because im not like a regular mom


3 years ago, I got this shirt from my mom for Christmas that reads, “IM THAT GIRL.” I really did like it but ended up only wearing it twice since I got it, today included. I’ve always feared what people would think to themselves if they saw me wearing this, because I’m not particularly great at anything..I tend to blend in with the regular crowd.
I’m not that girl with the noticeable good looks, the perfect body, straight A’s or tons of friends.
As I went through my workout today, I couldn’t help but think of all the things I’m not, because this shirt has always been a reminder to me of all those things.
But today for no known reason I had dug this specific t-shirt out from the bottom of my drawer and put it on.
After I realized this, the positive side of me started to fight its way back into my head, telling me things like “you know what? I AM that girl.
I’m that girl that’s a work in progress.
I’m that girl that really likes to run, and running doesn’t really like me back at the moment, but I’m not giving up.
I’m that girl that is trying to stop comparing myself to others, and trying to care less about others opinions.
I’m that girl that’s been finding a lot of happiness in herself lately, for herself and BY herself.
I’m that girl that has always wanted to be THAT girl, but is slowly accepting who I am.“
I’m that girl that hopes other people actually read this and gain a little more self confidence themselves.