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I really love the timing of Kylo Ren’s outbursts. They don’t come when things go wrong. Most of the time, he maintains a rather calm demeanor. At one point, he even taunts General Hux that a clone army would be better. His outbursts happen when he gives into his own weakness. 

BB-8 escapes Jakku. He doesn’t bring out his saber until the messenger reveals that it was Finn who helped the droid. FN-2187. The same stormtrooper who he saw in the village. The stormtrooper who Kylo knew wasn’t behaving the way he was supposed to. The stormtrooper he could’ve had killed or sent away or done a number of things to. But instead, he let his suspicions go and gave FN-2187 another chance under Captain Phasma. 

Rey escapes her imprisonment. He knows it’s entirely his fault. Leaving a single stormtrooper to guard over someone strong in the Force? He could’ve knocked her out, done something to her legs so she couldn’t have moved, left droids to torture the information out of her. But he left her as ‘his guest.’ Restrained but unharmed with someone nearby to help/guard/move her in case something went wrong. 

He doesn’t lash out because he’s angry at others. He lashes out because he’s angry at himself. Because he failed. Because he was weak. Again. Because, despite his desperation to be like Darth Vader, he is still being swayed by the light within himself. And it’s breaking him apart. 

Carmilla Thought:

I honestly hope Carm and Mel are buds in the film…

They match each other so perfectly in the dry, sarcastic, “totally done with everyone’s shit” department, which is why I totally get why they both irked one another in the beginning because (for them) it was basically like arguing with their reflection. But I feel like now they’d totally be cool with one another and could even be drinking buds on occasion.

Can you just imagine them at a bar? Even better can you imagine them in a bar fight? With both of them having each others backs.

I can totally picture them chilling in the back, probably playing some pool (both obviously having bet money on who will win) with Carm decked out in her leather and Mel in some rockin’ hard looking outfit. Their whiskey and beer sitting on the edge. Both are exchanging dry sarcastic remarks towards one another since 99% of their relationship is just seeing who can roast the other the best (you know they totally text each other with “hey fucker” as the starting sentence).

Then, at one point, there pool game gets interrupted and they end up getting into a bar fight with some drunk punks and manage to successfully beat down the entire group. And afterwards Carm ends up taking the money they had bet because she “clearly beat down more guys” than her so, therefore, she gets the money.

However, when Carm makes it home that night Laura is still up, in some animal print pajamas, arms crossed and looking angrily at Carm. And she’s like “So how did your night out with Mel go?” And Carm, looking guilty af (since she distinctly remembered Laura texting her “no fighting” before she met up with Mel) mumbles that it was fine. Only for Laura to grab her phone and be like:

“Oh really? So this text that I got from Mel that says ‘Laura, tell vampirella that she should use some of that empty space in her brain to learn how to count since I clearly knocked out more guys than she did. So she owes me $50 bucks.’…sooo, how exactly am I suppose to interpret that?”

And Carm is just silent since she knows she’s busted. Then all of a sudden she feels her phone vibrate and she looks down at it and it’s a text from Mel and it’s just a simple middle finger emoji.

Anyway, just a thought…

  • Draco Malfoy: Scorpius Malfoy, I named you after a star sign because of an awesome tumblr meme I saw once but honestly it doesn't even matter because I could've named you Catshits McGee and it still would've been a better name than what Potter tagged his kid with. Go have fun at school, write your mother, and get it a study group with the Weasley girl, trust me.

pjo moodboards: hypnos cabin

“If you ask me, this place is even more dangerous than the Ares’ Cabin. At least with Ares, you can learn where the land mines are.”

𝘳𝘦𝘲𝘶𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘺 @𝘫𝘢𝘴𝘰𝘯𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴

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What is also beautiful about that reunion is that Thomas has no doubt that he and James are still in love. James could've been emotional because, well, how can he not be? But that's not a guarantee that he still loves him. But Thomas has no doubt! He knows James still loves him. There is no uncertainty or awkwardness when he goes to cup his face and kiss him.

[clutching chest] [keeling over] [writhing on the floor]

ANON!!!! 😭

it’s been so long for both of them!!! we know so many things have happened for james and can only imagine what thomas has been through. it’d be perfectly reasonable for thomas’ first response to be “what are you doing here?” or “what’s going on?” or something similar, especially since the man standing before him looks so different from the james he knew. but instead he just breaks out into the biggest grin and leaps into james’ arms and there are no questions between them. not a single one. not yet.


anyway it’s been a week and I’m still hesitant to go out in public because I fear I’ll end up gripping the collar of the first human being who comes within five feet of me and whispering “love is real” close to their ear before walking away so that’s where I’m at and that’s probably where I’ll be at for the rest of my life BYE!!!!

There are 52 episodes which are 20 minutes each making that 1040 minutes, which is 17.33 hours which means you CAN finish this series in a single day
—  Me pressuring my friends into watching a series

Kay so in Copycat Theo looks like Chat Noir, right?  And then Ladybug tricks him into using Cataclysm on the chains and his ring starts counting down.

But, like, what if they hadn’t purified the akuma in time?  I’d be willing to bet he wouldn’t be turning back into Theo.

I can just see the last beep going off and Ladybug and Chat being like “oh this is easy he’s not going to have powers now” and then the light flashes…

…and there’s Adrien.

And everyone is really confused.

Ladybug is like “I definitely thought this was Theo?  Chat, did you piss off Adrien too?  What the hell did Adrien get akumatized for?” while also freaking out because she’d just been flirting with Adrien and kicking his ass

Hawkmoth is freaking out because he’s finally learned one of their identities and why didn’t he think of this sooner with a possible additional holy crap I’ve been fighting my son.

Theo is freaking out because Chat Noir was Ladybug’s boyfriend and he was supposed to be Chat Noir not some random model Hawkmoth what is going on?

Chat’s freaking out because his identity’s been exposed even though no one’s really clued in on that yet save for Hawkmoth and he’s also freaking out because Ladybug seems to be going into a panic attack and this was definitely not how he was planning to spend his day.

So they purify the akuma and Adrien turns back into Theo and it finally clicks for Ladybug what that actually meant.  So now she’s freaking out even more and probably runs away because that’s usually how Marinette seems to deal with her feelings and Adrien’s sad and confused.

But then the next day Marinette shows up to school and gives him cookies and can actually talk to him and she tells him she’s Ladybug and they start making plans since chances are really high that Hawkmoth knows his secret identity.

Adrien’s really confused when he comes home from school and finds out about his dad’s new no-jewelry policy that’s been put into place for no discernible reason.  He manages to hide his ring, though, when Nathalie comes into his room to confiscate any jewelry.

I’m laughin I’m cryin because I Realized Anna and Ben did the same thing, but different/similar:

1. Anna tries to marry a British Officer, knowing his loyalties | Ben gets involved with a Tory, not knowing her loyalties

2. Anna tries to marry the Officer | for Ben it’s a one-night-only

3. Anna fully intends to go through with marrying Hewlett | Ben says he wants Sarah to come back to camp with him - I don’t know if he was even thinking in terms of marriage but he definitely thought they were Together and did not intend to leave things the way they wound up.

4. Anna’s attempt to marry Hewlett was something she planned | Ben’s thing with Sarah was entirely spur-of-the-moment

5. Anna and Hewlett didn’t | Ben and Sarah did

6. Hewlett and Anna,,,,,actually kinda knew each other | Ben and Sarah just met that day smh

7. just. the fact Annlett was something a lot of people wanted | and you could probably count on maybe…two hands…how many people were okay with the Livingston Debacle <.<

8. Hewlett was Invested in the relationship | Sarah was already Noping That by the very next day

9. both ended horribly but. Anna got sabotaged by a third party | Ben and Sarah didn’t need any help sinking their ship

10. Hewlett’s response is to leave the fight | Sarah’s is to join it

11. Hewlett survives the damn arc | Sarah doesn’t


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You should do another one where Bucky uses modern slang because the last one had me rollin (could've been because I was high but I re read it and I was still funny)

You watched as your phone tumbled onto the ground, cracking in half. 


You decided to bring Bucky along to see the Statue of Liberty, as you both needed to get out of that sulking tower. Everything was going swell, until you decided to lean onto the railing and try to snap a picture of Lady Liberty herself. A giant gust of wind caught you completely off guard, causing you to lose your balance. 

Bucky immediately sensed your situation and caught you in a heart beat. Unfortunately, he couldn’t save your phone, which tumbled between you and landed on the hard concrete with a loud clank. 

“Damn it!” you sighed as you bent down. You gently collected the pieces of your destroyed Iphone, completely oblivious to the super solider’s eyes that were glued to your behind. 

“Damn, Y/N, looks like those squats are paying off.’ he whistled. You peered up at him, blushing like mad. 

“You know, it’s awfully rude to stare at a woman’s behind.” you sassed, narrowing your eyes at him. 

Bucky laughed, raising his hands in defense. 

“It’s not my fault you’re gettin’ thick AF, doll.” 

The pieces in your hands immediately fell onto the concrete as you took in his words. A pair of teenage girls standing next to him immediately broke out into a fit of laughter. 

You gaped at the older man. What on earth had Sam been teaching him? You looked back up at Bucky, who simply shrugged and gave you a small wink. Never in your life did you imagine The Winter Soldier calling you “thick”. 

This was a story to tell your future grand kids. 

(im so sorry if this is shit lol i tried!)

  • Barbara: And what I want to ask you is this, Phyllis - will you be my bridesmaid?
  • Phyllis: Your... your bridesmaid? Oh no. Barbara, no. You ought to choose one of your friends.
  • Barbara: I have chosen one of my friends. I've chosen you. We've been sharing a bedroom for two years, Phyllis. Going halves on the mantelpiece and the bedside table and taking it in turns to open the curtains and turn the light off. And if I snore, you've never once complained, or even mentioned it.
  • Phyllis: You hardly do it on purpose.
  • Barbara: You've taught me as much about living alongside another person as anyone else in my life, Phyllis. And I'm ready to move on and share everything I have with someone who is unbelievably dear to me and that's because you've been the very best friend I could've had.

Alien Covenant AU where nothing bad happens and Daniels and her husband build their stupid lake house in the future with Walter and all their friends get to be neighbors and David is fucking rotting on that planet by himself forever

Well. Fuck. Everything.

Pitch getting cancelled is such garbage I want to vomit. All I can do is think the word garbage. Garbage. Fucking garbage. What the actual fuck garbage.

So in honor of Fox being the one dick to rule them all and me returning to once again not watching any major network television shows bc that shit is poison (except for Pitch). And because that finale CANNOT be the actual fucking END of this show…here’s what happens next…

Mike gets up off his fine ass and immediately heads to the hospital to see Ginny. He calls Rachel on the way and tells her to go fuck herself. When he gets to Ginny he wraps her up in his big burly man arms and rubs his nose in her curls and promises her that he will be the best househusband ever and make her giant breakfasts every morning and fuck her right with his big cock whenever she wants and get their kids on the bus to school and support her however she needs as long as she promises to keep being Ginny Baker and kicking ass. 

And Ginny says yeah.

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In all honesty, since Harry's promo went the way it has, I've been questioning whether or not they've broken up. You can only sacrifice yourself so much for the sake of your partner before you become a shell of who you could've been. I know because I've been in that position. How are you feeling about things?

i’m at the point where they could have broken up and i wouldn’t be surprised or they could still be together and i also wouldn’t be surprised. i’m leaning towards the second option still but ultimately i have no way of knowing and you’re right, based on what we can see, things aren’t looking so good.

yes, we need to account for the smoke and mirrors but also we need to stop looking at everything through rose coloured glasses where louis and harry are concerned because that doesn’t do anyone any good.

also can people stop treating louis like harry’s accessory? the number of posts i’ve seen about louis following harry around on tour as if he doesn’t have his own life or career or ambitions or how harry’s going along with this super het star studded promo to gain power so he can ~free louis~ make my blood boil.

Is it only me that thinks that BigHit hasn’t necessarily planned everything since debut and instead, when thinking of a new concept, they look back on past projects and build a new story and create links based on what has been seen already. So, in other words, they think of ways to create a story along the way instead of having it all pre-planned.

For example, with the new short film STIGMA, there were scenes from Danger. But instead of having such a concept planned since then or even earlier, they’ve sat down and said ‘Alright, what links and connections shall we make to create and continue a story?’. And that kind of applies with the other short films, teasers, projects etc. They’re just constantly looking over what they’ve done, referencing it in new projects and adding additional details.