because it all seems kind of jokey

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as someone who is lgbt+ (bi/ kind of questioning) im so upset that people are judging DDADDS before its even out like from what ive seen from KKG and the stream it looks very jokey but not at the expense of gay people if that makes any sense and you can tell from them talking about it that Leighton and Vernon are so passionate about this game and to see people saying Vernon is just using grumps is so upsetting because the grumps all seem to love him and wouldnt have hired him if he was like that

You hit the nail on the head.

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ahh, I just love your analysis/write-ups! (and your fics of course) I totally get what you mean with the whole way the Shakarian romance starts. (I always, always trigger the "nervous but not uncomfortable" dialogue option because it definitely adds a big glowing neon sign of 'consent') I'm curious- if, through some weird space magic, you could rewrite the way the romance started in the game, would you?

In a lot of ways I try to make peace with the game mechanics, even when they annoy me or frustrate me. The biggest reason why I write fic, no matter the fandom, is to fix issues that arise for me because of game mechanics, or to plug plot holes left by canon, or to force something that doesn’t make sense to try, dammit. So, in some ways it almost seems disingenuous to say YES, YES I WOULD. I WOULD CHANGE IT ALL!! I might not be here, scribbling away, if these plot annoyances didn’t exist, after all.

That said, the combination of the writing and the modeling and the line delivery in the beginning of the Shepard/Garrus romance makes me cringe. I mean, it makes me cringe on a par with the absolutely disturbing delivery of Shepard’s lines with Jacob. (There is no reason she should sound like the poster girl for workplace sexual harassment every time she talks to Jacob. See also, the weirdly slinky way she approaches Kaidan in ME1. Even if there’s nothing remotely romantic going on. *sigh*) 

(Quelle surprise, this got long. Let us cut before talking details, shall we?)

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