because is her husband

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Hinatits also appears to be a shitty mother. Boruto has serious issues and rightfully so, because his dad never spends time with the family even on his sister's bday, and what does she do? Look moderately sad for a few seconds and not discuss things with her son or complain to her husband for being an absent dad. Because god forbid she raises her voice to her sweet trophy husband when he is wrong.

LMAO true

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The sister thing doesn't surprise me. Lainey's a puppet at best. She has no real opinions outside of Greg's dictatorship over her and she's constantly whining and expressing high school level bullfuckery while her kids sit there and rot. She has no personality or complex levels of affection or compassion for others because she's been so completely brainwashed by her husband that it's all trickled out of her. I used to feel bad for her. But in many ways she does this to herself. Those poor kids..

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Viola Davis thanks Fences co-star Denzel Washington in her Golden Globes 2017 speech for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture.


His sisters Arya and Sansa would marry the heirs of other great houses and go south as mistress of castles of their own. But what place could a bastard hope to earn?

Fantastic Beasts theory

So, Queenie’s surname is Goldstein, right? And theres a Ravenclaw in Harry’s year at Hogwarts called Anthony Goldstein. Chances are he’s related to Queenie and Tina because of his surname (it could just be a coincidence, but I’m not convinced). Although, there’s no indication in the movie that they have a brother, and so Anthony’s surname shouldn’t be the same if they’re directly related. My theory is that Queenie marries, but keeps her surname because ….
Perhaps her husband is not accepted by the wizarding society in America.
Perhaps they have to move away from America to a more tolerant place in order to start a family, to somewhere that doesn’t discriminate so much about who Witches and Wizards can and can’t marry.
Perhaps Anthony Goldstein, who is a half-blood, by the way, is directly related to Queenie Goldstein and Jacob Kowalski.

do you think after they’re married elizabeth darcy insists on calling her husband ‘fitz’ just because she knows the indignity of it annoys the shit out of him

do you think he secretly loves it and also blushes whenever she does it

okay but I really don’t understand how there are still fans who believe Mary was supposed to be a good character with a dark past and that her redemption was worthy and genuine, like:

  • she didn’t have one (1) loving moment with her husband because he still couldn’t forgive her (understandably)

  • they named the special The Abominable Bride and the entirety of s4 is a TAB parallel

  • they made us question her motives and her affiliation with Moriarty no less than five times in TST (yes, I counted)

  •  HLV’s script confirmed we were goddamn right, she didn’t call the ambulance and she was described as ‘’satanic’’, just as Moriarty was a few pages ago in Sherlock’s MP

  • her death was poorly executed and hard to believe. Norbury, the woman who killed her, was a random female character just like the random woman Watson invented to cover up Milverton’s murder

  • she literally pushed Sherlock to his death since there was no chance in hell that John would watch that dvd in TLD (also, how would she know they would become estranged?). Posthumous revenge?

  • she is the character who delivered the line ‘’who you are doesn’t really matter’’, which is the polar opposite of what the show was depicting so far and what the writers believe too

I mean it is one thing not to trust the writers which is fine obviously, and another to actually believe she was a normally flawed character.

Fourth Lesson (M)

Teacher! Taehyung 

Anon requested:  OMG SINFUL SUNDAY!! Ur the best. ㅠ.ㅠ How about a Tae smut where you go to a concert together (he’s just attending with you). Hmmmm, n then spontaneous car sex? ^___________^ Ur a champ~ ;*

Lowkey a smut series ->  Lessons, First Lesson, Second Lesson, Third Lesson

Word Count: 3,385 words

god he’s so damn handsome

You woke up, looking at your alarm clock and sighing. It was time for school, the one place you wished to avoid. There was an error in your winter schedule, making you see Mr. Kim and Ms. Tight skirt at the beginning and end of your day.

Of course, your friends called it ‘destiny’ while you called ‘an error that is the school should take responsibility for’. As if the universe doesn’t hate you enough, you couldn’t pick an alternative. Even computer science was full and everyone knows Ms. Choi is a tyrant because of her divorce from her fourth husband. You were shocked that she still got dates.

You’ve seen her shamelessly flirt with the head janitor but you digress.

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I saw a picture of an anti Trump protester with a sign that says:

rape Melania

Fucking disgusting! A woman should get punished with rape because her husband is an asshole?? I’m grossed out by anti-trump supporters who think like this. They say that Trump is sexist but they want to rape women because they hate her husband.

Hypocrisy and misogyny at it’s worst.

Things I’ve learned from my reading so far:

-Abe Lincoln once suggested cow dung as a dueling weapon.

-James Madison is the only president to have honorary citizenship in another country. (it’s France)

-Ronald Reagan was the first president to ever be divorced.

-Dolley Madison is the longest serving First Lady or White House Hostess.

-The Kennedys met because Jackie was the camera girl interviewing JFK.

-Edith Wilson is known as “the presidentress” because of her role in making decision on behalf of her husband after he suffered a stoke.

-Grace Coolidge delivered a is the only first lady to give a speech at Gallaudet. (and yes, she did sign it)

-Lincoln was the first president to be born outside of the original 13 states.

-William Henry Harrison gave the longest Inaugural Speech, FDR gave the shortest. 

-Andrew Jackson was drunk when he was sworn in as Vice President.

-James Madison is the only president to ever lead troops from the battlefield.

-John Tyler had the nickname of “His Accidency”

-John Quincy Adams wore the same hat every day for 10 years.

-JFK was the first president to never wear a hat.

-Ulysses S Grant’s favorite horse was named Jeff Davis, to mock the president of the Confederacy. 

-James Madison once accused Benjamin Franklin of being a British spy.

-Robert Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s son, was present for three presidential assassinations.

In 2011, 39 year old Prisca enrolled as a patient in the MSF HIV/AIDS project in Zimbabwe. She was diagnosed with HIV in 2008 and became pregnant by her second husband in 2010, whom she had met at the project. She named her daughter, Shamiso and gave birth in January of 2011. In Shona, one of the widest spoken languages in Zimbabwe, Shamiso means ‘miracle’. And a miracle she was. When tested, Shamiso’s tests came back with a result that truly shocked Prisca – HIV negative. Because of that, Prisca even thought of having a second child with her husband.

Now Shamiso is 5 years old and is a fully healthy and functioning child, even attending school. 

“I had not known about MSF’s HIV program before I went and got tested but when I tested positive, I followed all the instructions I was given, but I still thought my child would be HIV positive. I had lost all hope but I got assistance and through that, I was able to give birth to an HIV negative child.”

So I was thinking about voltron. And then I was thinking about christmas.

Which got me thinking about Christmas in the Voltron Universe and how Pidge mom is going to spend her next Christmas completely alone because, first her husband and son were pronounced dead and now her daughter is gone/dead too. Will pidge’s mom decorate at all? Or will she sit, day after day, staring at a family photo of last Christmas?

And what about Lance’s family? Big though they may be, I can say from experience (I have a large family too) if just one person is missing the absence is incredibly noticeable. Especially if that person is known to be the wise cracker of the group. Are they mourning? Are they trying to find him? Will the little ones ask where he is constantly and when will he get back?

And so, I was thinking about this and now I’m sAD.