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Acotar couples in real life part 2

Tamthe ( yes, I went there)

  • friends with benefits
  • public arguments 
  • Ianthe after his $$$$$ and dick
  • Wont stop talking about that time she got bitch slapped by Feyre, driving Tamlin insane.
  • CrAzY aF


  • Listening to podcasts together
  • Dressing up for foreplay is a regular occurrence. 
  • Walking around the house in just their underwear.
  • dancing in the kitchen at 1am
  • Rhys once bought Feyre a giant cookie with “because im whipped” written on it in butter cream icing.
  • Adopts a puppy called Suriel.
  • Feyre using Rhys as a canvas where she draws on his arms and back.
  • For their first anniversary she made a painting of their first picture together.
  • Inside jokes that no one else gets.


  • Nesta loves stealing Cassians jumpers when hes away for work as they smell like him.
  • Singing at the top of their lungs together when listening to the radio.
  • Love playing truth or dare which almost immediately turns dirty.
  • Competitive af.
  • Nesta claims she hates compliments which makes Cassian say them even more. ( she was lying)
  • Goes to comic con every year.
  • Always dabbing in pictures. Ironically of course.


  • Met when Az was performing with his band( he was the shy dreamy guitarist. ) called Velaris.
  • Creating mixtapes for each other.
  • Lazy days where they stay in bed talking for hours.
  • Az loves playing with her hair, which he sometimes does unconsciously and out of habit.
  • Admiring each other while getting ready for a night out.
  • Az lifting Mor up to put the star on top of the christmas tree. (idk how tall she is but lol)
  • Pet names for each other.


  • Have their own youtube channel. 
  • Lucien loves watching Elains face light up when she gets excited while talking about plants.
  • Their house is full of flowers- Lucien is always buying her more when the others die.
  • Hand-holding.
  • Cat people 
  • Have their kids names picked out already.
  • Both have a thing for fairy lights.
everything of interest (that i can remember) from the class panel at mcm midlands

- i asked if they’d read any of patrick ness’ books before they got the role (made that question up on the spot whoops) and apparently they hadn’t but greg’s friends had and when he told them they ‘wanted to punch him’
- when fady auditioned he thought he only had to do the prom scene, but it turned out he had to do 6 other scenes, so he sat in the car desperately trying to learn his lines
- gregs favourite scene to shoot was the ‘love scene’ with charlie and matteusz (he said something like ‘if you’re gonna do it, do it with someone like jordan renzo’ and i just. beautiful.)
- fadys favourite line was ‘how many knobs does he have?’
- someone asked if they got to take home any props and fady said about a free tardis hoodie and a dalek alarm clock that he got and then greg said 'ive never stolen any props-’ and fady thought that greg thought he’d stolen the props it was amazing
- greg loves how fady says 'mate’ and apparently always tries to copy it, and he was really pleased when the 'thats a really specialised fetish, mate’ line made it in
- both of them have only read joyride (which means that technically i know more about class than they do lol)
- gregs only ever cosplay was L from deathnote at london comic con when he was 19, and it was 'really easy cause all it was was a black wig and a white t shirt’. unfortunately the tech guys didnt find the photo
- the only time there was any argument between the cast was during the filming of detained, 'especially between vivian and jordan’, because 'that kind of environment breeds that sort of thing’ and im like. if that doesn’t sum up detained idk what does.
- fady said that his favourite character other than ram was quill and greg got really offended
- greg said dorothea because 'well i cant pick ram now’ (and @evilqueenofgallifrey he did say thee-a or thay-a but i can’t remember which)
- neither of them know about season 2 and they are just as pained as us about it


Loki Goddess of Stories from Agent of Asgard

So this is the reason why I haven’t been active for the past few weeks. This was my first cosplay and I’m really happy on how it turned out. I had only 2 weeks to make it because I also when to my first comic con SVCC. I’m hoping to get better photos taken of it in a month or two. Feel free to ask me any questions on how I made it :)

thekittyokat  asked:

i think im in love with mariella (also SYW inspires me so much!! i wanna start my webcomic sometime!! is tumblr a good platform for it? pros and cons?)

dude me too

and oh man i’m really happy syw can inspire you! as far as whether or not tumblr is a good platform:

i like it because it’s easy to use. i use the simple webcomic theme, which isn’t difficult to set up, and it looks nice. posting and editing are easy, and it’s no problem to keep track of how many people are following the comic and how many people interact with the pages. in my opinion, it’s a good first webcomic hosting site!

however, i wouldn’t call it a permanent solution. for me personally, it’s not the most professional of sites, and i’m actually in the process of researching other webcomic hosting sites

but yeah, if you’d like to dip your toes into starting a webcomic, tumblr is a great place to experiment!




ghoulia is basically monster highs autistic representation whether you wanna see it or not, im autistic too, and ghoulia loves comics, cosplay, action-figures and comicon much like i do, i go to cons and i cosplay so having a doll that i relate to on an immense scale is literally so special to me because i see myself in her, im still in tears over the fact that i was able to get her and i probably will be for a while, shes the crown jewel of my collection

First time cosplaying to a con? Then follow these tips~♥♪

With comic con showing it’s head around the corner people often forget things like these due to the pressure and anxiety Comic con brings,but don’t worry! I’ll help you

1• If you’re cosplaying and you want to buy things(obviously that’s why your going) take a book bag with you to put away your merch,when someone asks for a pic just put the bag aside.

2• Take bobby pins,glue,tape whatever you need for your cosplay take it! You don’t want wardrobe malfunctions in the con.

3• If you arrive late and have to wait in line take a fan with you. Your make up will melt and your costume will get sweaty (besides we don’t want you to faint out there)

4• WIG CLIPS ARE A MUST,if you have a wig that slips off due to weight get some of these and put them on the wig. Also, if you have a large head and the wig runs small they’re tutorials on YouTube on how to stretch it slightly (but be gentle)

5• If you wear glasses TAKE THEM WITH YOU! don’t leave your glasses behind for the sake of the costume, if someone asks for your picture simply take them off and hide them in your boob or something idk but don’t leave them you’ll get a major headache without them and you won’t be able to see the prices clearly on the merchandise.

6• If you’re making your costume I beg of you not to leave it to the last minute. You’ll be stressing and your sleep cycle will get fucked up. But if you’re ordering certain things for the costume online then order months before cause sometimes they’ll say they can’t make it due to complications so that leaves you to look for another option with very little time left.

7• Don’t let your physical health get affected for the sake of the costume you’re more important than the cosplay so please take care of yourself. Also don’t starve yourself in the con either,if you’re worried about ruining the costume then just cover yourself with napkins or a snuggie but PLEASE don’t starve.

8• Be nice to other cosplayers,don’t compare yourself to the more professional looking ones either,they started out like you and me and with practice we can get as good as them too!

9• Help out the other cosplayers too! Some may have forgotten their things at home so help them out!

10• Enjoy the con and don’t be nervous. You’re wearing the cosplay people are already loosing their marbles because you’re dressed as one of their favorites!

11• PRACTICE YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE HAND! If you’re a spaz with make up like me then practice weeks before the event just so you can pick out your favorite makeup style and practice it with ease.

All of this is from personal experience and man do I wish someone would’ve told me some of these things on my first time.

call out to myself when I was complimented at a con once by friends of my friends And I looked at them for a solid 10 seconds not knowing what to say because they were cosplayed from killing stalking and im like ‘HOLY FUCK I HATE KILLING STALKING ITS GROSS AND SO IS THE FANDOM’ Only for me to be like ‘you’re from that killing stalking comic, yeah? hahah…… nice.’ I walked away and died cause I felt like an asshole. I’m so sorry. your cosplays were accurate from what ive seen online but stay away from me.

normally i don’t shun what peoples cosplay but– Euuugh… Forgive me.  

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Nickname: Lola, Laura

Zodiac: Cancer

Last thing you googled: San Diego Comic Con (loool)

Favorite music artists: One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, really into Indie right now because of 13 Reasons Why but

Song stuck in my head: Something Just Like This - Coldplay and Chainsmokers

What am I wearing right now: A green top from H&M I got on sale, socks from topshop I also got on sale, and jean shorts im pretty sure were on sale

Why did you choose your URL?: all the other good tom holland urls were taken ((also i might change it to @mainspidey cus thats my twitter @ but let me know what yall think))

Do you have any other blogs?: yes but i barely use it

What did your last relationship teach you?: im 18 and ive never been loved he l p

Religious or Spiritual?: um um um what 

Favorite color?: a soft pink

Average hours of sleep?: 6 hours (im tyring to sleep more bc ive noticed my health deteriorating rip)

Lucky numbers: dont have one, im the unluckiest

How many blankets do you sleep with?: i have 3 on my bed, but i only use one

Dream job: film directing/producing/marketing – still trying to figure it out (i have a couple internships im aiming for this summer so hopefully i learn something about myself) (((also is a professional extra/seatfiller sounds awesome)))

I tag: @spideycents @takemespidey @holyshittomholland @ tarjei-sandvikks @admiretom @reyvnolds @tommyhoelland @tomsleftbrow


I cosplayed Lord Dominator at the Comic Con in Dortmund. She isn’t my favourite character im the show, but the first one I saw. So without her, I wouldn’t have noticed this awesome show.
A lot of people recognised me, more than I thought it would. Well, one guy thought I was Batman, but at least he liked my cosplay. The cloak wasn’t part of the cosplay, but it kinda fit the character. I originally brought it with me because it was frikkin cold in Dortmund und you can’t really wear a jacket with shoulder pads.


So I have a South Park youtuber au where all and or most of the boys are all pretty popular youtubers that collab with eachother sometimes and meet in real life and its like a huge big cute thing

Their Channel’s and what they consist of:

Stan & Kyle: Youtube memes, challenges and vlogs, something like Dan and Phil. They’re both housemates. (Stan on his own does low quality but beautiful song covers)

Cartman: Anti Social Justice Vlogger, conspiracy theorist and sometimes rants about things about his day.

Kenny: Body Modifications, Medicinal Marijuana and Sex vlogging. Mostly popular and known as hypersexual and cute so people watch him. (Body Mod involved sex failures amirite)

Butters: Gender Nonconforming youtuber, make up and vlogging.

Craig: Aesthetic band vlogger. Sometimes bath bomb reviewer. Extremely interested and inspired by space travel.

Tweek: Mental Health help. Anxiety vlogger. Extremely open about his experiences with mental illness and makes good anxiety calm down songs

Wendy & Bebe: Sex Education, Social Justice, Equality, Womans Rights and the importance of such. (Bebe also has her own channel for nail art and gender nonconforming fem presenting looks.)

Jimmy: Comedy sketches, reaction videos, vlogs with Timmy on being handicapped and capable in todays society

Clyde: Kindof like jackass but on youtube (or daremattg124) with clyde and sometimes Craig (who lives 4 hours away) and Tweek who lives a state or two away.

Token: Sports vlogging, working out. Health and fitness info.

Kevin: Star Trek enthusiast. Collector, comic con goer, cosplayer and cosplay help


Like imagine Token coming on Wendy and Bebe’s channel and helping them work out good dieting and weight loss plans because too many girls are being affected with eating disorders.

Imagine Kenny joining Craig and Clyde on a “Dare Clyde” Video and doing the chubby bunny challenge

Imagine Butters coming on Kenny’s channel to talk about good sex proof makeup to wear on a fancy ‘im totally going home with this person’- date.

Imagine Kevin and Butters meeting up to learn how to make your eyes look bigger for cosplay

Imagine Cartman and Bebe having a debate on womens decisions to dress how they want and the correlation of mens entitlement

The possibilities are endless and its so fucking fun to come up with this shit and I’m not even putting this under a readmore because I’m obsessed

my friend who i frequently nickname the “dc mansplainer” today texted me about how we haven’t hung out in a while - despite the fact that i will see him at indiana comic con this weekend - and how it’s my job to bug him about hanging out even tho two weeks ago he was like “ill check my schedule and get back to you” and never did and im also annoyed because the mansplaining stuff so i don’t push

basically he went on today in this text to be like “im just really hurt because you have time to be ‘happy and Gay’ with our other friend but not hang out with me”

and like first off bro i am never happy, secondly why are men so exhausting and like ?? just because im bi doesn’t mean i have to be interested in you and us not hanging out is not because im in a “girls phase” but because

after seeing my snapchat you called me up to insist for an hour that eobard wouldn’t have been able to kill barry in doomworld and idk man that’s dumb as fuck and you wanted me to thank you for being willing to “”“"explain”“”“ a plot point that i don’t get because im a woman and therefore not as ”“”“serious”“” about comics as you are

like bro i am tired ™

i think people see me as being hyperfocused on ford when theres a fluff comic/fic but like

i guess it’s because ford didnt have enough bonding time in the show as stan did

and imo after all this poor man has been through (probably has ptsd i swear) he needs it

like im not downplaying how rough stan had it, but being a con artist around the world just to keep a roof over your head seems a bit safer compared side to side to literally being separated from home through the versatile fabric of dimensions for 30 long years, doing nothing but running and living amongst creatures who you share no empathetic connections with and /running/ from the all-powerful being who betrayed your trust and ruined your life and knowing that the chances of seeing your own family, friends, and planet again are slim to none

and i just crave seeing ford in particular having conversations with his niblings, playing games, being reassured and comforted, being the warm go-to backseat pillow during long car rides on family trips, drawing some of mabel’s silly creative ideas in his realistic art style, having relaxing and deep late-night heart to hearts with dipper over the things in life that cause the both of them anxiety and trouble, exchanging stories from their pasts and how they came so closely bonded together because of similar experiences and giving firm hugs filled with empathy and understanding of how the other feels

i focus on it so much because there wasn’t enough of it in the show, under the circumstances of which he desperately needed it. i love stan bonding with the kids too but the entirety of season 1 and parts of season 2 are dedicated to just that, where ford only appeared for 9 or so episodes where he was under the pressure of an impending apocalypse on his shoulders. (the only episode that focused strictly on him bonding was ddamd which unfortunately was just…one episode)

i also find it easier to see him acting carefully with the kids. it’s part of his personality that i find so endearing and adorable, and i’m so sad that they didn’t get to utilize it to its potential.
ford is rugged but also very soft in some ways.

he seems and acts like a cold badass when doing serious work, but at his core, interacting with the kids he is a softie. stan seems to be more aggressive (though still in a loving way; remember dreamscaperers?), but ford is always genuinely kind whenever possible, and never tries to trick or lie to them even for laughs. he seems to be less childishly/deviously playful in that sense but it makes him seem like a sweet guy who wants nothing more but for his family to be protected. he will get strict if someone does something dangerously foolish (such as when dipper falls into his lab in ddamd), but although it may seem like it, it’s not aggressive anger; it’s really just disguised fear and concern over their safety.
i guess you could call ford the “mom” figure of the family. “did you remember to take your meds this morning mabel?” “did you break another pen in your mouth? let’s get that washed out; it must taste disgusting”

(seriously can i just. the way he says things, his tone. “I–I have a niece? …And nephew?” “Hahah. Thank you, kids. But please, call me ‘Ford’.” and the softness of which he said “now get yourself to bed; i have much research to do” as he smiled and affectionately ruffled dipper’s hat, ford kneeling to mabel and reassuring her that she has a good heart, “you protected your family… you’re a good person, mabel.”, and many more things he says show his soft side very well)

ford refrains from making practical jokes and would feel absolutely terrible if knew he said something that would’ve made his family genuinely hurt. he doesn’t poke fun at anyone either. i believe it’s because of how deeply rooted how bad it made him feel as a child to be mocked, even if it’s just playful mockery. (“I knew the author would be cool, but he’s better than I imagined! Plus he doesn’t make fun of me all the time the way you and Grunkle Stan do…”)

like with ford i see someone with a genuinely good and caring heart and i just. i wish there were more canon content with that being expressed in one way or another. i also strongly identify with ford which is what makes him such an important character to me. that’s why i’m so focused on more bonding with ford than stan. it’s nothing against stan it’s just there was so much ford potential we never got to see so i craft my own/discuss what couldve been with others


Welp. I finally got a PhotoShoot for my Zacharie cosplay. It was fun even though it was hot. And so.
I hope all of you guys enjoy my Zacharie Cosplay! Because im taking him to Devcon and Phoenix Comic Con!



A/N: Still waiting for request from you guys because right now im running out of Prompts to write about hence me not being able to post as much as i can but still love you guys!

Prompt: You’re a big Bucky fan. You go to a convention to actually meet him! lots of fluff!

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader


Today is the day, you’ve been preparing this for a really long time now, you were going to meet Sebastian. You’ve been saving up for this ticket and you finally got it, you wanted to come prepared and blow his mind when you see him.

“Text me when you’re done okay, I’ll come and pick you up”

“Mom I’m old enough i know what to do”You laughed opening the car door

“Have fun sweetie!” 

“Will do mom i love you!”You got out the car bringing everything you got for Sebastian and hell it was a lot

You met your friend by the entrance, she helped you carry stuffs you’ve got and luckily she’s more of a Steve Rogers girl.

“Sebastian’s going to love this i can feel!”She said whilst you were in line waiting for them to start the autographs

“Oh hell i wish! I’ve worked hard for this to make it look this good” You said chuckling and seconds later girls started screaming

“O-Oh my gosh its Sebastian! (Y/N) hes here! Oh gosh its Chris!” Your friend (Y/F/N) stood up and ran to the front to get a good glimpse of them

“Well shit i can’t leave this here!”You sighed staying in your place watching the stuffs you have

“Oh wow that’s so cool! I love it! Chris look! that’s sick!”Sebastian said pointing to the cyro replica you made to give to sebastian

“O-Oh my gosh-”You said shaking he fvcking noticed you , you can now die peacefully

“I’ll see you guys lateeeeer!” He cheered and ran to his table


“Hey hello how are you?! Oh wow you’re speaking Romanian! hey look at you!”Sebastian laughed along with the girl in front you , you were next and you were alone your friend went to go to Chris’ table

“Breathe (Y/N) you can do this- gosh you should have learned a few Romanian words”You mumbled to yourself nervously

“Next please!”The guard said letting you pass, you pushed the cyro towards the table 

“Hello hi i’m (Y/N) ,oh my gosh you’re real!” You said panting 

“Fuck this is amazing wow! hey hello (y/n) how are you oh my gosh i love it” He went over the table and checked it out 

“Y-Yeah i’m glad you love it it was a bit hard making it, You can go check out inside there’s a cup holder and such”You laughed his face all amazed as he got inside of it

“This is amazing! Oh my are these- It is!”He said as he got his favorite snack from the side and starts munching on them

“Awee I’m glad you love it! It’s so nice meeting you by the way i love you so much”You said smiling widely

“Come here you! I love you too wow can i keep this”He said hugging you 

“Yes yes its for you!”

“Quickly now Mr.Stan we need to go to the next one please”The guard said 

“Awee nooo! I’ll see you later at the photo op! Oh and-”He looked behind him and licked his lips signing your notebook

“I’ll see you! thank you so much!” You grabbed your notebook and waved walking away

You checked you notebook and the paged he signed and he even left a little surprise

“Hey beautiful, you were fun. Lets be friends? ;) *insert phone number here* Lots of love Sebastian”

“Well shit”


“(Y/N)!!! I was waiting for you!!”Sebastian cheered opening his arms

“Oh my gosh you remember me! Hi hi I’m sorry i kinda got lost!”You laughed hugging him”

“Well come on now love we need to take the photo”He said pulling you in front of the camera

“Oh gosh i don’t know what pose i want to do!”You said looking at him

“Don’t worry babe i got you, READYYYY!” He smirked signaling the camera man

“3, 2, 1″ The lights flashed and before you knew it Sebastian’s lips were pressed against your cheeks and you had a big smile on your face

“Yaaay that was cute! Anyways I have to let you go now i’ll catch you in a bit? Lunch together hows that sound?”He smiled at you holding your waist

“O-Oh that would be perfect thank you” You said blushing you could’nt believe whats happening

“Perfect text me in an hour i’ll go meet you by the exit alright see you (Y/N)”He smiled kisses your cheek once again

“Ill see you!” You walked out waving, damn you could get used to this


i have a bunch of urls with no recollection of who they are so if i get yours wrong im sor r y (i mean i know most of you anyway but still)

riafarley as Gamzee

askkarkatvantasstupidshit as Karkat

radioactive-snowleopard as fuck idek ??Jackal from Fairy Tail

dirk-the-dorksprite as alpha!bro

faburainbowbacon as Jake

and a selfie because why not: