because in some weird way they're friends

The signs in a friend group
  • Aries: always asking what the plan is and initiating things, energetic one who is almost too sarcastic and can offend people easily
  • Taurus: the somewhat quiet one who just goes with whatever the rest of the friends decide to do, does all their schoolwork and usually makes money in weird ways
  • Gemini: Bouncy one who says really weird things and cones up with insane ideas, talks a lot, wants to go to ridiculous places all the time
  • Cancer: The friend who'd rather hang out at their house most of the time, really talkative and blatant, either complains nonstop or gushes about how happy they are nonstop
  • Leo: The extravagant, hilarious friend that has the car, the one who knows exactly how to bring everyone together, makes every situation comfortable and fun, sarcastic but not offensive
  • Virgo: The quiet one who acts put together but is a mess deep down, goes along with everyone else's plan unless they really don't want to do something, inside jokes
  • Libra: the sort of distant friend who isn't really in the group but is more of a drifter, has some weird passion that they're really good at on the side, laughs A LOT, half initiator half follower, will sacrifice their life for friends
  • Scorpio: the loud friend that appears quiet, really weird ass sense of humor and always asks questions that are way too personal, fun and ready to do anything but gets angry easily
  • Sagittarius: happy-go-lucky friend who is just there for the thrill, not dedicated to the group, comes and goes, makes a lot of dumb jokes that still make you laugh because of the way they talk
  • Capricorn: the friend with 5 jobs and straight A's, talks about either super serious stuff or the silliest things, giggles a lot, openly hates everything but hates their friends slightly less
  • Aquarius: friend who isn't afraid to say whatever's on their mind, doesn't make a lot of jokes intentionally but you'll still laugh at them anyway, quiet, giggly, odd
  • Pisces: Seems distant but is very engaged in their friendships, the shy friend, you don't know it but they smoke a fuckton of weed (or any other drug) every day, has something they're super passionate about, sweet

theofficial-baba  asked:

You know whats really sad? I'm honestly embarassed to tell people that I just recently turned vegan and whenever it comes up they're like ''Why are you pushing your weird values on me, I love animals I have a dog?'' And since they've been my friends for years and I was pretty much like them a year or so ago then I don't really want to fight with them about it and quietly do my vegan thing but they're just all over me ugh

Some people feel personally attacked just hearing the word vegan, its bizarre. I think them hearing you say you’re vegan suddenly makes them question the way they eat and live and they get defensive because omnivores aren’t really aware of what they contribute to - cognitive dissonance at it’s finest. We’re somehow taught that farm animals are dumb and dirty and not here for our love, so we don’t question these things. Of course you can love your pets and love the idea of animals but you can’t say you love and respect animals. The dog at your feet could be a pig, there’s no difference. Pigs are even smarter. They’re not aware of these things so we will always be “crazy” and “extreme”. Before I went vegan I believed most vegans were preachy and annoying and now that I have been one, for a while..I know it’s actually not even how it is. A vegan can’t even be on the same annoyance level as a dudebro going on about bacon as you try desperately to leave the conversation. Talk to your friends, if they respect you they’ll deal. I wouldn’t try and hide it. Veganism is something to be proud of, maybe it’ll even rub off on them in time, often how it happens.

anonymous asked:

hetero ship: *has little to no interaction but are automatically said to have amazing chemistry and is rushed into relationship. queer ship: *has chemistry + a shared past, make up most of the plot yet is always referred to bros or platonic cause "not everyone has to be in love, they're friends" "take it how you want to take it" "they follow the same path as a love story - but they're friends" I'M TIRED

i hate the “they can be friends too! platonic love exists too!” excuse so much because it’s always used AGAINST romantically shipping a m/m or f/f pairing. if you think they’re just friends and that they’re platonic then that should be you’re reason for feeling how you feel, it shouldn’t be used as a way to shame people for daring to ship them romantically