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Lover’s Lies

A/N: This is on AO3 as well under the same name. My username is KHart, and I appreciate any feedback and comments! The title is based off of Naomi Scott’s song of the same name. I hope you all enjoy my first Timberly fic! It’s around 11,500 words, sooo… We’ll have to see how this goes. I’d also love a follow from you! Thanks for reading!

Summary: Trini honestly just has a lot of feelings, and she’s not very good at dealing with them. There’s a lot of angst, but also a high chance of a happy ending, if you’re into that sort of thing. 

Trini hadn’t planned on letting it get so bad… 

Really, she hadn’t.  

She’d honestly just wanted to get some space between her and Kim for a few days so that she could work through the overwhelming feelings that had become just a bit too hard to handle; That had started to remind her, every day, of how very deeply and irrevocably in love with the other girl she was.  

She’d honestly just wanted a few days to plan and practice how she would handle these feelings whenever she was around Kimberly. She’d just needed some room to breathe for a little while, some time to catch her breath before she started drowning in everything again.  

So, she really hadn’t planned, or even wanted, for things to get so bad, for the distance to get so large.  

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10 or 18 for Jaal/Skylar, please :)

I went with 10, Kisses because you nearly died!


Jaal watches Ryder walk towards the Remnant console and the taste of fear clings to the back of his throat. Yet he does nothing as she reaches out and places her palm on the interface, only watches. He cannot ask her not to try, as that is asking her not to be herself, not to be the woman he fell in love with.

So his eyes never leave Ryder even as he hears the sound of ships waking, of the armada that she has impossibly raised. She makes a speech, and he is grateful that she is now alert and speaking clearly, not like earlier in the base, when all she did was cling to a Remnant console muttering, “We need to get back.”

Then there is nothing more to do except get on the ship. Jaal starts to walk to Ryder, to offer an arm to hold, an ear to listen, something. But Lexi cuts in front of him and places her hand at the small of Ryder’s back, escorting her into the ship.

All Jaal can do is follow them. Lexi is taking scans with her omni-tool even as they walk. Ryder is doing her best to keep up but he sees how her steps aren’t quite as long, her shoulders sagging slightly.

She is hurting and it is killing him.

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i just watched 2 episodes in a row and it's like 3 AM so maybe i've just forgotten what's up but why do you think they showed cas healing dean? to show that he's powered up? or as someone else touched on, maybe to show he's not completely controlled? also the dumbass line reminded me of less dumb less ass. :D

YES HI oh gosh I hope you got some decent sleep after all that :D

Yeah, I’ve written elsewhere (and other people have too, that I’ve seen) about the dumbass being a callback to 9.10 and “couple of dumbasses” who Cas preferred to thing of as “trusting… less dumb, less ass.” But apparently the “couple” part was accurate… >.>

But there’s been a couple of other times when Cas healed Dean while still ~not quite right~. Like in 8.17, the original flavor Crypt Scene.

Yeah, Dean broke him from Naomi’s control, but as soon as he picked up that tablet, I’ve always theorized he was under ITS control. Including when he healed Dean. It had that same sort of weird calm to it. 

DEAN: Well, w-what broke the connection?
CASTIEL: I don’t know. I just know that I have to protect this tablet now.
DEAN: From Naomi?
CASTIEL: Yes. And from you.

And yeah, Dean was mad in 8.21 because Cas didn’t trust him, but I don’t think it was about trust at all. I think it was compulsion. The tablet “protecting itself.” And I think it’s a similar situation with the nephilim. Right after he notice Dean is hurt and heals him:

Cas: Thank you for coming to fight for us.
Dean: Are you okay?
Cas: I am. I’ve been so lost. I’m not lost anymore. I know now that this child must be born, with all of his power.
Sam: You can’t actually mean that.
Cas: Yes, I do. I have faith. We have to go.
Sam: Hey, Cas. W-wait a second. Wait. Hold on. Just…
Cas: You have to just trust me.
Dean: No, no, no, wait. Okay. Whatever that thing did to you, we’re not gonna let you just walk away.
Sam: Yeah. That’s not gonna happen.
Cas: Yes it is. *boops Sam and Dean unconscious* I’m sorry.

In the truck:
Kelly: What did he tell you?
Cas: He didn’t tell me. He showed me. The future.

Because honestly? The crypt scene in 8.17 always felt incomplete to me, because Dean did break through Naomi’s control, but THAT DAMN ANGEL TABLET compelled Cas to RUN with it, to keep it safe and hidden from EVERYONE, to the point where he hid it INSIDE HIS OWN BODY oh my gosh. Like that’s not weird at all >.>

So yeah, I think this scene sort of felt the same to me, like the nephilim has exerted the same sort of control over Cas that the angel tablet did.

The love we feel for the splendor of the heavens, the plains, the sea, and the mountains, for the silence of nature which is borne in upon us by thousands of tiny sounds, for the breath of the winds or the warmth of the sun, this love of which every human has at least an inkling, is an incomplete, painful love, because it is felt for things incapable of responding, that is to say, for matter.
—  Simone Weil, Waiting for God

Profile: Kagari Shuusei ・縢 秀星 + Execution Record

I know Kagari’s profile was translated a long time ago, I just decided to translate it myself as well because it kinda felt incomplete without him and Masaoka so…  As they say, for the collection. XDD  Since there’s no new info, as a bonus, I added Kagari’s record from the Dominator shooting history section. It could serve as another evidence of his death.


“We’re just human refuse who can do nothing but envy the happiness others have.”



“It’s not for the citizens, I-”

ID: 00457-AEQY-57889-2

Kanji name: 縢 秀星

Romaji name: Kagari Shuusei

Affiliation: Ministry of Health and Welfare, Public Safety Bureau, Criminal Investigation Department, Division 1

Occupation: Enforcer

Date of Birth: December 3, 2090

Age: 22 (the age when he went missing)

Blood type: B

Former address: Tokyo-to, Shin-Chiyoda-ku, Kasumigaseki, 2-1-B, MWPSB

Emergency contact’s address: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-chou, B-5-14

Kagari Masanori (relation: father) 

Physical Examination: N/A

[Education and Career]

April 2096 ・ Designated a latent criminal during the Physical Examination for 5 years-old children carried out by Ministry of Health and Welfare 

・Confined to Hachiouji Rehabilitation Center

March 2103 ・Passed Scholarly Ability Certification Exam on secondary school basis

August 2110 ・Released from Hachiouji Rehabilitation Center

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I Love You (Namjoon x Reader)

Requested by anon: when you´re finished with other scenarios can you write some extreme puffy fluffly heart-melting love-dovey scenario with namjoon? please♥♥❤️ 


Today was the day that you would finally get to see your boyfriend as he had a day off at work. He worked as a rapper/singer under BigHit Entertainment, he was the leader of a really famous boy band called BTS. It had nearly been up to a year or more since you last saw him. Of course, you both spoke on the phone every time he was free but it wasn’t the same. Sure, the phone calls dos reassure you but it could never be the same. His gaze was enough to keep you going for a long time, he knew how to make you feel good simply by looking at you. You needed his present in your life in order to feel complete, because the truth was without him you felt so incomplete. Before, he was the first person you woke up by in the morning and the last person you laid eyes upon before closing them to sleep. You remembered how annoyed you used to get with him unintentionally destroying things around the house but you missed those clumsy qualities he had. The kind of qualities that made him irreplaceable. 

You did miss him … Actually, saying you missed him was an understatement. You longed for him. As you lazed on the couch, you anxiously waited for the front door to open. You were thinking of all the ways you would welcome him back. Whether it was to suffocate him into a warm embrace, or patter his face with kisses or just admire his features. It did seem totally mad, but, how does one contain their emotions at the sight of their loved ones? You needed to touch him for reassurance that he was still the same person as he used to be.

The lock turns “Jagi! I’m home” a platinum blonde haired guy popped his head in the living room. You recognised him but it just seemed weird to you. You were so used to his black hair that you thought to be looking at a stranger. You didn’t quite know how to respond to the new look but you had to admit it made him look even more attractive than he already was. His gaze and his smile with the cute dimples appearing at the side confirmed that he was indeed Namjoon. You jumped out of your seat and didn’t even give him time to settle down, you had already enveloped your arms around his waist carefully inhaling his vanilla scent. “Ahh I’ve missed you” he sighs. You nod against his chest in reply, hearing his heart pounding lightly. You pushed the little hairs in front of his face away, then smoothly running your fingers through them. It felt delicate. “Oh yeah, mian. They changed my hair” you smiled softly “I love it. I think it looks amazing” he tilted his head to the side “Jinjja? I thought you would of hated it” you shake your head “I think it looks really attractive” he bites his lips at your response. “I’m going to go take a shower” he broke from the hug. 

You heard the water in the shower running, at that moment you remembered the times when you used to join him, but for some odd reason you didn’t feel like being in there with him. You found hearing him shower much more fascinating than actually seeing him shower. It made you feel secure that he was back, it’s not as if you didn’t feel safe when he wasn’t around, it’s just that the idea of him actually being in the same house as you seemed unreal … Those sort of things usually happened in your dreams at night. So, him being there was surreal to you. “Jagiya, I forgot my towel! Can you please get me one?” He yelled from the bathroom. You hurried to get the towel and handed it to him “Komawo” he says in his husky voice. Once he got out of the shower and got into his pyjamas, he came to sit next to you on the couch not really paying much attention to the screen, but mainly turning his full attention on you. Usually as soon as Namjoon came out of the shower his back would usually be wet because he would never dry off his back. You put your hand under his top to feel his back … And just as you expected it was wet “Namjoon” you playfully shook your head “Don’t worry it will dry naturally” he winks at you making you giggle. “I don’t think you realise how much I missed you” he smiled down at you. 

He spoke a lot but never did you hear him speak about his feelings unless it was in a song, it was strange but you were intrigued “Jeongmal?” You raised an eyebrow “______, I-I’m really sorry about everything” you furrowed your brows in confusion “What are you talking about?” He looked really serious “I’m sorry that I’ve been away so long. I’m sorry that I’m an idol. You know … Whenever I had time to myself the only thing I could think about was you. You are always at the back of my mind” he clears his throat “I know it looks like I’m concentrated when I produce new sounds, but honestly, no matter what it is that I do you’re the only thing I can think about. I think about hugging you until you can’t take anymore” his face starts flushing a light shade of pink “I was really scared of coming back just in case you didn’t love me anymore, considering I was gone for so long” you intertwined his fingers in yours “Trust me. Namjoon, you are so worth the wait. I love you too much to even afford to think about not loving you” he faintly smiled “Seriously?” You nodded vigorously “I love you ____” his voice deepens “I love you too, Namjoon” You placed your hands at the nape of his neck and take him in for a kiss, carefully parting his lips as both of your tongues passionately fought for dominance. 

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Bleach ended just yesterday. Now, there is a lot of controversy of how it should have ended, there is a lot of hate and sadness in the fandom. I’m sad, too, but I’m tired of being angry, after the end of Naruto, this is like the second glass of pure acid I have to drink, and since it’s the second I know how to handle it, it’s not less painful though.

Some people are saying, “This is not about ships, stop being delusional”, well, of course it’s not about ships, it’s about BONDS. And that bond was the principal center of all the story, it was the matter which moved it all, the one which provoked the most strongest feelings. It’s really sad and heartbreaking to me, the way the principal bond of each manga, at the end, went to be just a background…


Leaving aside the genders of the characters (ignoring the way a lot of people wrongly compare ichiruki with naruto’s ships like naruhina, narusaku, and sasusaku, which are as one-sided as ichihime), these two pairings were the midpoint of their respective stories. They were the strongest bond, they were soulmates, they were complements, they were true love.

Naruto was ready to give up everything for Sasuke, he was ready to die with him, to die FOR him; he wanted to eradicate the world’s hate because he was always thinking of Sasuke and how he got away from him because of that hate; and he kept relentlessly running after him, because without him, he felt incomplete. Sasuke, in the end, gave up his revenge, gave up everything he fought for, because he loved Naruto most. Sasuke was Naruto’s biggest strength and inspiration, Naruto was Sasuke’s biggest obstacle to the dark pat he chose because Naruto was his light (that’s why he wanted to kill him himself, but he just couldn’t). They looked at each other as friends, as equals, as a person who would understand the other’s heart.

It was the same with Ichigo and Rukia, just in a very different scenery. They get to know each other’s failures and values, to understand each other, to fight for each other. Rukia was Ichigo’s biggest strength and inspiration, because she knew him and knew exactly what he needed to hear, what he needed to feel better. He matured by her side, and she learned so much by his side. Ichigo felt lonely without her, until she was back to shine like the moon in the middle of the dark night.  

Naruto and Sasuke. Ichigo and Rukia. They were the only pair of each manga that could look at each other’s eyes and look at each other’s soul at the same time. They were Sun and Moon.    

And their creators loved them. They loved those beautiful deep bonds, and you could feel it.

That’s why I just don’t understand what happened.   Kishimoto destroyed his characters making them look unhappy and tired, and Tite just ended Bleach with many unanswered questions like he was just tired of it and wanted to end it and throw it.

I don’t know what happened. I don’t know why they decided to end everything they built. Maybe it was the editorial’s fault, maybe it was just their own decision to ignore it all, maybe they really think ‘the sentimental girl who loves the idea of the boy who never had her as more than his other friends’ should get what she wants in the end. I just don’t know.

Some people might think I don’t have the right to complain, since I don’t own either Naruto or Bleach, since the authors are the ones who have the last word. But I have the right to give my opinion, to feel disappointed because I’ve read the manga deeply and not superficially, to say that, to me, Naruto and Sasuke, Ichigo and Rukia, are dead.

I hate the end of Naruto, I hate the end of Bleach. I don’t hate the authors, though. They had their own reasons and I respect them. At least, I’ve been able to know two beautiful bonds, which I’ll never forget, whose ends I’ll never accept.   

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I'm loving the pink hair! Also, you look ridiculously good in hats- how does one accomplish this?

Thank you!

And I wish I could give you some Rad Secret Advice but honestly I’ve always just had a good face/head for hats.  There was a period of my life (I think around age three?) where I refused to leave the house without a hat because I felt my outfit was incomplete if I wasn’t wearing one.

Anyway!  While I do think that looking good in hats is just a matter of how your face and head are shaped, I also believe that there is a hat out there for everyone.  Sometimes you have to look hard, but your hat is out there.  Waiting for you.  Have you found it yet?  You should find it.

W Two Worlds - The Wrap up Post

Here it is.  Me accepting that there is no W this week.

And therefore, I must post my final review.

So, here goes nothing.


My score for this drama is 8.5/10.

Must watch for the innovation.  Must watch for extremely interesting and very creative plot.  And a must watch for Lee jong Suk fans because of his depiction of Kang Chul.  If you have seen cute, charming, funny and gentle Lee Jong Suck characters, this drama he became hot and sexy - along with cute, charming, funny and gentle. 

Now the drama.

For me, the first 6 episodes rocked.  They were just awesome and every episode left me with goosebumps and a racing heart.  All the flirting that went on between KC and YJ had my heart all a flutter.  I mean, they were some of the best first 6 episodes of any drama I have ever seen.  Great production, great art, great plot, so much creativity and a lot of fun too.  

Then, episode 7 ended up to be fan service.  I did not like episode 7,  though it was probably the fan favourite episode.  I really wanted that romance to grow organically because the chemistry felt right and I needed that to go on in the right, forward direction.  That episode put brakes on an organic romance.  Instead it became a bit forced - which turned me off the romance a little bit unfortunately.

But plot went at breathtaking speed.  Ep 13 was my favorite episode after the first 6 episodes.  Things start moving in an aggressive way now and it becomes worse and worse and worse because it becomes clear that either hero will die or villain will and that would be the only way to end this nightmare of a webtoon.

I do not think we will see a drama like this anytime soon.  It is unique and it was not mainstream.  But best part of the drama watching experience was fans.  The fans were so creative and came up with this mind bending creative and sci fi explanations to everything that was going on that it became a total experience.  It was not about fans sayng ‘oooo LJS looks so handsome…ooo HHJ looks so pretty….Oooo the kiss scenes were so sexy’’’ etc.  It was actual, very intelligent discourse about being a fan, being a creative writer, why was the character behaving in a certain way, why were events happening in a certain way etc. etc etc.  We learnt about quantum physics, characteristics of good writing, and rules of a world that is governed by fictional story rules.  

It was simply fabulous experience.

For me fans of W elevated this drama experience like no other drama. 

All and all, I will always cherish this drama.  I am glad LJS was offered this role and I am glad he took it.  I will always remember his Kang Chul.  His Kang Chul was intelligent, rational, witty, charming, very sexy but not emotional.  Because of that, I did miss his complete range of acting…I mean he can do angst like no body’s business, so I missed that a bit.  

I score this 8.5 because, I feel this drama would have benefited if it reduced the plot slightly and increased character moments.  While plot kept me enthralled, the only person I cared for was KC and that was because LJS was playing him.  My interest in the characters was minimal compared to my interest in how the plot resolved.  Which is not as much fun.  A drama becomes complete when I actually feel one with the characters.  So, I feel, we really needed some character moments - moments to feel - moments to just …you know… breathe a little.

Second - I felt the romance worked because of the chemistry but not because of the writing.  I needed a romance that felt natural.  This one felt that the plot required it and therefore, it was.  Something for me was missing in the romance.

Finally, I needed one more episode that had all these characters living….Even if it was just a narration.  A lot felt incomplete.  Perhaps it is best because now we can imagine the rest of it but it would have been awesome to get writers take on how the key characters lived happily ever after - outside of just the main couple.

DO NOT MISS THIS DRAMA.  Watch this drama even if you do not watch KDramas.  Because, it is too good to miss.  


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I really loved ESNY live on SNL it was a cool introduction to Harry and the band and him playing guitar but now I am extra excited to hear the longer album version because it did feel a bit short and incomplete in the live version

Yeah, I would have been very surprised and very disappointed if the recorded version wasn’t longer, because the version on SNL felt incomplete.

like, the thing about Jasper saying “I’ve changed, you’ve changed me!” wasn’t meant to sound like something the abuser would say to convince the person they’ve abused that they’re still good

it was something an abused person would say to try and prove to their abuser that they aren’t worthless, like it sounds like she’s trying to convince lapis that she won’t be weak anymore, that she can handle more lapis’ abuse, as long as lapis is with her, that she promises to be better so lapis wont leave her again

like, that hits home, because i’ve been there, i’ve begged, i’ve pleaded with someone that i’ve changed, that i won’t get upset when they hurt me, that i will be better next time, stronger, not so weak to let it all get to me

I just… fuck man, Jasper was the farthest thing from scary in that scene, she’s broken, a shell of herself, twisted and gnarled because she was put through so much as malachite, and yet she was still begging for lapis not to discard her, trying to prove to her she was capable of handling whatever lapis threw at her, because without lapis she felt weak and incomplete, without that attention she gave her she felt empty

She had none of the power and she knew it, she was leaving it all up to lapis because she was desperate to be taken back by her ‘abuser’, i’m glad lapis was strong enough to say no, not just for her sake, but for jaspers


Nightcrawler cosplay trial! 

Had to post something about it again because the first one felt incomplete with only one picture, so I decided to make another pic join in. OTL 

Will do the circus version, though. This is just a makeup trial. (Thanks to my sister for lending me the jacket) 

Ich liebe dich, Kurt <3 

Taking a moment to appreciate how lucky we were that Clara was in series 9

Because otherwise her story would have felt very incomplete.  Let’s take a vague look at how that developed through the series

  • Series 7: The Doctor meets the same woman in different time periods, something that is completely unprecedented and therefore makes no sense to him.  He asks the third Clara he meets (that he knows of) to travel with him until he can solve this mystery.  The conclusion is, of course, that this version of Clara is the original and that she entered his timestream and ripped herself into an unknown number of echoes that have existed and protected him throughout his life this entire time.
  • Series 8: Over the course of this series we learn that their timestreams are intertwined and not simply because of the echoes.  Their link is strong enough that Clara accidentally pilots the Tardis to his childhood where she has a profound influence on him and the forming of “The Doctor” persona that he wishes to embody.  As they grow closer, different aspects of their personalities began to show themselves, especially their shared affinity for dangerous situations, their ease at lying, and being the ones to make the tough call (the morality crisis of series 8 does not belong solely to the Doctor).  By the finale they both express a strong devotion to each other which ends in them both willingly sacrificing their happiness for what they think is the other’s.

If Clara had left after Death in Heaven, it would have felt premature.  Why was Clara’s personality being compared with the Doctor’s if it never comes to anything?  Was there a point to the echoes or were they just a one-off story that didn’t really matter?  Why show that their timestreams are intertwined if nothing was going to come of it?  This is why we’re so lucky that Jenna decided to stay on for series 9, because it completes the story.

  • Series 9: The prophecy of the Hybrid and why the Doctor really left Gallifrey follows them through the story line.  Their devotion to one another has reached the point where they are unwilling to let each other die, no matter the consequences.  Ashildr’s theory - the last one presented and therefore given the most weight by the narrative - is that the two of them are the two halves of the Hybrid.  With this Hybrid theory in mind, we can now say that Clara has been a part of the Doctor’s life from his childhood, to the reason he left Gallifrey, to all the times her echoes watched over him.  He and Clara have to part ways for the safety of the universe, and his parting advice to her are the rules for being the Doctor which 1) tells us he already knew that she would choose to keep the second Tardis and travel because that’s how much alike they are and how much he understands her, 2) fulfills the parallels between the two of them, and 3) brings the scene in Listen full circle as Clara was the first to tell him to never be cruel or cowardly, a standard he’s tried to live up to all his life since, and now he’s telling her the same thing, having her make the same promise he does.
  • Clara’s story began as a mystery and concluded by revealing that she and the Doctor were so intertwined and so much alike that they are not only a part of each other (and two halves of a prophesied whole), they are essentially both the Doctor.  They both travel the universe in stolen Tardises with broken chameleon circuits and companions, and you cannot tell the whole story of one without talking about the other.
  • And more than anything, Clara’s story on Doctor Who is really more of an origin story in the end.

Prince Calum  || Prince Calum – part 2 || prince Calum – part 3

It had been a few days since the ball where you discovered that Calum was actually the prince, he confessed that he liked you, but even then you weren’t sure if you trusted him. He had lied to you, sure he said that it was to protect his identity, but it still hurt to know that he didn’t trust you enough.

But then you thought about Calum’s status, he is the prince, the heir to the throne, and quite soon he would take over the crown. You couldn’t deny your feelings for Calum; you did if fact grew to harbor strong feelings for him in the short amount of time that you knew him. But he was the prince, was it proper to have these feelings for him and for him to have them for you.

You were walking through town, your glimpse occasionally heading towards the castle, behind those walls was Calum, and you wondered if he missed you as much as you were missing him. Did he feel a bit incomplete without you there, because that’s how you felt, you didn’t understand how someone could just make their way into your heart so easily, but right now Calum owned a part of your heart that you knew you wouldn’t get back.

You were walking towards the clock tower, seeing as how you had been avoiding it for a long time. Not wanting to be reminded of the place you realized your feelings for Calum. You just couldn’t bear to be there, it was just too much for you to handle. But you couldn’t run away from it either, you just had to accept the facts that you couldn’t be with Calum.

You entered the clock tower and noticed that no one was there, it was almost as if it was abandoned, you thought that it was weird but maybe they had a few errands to run and since you were going to be here they decided to leave knowing that you were on your way. You reached for the cleaning supplies and felt that you should start at the top of the clock tower overlooking the tower, since after not coming to clean it for a while you knew it would be a mess, since you were the only one that cleaned there.

You made your way up the building not looking forward to the mess that you was going to be there, and also not looking forward to the memories that were shared there. It was the place that you had kissed Calum, and shared the sunset together.

As you opened the door you were welcomed with a clean rooftop, there was no dirt or leaves, or anything, and in fact it looked like it was recently cleaned. You set down your cleaning supplies, staring at the cleanliness, how was this possible? No one else cleaned up here, but someone did, or maybe it was because in your absence they finally decided to clean themselves to not let the mess pile up.

You were startled as you heard the sounds of a sweeping broom. Someone else was up here cleaning, they were probably cleaning the other side of the clock tower, but still curiosity got the better of you. You quietly started to walk over to the noise, careful to not startle the unknown person.

You stood in shock as you saw Calum cleaning. He was standing there in normal attire, but there on the top of his head was his golden crown, as his family necklace hanged off his shirt. The prince was cleaning, and by sweat on his forehead, you could tell that he had been working quite hard.

“Calum?” you called out.

Calum’s eyes widened as he heard your voice, part of him thought that he had imagined it, but as he turned to face you, there you were the person that he had been longing to see since the night of the ball. He immediately smiled once he knew that he wasn’t imagining you. He was just so happy to see you actually here, his eyes wandered over your face, taking in all your features, almost as if he hadn’t seen you in a long time, which to Calum it did.

“You finally came”, he said setting down the broom and walking over to you, with his face still smiling so widely at you.

“What do you mean?” you said your voice coming out as quietly as you just looked into his chocolate colored eyes.

“I’ve been coming here every day since the ball hoping that maybe you would see me here and talk to me”, he said standing right in front of you, his eyes never leaving yours.

“I told you to not bother me anymore, can’t you see that we just can’t be together”, you told him with a cracked voice.

Having him so close was difficult for you, part of you wanted to crush him in a hug pulling his lips onto yours, never wanting to let him go, while another part of you wanted to run just like you did that night of the ball.

“I don’t see why we can’t be together, and I can’t stop bothering you either, I just can’t stop thinking about you (Y/N)”, he said taking your hand in his letting the warmth of his hand mingles with yours, “and I don’t want to. You are the most amazing girl that I have met, and I’m not letting you slip away from me, I just can’t, I know that You may not like me but I like you…a lot, no… I think I am in love with you (Y/N)”, he finished.

“I feel the same”, you said, still too shy to say those words to him, because you knew that once you did, it would be harder for you to leave Calum, and that was still what you felt was the right thing to do, yet why didn’t it feel right to you?

“Then why can’t you be with me?” he said with a puzzled voice.

“because you’re the prince, the almost future king, it wouldn’t look right for the future king to take a commoner like be as his future bride, you need someone of your status”, you said looking away from his eyes, not wanting him to see how much it pained you to admit those words.

It hurt to imagine Calum with someone else that wasn’t you, you knew that your status wasn’t deserving of being his, but it still hurt to imagine that there could be someone else. You wanted Calum all to yourself, but you knew that he couldn’t.

“that doesn’t matter to me, like you said I’m the future king, I’m pretty sure no one will question my bride”, he said as he leaned down placing his mouth right next to ear feeling yourself shiver as you felt his warm breath tickle the shell of your ear, “no matter who they are”.

Your cheeks were starting to warm, he had such a strong effect on you, any simple gesture sent your heart racing, it was almost as if he knew exactly what buttons to press to get a reaction out of you. You bit your lip hoping it would keep you from admitting anything that you didn’t want him to know. You felt his free loose hand lift up and place it against your cheek. You leaned into his gentle touch, letting his hand just hold your face.

Calum tilted your face to make you look at him, his brown eyes looked at you so lovingly into yours, as his cheeks were slightly tinted pink, and he was blushing just as bad as you were. He leaned in to kiss you, letting his lips ghost over yours, making sure that you weren’t going to push him away. You leaned up, closing the space between your lips. His warm lips melted against yours as he kissed you so slowly and tenderly.

Each kiss just felt so right, his lips molded against yours, fitting together just right. Your hands wrapped around his neck, pulling him towards you, letting him kiss you deeper. You didn’t think you would miss this, but you did. You felt his other hand land on your cheek; he held your face pulling it closer to you. You just can’t find the will to stop kissing him; it was addictive, each kisses making your heart race and makes your body tingle with excitement.

You finally pulled apart, both breathless as your face were flushed and eyes glazed over with adoration. You can’t deny that both of you had strong feelings for each other, that kiss was more than enough proof of that. 

“You can be my queen you know that right?” he said breathlessly.

“I can’t I’m not of royal lineage”, you said just breathlessly.

“You were invited to the ball”, he said with a smile.

“What?” you said not understanding what he meant.

“The ball was in celebration of me almost taking the throne, but it’s also where I can choose my future bride”, he said stealing a kiss from your lips.

“I still don’t get how I can be with you”, still not seeing how the pieces lined up.

“All single females that are invited to the ball can be a potential bride for me (Y/N), I just have to choose, and last time I remembered…you were invited to the ball, making you eligible to be my bride”, he said with a bright smile on his face.

The pieces finally connected, your eyes grew wide. You could be with Calum, no matter if you were a commoner, you could be his bride and it wouldn’t be breaking any rules. There was nothing really stopping you from being with him, no obstacles, no rules…nothing, nothing at all. Your smile was wide as you tackled him in a hug, as you showered his face with kisses that made him laugh knowing that you were just as happy as he was with the news.

“Then you and I can be together?” you said with a smile.

“that’s what I’ve been trying to say this whole time, I was going to tell you the night of the ball, but you ran away before I could explain, I mean that’s what how my father was able to marry my mother. It’s a loophole, the prince can invite whomever he wishes, and that would make her an eligible candidate, no questions asked”, he said with a bright smile as he connected your lips with yours once more.

He broke the kiss once more; he held your hand once more, pulling you to the edge of the rooftop of the clock tower that faced the upcoming sunset. He went to one of his bags, pulling out a bright silver cape, with his family crest on the fabric in gold, making him look so much like a prince, your prince.

He walked over to you, and got down on one knee, as he pulled out a small wooden box.

“will you (full name), do me the honors of being my bride to be, to be my future queen to rule by my side, will you marry me?”, he said as he opened the box to reveal a stunning ring that shinned in the sunlight.

Your hand covered your mouth as you took in his proposal; you felt small tears gather at your eyes as you nodded yes. Calum smiled as he placed the ring on your finger, it was a perfect fit. He stood up and kissed you passionately, as the sun was setting marking the end of today, but would mark the start of something great because….

Calum hood had found his queen, and he couldn’t be anymore happier.



I am so sorry about the really late update on this, its been nearly a month but yea… I am still sorry about that.



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anonymous asked:

Can you do a gif of a libra female and an aquarius male on a date?

Libra Female + Aquarius Male [Date] Gif

I added two because I felt like one would be incomplete without the other, haha. During the date there is bound to be tons of ideological conversations that pretty much just ends up as a joke. I also see Aquarius being silly with Libra simply to get a reaction.

The words don’t come out right when
I want them to sound some way.
They sit in my chest after leaving my head and
nag my heart to pound away.
I won’t try to make you feel guilty, I just hope it eats you alive.
Because when all was said and done with us,
I didn’t think that I’d survive.
I thought maybe I’d kill myself,
because my life felt incomplete,
I worried I would starve to death.
There was nothing I could eat.
You made me sick with missing you, a nauseated pain,
Every word I wrote for you, choked for you,
turned out to be in vain.
So I hope the running mascara
comes back at you in the form of a
pretty girl’s rejection,
and I hope your cold demeanor comes back
and leaves you without affection.
I hope all the trust of mine you broke
returns to you in pieces,
when someone tells you they love you and
you don’t know how to believe it.
—  Kayla Kathawa - karma will taste just like me