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“You’re afraid to be happy” - Kakashi Hatake x Reader

Summary : Kakashi is in love with you…But pushes you away because he’s too afraid of loosing you, as every single persons he ever cared about died or left/betrayed him. 

Some more love for Kakashi, because I’ve been binge watching Naruto Shippuden and I’m kind of in love with him (also, I received requests for fics about Luffy and Zorro from One Piece, and characters from FMA and more Naruto, so expect to see more anime around here), hope you’ll like it ! : 

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It wasn’t often, that the famous Copy Ninja, Kakashi Hatake, talked about his feelings. Hell, it was so rare some would say he never does. 

But Yamato, one of his only remaining friend, knew better. 

Sometimes, when they were both very drunk, they’d talk. They wouldn’t always remember what about, but they’d talk.  

About their lives. What they like, don’t like, what make them happy, what brings them down…Your name often appears on Kakashi’s lips during those times.

Like today, or rather, tonight, while Kakashi helps Yamato to walk home. Or was it Yamato that helped Kakashi ? They were kind of slumped against each other’s, walking with difficulties, cheeks red because of the alcohol. 

After the scarecrow pronounced your name for the tenth time that night, Yamato finally dared to ask : 

-So, you love her ? 

-Who ?

-Who could I talk about ?

-(Y/N) ? 

Yamato nods. Or, tries to nod, because every movement that are a bit too vigorous makes him want to throw up. 

-Yes I do. 

-…I am confused, Kakashi-senpai. 

-What are you confused about, Tenzou ? 

-Don’t call me like that please. 

-Don’t call me “senpai” then. What are you confused about ? 

-Well, if you’re in love with her, and she is in love with you…why don’t you two just date ? 

-Because if we do, she’ll die. 

-…I’m even more confused now. Maybe I’m too drunk. Or you’re too drunk. 

-I’m definitely drunk, but I can still think straight. 

-I don’t get it. I don’t get you. She’s obviously madly in love with you ! And she’s beautiful, kind, caring, nice, extremely funny…

-I know all of that Yamato. But I can’t. 

-But…Why ? 

-Because everyone I ever loved either died or betrayed me that’s why ! She has to stay away, or something will happen ! It’s simple really ! 

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ever since learning genji knows some of the kinjaz dances, it took me way back to when my cousins and i used to watch abdc religiously

so hc, the shimaboys most dEFINITELY watched americas best dance crew every week and would go out their way to copy some of the moves because ‘anija, WE are ninjas, THEY are ninjas, IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE’

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Can you do some headcanons for Kakashi, Iruka, and Gai and if they started getting love notes from a secret admirer?

asdfghjkl you’re like the sweetest person ever!!! I love you!! 🍓 Also this is so me, you have no idea. 

Hey guess who can’t write short stuff? It me. These always turn into headcanon-scenarios. But it’s not going under the cut, sorry! Please forgive misspellings and errors. I started watching Death Note on a whim while editing this. 


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  • I feel like Kakashi isn’t a stranger to randos fawning over him. Either they’re in awe because “it’s Kakashi, the Copy Ninja!”, or they somehow sneak a peek at him maskless, or they spend 30 seconds around him (let’s face it, he’s that cool) but he doesn’t think about it much because it’s all very shallow to him. He doesn’t like the attention and most people don’t know the “real Kakashi”, so he feels that most people’s idea of him is very false and inaccurate. His mindset is, “They love me for who they’ve made me out to be, but they would hate me for who I actually am.” 

  • When Kakashi first finds a love note from a secret admirer, he’s not sure what to do about it. He’s gotten confessions of love before but he’s always ignored them because - as stated - they’re seemingly shallow and only confess to loving the person everyone thinks he is. But this letter seems different - it doesn’t gush about his abilities, or how sexy he is because of the air of mystery around him, or simply fangirl because he’s Kakashi of the Sharingan. The letter doesn’t try to explain away his issues (”I know you’re like this because of what happened, but …”) and it doesn’t come across as someone with a savior complex (”I know that if you let me, I can heal you with my love!”) so he’s pretty intrigued. Who is this person? How do they know him, and how have they managed to cut through all the nonsense the village praises him for? 

  • It kind of scares him if this person seems to know a truer version of Kakashi. He’s afraid of being found out, afraid of people seeing he’s scared and weak and royally messed up. But he’s also drawn to this mysterious writer - how did they manage to see right through him? Does he know them? And he’s really curious depending on where he finds the letter. If it’s delivered to him through the post, he’ll figure it’s just someone who’s seen him on his walk home/has known him for a while and knows where he lives. If it’s given to him via a teammate or by the Hokage during a meeting, he’ll be kind of suspicious. (”How do they know who I’m working with? Is it … one of them?” Then he’ll study all the people he’s working with or that passes in and out of the Hokage building and see if any of their eyes linger a bit too long on him.) If he finds it in his book or his gear, he’ll be bound and determined to find out who it is because how the heck did they get into his stuff without him noticing?! 

  • After a couple of notes (and failed attempts to figure out who it is), Kakashi has 2 tactics he goes for. The first is to enlist Pakkun and the rest of his ninken into sniffing out the culprit. He’ll give them the letters to pick up the scent and then send them off into the village. The ninken try to pick up clues in the note (if there is any perfume or lotions, or certain smells that’d only be present at a particular shop or area of Konoha - such as ramen or varnish or flowers). (But I imagine the letter writer is too scared about being discovered, so each and every letter smells different and the ninken can’t figure out who it is for the life of them. How many different perfumes and lotions does this person own? Do they write these at restaurants and cafes? “LISTEN KAKASHI, FIVE PEOPLE HAVE HANDLED THIS LETTER BEFORE YOU GOT IT, OKAY? THE ORIGINAL SCENT IS GONE. SO UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO CHASE DOWN THE MAILMAN LIKE SOME KIND OF COMMON DOG, YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FIGURE THIS OUT.”) 

  • His other tactic is to leave his own notes where he’s found the love letters. If they’re in his stuff, he figures that the person will find his notes when they go to hide theirs. He’ll tuck some into his scroll pouches, pockets, in the pages of Icha Icha, wherever he found them. (But he’s kind of nervous about it and doesn’t want the person to miss his letter - so he’ll leave another piece of paper that says something like “Check front left pocket” or “Go to page 138”, asdghjkl Kakashi that defeats the purpose of “finding” the letter on your own!!) 

  • If it’s delivered through the post, he’ll hand over his own letter to the mailman and say, “Give this to the person who sends me these notes.” (But that’s super vague and Kakashi gets a lot of mail from people - even though he hardly reads it, and it sits in a pile on his table - so the mailman is like “??? Sure??” and there’s a 100% chance it ends up going to someone like Kotetsu or Gai or even Tsunade and everyone is really confused and Kakashi is horrified because they’ve just read his love letter?!?!? It happened like once, and Kakashi is now so paranoid and embarrassed that he either stops this idea altogether or gives the mailman the most serious, deadpan look and says, “GIVE THIS TO THE PERSON WHO SENDS ME THESE *flips love note*, OKAY?”) 

  • (Or he’ll write a note and give it to Lady Tsunade and just say, “This … goes to whoever’s been leaving me notes …” And she’s like, “Uh-huh … You know, you’d think with all of your capabilities, you’d have found out who it is by now.” And he’s like, “?? Wait, do YOU know?” And she’s like, “Hello? I give you these letters all the time; I sit in this office all day and see who comes in and out of the building from that window. For a guy who can copy every jutsu with his Sharingan, you sure aren’t all that observant. Maybe if you uncovered that half of your face for a while you’d be able to see who it is. But it’s none of my business …”) 

  • Kakashi is basically just a huge dork and tries to play it cool but inside he’s freaking out because there’s somebody out there in the village who is leaving him love notes and it’s driving him insane because he DOESN’T KNOW WHO IT IS. He knows he tells a lot of people to “let things go”, but this is something he needs to know and he probably won’t stop until he finds his secret admirer. (And when he FINALLY finds them, he’s so flippin’ nervous he’ll mess things up and that once they spend time around him they’ll realize he’s a loser and give up, so he almost wishes he hadn’t figured it out.)

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  • Iruka has had his fair share of women flirting with him. Usually single moms, aunts, or grannies of the kids in his class that show up during Parent-Teacher Conferences/school events (like graduation), but that’s about it. He is pretty oblivious with most of the flirting tactics the women employ, but a few of the more bolder ones make him a little nervous so he tries his best to brush them off. (”Dinner? Oh, aha ha ha … I’m sorry but I’m incredibly busy grading homework tonight … and for the rest of the week. But I’ll see you at the next Parent-Teacher Conference!”) What a dork. (He hates this memory, but half of his coworkers will randomly bring up the time a drunk obaasan was having a good time at one of the village’s summer festivals and followed him around all night, pinching his face, grabbing his butt, and playing with his ponytail. Genma volunteered him to “walk the poor woman home” at the end of the night and Iruka was horrified to find out how strong such a small and old woman was, because he had to basically fight her off when she tried to drag him inside. RIP.) 

  • When Iruka first gets a love note from a secret admirer, his first thought is, “Oh, please don’t let it be a student.” He’s very likable and personable and more than one student has developed a crush on him. It’s always a little awkward for him but he does his best to discourage them and let them down gently. So when he reads the note and sees that the handwriting and the level of skill the writing took, he gives a huge sigh of relief because oh my gosh, it’s not a student, thank goodness. But now he has a new question - who IS it from? Another teacher? A parent? (Urck, he’s not sure how he feels about dating a student’s mom tbh.) Someone else? His list of suspects narrows depending on where he found it - in his desk drawer, hidden between a stack of ungraded homework assignments, or delivered to his classroom by a teacher’s aide. 

  • The note makes him quite flustered, ngl. Whether it’s super articulate and poetic, or just a short and blunt note, he’s blushing like mad because someone out there took the time to write it and leave it for him to find. (For a moment he thinks it’s a mistake and it’s meant for another teacher but - nope! His name is on the front, it’s definitely for him. He also wonders if it’s a prank by his co-workers since they know how he feels about women flirting with him but something about this seems genuine.) He hides his note somewhere close - either on his person or in his bag - and thinks about it for the rest of the day until he can do some investigative work. 

  • Iruka is, like, 10000x more per perceptive now and he pays attention to everything and everyone. He needs to know if his admirer left the note themselves, or if they had someone else drop it off. He’s almost suspicious of anyone who comes by his classroom and even briefly thinks that one of the kids was employed by their parent to hide the note in his desk. He has so many wild conspiracies running through his head, and he seems a bit like a madman. (Like … imagine the Pepe Silvia scene from It’s Always Sunny.) So anyway, he mostly watches intently and keeps track of who comes into his classroom, who has access to his papers, and who seems to be acting strange. (It drives him absolutely bonkers if he finds ANOTHER love note and didn’t even see anyone leave it!! How could he miss it?!) 

  • People at the Academy notice how weird he’s acting and he finally breaks down and confesses to one or two close friends that he’s been trying to figure out who’s leaving him notes (he may or may not leave out the “love” part). They agree to help him figure it out, but they think this is really funny because of how stressed and flattered he is. Mostly they’re not much help because they end up delivering a few love letters to Iruka hidden between copies of assignments, shrug and say, “Oh I don’t know, I got this from so-and-so in the break room. Must’ve been stuck in there earlier.” They have their own suspicions but don’t say anything because it’s more fun to let him figure it out. 

  • Finally Iruka is near his breaking point, so he ends up stalking around the Academy, practically harassing everyone there as he watches their every move. He hangs around the break room and copy room, watching with eagle eyes to see anyone shuffling love letters into his mailbox or papers. 90% of the teachers have no idea what’s going on, and the people who do know think it’s hilarious and terrifying. 

  • Lord help the person Iruka catches hiding the love notes in his papers. He runs over to them, grabs the note, shoves it in their face, laughing hysterically as he says, “I CAUGHT YOU! FINALLY! IT WAS YOU THE WHOLE TIME!” If the person he caught is only the delivery person for the secret admirer, they’d probably quit right then. (”Are you sure you like this guy? He’s so weird. You should’ve seen him when he saw me with your letter! I’m never doing that again!!”) They’d also straight up tell him, “Yeah, I left them for you but I didn’t write them. And I took a vow of silence so I can’t tell you who they’re from.” And after a lot of confusion and begging on Iruka’s part, the delivery person would give up and say, “OKAY. I can’t tell you who it is but if you write a letter, I can get it to them …” (Cue the fastest letter writing in the history of the world and Iruka frantically saying, “Here! Take it! Let me know what they say!”) 

  • If it IS the secret admirer he’s caught, they’re probably horrified - especially since Iruka wasn’t very subtle and there were other people in the room with them … and now they’re all staring … and now they all know they were writing love notes … to Iruka … It’s so embarrassing omg. But once he’s calmed down, he’s blushing again because this is the person who was writing love notes to him oh my gosh they’re so cute !!! and he gets enough sense in him to talk to them in private and ask about the letters, and about themselves, and he’s still so confused why they like him but he’s happy he found them - and everyone else is happy too because HE FINALLY STOPPED FOLLOWING THEM AROUND AND WATCHING THEIR EVERY MOVE, THEY’RE FINALLY FREE!!! Iruka gets a little overzealous sometimes …

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  • First reaction: crying about how youthful it is to receive love notes. Second reaction: a hearty chuckle of success because he realizes no one can resist the Green Beast of Konoha. Third reaction: he shoves the letter into Kakashi’s face and asks, “Did YOU receive such a youthful and lovely letter, filled to the brim with kind words and compliments, signed anonymously - too shy to reveal their true selves?! There is something so wonderful about the unsure confession of love by a secret admirer.” Everyone is in shock that not only does someone like Gai, but they’re actually writing him love notes. 

  • Gai is probably the type to make an assumption about who wrote the letter, find himself around them, give a “knowing” laugh when they say/do something contradictory to liking him, wink, give a thumbs up and say, “Don’t worry about it … We both know the truth. There’s no need to be shy!” And they ?? have no idea ?? what he’s talking about ?? (Tenten looks on in secondhand embarrassment, trying to gingerly break the news, “Gai-sensei … I don’t think it was them …” Gai is confused because, no - he’s sure it’s them. Right? It’s obvious. They’re just shy! Gai they’re not shy, they’re wondering why the Green Beast of Konoha is trying to make the moves on them when they have done absolutely nothing to indicate that they’re interested.

  • Rock Lee is just as invested in this as Gai because he thinks it’s so lovely; Neji is wondering who in the world would send a love note to his teacher; Tenten very surprised but also intrigued; they all end up helping Gai find his secret admirer because they’re all curious (and Gai definitely sees this as an opportunity to turn it into a training exercise in information gathering, stealth tactics, and teamwork - as well as trying to one-up Kakashi by proving that he too has hoards of fangirls). (”Gai-sensei, it was ONE note …”) 

  • Gai’s secret admirer would have to be pretty creative and sneaky to get the notes to him if they didn’t want to get caught, especially now that he’s looking for them. They probably do something ridiculous like tie the note to a bird, set the bird off towards the training fields, train the bird to steal something/pester the genin or Gai until they can’t take it anymore so they’ll grab the bird and find the note (all the while the secret admirer watches from a distance as Gai reads the letter). Or they tack love letters on the trees all along the path Gai takes when he jogs in the morning, so that only he can find them. He is both in awe by their dedication, and really impressed because only he and Rock Lee get up that early to train - so this person knows his schedule pretty well. (Is it really a crush if you haven’t stalked them a little bit?) 

  • Gai respects boundaries and he understands some people are more reserved about their feelings (he’s been friends with Kakashi since forever), so he won’t try to do anything to embarrass or publicly out his secret admirer. As stated above, he may get a little ahead of himself and start hinting towards someone that he knows it’s them - even if it’s not. But as soon as he understands that’s not the person, he backs off and apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry - I thought you were the person I’d been corresponding with.” (He doesn’t want so many other people to know this person has a crush on him - it’s not his secret to tell, so he tells little lies like that they’re a penpal or something.) 

  • He isn’t super perturbed if he can’t immediately find this secret admirer. There are some moments when he clenches his fist in frustration because he just wants to meet them - but he also enjoys the surprise of finding a new letter for him on the training field, waiting for him at the counter of a weapons shop, or even slipped under the door of his apartment. (He cried once when he got a poem instead of a letter, and it compared his green jumpsuit to the “comforting forests outside the village”, his hair to “the blackest of starless skies, still aglow with the halo of a new moon” and his smile to “the most radiant beam of sunshine to warm the hearts” of those around him.) He saves all of these and keeps them where he can read them every day. The poems he tacks to his fridge door, and the very first one he received he keeps in his vest pocket. 

  • Since this secret admirer knows Gai’s schedule pretty well, they’ve been watching him to make sure he doesn’t catch them leaving notes - and they’ve seen him mistakenly think a few other shinobi/civilians were writing the love notes. They can see that he isn’t turned off or weirded out by it all, so they gain some confidence and decide to reveal themselves. They show up to the training grounds at 4am (when Gai shows up to start his morning routine) and Gai is there alone, already training. He notices them right away but doesn’t say anything so he won’t scare them off. When they get close enough, he stops his training and looks at them, giving them a gentle smile. Nervously, they approach and shove a final letter at him. He reads it and then grins at them, “So it’s you. I’ve been waiting for you to show up. Would you like to take a walk?”

  • Gai totally walks them down the same path he jogs every day and he points at every tree that used to have a love note attached to it, recounts which note it was, and he’ll tell them his favorite part about the note, and when they get to the end of the walk he’ll pull out the very first letter he got so they could see he kept it “close to my heart, where it belongs!” And then, in a final act (with his genin watching from the bushes), Gai pulls out another piece of paper, unfolds it, and proudly starts reading a poem that HE wrote for his secret admirer. Rock Lee cries, Neji shakes his head seemingly in resignation (but he’s secretly happy for his teacher), and Tenten is honestly surprised at how talented Gai is (”Who knew he would write like that? Do you think he ever did a writing competition with Kakashi-sensei?” Don’t give him any ideas, Tenten). Of course, after all of this Gai would ask his secret admirer if they were okay with other people knowing who wrote the letters. If yes, then he’d proudly tell everyone so he could brag about their talent and their kindness. If not, then he’d quietly keep the letters to himself and when people asked about it, he’d just say he hadn’t figured it out yet but he would eventually. (Way too sweet, 10/10 best person ever.)

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Scenario that Reader is from the Namikaze clan and she seeks Kakashi for training?

Thank you for this request. Sorry you had to wait so long to get it. Hope you like it! Let me know if you have any guesses ;)

Namikaze Reader seeking Kakashi for training

This was it. Any moment now Kakashi of the Hidden Leaf was going to walk out those doors. The moment you been waiting for, to get a chance to meet him. His presence in the village was scarce and fleeting. Many residents and ninja never knew where he adventured off to and his address was confidential.

It almost seemed like Kakashi was a fictitious ghost since no one knew where he lived or where he was, except for times when he showed up at the Hokage Tower. That was the only time he came out from under a rock to be seen and that’s why you were waiting here.

You had told Lord Third Hokage your intentions. You told him you only wished to see the Copy Ninja to asked him to train you when the Hoakge’s Anbu tried to make you leave. The Third Hokage was amused by your tenacity and granted you permission to stalk out in the Hokage Tower for a while longer. The Third informed you how Kakashi was to deliver his mission report later that day.

You had brightened at the news. The Third Hokage smirked as smoke drifted from his pipe as he advised you to let him finish business with Kakashi first. You agreed and thanked the Hokage as you left his office. You waited and staked out the premises until Kakashi had arrived.

You were determined to become his student, nothing he could say would make you turn tail and run. You wanted to learn from him, you felt it was your duty to.

When Kakashi left from the Hokage’s office, you jumped out from the hallway in front of him. Kakashi stopped in his tracks, having sensed your presence a while ago.

You immediately fell to one knee in a gesture of submission and respect.

“Kakashi Hatake. Copy Ninja of the Hidden Leaf, I ask of you to take me, Y/N Namikaze, on as your student.” You declared, profoundly.

“Yea… not interested” Kakashi answered casually. Kakashi barely batted an eye at you, his nose looking down into his book as he side stepped around you and continued walking.  

You gasped but like lightning you were in front of him again, stopping him in his tracks. He finally looked down at you, his expression that of a bored look.

“I’m not taking no for an answer,” you stated firmly, peering up at him

“I’ll admit you’re fast but…-“ Kakashi stated but was cut off by you. His eye immediately changed from bored to slight annoyance as he looked down at you from his book that still covered half his face.

“We have a connection! I didn’t pick you at random and not because your known as the Copy Ninja but because you were a student to the Fourth Hokage,” You expressed honestly as Kakashi’s eye leveled at that statement. “The Fourth Hokage was a distant relative of mine. I only want to be as great as he was. He passed on his teachings to you and since he not around anymore, you’re my only shot at understanding who he was,” you explained earnestly.

Kakashi was quiet for a moment considering your offer before he sighed, looking exasperated.  

“Look kid, I’m not a teacher,” Kakashi tried to decline but was once again cut off by your quick response.

“Then don’t be a teacher. Do whatever it is you do and I’ll follow. No instructions needed,” you tried to counter, wanting anything for Kakashi just to say yes to train you.

Kakashi deadpanned, looking down at his book as a light blush fell on his cheeks under the mask. He quickly hid his book in his pouch before holding up his hands, waving them. “No… no, I’m really not the example you want to follow,” Kakashi stuttered, feeling awkward.

“Come on! Give me one chance to prove myself to you,” you exclaimed desperate for him to accept you.

“Alright.” Kakashi agreed as he was thoughtful for a moment. He didn’t know how good you were in terms of a shinobi, but he knew you were fast and judging by your speed, he would bet you had good taijutsu skills. However, speed and skills were only half the battle. A ninja also needs brains, that’s when Kakashi smirked as a thought occurred to him.

“If you can answer this question, I’ll train you. You get one guess, if you can’t answer it correctly then you’ll leave me alone, deal?” Kakashi bargained, with a light smile.

You agreed readily, a seriousness falling onto your features.

“What is harder to catch the faster you run?”

You became quiet as you thought about Kakashi’s question, you’re face drawing into a confused scowl as you stared the floor. Your mind kept dancing to lights, to shadows, to sounds, to rabbits. You didn’t know what was hard to catch. You knew it was a trick question and you knew you were running out of time.

Kakashi was smiling victoriously, amused.

The longer the time passed, the more your brain was struggling to think.

“I have somewhere to be and since you have no answer, I’ll be on my way,” Kakashi proclaimed, as he pointed to leave.

The sounds of Kakashi’s footsteps flooding down the hallway rang in your ears like drums. Your heart was racing beat and you started to panic. Your breath quickened; this was your only chance.

And then it dawned on you.

“KAKASHI WAIT! I know what the answer is!” You shouted, smiling brilliantly as you ran to catch up with him down the hall determined to make him your teacher.

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Team 7 as Pokemon trainers

This is probably not what you wanted, but here you go…

Ditto, Skarmory, Absol, Electabuzz, Mightyena, Houndour

Ditto because Kakashi is known as the copy-cat ninja. Electabuzz reminds me of Minato, Kakashi’s former sensei. Houndour and Mightyena because they’re dog Pokemon. Houndour is also fire. I imagine Kakashi as a gym leader tbh. Maybe the First one you encounter in the game? Then he has strong bonds with the children below.

Ninetales, Jolteon, Arcanine, Pikachu, Charizard, Dragonite

Naruto has Ninetails for obvious reason. He’d be the “Ash” of the group, so the main character. I gave him Pikachu. It’s a theme of orange/yellow and fire/electric. He’s the protagonists in the games and would determined to be at the top of the Pokemon league.

Motto: I’m gonna be Pokemon League Champion, believe it!

Croagunk, Gallade, Combusken, Chansey, Audino, Wigglytuff

Sakura’s party is based off of the Pokemon that the Nurse Joys would have(Chansey, Audino, Wigglytuff). Gallade and Combusken are just badass fighters which resemble Sakura. Croagunk because he’s poisin type and it reminds me of when she beat Sasori’s poisin. She’d be the childhood friend of the protagonist that starts the journey at the same time, but doesn’t follow the path of becoming Pokemon League Champion.

Lucario, Luxray, Marowark, Garchomp, Umbreon, Zoroark

He has strong fighters, Lucario and Garchomp. He also would have dark Pokemon like Umbreon and Zoroark. Marowak just reminds me of him for some reason. Luxray is electric and has Sasuke’s duck-butt hair. Sasuke would be the rival of the protagonist. He’d get mixed up with the “evil team” like Team Magma or Team Rocket or Team Akatsuki something. In the end the protagonist would beat him and they’d be friends.


Sudowoodo, Gengar, Gastly, Torterra, Treeko, Tyranitar

Yamato has Sudowoodo because wood, ya know? He also has Gengar and Gastly because he loves playing tricks and scaring people with ghost stories. The rest are grass type while Tyranitar is dark and rock. Wood=Earth. Grass+Rock=Earth. Yamato would also be a gym leader. Maybe he’d be like 3rd or 4th, but him and Kakashi would be bffs.

Greninja, Ninjask, Crobat, Smeargle, Darkrai, Scyther

Sai’s party is ninja based due to his background. He also has Smeagle which is like an art related Pokemon. Greninja, Ninjask, Crobat, Scyther, and Darkrai are Pokemon I think fit very well in a ninja team as well as Sai’s party. Sai would be that random kid who the protagonist would have to help because the professor asked him to (Like Wally in one of the games). After the protagonist helps him he becomes inspired and embarks on a Pokemon journey of his own.

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Did Zabuza (and Zabuza’s brat) ever come back to Kiri?

“Hmmm….ah yes, a few years after his failed coup d'etat, he came back with Haku, a very precarious young shinobi who I must be honest…I thought was one of those demonic hermaphrodite spirits that eats people’s souls or something…mostly because I could hardly believe Zabuza would be…compassionate about anyone else other than him. At the time I had no idea why would Zabuza give such a letter of recommendation to what I thought was either a little demon or a registered student from the academy. He told me the Haku’s story and I couldn’t help but accept his request….honesty…I did it to see if Yagura would notice at any point or at least anger him a little. Never would I imagine actually being please with Haku’s progress with us…in fact I’m actually halfway grateful for Zabuza bringing him here as an exemplary ninja…and halfway regretful because the boy is a carbon copy of everything that Zabuza is if not worse. That boy has a mouth to make even the most deprived individual blush and he has NO respect for my authority….”

-Admin Kushimaru

Which hand does Sasuke favor?

So the whole thing that kind of started with chapter 671, is Sasuke left- or right-handed? Well, here are some examples of him using his hands in the manga:

Baby Sasuke obviously knew how to handle kunai with both hands

Sasuke is shown eating with his right hand in the beginning of the manga, the same goes for Naruto (and basically all other ninjas)

He’s also shown later attempting to drink and instead bumping the glass because of his eyesight deteriorating, again using his right hand.

While fighting Zabuza, Sasuke catches and throws a windmill shuriken with his left hand, and Naruto is also seen using his left hand.

While doing their tree climbing training, Sasuke uses his left hand to make the marks, while Naruto uses his right. So, both of them can apparently use kunai with both hands, and Sasuke might have a preference for the left one?

During the chuunin exam, both write with their right hand. But this was because Sasuke used his sharingan to copy a right-handed ninja?

Sasuke before starting to copy the ninja, using the pencil with his right hand. This is basically the only time we’ve seen Sasuke write, if I’m not mistaken.

Older Sasuke, just like the younger version, keeps his pouch on the right side of his body. His sword is also angled so that he can easily draw it with his right hand. Perhaps because he uses chidori with his left hand. 

Sasuke doesn’t really seem to favor one hand when doing mundane tasks like tying up a scroll or holding up things.

When fighting Orochimaru, he’s got his real sword in his right hand, and a chidori sword in his left, apparently able to use both as easily.

When fighting Killer Bee, he starts out with the sword in his right, but switches to left in order to combine it with his chidori.

When fighting Itachi, he throws another windmill shuriken, this time with his right hand and not using chidori at the same time.

He also pulls out a scroll, using his right hand to unseal the kunai with explosive tags. 

Sadly this image is very small, but it was the only mangastream translation I could find of chapter 671, since they take the chapters down a few weeks after posting them. Note how it doesn’t say “lift your dominant arm” but “give me your hands, as now…”. Wether mangapanda’s translation is better or not, that’s up to you yourself to decide, but I saw a lot of posts going around at the time correcting it. Either way, we can’t blindly trust the “dominant arm” thing until we see the official translation into English. And, as we can see from the examples above, Sasuke (as well as Naruto) can use both his hands in a fight. I also saw someone mention that the left hand stands for yin, which is Sasuke’s half of the power, so it would make sense for him to receive it into his left hand whether or not that’s his dominant one. There’s also the fact that Kakashi and Naruto use chidori and rasengan predominantly with their right hands, which might indicate that they favor their right hands and Sasuke favors his left. 

And what does this prove? Well, unless Kishimoto comes out and tells us which hand Sasuke favors, we can only safely conclude that he can use both but is seen writing and eating with his right one. The least incorrect assumption is probably that he’s ambidextrous, considering he’s a ninja and it would make sense for him to be able to use his hands with equal skill. It’s the same with Naruto, throwing rasengas with both hands later on in the manga. 

So, if you want Sasuke to be left-handed, at least use more evidence than a fanmade translation.