because in each of these it is for joel and their relationship kills me

How Dead Hannah Baker keeps the Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope Alive

*pictured above: Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) from 13 Reasons Why


I know that some of you may be wondering what exactly is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Well there’s no text book definition but here’s one I found online from

“A Manic Pixie Dream Girl or MPDG, is a term coined by film critic Nathan Rabin after seeing Elizabethtown. It refers to “that bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures.” A pretty, outgoing, whacky female romantic lead whose sole purpose is to help broody male characters lighten up and enjoy their lives.”

Now that you have an idea of what this is I’ll start by giving you examples. Usually the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, MPDG for short, is only there so the nerdy usually white male that is obsessed with them can grow from the experience with them. Now I know you’re thinking “how exactly do I spot one of these creatures?” Well guys it’s very easy and I’ll give you some tips. Most MPDG’s are white, have a wild outlook on the world, and are deemed gorgeous by the general public. 

*pictured above: Clementine Kruczynski (Kate Winslet) and Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) in the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The first MPDG I can think of is Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind. She is a wild says whatever is on her mind kind of girl and meets poor Joel on the train. This film happens through flashbacks and dreams showing how happy she made him. The relationship went sour which it usually does with a MPDG and they both have each other erased from their memories. Dramatic, I know, but losing her and getting her back helps Joel in some crazy way. It’s like without her he can’t fully live his life and that’s just sad.

*pictured above: Tom (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deschanel) in 500 Days of Summer

People love this movie and don’t even realize that Summer is problematic as fuck. Summer is this cool girl who doesn’t believe in love and basically drags poor Tom around for you fucking guessed it, 500 days. Tom thinks that Summer is the one for him and tries to date her and show her love exists. Even though they do end up dating things fall apart because cool, secure, witty as all hell Summer is still scared of love. I mean I thought that was a LA thing. It doesn’t take Tom to realize how pathetic he is until he sees Summer at a park AND REALIZES SHE FUCKING GOT MARRIED. Summer’s excuse is that she wasn’t sure about Tom but she was sure about her husband now…. LOL need I say more? 

*pictured above: Margo (Cara Delevigne) and Quentin (Nat Wolff) in Paper Towns.

Last example is John Green’s book turned film Paper Towns. Quentin has been in love with the popular girl next door Margo. One random night Margo climbs into Quentin’s window and asks him to get revenge on her now ex boyfriend. They spend the whole night at the store getting supplies, ruining the boy’s car, and looking over the city they live in. Margo feels stuck where she is and unlike feels different tan her friends. Spoiler alert: she’s not. At the end of the night they both go home and of course nerdy Quentin is blissed the fuck out. Before I go in on this, we have to acknowledge that all of John Green‘s main characters are MPDG’s. It’s basically his forte. But I digress. Quentin wakes up and, surprise, Margo has gone missing. Quentin is determined to find her and believes that she left clues for him. Quentin his two friends and Margo’s bestie go on a roadtrip from florida to upstate New York and find themselves while trying to find Margo. His friends eventually leave him because no way in teen rom com hell are they going to miss the prom. Quentin stays and eventually finds the girl of his dreams. Turns out Margo didn’t want to be found at all and just like Tom in 500 days of Summer Quentin looks like a fucking dumb ass. Quentin makes it home in time for prom and enjoys it with his friends cause in the end that’s all he really needed… but it took a cross country road trip trying to find a selfish teen girl who doesn’t care about you to figure that out. Nice!

*pictured above: Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) and Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) in 13 Reasons Why

As we all know Jay Asher’s book 13 Reasons why has been turned into a tv show on Netflix. The premise is that high schooler Hannah Baker has killed herself and left 13 tapes for certain people to listen to. If you’re on this tape, you’re one of the reasons why she’s gone. Creepy right? Well in the book, which is only 288 pages, Hannah is a sweet girl who seemed to have the worst time of her damn life. The book is short so it seems like every event that happened to Hannah happens like one day after the other. Clay listens to his friend’s tapes in one night and it really hits you in the gut. Personally I like the book better but I am here to address the show. If you want to read my full opinion on the entire show you can do so by clicking here

The problem with the Tv series is that by stretching the fuck out of this book they have to add on to the characters. Unfortunately Hannah is made into a MPDG from beyond the grave. In the show Hannah is deemed pretty by everyone around her. If the high school jocks think you’re hot, you’re golden am I right? What makes Hannah a MPDG is the way she treats poor Clay Jensen. Clay is the main character in the show and you find out what happens to Hannah by watching him listen to the tapes. SInce it takes Clay fucking weeks to listen to 13 DAMN TAPES only through flashbacks do you get to see what Hannah is truly like. Hannah on the show confused me after I watched it. I was like “Why don’t I like her?” Don’t get me wrong I felt for the girl and everything that happened was horrible but something was just off. She talked to Clay all the time in witty banter and even gave him a nickname. There were so many chances where she could have just kissed him or got alone time but she didn’t. The other problem with Hannah Is that she was so confident and cool, and filled with teen angst, it didn’t make sense for her to care about what people thought. It’s like she had two personalities. When we see her with Clay she’s this smart funny girl who seemed unattainable but when we see her with virtually anyone else she’s insecure and dying for attention from any popular boy in school. Hannah makes it seem as if Clay isn’t good enough for her when in reality he’s the only person she has. In the 12th episode while Hannah is taking a walk she ends up at a house party where all the popular kids are. Even though she thinks Clay hates her at this point she could’ve tried to talk things out with him. It just frustrates me that she would go to a rapist’s house cause she’s that desperate for attention. Why fight for these douche bags that have done nothing but hurt you instead of fighting for Clay? 

Clay shows character progression only when he’s listening to the tapes. Hearing his dream girl tell the stories before her untimely death makes Clay a better person to people around him. I mean that is the point of all this but at the same time, it shouldn’t take tapes from a girl who has committed suicide to realize that hey, high school is hard don’t be a fucking asshole to people. Clay also grows some balls while listening to the tapes. He basically yells in the middle of the school hall and even lowkey bullies this kid Tyler. I mean Tyler was a creep but bullying someone would be the last thing on my agenda while listening to a dead girl’s tapes. I wrote this for me to get my thoughts out cause everyone keeps asking me about this show. Every conversation I have I always say that I didn’t really like Hannah so if you think Hannah kind of sucks I’m here with you. Hannah is the most twisted MPDG ever and yes it’s because she’s dead. Clay only grows while listening to these tapes which is kind of in a way fucked up. Even though Clay, unlike the book, gets justice for two sexually assaulted girls and Hannah’s life it shouldn’t take Hannah’s 13 tapes to grow. Hannah killing herself should’ve made everyone change and grow on their own.

I know at this point you’re probably saying “ I read this long ass article what is the point?!” The point is that women are not objects. Being a woman is hard and having to grow up is truly a journey. You have media constantly showing you how the perfect woman acts or talks or dresses. Going through high school you have to deal with the pressure of society and unfortunately care about what your peers think. I grew up from my own damn experiences. I didn’t just find myself cause I left a boyfriend or cause I cut my hair I learned that I am what I am and I can’t change that and I’m very happy with who I turned out to be. This is especially hard to do when you’re a black girl like me raised in an all white community. Why must men in these movies need a girl for them to realize who they are? I’m not saying it’s easy to be a boy but come on dude the girl of your dreams isn’t gonna finally give you this sense of Omg I know what my purpose in life is. Your dream girl is not your mom teaching you about life. You know what’s right and what’s wrong without a girl whispering you to the right direction in your ear. You can only figure out who you are by being you and it is completely possible for films and TV shows to show this without a MPDG. I know the show 13 Reasons Why is supposed to show how small things matter and can snowball into this big thing. I get it I really do. The problem is that they could’ve shown that making Hannah solely the victim and not a jaded Manic Pixie Dream Girl. 

So this is my personal long-ass interpretation/aggressive rant on The Last of Us’ ending, how I think Part II is going to play out, as well as where I personally think Joel and Ellie are at in the story as of right now. It’s long as hell so I apologize, lmao buckle your seatbelts. 

First off, I know everybody is excited Ellie is a more grown up woman now, I am too. But I think Ellie has always been a woman though in the sense of the word. It has nothing to do with her age. Even at 14, she wasn’t an ordinary 14 year old, but now in Part II that she’s obviously physically older, she has matured even more now and her mind has changed and has adapted to different things. Ellie’s maturity and how it continues to grow ties a lot into what i’m gonna say next. 

Now, in that Last of Us One Night Live performance, Neil Druckmann (Writer for The Last of Us), Ashley (Ellie), and Troy (Joel) did, there was this ‘alternate ending scene’ at the end where Joel tries to mend his relationship with Ellie because he knew he broke their trust a bit. Ellie seems hesitant and doesn’t really want to talk to Joel at first, but after he gives her the guitar, (I’m assuming the one we see Ellie playing in the Part II trailer,) He not only taught her how to play eventually, (Given Ellie is playing guitar in the trailer so Joel clearly taught her, as hinted to him telling her he would in the first game.) But in the moment after he gave her the guitar and sung to her as well, (Future Days by Pearl Jam.) Ellie warms up to him again a little. Joel is clearly communicating in song how much she means to him, therefore after, she seems willing to repair their relationship - it’s a joint effort. On Joel’s hand it’s him realizing the repercussions of his mistake, and wanting Ellie to understand and forgive him. On Ellie’s hand it’s her trying to understand and make amends with Joel, but still trying to show him why she wasn’t fully okay with what he did. Neil said that the One Night Live alternate ending wasn’t official or canon - but it wasn’t just written how it was for no reason, there was something more behind it.

I mean, think about it. In the Part II trailer, Joel was still with Ellie, meaning that through the five years leading up to Part II, Ellie in some way had accepted Joel’s decision and choice. A misconception is because Neil said Part II is about ‘hate’, that it automatically has something to do with Joel. But what if it doesn’t? He never said or even implied that hatred was toward Joel, and it seems like Ellie has more anger toward the people she had seemingly just killed in the house she was in. Sure at first, maybe even her being 19 now, she still doesn’t fully like that Joel lied. Fine. But there is clear indication she moved on from that, and there’s a lot of reasons why she likely did. And i’ll you why. 

I think a big reason is actually because of Riley. Allow me to explain. In Left Behind, Riley tells Ellie after they’ve been bitten that, “We fight for every second we get to spend with eachother, whether it’s two minutes, or two days, we don’t give that up.” We also see that in the cutback shot to Ellie managing to make a makeshift gurney for Joel, stitching him up, as well as going through all kinds of hell, (David and James.) just to get her hands on medicine to keep him alive. Because she was fighting for him. For what he means to her. And I think that’s one of many reasons why Ellie replaces guilt, with acceptance. It’s because Riley taught Ellie to value loyalty and friendship over what seems to be the bigger decision or the right thing to do. (Example of this is Riley giving up joining the Fireflies’ cause for Ellie, despite Riley always wanting to support the Fireflies and their cause.) 

Another reason I believe is that it’s Ellie realizing what she has with Joel is something she always wanted, because she didn’t have her father or her mother Anna to comfort her; it also helps her ease her fear of being alone, (As she told Sam, “I’m scared of ending up alone.”) She knows no matter what Joel makes her feel safe, he is a constant in her life and has never abandoned her. (”Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me, everyone fucking except for you!”) 

I also still don’t think that Joel is evil. Sorry I just don’t. Evil is and always has been a point of view. And that was a big theme in The Last of Us. Evil is a perspective, everything isn’t black and white, it’s only grey. Hence why Neil Druckmann left everything up to interpretation, like the ending, or even how you viewed David in the Winter chapter. Because to everybody else, how they view Joel, what he did to Marlene at the end, how you view David or the Hunters, it varies depending on each person and their ideals of morality and moral obligations to do what seems to be the right thing, and going against what seems wrong. It’s about finding what your limits are and where you as the player, personally draw the line. To Joel, it isn’t wrong. To anybody who has a child or a family, they agree with Joel. They would do the same thing. To the Fireflies, killing a young girl for a potential chance for a vaccine, as well as putting her under without her knowledge first was absolutely necessary. And that what Joel did by taking Ellie from them was horrible, as he doomed a potential chance for mankind - even if mankind might’ve been beyond repair at that point. To David and the cannibals, they didn’t see how they were much different than Ellie and Joel, they both “Kill to survive.” As David said, and had to do what was necessary so their group could live. But to Ellie she saw them as terrible people for eating human beings. 

All-in-all it wraps up into what you are willing to accept, and what you are not. I think after everything Ellie saw, she couldn’t just morph it all together into a simple answer of just, “Well Joel lied to me, he’s clearly a terrible person for robbing me of what I wanted and now I hate him, despite everything we went through together.” After David, everything Ellie had seen with Henry killing himself after seeing Sam turn, along with all the other horrific things - that’s exactly what caused Ellie to level with Joel. And Ellie knew full-well Joel was lying, and even Ashley Johnson, (Ellie’s actor), agrees with the fact that Ellie knew Joel was lying. Ellie is smart, she knew he was full of shit. But she embraced it anyway and said, “Okay.” Because this was something she was willing to understand. Looking back on all the moments, you can see Ellie’s unwillingness herself to let Joel go. Like the scene at the ranch house, how happy she was when Joel changed his mind on handing her over to Tommy, how she fell into his arms crying after killing David, and many other moments throughout the game. However, her saying, “Okay.”, doesn’t mean that she’s necessarily okay with him lying, it’s saying, “Okay. I understand why you’re doing this and why you’re saying this.” And it’s going from there. It seems like the whole journey was for nothing. But maybe it wasn’t, because in the end, Ellie and Joel figured out what they needed - and that was eachother. And, again, it was Ellie being able to replace guilt with acceptance. 

That’s also why I don’t agree with the whole Joel is dead theory in the trailer and him being a hallucination. Not only does it not make sense from a game design standpoint, but also a narrative standpoint. Neil said so himself, the story of The Last of Us is about Joel and Ellie and their relationship, it doesn’t feel right any other way. Besides, there’s only so much you can do if Joel is dead. I think playing out all what I just explained in Part II would be much more interesting and much more catering to how the first game went, and would allow us to become more attached to their characters and more involved in how we interpret decisions, character, and ideas of morals.

Gangsta. theory about Nicolas and Veronica (and Alex).

Okay, I see there is a huge interest in my theory about Nicolas, Veronica and Alex (like whoa, seriously guys, I’m quite shocked), so I’m gonna share it with you.
Just before I start, few things I need to point out:
- This post is really long. I’M SORRY.
- I’m not a native english speaker so some linguistic mistakes may occur.
- This theory/speculation/headcanon/I-have-no-idea-how-to-call-it may contain major manga spoilers.
- I MAY BE WRONG.  So please don’t judge me, this is just some kind of thought that hunts me for a few days now. If you want to talk about it, my ask box is always open so please feel free as long as it won’t be a hateful vomit towards myself.

As far as the manga’s plot is going, we still don’t have much information about Veronica, except some images from memories and words from other characters which don’t make much sense by now.
We know that there was some kind of relationship between Veronica and Nicolas, we know that this relationship didn’t end well for her, or maybe for both of them. We know that she almost got killed by Nicolas (this is what granny Joel and Chad were saying) and because of the memories we can see that she was indeed in a terrible shape during her time with Benriya ( I assume that her reminiscence in both Nicolas and Worick’s memory is quite traumatic).
So, with everyone around blaming Nic for Veronica’s current state, I have been thinking - what if this is not 100% truth? 
Let’s assume that they were in a really close relationship. She became Nic’s woman, they were lovers. I think that their relationship was quite brutal due to the Celebrer’s overdosing they both were doing; she was a way more vulnerable to the side-effects of overdosing than Nicolas, so at some point she started to loose her sense of pain (and we know that for sure, Gina is using Veronica as a warning for Nicolas saying “do you want to end up like her?” or something like that) and became more and more muzzy (her expressionless nature is somehow explainable that way). What I believe is if they both loved each other and Nicolas were watching her everyday slowly crawling into an abyss of her own body, he wanted to help her somehow.  
What if she was asking him to make her feel pain, so that’s why she was always covered in bruises, stitches and scars (aside from these she got during the battles)? I think that he wanted to help her so badly that he accepted her calling for help and started to maim her, for a good cause of course. Beating, hurting her, maybe some kind of really hardcore BDSM stuff, but after some time it wasn’t enough for her, she was coming back home with a several battle wounds and she was crying because she didn’t feel pain at all. Maybe after some time the physical wounds that Nico was making to soothe her inner pain became bigger and deeper, maybe she started to self-harming herself because Nicolas began to deny her requests as they went more brutal and he was seeing where this shit was going and he totally didn’t sign up for that.
Maybe one day it all went to the point where she got so harmed to the state every normal person or Twilight who run on balanced Celebrer’s doses would say “enough” while crying in a huge pain, but she didn’t feel anything so she was seeking for more and asked Nicolas and maybe he said “no”, so in an act of desperation she grabbed her knife and chopped off her arm, in front of Nicolas. And she did felt a sweet relief when the pain ran through her body…but it wasn’t a relief to Nicolas at all.
I believe that he grabbed and took her to Theo’s place, they called the police and Nicolas became no.1 suspect. They took him for an interrogation, started to accuse of harming Veronica to almost death state, maybe he couldn’t explain them what happened, maybe he didn’t really know how to explain that. So, as everyone around started to blame him for what happened to Veronica, even if he was doing it all for her own good, he blew with anger during the interrogation and started to destroy everything he found on his way (this may explain why two police men in chapter 7 are saying “it will be troublesome if he keeps breaking the property!” “yeah…but that guys also changed. He used to be such a burden…”).
But why everyone now is blaming Nicolas for what happened to Veronica? Well, if they were in a relationship and people knew about it, seeing Veronica covered in bruises, stitches and bandages almost all the time might made people into thinking that he was physically abusing her. Maybe someone asked them about it, maybe everyone remained silent. But when this shit with Veronica occur, not knowing the actual part of the story people unanimously pointed at Nicolas as the reason for all of this and started to blame him.
The next thing is, why Veronica is living in the “Pussy” when this place belongs to Corsica Family? I think that they choose this place for Veronica to stay, so she could be isolated from Nicolas. If Corsicas truly hate Twilights, this is the only place where Veronica is safe from him. Twilights are not quite gladly welcomed there, we can see it in Gangsta., but, as we know, he had a chance to see her, so I’m starting to believe that maybe Big Mama knows what really happened between these two and she allows Nicolas to see his beloved (ex-beloved?) one. 
And in my head things are getting really fucked up when it gets to the point, how did the relationship between Nico and Veronica have an influence on current relationship of Alex and Nicolas? We can see how he kept her on a distance at the beginning and he lately started to destroy the fences he picked up before. What if the reason (besides the huge resemblance between Alex and Veronica) is that he didn’t want to go through same shit he went with Veronica, he didn’t want to be blamed once again if anything would happen to Alex? I believe he may be feeling quite hunted down because of all this accusations that people are putting on him. What if he is afraid that if anything is going to happen to Alex, even if it obviously won’t be his fault, he is going to be the first to be blamed for? 
But then, why did he stop keeping her on a distance? We can see that something is starting to happen between these two, but really - why? Why is he always there where Alex is put in danger? Why he keeps observing her when they both are alone (this scene at the roof of Theo’s clinic or Alex’s awakening after the bad dream)? Is the reason that the only way to protect her from harm is to not let her stay alone? 
But I guess this is a topic for a different post.

Suicide Squad: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (spoilers)


  • Most of the performances. Will Smith and Margot Robbie were the highlights among the Squad, which is probably why so much of their footage survived cuts and/or was added in reshoots, but most of the actors were good, even the ones who had to work through bad writing.
  • Ayer did well at balancing the grimdark thing DC/WB is doing with humor and levity. It didn’t feel jarring when it went from serious or dark or emotional moments to comedy.
  • The visuals were overall good. Ayer really went for it stylistically and it mostly paid off. As with the tone, the balance of light/colorful and dark/grimy worked.
  • It was an overall entertaining movie. I wasn’t bored, and most of my laughter wasn’t at the movie like I expected.
  • The decision to assign each character a designer and have their clothes either inspired or made by those designers (Harley with Jeremy Scott, Croc with Haider Ackermann, etc.) was a good way of establishing their identities visually.
  • The Joker’s henchmen had cool costumes.


  • The reshoots were obvious. Anytime they had a scene that was too long because Will Smith was improvising for several minutes (which, granted, was still entertaining because Will Smith is great) or where the dialogue suddenly seemed like it was written by a five year old (actual line from Deadshot in the third act: “YOU’RE AN EVIL LADY!”).
  • Between things that were inherent to the story Ayer was telling and things that were clearly reshoots, there were several points where things got muddled or didn’t make sense or continuity was broken. The most jarring was the first time they encounter the tar men (don’t know what they were actually supposed to be called, but they look and act identical to creatures called that from Robert Brockaway’s The Unnoticeables) and the moment when Captain Boomerang leaves but is there in the next scene without ever being shown coming back. Some things don’t need to be explained, but for a lot of the movie, we’re just like, “Okay, I guess that’s happening now.”
  • Cara Delevingne does a good job for most of the movie (and the whole third act mess is not her fault), but casting her as an archaeologist is a stretch.
  • David Ayer’s worldview leaking into the movie is mostly in the Ugly category, but the “old man yells at cloud” aspect of Enchantress’ plotline (”They worship machines now, so I will build a machine to destroy them!”) and slipping in of conspiracy theory bullshit (the government talking about how we don’t need the Suicide Squad because we already have so many secret weapons and put fluoride in the water to control people–like, come on, dude).
  • The government dudes being like, “They got our main satellite!” like we only have one.
  • Rick Flag. I like Joel Kinnaman but holy shit was that not a good performance. A lot of that was the script, but then again, other people made it work.
  • The Joker’s various bits of visual flair that make no story sense, like his fake prison guard uniform saying Joker. The Joker typically does use things in his plans that are totally unnecessary and require extra work, but they usually have plot significance in some way rather than just being stupid.


  • The fucking Joker. Jared Leto’s Joker demonstrates that neither he nor Ayer understand that character at all. They think the Joker is supposed to just be as crazy and evil as possible, but the best versions of the Joker are out to be funny in the messed up way the Joker thinks of humor. He’s not taken seriously until he does something to show he should be. And this version of the Joker, as seriously as he and the other characters take him, does nothing to really demonstrate that he should be taken all that seriously. On top of that, Ayer took the Burtonian “Joker as mob boss” thing in a direction that absolutely does not work. The Joker should not just be a regular part of traditional underworld organized crime shit. People shouldn’t be coming up to him in the VIP section of a club and going, “Good to see you, J.” That’s not a thing.
  • The relationship between Harley and the Joker. In TAS and the comics, he genuinely loves her but doesn’t know how that’s supposed to work, or how human relationships in general are supposed to work, and that makes him abusive. His abuse in those things works the way abuse really works most of the time, where the abuser shows love but uses that love to manipulate and harm the other person. In this, he wants her as an object, treats her as a slave, doesn’t demonstrate love at all. The movie’s stance seems to be, “Why doesn’t this abusive person leave?” rather than actually looking at what abuse is and does. This is made worse by Harley’s “Property of the Joker” tattoo and “Daddy’s Lil Monster” tee.
  • The myriad ways David Ayer’s brogressive sexism manifests. He thinks of his Harley as empowered because she can fight and because she “chooses” to be hypersexual, as though he didn’t write her and she just made these decisions on her own. He has every male character call her hot-but-crazy at least once, and most of them do it five or more times. She doesn’t do anything that (contextually) crazy beyond saying things that come across as jokes about how other people perceive her. Amanda Waller, after doing a million things that could be her “badass” moment, is given that moment in the form of her calling Enchantress a b****. When Batman punches Harley in the face. When Harley gets kicked in the crotch and you can just tell Ayer’s script probably referred to it as a “c*** punt.” The goofy-ass way Enchantress’ final form involves her constantly shaking her hips like she’s White Aaliyah From Queen Of The Damned But In A Shakira Video. Ayer thinks he’s being pro-woman because he gives women a lot of screen time and powerful roles (in that they have power, not in that the roles are powerfully written), but he clearly has issues with women that he doesn’t realize or acknowledge, and they permeate the film.
  • David Ayer’s weird racism. It luckily doesn’t affect Deadshot or Amanda Waller too much, but the whole “Killer Croc wants BET as his reward” thing is garbage. Slipknot being killed so quickly and unceremoniously. And the way he uses cultural signifiers and archetypes typically associated with black people–grills, flashy jewelry, aspects of gangster and pimp archetypes–to show how evil the Joker is really rubs me the wrong way.

Overall, I’m not mad I went to see it, but I wish there had at least been someone involved with the power and will to veto the bad ideas that ended up in it. And I’m so beyond glad that there wasn’t even one more frame of the Joker than there was.

Wizardess Heart - Vincent Knight - A Semi-Comprehensive Review

I was going to wait until more people had finished the route - but I just can’t.  This route made me salty as hell.  And I’m not the only one - @glyphenthusiast said that after reading it, she was “as salty as a family-size bag of Lays potato chips”.  I haven’t had a Lays potato chip in about five years, because they’re that salty.

So here are my feelings on Vincent’s route.

Pros:  Vincent is really hot.

Cons:  Everything else.

More under the cut - and as usual, SPOILERS, AHOY!!!!

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Here, There, and Everywhere

Prompt by eternal-steroline-flameAfter turning their humanities back on, Caroline wants to remain strictly friends with Stefan, but Stefan asks for one last kiss. If the kiss means something, than they become more than friends. (Some added fluff for the anon and my own pleasure).

They had not spoken in weeks. She left the B&B and he didn’t stop her. He wanted to, of course. He wished that he could have grabbed her hand and told her everything he’d be holding in since their kiss, or maybe even before that. He wasn’t sure when he’d fallen in love with Caroline Forbes. It was so slow and so simple, perhaps the way love should always be. Yet, he didn’t stop her. It took everything he had to just stand there and let her walk away because their timing wasn’t right. He had told himself an endless amount of times that with Caroline, it would be perfect. They would talk and they would be together. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day.  

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suicide squad review

so i just got back from suicide squad and wanted to fire off a quick review where i’ll just be listing the pros and cons of the movie rather than saying whether it was straight up good or bad or not because it was a very multifaceted movie. ngl, it was a hot mess and i’ll get into that in my cons but it had redeeming qualities that saved it from being “disastrous” as many critics have branded it. my advice is: whatever you think this movie is going to be, forget about it. it’s most likely not what you imagined on in your head and that took me by surprise big time in the first half an hour or so.

rating: if anything below a five is bad, and anything above good i would give this movie a 6/7 out of 10. it had it’s issues but overall i was entertained and if anything it left me wanting a follow-up.

okay now for the pros and cons (slightly heavy spoilers.)

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Few actors have had their creative process as intensely examined as Jared Leto. The widely reported gifts of anal beads and used condoms are a little… intense, but Leto tells us that there really was no other way to prepare to player a character like the Joker. “Yeah, what do you think?” he asks. “I don’t use the term ‘method’ - it’s kind of a polluted word. What I try to do is to focus and commit as much as possible so I can do the film, the story, the character and everybody else justice. That’s it.“ 

"I think that the Joker probably feeds off resentment, and the way that people are loving to laugh, the more uncomfortable [he gets],” he continues. “The more resentment, the more conflict, and the more enemies that he gets, the more fulfilled he feels.”

If that was his goal, then he went about it the right way, starting with Robbie. The relationship between Harley and the Joker is one of DC’s best loved; a lopsided love story that has been played in varying degrees of light and dark. Harley loves her Mr J, and even though her Puddin’ might not share those feelings to quite the same extent, he definitely feels… well, possessive is probably the right word. While Smith got a relatively formal box of bullets, Robbie was given more personal gifts, including a live rat. “I was… surprised.” she tells us. “Yes, there’s an understatement!” laughs Smith. “You shut that box so quickly!” exclaims Delevingne.

“We were in the rehearsal room, so everyone was [surprised]” Robbie remembers. “I screamed because I didn’t realise it was alive! ‘Guys, what do I do with it?’ Everyone was like 'I don’t know, I guess you have to kill it?’ 'What?! No!’" 

Although the gifts ranged from the almost cuddly (a pet snake) to the confrontational (those aforementioned anal beads), Robbie tells us that she never had a problem with Leto’s special deliveries. "I loved that stuff. I mean, Jared was doing half of my work for me. Harley’s very much part of this relationship, and to have such commitment on the other half made my job a thousand times easier and a thousand times more fun. It keeps you on your toes, I don’t know what’s going to happen when we go on set, I have no idea what he’s going to do. It’s so exciting to act opposite that." 

"It really brought [things] to life for us,” adds Delevingne. “Going from us rehearsing from the page to going to such visceral things [that] you can feel and touch, in your face, like… holy shit! It’s like interactive theatre.”

Indeed, one gift from Leto is credited with forging the Squad itself. While Ayer got the actors working on bonding and developing their characters, Leto stayed separate. However, on one occasion he did make his presence felt, as Jay Hernandez remembers. “One of Joker’s henchmen came into the rehearsal space, and when that happened it galvanised us; something happened,” he tells us. “The Suicide Squad was born!” laughs Smith.
“He just burst in. 'What the fuck? I know we’ve got security outside!’" 

"He had a dead pig, and threw it down on the table and said, 'Here’s a present from Mr J,’” Kinnaman picks up. “He had the slit throat with the tongue sticking out,” interjects Delevingne. “And me and Jai looked at each other like, 'We’ve got to do somethig, man!”’ laughs Kinnaman. “He’d already walked out so we ran down the corridor and dragged him back into the room. He was like 'Guys, it’s over, it’s over.’ 'It’s not over!’ We pulled him in and everybody jumped him. We tied him, took a picture, put the pig around his shoulders and put an apple in its mouth.”
“That was [Leto’s] gift, and it was really special and mind-blowing and fucking awesome,” concludes Hernandez. “When it happened, it’s like everybody turned and we were instantly like, what are we doing? What the fuck are we doing?” “'We’ve gotta retaliate, we’ve got to do something’” remembers Robbie. “It changed everything.” “The final drop in the cauldron,” adds Delevingne gleefully.

- SciFiNow (Issue 121)

When I Wished Upon that Star, I wasn't Expecting it to Come True (5/?)

Pairing: Joelay
Warnings: swearing
Word Count:1,677

Summary: The Wish Granting Federation, or WGF, is a federation that was created to grant the wish of those that wish upon stars. Those that make the wishes are called Wishers, the agents that are deployed to grant the wish are called Granters. 

Ray Narvaez Jr. has wished upon a shooting star for someone to love and for someone to return that love. Love wishes are rarely granted for various reasons, but Agent Joel Heyman has been assigned to his Wish. It his job to find Ray that person.

Based on this post.

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