminded me of @denimdisaster ‘s fashion designer Tsukki AU, where trans!Yamaguchi is his muse, and of course I took the opportunity to draw it ToT

White Lines

mafia!Yoongi x Reader

He was charismatic, magnetic, electric, and everybody knew him. When he walked in every woman’s head turned. Everyone stood up to talk to him. He was like this hybrid, this mix of a man who couldn’t contain himself.
I always got the sense that he became torn between being a good person and missing out on all of the opportunities that life could offer a man as magnificent as him. And in that way, I understood him. And I loved him, I loved him, I loved him. 
Lana Del Rey - National Anthem

Warnings: Explicit, explicit sexual content, drugs, if you’re easily triggered don’t read this.

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this, but I wrote it for so long and this fic gave me such a headache, so I’ll just post it and hope for the best. Feel free to tell me what you think about it and I hope you enjoy!
I’ll post a playlist for you guys as always, because I have some songs which remind me of this story.

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彡☆ day 17/365; went back to uni yesterday! and what’s inside my backpack? (old) sketchpad, notebook, planner, glasses, wallet, pencil case, umbrella (you’ll never know when it’ll rain), fan (commuting to school is tough here in the ph), file case, earphones (i can’t go to school without this), 2 clear containers which has all of the meds that i need (always bring medicine for headaches, body pain, etc.) and a ruler (i don’t even know why i brought a ruler) ㅋㅋㅋ and i also learned that the professor who gave me a failing grade for the finals is my professor once again (he gave me a failing grade because i didn’t finish my plate on time and i forgot to draw the foot)! wish me luck! have a great day  ♡ ♡ ♡


Today. Today has been a day. It started with two hours at the book fair–that was awesome–then there was work. 😑 I came home with such a headache. But, I went to the gym because it was either that or take out my bitchiness on my family. It helped some. My bike ride watching the sunset helped…and the glass of wine I plan to have will help. Stephen Colbert’s monologue that the husband and Conner are watching is also helping. Yet…still bitchy. Can’t win every day, I guess.

But, my new book came (I had preordered the paperback version), and the guinea hens absolutely not giving a crap about my car gave me a laugh, so not a total wash of an afternoon! 😊

Thoughts on CC

Unpopular Opinion Inbound

I actually like the simplistic approach they took. The complexity of DAI and Fallout 4′s customization always gave me a headache because I had to get it juuuuuust right. Or wait, do I want the nose an inch up or half an inch lower? Maybe to the left? Should she have a broken nose? 

Okay, let me change the eyes. DAMN I like the eyes the way they are but now the nose looks too big in comparison. Let me try to shrink it to just the right size.

Repeat x10

Not only that, but it was sooooo much easier to make a bad looking character than a decent one. Every cupid’s bow was just pixels away from a clown smile. The simplicity is a bit more foolproof, IMO. 

Also, I think a huge problem with the original trilogy’s customization was that it often forced players to pick the prettiest of the uglies. The eye shapes were especially frustrating for me. With this new system, the options are much better and easier to pick from. 

so i haveint posted any art lately because ive been really sick im still sick and just finishing this gave me a headache lol

this is when eve and byren 1st met they made flower crowns and then danced for the trees and the flowers!

x3 they are so cute i ship them so hard XD

me and faa were thinking that in eve and byrens world they dont live underground but at the base of mt ebott where byren is the guardian of the forest and eve lives there

theres a town near by that eve visits for supplys and the people there know her as the fairy of the forest because she helps protect the forest and makes medicine for the towns folk

im pretty sure i got byrens legs wrong cause i SUCK at anything animal wise

and backgrounds

anyway enjoy~!

byren belongs to @foreverafterall

eve belongs to me

TITLE: rogue

PAIRING:  casino oppa!wonho x underaged!changkyun

RATING: m (drugs, sex and adult themes)


SUMMARY: it was a night in which jooheon and changkyun yearned to do something more than stay at home and watch series for the former’s birthday. little did they know that it will end with a twist.

A/N: because their hero comeback gave me and a friend a few inspirations for this fic. and also because she had requested for smut so i [chanyeol voice] let out the beast. unbeta-ed and written while i was having a headache. so i honestly don’t know what went on here but i hope y’all enjoy still!

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This morning, I woke up with an annoying headache, extreme back pain that made me want to cry, and an upset stomach that made me want to throw up but was unable to.
I went back to sleep because fuck that shit, I’m not starting my day like that.
So I slept it all away and ended up having a very good dream with Zen (interpret that as you will), and I’m in a much better mood than before, hah.

knut25282​ asked: Hartmon first date? Or what really happened when Cisco took off Hartley’s handcuffs? I really liked your last fic, would love some more hartmon fluff! :)

First of all thank you!! I live for Hartmon fluff. And Hartmon angst. Basically just Hartmon anything oops. I went with what really happened when the handcuffs came off, because can’t you just imagine the bickering? Also, fair warning, I might have gone a little overboard.  

“This is ridiculous, Hartley. Why are we at Jitters? Did Ronnie become a barista?” Cisco said sarcastically. Hartley rolled his eyes.

“We’re at Jitters because I need a coffee after that awful headache you gave me,” Hartley said with his usual attitude. He wasn’t going to admit that the headache was almost worth being able to see Cisco fight.

“Get me a Latte,” he said, pinching the bridge of his nose as Hartley walked off. This was a mistake, he thought to himself as he grabbed a seat. What was I even thinking? Hartley can’t be trusted. He’s probably going to take me to Canada next.

“Hey, Cisco!” A familiar voice said, taking him from his thoughts. He looked up and pulled a smile.

“Hey, Iris,” he said, trying to make his voice sound normal, even though his mind was saying ’shit shit shit’ on repeat.

“How’s stuff at S.T.A.R. labs? You know, after Doctor Wells’ big announcement. Is it weird?” she said, taking a sip of his coffee.

“It’s pretty normal, actually,” Cisco said, nodding. “You know, we all make mistakes and Caitlin and I stood by Wells then, so why would-”

“One Latte,” Hartley’s voice said, sliding into the seat next to Cisco.

“Who’s this?” she said with a smile.

“A, um, he’s my friend,” he said. This was bad, and he knew it. If Iris got back to Barry and said that she saw Cisco and some guy named Hartley out for some coffee he would be in deep trouble. He could already picture Caitlin’s angry and judgemental face. He was already dreading Caitlin’s angry and judgemental face

“Oh, good! Every time I talk to Caitlin or Barry I get the idea that you guys don’t get to have personal lives,” she said with a laugh. “Are you a scientist too?”

“No, I’m not,” Hartley lied. Cisco frowned a little. What was his angle?

“Oh, well how did you two meet?”


Hartley said it without missing a beat, even with a smile, but Cisco nearly spit out his coffee. He had to give it to him though, Hartley was a great liar. He was great at embarrassing Cisco beyond belief too, apparently.

“I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Adam,” Hartley said with the same big smile. “I’m Cisco’s boyfriend.”

“I’m Iris,” she said with a smile. Cisco proceeded to sink into his chair with crippling embarrassment as the two talked about him, and finally when he couldn’t take any more he grabbed Hartley’s arm and pretended they had an appointment to rush off to.

“Why the hell did you tell Iris we met on Grindr?!” Cisco spat as they walked out of Jitters and Hartley started leading him downtown. “Now she thinks I’m gay!”

“Well, you’re not straight,” Hartley pointed out. Cisco didn’t want to admit he was right, so he stayed silent. Hartley sighed. “Do I really have to spell this out for you? Come on, Cisquito. If Iris thinks you’re in the closet, which she does because that’s what I told her and you kind of are, she won’t mention anything to Caitlin or Wells or the precious Flash. That way you won’t have to explain why you were having coffee with your prisoner at Jitters.”

“…Fine.That was actually smart,” he admitted. Hartley beamed.

“I know,” he gloated.  

“So, where are we going now?” Cisco asked.

“The police station,” Hartley said casually, taking a left on main.

“What? Are you an idiot?” Cisco cried, draw a couple eyes. He lowered his voice. “You’re a wanted man, why go to the police station?

“I’m wanted by S.T.A.R. labs, not the police. Besides, I’m sure Barry won’t be there,” Hartley said casually.

But Joe might be Cisco added in his head.

The two walked in silence for a while, thinking about their own lives, thoughts of each other breaking the streams of consciousness every now and again. It was funny that the two of them had that, as Wells put it, mental sparks, yet they were widely different people. Their childhoods were opposites; Cisco growing up poor and mocked for being nerdy, and Hartley growing up rich and praised for being smart. They switched places when it came to college and teen years, Cisco finding his place in the social standings and his natural good attitude with people making him friends, Hartley being disowned by his parents and his judgemental attitude getting in the way of him having many friends. Cisco came out of it a genius with a heart of people, and Hartley came out of it a genius with social issues.

Despite their differences, they were walking to the police station together in comfortable silence. The tension only came in when they were ten feet from the door and Cisco saw Joe walk out of the station with Eddie.

Shit,” Cisco said.

“Does that guy know you?” Hartley asked.

“Yeah! I told you it was stupid to come here!” Cisco cried, trying to use his hands to cover his face. Hartley looked over and rolled his eyes.

“That’s not going to work,” Hartley said with an eye roll and Cisco was about to refute it, but a moment later his lips were busy kissing Hartley’s. Hartley had tangled his hand in Cisco’s hair and cupped his cheek with the other, affectively shielding Cisco’s face. Hartley’s lips were soft and smooth, moving perfectly with Cisco’s. The chemistry that made the two bicker all the time translated to fireworks and an amazing, impromptu kiss.

Joe and Eddie walked by without more than an awkward glance in the two boys direction.

Hartley pulled away first. Cisco wanted to yell at him, say something along the lines of ‘what the hell was that don’t ever do that again,’ but he couldn’t. Cisco wasn’t as good at lying as his friends were. Even if he wanted to lie, it was like his brain wasn’t working. It was just replaying the feeling of Hartley’s lips on his. His heart was beating fast.

“Come on, we’ve got a Scientist’s fiancé to find,” Hartley said with a soft smile, urging Cisco to walk forward and get out of his frozen daze. “You can break into Barry’s lab, right?”

She’s Not Allison! || Scott McCall Imagine (REQUESTED)

narryalmighty1  said: Can you make an imagine where I’m the youngest (16) I’m starting high school and I’m Scott’s sister and I was very close to Allison and I don’t like Kira because I feel like she’s replacing Allison and I snap at her and Scott yells at me and I run away from them (sorry if this is too specific you don’t have to do it :) ) ~Hannah ❤️

WARNINGS: swearing, angry. Angry Scott.

A/n: VOID STILES WAS A HOT MESS!!! (that has nothing to do with this imagine)


Masterlist // Send In A Request


Kira kept talking and talking, which gave you a headache. You took a bite out of your sandwich as she told the gang about some story. You only hanged out with them at lunch time. Since you were a junior. You wonder how Scott put up with her. In your mind you preferred Allison better. She has always there for you. Not that Kira wasn’t. It’s just you felt like she was trying to replace Allison. Nothing could make you happy. “Hey (y/n)?” Kira said, snapping you out of your trance. You turned to look at her, “what?” you said, rather rudely. Everyone at the table looked at you. Stiles put his hand on your knee, rubbing your knee carefully. “I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to you know go shopping?” Kira asked, kind of scared of what you would do. You just couldn’t deal with her. Your sadness turned into angry. “Why would I go shopping with you? When that’s what Allison and I use to do, you can never replace Allison, ever” you said, in a bitchy tone. Scott’s face turned into an unimpressed look. He was getting sick of the way you treated Kira and also put her down by saying mean things and saying you liked Allison more. But today he was done with you and your whole you can never replace Allison thing. “(Y/n), that enough” Scott yelled at you. Everyone was quite, even Allison. You wiped a tear away from your eyes, before it could even fall down, and took off running. You heard them all yell name, all expect for Scott. Stiles gave Scott a glare before running after you, well failing to run, he just fast walked into the woods..

 “(Y/n), are you here?” he asked, taking his phone out, dialling your number. He heard your phone ring, he kept walking towards the sound of your phone, and when he found you, he put his phone away. “Hey” he said, sitting down with you, wrapping his arms around your shoulder. “I’ve been such a bitch to Kira” you said, wiping away your tears. “Hey you are just being-, yeah you were kind of bitchy” he said, frowning. “It’s just, I thought she was trying to replace Allison” you said, “and you felt threatened” Scott said, from behind you’s. You gulped, before trying your head around to see Scott looking at you. He walked in front of you and crouched down. “But she’s not going to replace Allison (y/n), because Kira is Kira not Allison” he said, his hand touching your shoulder. “Can you at least give her a chance?” Scott asked, Stiles looked at you then at Scott. You just nodded your head. You stood up, stiles standing up as well, you started to follow Scott, Stiles hand found yours, holding it tightly…


You’s walked back to the school again to see Kira sitting at the table by herself. As you walked up to her, she looked up. “I’m sorry Kira, if I hurt your feelings by the words I said, I just thought you were replacing her and that made me mad at you” you said, looking at her, “it’s alright” Kira said, smiling then looking at Scott “oh and I would love to go shopping with you” you said, smiling at her as she smiled back at you…..


Well, I got rid of Lolly…

thanks to some raspy ass bitch named Kate who scammed me out of her. A+ cool you’re an awesome person. 

This is literally the first villager trade I have ever tried to do.

Here’s all our interactions after she asked to trade Gaston for Lolly, right up until the conclusion of this thrilling saga where she deletes her fucking tumblr.

Anyway, fuck you and I can’t believe I just wasted TWO HOURRSSS to get fucked.

STAY AWAY FROM “KATE” FROM “PEACHES.” I took a screenshot of her FC so changing her blog/name/whatever wouldn’t matter.

Blacklist 5129-3536-7391 because she a trick ass hoe and gave me a headache.

anonymous asked:

bruh, you got an 86% in physics? All physics ever gave me was a headache

I’m honestly so relieved. I have an A in the class at the moment and I never thought that would be a thing. I’m just like, super happy with it because I was struggling a lot with some of the conceptual stuff and I have always had a difficult time with algebra, so the vector problems gave me grief.
I knew when I walked out of the exam that I didn’t get below a 70, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as high as an 86. ^_^

Because this crossover is too perfect, and I had to. Alice and the Nightmare/Steven Universe AU

I love Alice in this. Her lion mane of hair is so cute and perfect. Reminds me of power rock and how frizzed out the hair would be. I tried very hard to not let her colour scheme wander too close to princess Peach, SO MUCH PINK! She obviously would be a quarts like Rose and that means BIG Alice.

Edith would obviously be Alice’s pearl. Forever loyal and loving. She also kicks major but with a sword. Her whole design gave me a headache.. I tried to mix @mishacakes ‘s SU doll-maker design, but also tried to add some pearl attributes. I know so far it’s shown pearls keep their hairs short but- DANG IT I refuse to give up Edith’s ponytail!

This was a really nice exercise. I love the overall colours and feel ^^

anonymous asked:

Well I know a lot of people don't like Liam because of his past with supporting the duck dynasty family but also because of how he acted when people called him bigger in 2013.... he put a pillow up his shirt and said he wanted to go to mcdonalds or whatever, it was just a bit insensitive... plus the BMI thing. I love Liam but over the years I've seen other people say he's fatphobic or homophobic

I see that too and honestly those behaviors gave me headache too but as you said it was back in 2013 and they all have said dumb shit and it’s kinda disturbing that some people try to put him down for some stupid things he did 4 years ago

How old are Wu and Misako, how long ago was the first Serpentine War; the first elemental masters?

Disclaimer: I can only say the minimum possible years. I can’t pinpoint the exact times and ages. Also this gave me a headache.

And the end of this post is a really short summary for those who can’t read it all.

6/17/15 - I don’t totally believe it, ninjago-theories​, but this is just one theory in the case that the writers want a shorter comfier timeline for cartoon reasons. (Sorry, I felt unreasonably compelled to correct. Also have my cookie :))


To start: the most realistic minimum age Misako, Garmadon (alas for him), Wu, and Clouse could currently be is 58. The eldest of the four is likely not ten years older than the youngest. 

The oldest they could be is thousands of years old because the Lego website said that the land of Ninjago is thousands of years old. Garmadon and Wu could be the first generation of Ninjago. But just because the First Spinjitzu Master is thousands of years old doesn’t mean his sons are. He’s practically a god - he made Ninjago. Wu and Garmadon can be born even if their dad’s 1000 years old, but they seem rather human. 

Chen may have been in his 30s or 40s during the Serpentine War – who knows, maybe 70s or a hundred. His age is probably equal to x + y (where x is the age of Garmadon and y is a number between 15-30). 60 (if Garmadon was 20 in the Serpentine War) + 15 = 75, his age, maybe

There’s no age limit for male fertility, so it’s not against science for Skylor to be born even if he is a hundred years old, though it’s a miracle she doesn’t have any terrible genetic problems.

To explain why 58 is the number, we’ll solve the mystery of how long it’s been since the Serpentine Wars.


I doubt Kai’s father (or Lou) are the original elemental masters. Just look at their faces and compare them. This alone would tell that at least two generations passed since the Serpentine War. Not one. A generation is on the average 25 years. Translate to years: from 40 to half a century ago.

Remember that it took two years to rebuilt Ninjago City, so you can’t say “but it would’ve taken longer than that”.


In the flashbacks Misako, Clouse, Wu, and Garmadon are probably in their 20s, though late teens or early thirties is also possible. The average age of most of the elemental masters is between 25-50 years old (yes, very rough estimation – I’m bad at ages). This would explain why the elemental masters aren’t alive anymore – the Sensei brothers, Misako and Clouse outlived them.

So if it were two generations (one generation as 20 years), and if the first elemental masters were around…30, on the average (again, I’m bad at guessing ages), then 40 (two generations) + 30 = 70. 70’s their age. Or if a generation is a realistic 25 years, and they were 30 or 35 in the flashbacks, then they’d be in their 80s ( (25 x 2) + 30 = 80 or if they’re 35 then the result is 85). That means the first elemental masters are now grandparents, right? Or dead.


“But what about Mystake, who may have been one of the judges who sent the Anacondrai away? Wouldn’t she be dead by now?

Shhh…shut up.

Besides, we don’t even know if she’s Mystake – the lady who sells the magical teas to Wu. And maybe she’s just lucky. I mean, teas do help prolong life, right? Especially magical teas.


At least two generations since the Serpentine War, hmm? And the Sensei brothers were from late teens to early thirties? Let’s get the minimum of these three factors – two generations, only 20 years in each generation, and Clouse and Garmadon could be 18 in the Serpentine War. So that would mean Misako and the rest would be…40 (two generations) + 18 = 58!

Say Lloyd was nine. Or ten. Misako could still give birth to Lloyd in her fifties. In real life, the oldest age a woman gave birth is nearly 67 years old. 

Though if that were true, and so 20 years is one generation, then there would be some implications, based on reality’s historical trends:

  1. The generations before Misako probably had shorter life spans.
  2. Which is why they married early.
  3. And made babies at the age 20.
  4. So yeah, 20-year gap between generations because parents make babies at age 20.
  5. Or maybe early marriage has nothing to do with life expectancy.

BUT OF COURSE, I’M REALLY OVERTHINKING IT. This may be the most overanalyzed thing in Overthinking Ninjago so far.  


  1. Misako, Wu and Clouse (and Garmadon if were lucky) are at youngest 58.
  2. So Chen could be 75.
  3. The first elemental masters may be grandparents - at least 70 years old.
  4. The Serpentine War was at least two generations ago (40-50 years).
  5. These conclusions don’t contradict the canon (unless you point something out).