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the jealous!mercy au

suggested by an anon!

  • mercy isn’t really the type to get jealous
  • that’s what she’s always told herself
  • so the reason she’s staring daggers at the woman sitting with fareeha is not because she’s jealous
  • it’s because she’s concerned for fareeha’s safety
  • you never know what might happen
  • despite the fact that the woman was her childhood friend and fareeha’s armed with no less than three guns
  • the woman laughs and touches fareeha’s arm
  • angela’s jaw clenches.
  • lena slides in next to her.
  • ‘y’know, there’s an expression that goes, if looks could kill…’
  • ‘what do you want, lena.’
  • lena’s eyebrows rise slightly at her tone
  • ‘i was just checkin’ up on ya. you’ve been glarin’ over there for the past hour.’
  • the past hour, during which fareeha has decided to become best friends with this fucking woman
  • ‘i’m. fine.’
  • ‘okay, okay.’
  • lena disappears to a little booth in the corner, and whispers in widow’s ear
  • the woman smiles, leans closer. fareeha grins, lopsided. mercy scowls.
  • ‘careful, dr. ziegler.’
  • widowmaker.
  • ‘what?’ she snaps.
  • ‘one might think you were jealous.’
  • ‘i am not. i am looking out for her.’
  • ‘you know perfectly well how capable amari is of defending herself.’
  • ‘that doesn’t mean anything in a setting like this.’
  • widow scoffs. ‘of course not.’
  • they sit in silence for a moment, and then widow leans closer.
  • ‘i do not think that you care for her as a friend. tell me, what is your word- ah, yes. die Freundin.’
  • mercy tenses. ‘i told you-’ she growls, voice like shards of glass, but widow cuts her off.
  • ‘imagine,’ she whispers, voice low, ‘imagine her smiling at someone else, whispering quiet words of love to someone else, playing soft guitar for someone else, carrying someone else into the sky, imagine her making coffee for someone else, cooking for someone else, kissing someone else, imagine her loving someone else.’
  • the woman leans closer, presses a kiss to fareeha’s cheek. fareeha laughs.
  • ‘and imagine this. i know you’ve thought about it before- imagine her moving underneath you, muscles flexing, whispering low, fast arabic, your nails leaving bright red streaks down her back, how she would tense as you tipped her over the edge- you’ve imagined it.’
  • mercy’s muscles are tight now, shaking.
  • widow leans in, delivers the killing blow.
  • ‘so why can’t you imagine her with someone else?’
  • the stem of the wineglass snaps, and crimson wine swirls down mercy’s white knuckles.
  • widow smirks, rises to leave.
  • ‘you do not have much time, dr. ziegler,’ she calls. ‘fareeha amari is extremely desirable.’
  • and now the woman’s leaning in, and mercy rises, shoving her way through the crowd, and then she strides toward fareeha, and in one quick movement, pushes her up against the bar, and kisses her
  • it’s hot and hungry and a little bit mean, and both of them moan slightly
  • mercy pulls back, gauging fareeha’s reaction with terrified eyes
  • fareeha looks at her, and shakes her head, smile slowly growing.
  • ‘took you long enough.’

You wanna see how a team works /for/ their client while having access to their social media. Steve’s twitter stats:

It’s obvious way more than one person has access, but it’s difficult to pin-point who’s doing what because all the tweets are POSITIVE for Steve. All the tweets are promoting him and painting him in a good light. He’s not fighting anyone or doing senseless promo or supporting weird people that take advantage of him, or throwing disgusting messages to his fanbase. Look, it’s clear someone from Dim Mak’ PR was using Echofon:

All same day, in the span of less than an hour and a half, three different sources:

Which one is Steve? Which one is his team? Who cares!

Also that same day:

I’m pretty sure at least 10 people have access at all times. iPhone and TweetDeck:

iPhone, Media Studio and Web Client:

PS: Media Studio is a browser way of uploading videos to your Twitter account and you can give access to other people to your personal profile.

iPhone at 10.21, iPad at 10.49, iPhone at 11.02

It’s still cohesive. No following a fan and unfollowing while asleep two weeks later. No favouriting something controversial against your own girlfriend and then suddenly unfavouriting it. Wow, it CAN be accomplished! Wow, it’s normal and iit helps the artist out. Wow.

PS: Steve got married in December 2015 to a girl several years younger. She was 19 when they started dating. His life *COULD BE CONTROVERSIAL* they just choose not to exploit it or talk about it.

What if Exact Birth Time is Unknown?

I just focus on the geometrical aspects between the planets, and disregard the houses, automatically making noon their birth time when i enter their info.

Note: Since the moon spends less than two and a half days in each sign, 15 degrees over the course of one day, and moves almost three quarters of one degree every hour, I recommend not paying too much attention to the aspects that the moon makes to other celestial bodies if the birth time is unknown, because the aspect would no longer be valid in a matter of hours. Tight orbs, baby!

I can potentially write a whole page about certain aspects, point is, you’re still gleaning very thorough information!

Remember, the meaning of any single aspect in your chart will unfold to you throughout your life. My Pluto quincunx Moon has been quite the saga, luckily I know my EXACT birth time! Fortunately Chiron aspects to planets won’t change in a matter of hours, and these seem to show deep themes in a person’s life.

Venus and Mercury move more than one whole degree over the course of one day, so if you don’t even have a rough range of when someone was born, as in, not even a ballpark estimate like “somewhere between 1pm and 6pm” then the aspects to Mercury and Venus become questionable.

If we have an idea of the birth time, like I had a client who was born at 6am, I wrote the report like, “if you were actually born at 6:20am, then these planets would end up in the 12th house”, “but if you were born at 5:40am then this planet would be in your 2nd house”. Read the descriptions for each planet in the neighboring houses if the birth time is questionable, and take what feels right to you.

Whenever someone’s birth time is like 2:00pm on the dot, or 7:30pm or whatever, I automatically suspect that the nurse rounded off the birth time at least a few minutes…

ATTENTION ASTROLOGERS: The Ascendant moves one degree every four minutes! This can make a tremendous difference in some cases… Like right now, Pluto is 16 degrees Capricorn, exactly on my Ascendant. I was born at 6:51 am. If I was born at 7:00am, Pluto would still be in my 12th house, with a long while before heading into my 1st house. If I was born at 6:42am, then Pluto would have entered my 1st house in 2014 because my ascendant would have been 14 degrees Capricorn…

Whichever house that Pluto is transiting for you brings huge transformation into that area of life. For me it feels especially powerful that it has been going thru my 12th and into my 1st… I may make a post about this… Unfortunately we can’t tell what house a planet is transiting without time of birth, you can only do the transiting aspects.

^^My birth chart^^

On character deaths as symbolism of characterization elements


I already did an exploration of what drives Ruby as a character and what kind of “deconstruction of a hero” narrative is weaved around her, so this time I’d like to focus on the roles three deaths she witnesses serve in terms of that road

In volume 3, less than few hours, Ruby ends up witnessing three very different deaths of three people that played very different roles in her life. In all three cases, Ruby is more of an observer unable to do anything to prevent it from happening. But why those three people? Let’s look at each of them separately in regards to what they mean for Ruby.

Again Mind you, just because a character serves a thematical role within other character’s journey, does not mean the character only existed for that. All three characters here had their own stories and roles and their own goals. Howver just like a basic narrative theory dictates, they also had a meaning in terms of their interactions and existence.

In this case the three people whose deaths Ruby observed, hold a strong metaphorical signnificance in her characterization and character progression.

As always the long tl;dr journey comes after the cut

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It is in my nature to set challenging and difficult goals, to fully experience and enjoy the journey in the wilderness. I’ve been wanting to do this kind of winter hike more than three years and I finally went for it. Super tired, but happy!

Yesterday morning I headed out from Aegviidu for a 20km hike. After 5h I arrived to the camp. Spent the dark evening hours by the calming fire and slept under the shelter. Hiking back was way harder than getting there: my backpack + all my equipment weighed around 30kg, my feet were sore and my trapezius muscles were hurting because of the heavy bag. But it took me 45 min less. Despite the tiredness, arriving back to where I started made me feel satisfied and happy!

Super excited to spend some more time in nature, and not only taking photos of nature or wildlife. Sometimes I just want to go for a hike and enjoy the moment. All photos taken by me.

Crossing Paths (Robbie Reyes)

word count: 3, 382

request: Hi!! A reader x Robbie where the reader is a vigilante and Robbie finds out and he’s upset and proud because they’re kick ass and the. They become like a crime fighting couple? Thanks! I love your writing!

requested by: @raeraethefangirl03

a/n: THREE DAYS IN A ROW??? That’s an accomplishment for me, honestly…also, it’s Tuesday! I get to see my baby in less than nine hours and feeling AMAZING! I also cleaned the house, planning on washing my clothes…I’m being very productive :)

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“Poussey was a good person and she had a future outside of prison. She was going to be a chef. She had a dad. She had friends. She had a future. She enjoyed reading. She spoke three languages. She was really young and had her whole life ahead of her. Then she was killed. She said she couldn’t breathe, but he kept choking her. She weighed less than 100 pounds and was only 5'3. She died trying to help her friend. She was left on the ground for hours. Her body wasn’t even moved they just put a tarp over it. People didn’t feel bad for her, they felt bad for the guard who killed her because he would have to live with his crime. What about her friends who have to live without her? Her death was called an accident and in the report they didn’t even say her name. They tried to prove the innocence of the guard and tried to write off her life, but she was a good person.

Poussey’s death is heartbreaking because we loved her. We loved her and she was kind and smart and sweet and deserving of a beautiful life. We loved her and life was cruel to her. Systems failed her, people failed her. I’m heartbroken and angry because I loved her. I was crying hysterically and I couldn’t stop. And I’m still such a mess.

I know that for someone this is just a fiction. But this story could happen or happened. This whole story is about racism, tolerance, cruel systems and justice for all people. No one has a right to decide about anyone live or death. Nobody has the right to take anyone pride and dignity. There are no better or worst humans. There are just humans and all lives matter.

And at the end. Please don’t fall in love with fictional characters, because writers could kill them.

Poussey Washington deserves better.”

anonymous asked:

as someone who did get banned from using the script: yeah, we did totally deserve it, and I'm not gonna argue that. I used it (personally, can't speak for anyone else) because bonding with familiars any way that didn't take more than an hour (like ctrl+click + ctrl+w) would crash my browser at least twice every single time I tried to do it. I'm more of just surprised that they went for three days instead of a day like usual; and they won't give us any alternative to make bonding more accessible.

I feel you, yeah. My computer can barely handle bonding, and it sucks. Staff should definitely figure out something that makes bonding a little less frustrating; I understand wanting users to put in work for relatively free gain but the current system’s just. Unnecessarily tedious.

The longer bans are a little concerning as well, though if memory serves it seems like they’ve been using the one-day bans less and less? I just hope this isn’t a precursor to them getting more liberal with using a full ban for scripts and the like.

Oh, did you get banned or suspended? I would be. Sincerely alarmed if they outright banned a first offender for scripting?

Yesterday I got interrupted in the middle of recording Molly finding our exit (after over an hour of wandering the mall, and starting at the opposite end of a store with no less than three exits). Random lady decided to yell questions at me from twenty or so feet away because she was concerned that she couldn’t pet Molly. She kept following me when I was walking away, so I figured it’d be easier to just answer the questions.

Molly did find the exit afterwards just fine, navigated through the store and such like she’d been bred for it.

Went to an Irish pub, played trivia, no access issues there (everybody was just kind of like “Dog! Okay!”), and Molly fell asleep under the table. Mostly I find that surprising because she was lying down on one of the crossbars so it can’t have been particularly comfortable, but whatever.

Got a custom made tag for her collar in case she ever gets lost with my contact info on it, and states that she’s an SD.

dean and cas going to a pizza place that’s famous for their two-person challenge that only six people in the history of the restaurant have won. dean is confident that he and cas will have absolutely no problem finishing the giant pizza in less than an hour because cas is an angel, right? high five for loopholes. 

except when the pizza arrives cas gets this dark look in his eyes and when dean says, “dude, what are you waiting for? dig in,” cas says, “i’m not a cheater. finish it yourself.” 

of course dean doesn’t finish it but he sure fucking tries.

and now he’s committed. so they start going back two or three times a week, cas always stoically watching and occasionally offering encouragement or gentle pushing until finally after several months, dean does it. he finishes the damn thing all by himself and wins free pizza for a year.

…..and cas, well, he wins a lot of extra dean to grab while they fuck.

i was so preoccupied with packing my jerseys (three of them! why!!) i forgot to pack my meds 😷

Lucky Strike, Part IV


In which Plagg is helpful, Marinette is confused and Adrien somehow isn’t. 

Wordcount: 8.500+

Rating: T

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V 

They stayed up late. So very late; in fact, that neither Chat nor Marinette wanted to look at the time because it would cement the fact that he had to go. 

But the clock didn’t lie, and once they’d looked at it, it was time to face the truth, and so…Marinette almost pushed him out, insisting that she was not going to be the one to blame when he crashed against a building or wall, or anything like that. But she smiled as she did so, giggling as he kissed her again and again, delaying his departure as much as possible and even the notion that he’d sleep for less than three hours was okay, because she was smiling at him with tousled hair, looking so freshly kissed that it was really hard for him to leave.

I’ll see you tomorrow? She asked and he only said yes, because after tonight, he couldn’t say anything else. She laughed and kissed him again and he’d finally began making his way home.

He’d fallen asleep with a smile on his face.

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Existential Crisis (Dan Howell)

Word Count: 1,063


You sat huddled in bed after building a secure duvet fort around yourself. When you woke up this morning everything just seemed to hit you at once. You had missed calls off your parents and older brother about attending his wedding next month and you also had emails from university lecturers about random work they wanted you to do to get some work experience at a marketing company in London.

When you chose to study Marketing you were pumped and excited, but you’d graduated from university three months ago and hadn’t done much with your life. Well you watched Netflix and binge watched your boyfriend Dan’s videos on YouTube because you could relate to him.

Now you just wanted to stay in bed and cry about how you’ve achieved nothing in your twenty one years on this planet, you weren’t known for being emotional but in less than twenty four hours you were a sniffling wreck. You needed answers to all the questions swimming in your head.

Why did I choose marketing? Why has no one hired me? Why is my older brother more successful than me? Why am I a disappointment? Why did Dan stay with me all this time? What should I do with my life? And they were only the recent ones you’d asked Google and now had several open tabs with answers that made you feel like crap.

If the internet couldn’t even tell you that you were worthy of something then that really was the bottom of the barrel. You could hear your parents in your head telling you ‘I told you so’ that your life would come to nothing after university. Maybe that was too harsh but you always felt you had to be in competition with your older sibling who seemed to be worshipped by everyone in the family.

‘y/n are you here?’

Dan’s voice rings through your flat, you forgot about giving him a spare key last month. The two of you didn’t live together because he lived with Phil but you both had flats in London and split your time between the two. Why didn’t Dan want to live with you? Three years you’d been at this relationship and why couldn’t you both take the next step? Was Dan ashamed of you? He had hundreds of fangirls throwing themselves at him and he chose someone ugly like you.

The tears flowed more freely at the thought of Dan breaking up with you because he could do so much better. You loved him but maybe that wasn’t enough anymore, he was internet famous and you were a nobody.


y/n missed our breakfast date which was unlike her, she never missed one and she wasn’t answering her phone so I got worried and came over to her flat. I knew that recently she had a lot on her plate but she was so strong, hell she was stronger than me. I respected her resilience to never give in when the going got tough; it was one of the many qualities of hers I fell in love with.

I used the key she gave me last month and opened the door to her apartment. You enjoyed living with your best friend Phil but you and y/n had been together long enough that you should really move in together. I spent more and more time in her flat while Phil had his girlfriend over, it wasn’t nice being a third wheel when I had a beautiful girl on the other side of London. Phil and I were going to sit down next week and discuss our options, we’d still do the radio show and Dan and Phil Games would continue but we’d just be living with our girlfriends.

I heard sniffling coming from the bedroom, was y/n crying? She never cried. I pushed open the bedroom door and was shocked by the sight in front of me. y/n sat surrounded by her duvet and blankets like a protective barrier around her, her laptop was open on the bed and I had to step over her phone which was cracked and on the floor by the door. That explained why she didn’t answer me, but what had happened?

‘y/n are you okay?’

She shook her head and my face saddened seeing her red puffy eyes.

‘How did you manage Dan?’

‘Manage what love?’

I made my way towards the bed and y/n reluctantly opened the duvet allowing me to crawl in with her, I held her in my arms as she rested her head on my chest.

‘I woke up this morning and everything just got too much. What am I doing with my life? I have a degree but no one will hire me? My brothers getting married and my parents keep asking when it will be my turn. Why are you with me when you could have someone better? I hate my life and just want it to change; I might have also broken my phone when I threw it at the wall.’

I knew exactly what she was going through. I went through a pretty big existential crisis and now I was better off. I wondered why she hadn’t cracked but it looked like her defences had come crumbling down and she felt vulnerable. I leant down and kissed her on the head. I hated that she thought she wasn’t good enough for me, I loved her to pieces.

‘Having an existential crisis sucks y/n but it’s healthy to have one trust me. There’s nothing wrong with you babe, you just need to let it all out and then you can make small changes which will lead to bigger and better things.’

‘How did you of all people get so wise Daniel?’

She reached up and poked my nose while I chuckled and shook my head.

‘I’ve always been wise y/n. Now tell me what I can do to make you feel better.’

y/n tapped her chin.

‘Just stay here and cuddle with me because I can’t be bothered moving from this bed for the next few days.’

I nodded and stroked her hair, oh how this bought back memories of my own existential crisis. I wouldn’t leave her side until everything was back on track, she needed me more at the moment and I was sure the fans and Phil would understand.

The Nordics at 5am in the morning
  • Denmark: Sleeps through his alarmclock, all three of them, and doesn't wake up until the last minute when Norway or Sweden physcially drags him out of the bed.
  • Norway: He is a complete wreck before his coffee but is less grumpy than usual. More cuddly and has trouble seperating reality from his dreams.
  • Sweden: The only one capable of functioning in the morning and the only reason the family survives at the early hour. Probably because he went to bed at time.
  • Finland: Unlike Norway he becomes much meaner in the morning and resembles much of an angry cat, hissing at everything and everyone until he gets his coffee.
  • Iceland: Stayed up all night playing videogames since he wouldn't be able to get enough sleep anyway.
  • Sealand: Basically bouncing on the walls with energy and mouth going nonstop until Finland is awake enough to stop Sweden from giving him more Sugar-Pops.
Kakasaku Flash Fic: “One Fine Day”

Title: “One Fine Day”
Summary: Kakashi comes home to a box on their bed.

Lots of baby feels right now, so something short before I go back to doing my translation homework. Still no mermaids because I know I’ll need a good three hours at least to write and that’s more than I have time for atm.

Inspired by Neil Gaiman’s post about his newborn child and this video.

He comes home to a small box on the edge of their bed. At this point, Kakashi is used to Sakura’s habit of gift-giving, but they’re usually less tangible. A massage or coming home to his favorite dinner, to name a few examples. But never like this. Never in such formal packaging.

“…It’s not my birthday,” he comments as he picks up the silver box. It’s light, and he immediately rules out most weapons. Some exploding tags, perhaps?

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The Weeping Willow – A Hiddleswift Short Story

London.  There was a time that she once loved this city.  Back when she would spend days on end sipping tea and writing songs.  She felt energized here, rejuvenated, alive.  She’d give just about anything to feel that way now.  London took on a new meaning for her when she met Tom and then took on yet another meaning when she lost him.  

London is no longer a city she loves.

She pleaded with Ed to consider joining her in Nashville or New York when he called her up and asked her to write with him.  It was an offer she didn’t want to refuse but she considered doing so when he insisted that she come to London.  When she asked him why he wanted her there, he simply responded because she needed to be. He knew she wouldn’t say no.  He was right.

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Christmas 2015 Ideal Gifts For The People Of Storybrooke

Emma Swan: No less than a three month vacation away from Storybrooke once she returns from the Underworld with Killian. Perhaps New York, or a tropical island, or Europe. She’ll get to go with Henry and Killian of course. A new red leather jacket, because the fire and brimstone smell of the Underworld tend to linger. She also gets to punch Rumple in the face 10 times without retaliation. An engagement ring, a wedding shower, and a surprise housewarming party, with thoughtful and practical gifts. A minimum of 24 uninterrupted hours with Killian. 

Killian Jones: His hand back, if he wants it. The Jolly Roger to be repainted, repaired and in ship shape upon his return form his vacation with Emma and Killian. A new dashing and pirate-y suit for him to wear when he marries Emma. He also gets to stab Rumple with his sword 10 times without retaliation, or he can give him a few good left hooks if that’s what he prefers. A really awesome bachelor party with lots of rum. A minimum of 24 hours of uninterrupted time with Emma. 

Henry Mills: Lots of notebooks. Seriously, he’s the author, and the kid never has a notebook to jot down notes about his adventures. How on earth is he suppose to remember everything. A first date that doesn’t end in heartbreak. A secretary to record everything that happens in Storybrooke while he’s on vacation with Emma and Killian.

Mama Snow: Some Netflix and chill time with her hubby, Neal will be with a sitter of course. A spa day with Emma so she can actually spend some really time getting to know her daughter because that hasn’t happened in years. 

David: Some netflix and chill time with his wifey. A night at the Rabbit Hole with Killian because he hasn’t had time to hang out with his best mate in ages and he needs it, okay?

Regina Mills: A restraining order for her crazy sister. Family ice cream date night with Robin, Roland, Henry and unnamed baby girl hood. A new pant suit.

Robin Hood: A restraining order for his crazy baby mama. A camping trip with the merry men. The ice cream date night, and an actual decent name for his daughter.

Belle: A new leather chair for the library. A true love who doesn’t lie to her and abuse her. A therapist that she can go to whenever she wants to consider taking Rumple back, so they can slap some sense into her. She also gets to punch Rumple in the face 15 times when she finds out that he’s the Dark One again, although let’s be real she probably won’t use those punches, so maybe just another free therapy session.

Rumple: Nothing. Or maybe a shallow grave. And definitely a punch in the face from every single person that he has ever screwed over. This will take a while. 

Supremacist convicted of killing 3 people at Kansas Jewish centers

KCTV5: A jury took less than 2 hours to convict a white supremacist of killing 3 people at Kansas City-area Jewish centers in 2014. Frazier Glenn Miller Jr., who represented himself in the trial, argued he killed all three because Jewish people were attempting to wipe out the white race.

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Photo: Frazier Glenn Cross Jr. writes on an easel pad before he gave his closing statement during his capital murder trial on Monday in the Johnson County Courthouse in Olathe. (POOL/The Kansas City Star)

I have worked to raise the minimum wage from almost my first day in Congress. It’s easy to forget what real life is about when you make $133,000 a year as a congressman. It’s easy to forget what low-income workers feel when you’re one of the 29 millionaires in the Senate. It’s easy to forget that most people don’t drop $50 on lunch when you hang out at the country club.

But there are 12 million American workers earning less than $5.15 an hour, or $10,712 a year. And no, these are not all middle-class teenagers earning a little mad money. Three-quarters of them are adults, mostly women, trying to keep themselves and their families alive. These are people who take on two and three jobs, because forty-hour-a-week jobs are hard to come by, who have to walk to work or wait long periods for a bus because they can’t scrape together enough money to buy a car, who sleep in emergency shelters or in campgrounds because they can’t pay the rent.

—  Bernie Sanders speaking about the same issues in 1997 that we’re facing today. From his book, Outsider in the White House.