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its hard to explain adhd medication to a neurotypical person because like it doesnt turn you into a superhuman it just channels your symptoms in a positive way.

we’re creative and passionate and able to hyperfocus (which we do constantly) without meds,  medication just helps us to get past this like mental wall

adhd isnt about laziness or lack of drive,  its about a huge mental wall and inability to manage your time and “get going”. Without meds it takes me forever to get out of the house or get ready to study not because i’m procrastinating but because ill wander around and like decide to do a full makeup look because i have no idea how long things take or how to manage my time, ill stay in bed for too long because im too focused on other things to get up, ill sit and stare into space because im daydreaming or thinking about a million things, when i sit down to study ill decide i HAVE to moe my desk because theres no way I can study with it in front of the window, ill spend 20 minutes looking for a certain pen because i need it to study and threw it in some random drawer last time i used it, ill search for a blanket because the texture of the chair is distracting to my legs, ill waste so much of my day literally just walking in circles (both mentally and physically) 

oh and when we finally sit down to study we cant drown out all the things neurotypical people can. If theres a rickety air conditioner, bass from someone near me listening to music, people talking a whisper too loud, any sort of repetitive sound like a loud fan or someone snorting through their nose instead of just blowing it??? (snorting is literally the worst just get a damn tissue), people tapping their pencil or chewing their gum…. if youve managed to focus already you can try and use music to drown it out but if youre not in the zone youre going to have to move or give up bc your music will distract you just as much (not the mention the 45 minutes you somehow spent looking for a playlist) 

화양연화 on stage : prologue theories by Admin Thirst

Since there has been many theories regarding the prologue and mv and all those, myself and the other admins have been keeping a close eye on people’s take on it. I myself have came up with a few theories that I am going to boldly claim today. At some points it will probably make not a lot of sense (and I do get too excited and get carried away a lot of the time), and yes I will admit that my thinking into this have probably is built upon all the other theories I’ve read online (forgive me but i do not remember where and from who i’ve read from so i won’t be referencing them, but god bless everyone of you who posted their theories online, theyre amazing and honestly very inspiring). But hey, I’m just sharing my take on it. If you think otherwise, feel free to drop me a message and we can debate about it! And at times if you think I’ve got the fact wrong then please do correct me. At the end of the day, these are all just our guesses and nothing has been confirmed right? (yeah screw you BigHit and Bang PD-nim for toying with our patience and curiosity ㅠㅠ)

Okay, let me stop this crap-talking and start my theory.

OK so I would like to point out the order of the events that happened. I was hit with realisation when Admin Hay pointed out that the timeline of events that happened was very confusing. Yes, I have to agree with her. But as a drama student, I am guessing that this is all just an act by the playwright to make us even more confused as to whether the boys are dead or alive. After all, the MV of I Need U only showed one part of the truth, and most likely the ending (?) of each boy. However, the prologue, and let me repeat it once again, the prologue is a teaser for 화양연화pt2 album, as well as the events that happened prior to the MV of INU. Of course one could argue that ‘prologue’ is referring to the events that happens before the actual 화양연화 on stage thing, but – (Idk i cannot explain)

Let’s assume that Yoongi Namjoon Hoseok Jimin Jungkook have died from the INU MV, and we shall call them dead5. Tae is taehyung, and Jinnie is Jin.

AND FORGIVE MY HIDEOUS UN-HD SCREENCAPS i am too lazy to do any edits or shit bc im so hyped up to type all these theories i’ve had. :> screencaps are from the eng sub of the prologue:

1. Dead5 dies from INU MV. I won’t go further into the reasons why they committed, because that would take me forever to understand why exactly, but assuming that either for love or for some personal reasons that they did in fact commit suicide and all died already during the time period of the MV.

2. Taehyung kills the man and consumed by his guilt, he commits suicide by jumping off. This is actually from the end of the prologue, where Tae is standing on top of the metal building thing.

I think this is when Taehyung and Jin were the only two left alive (a point I read off someone), therefore Jin looked the most concerned when Tae climbed up the metal building thing - he doesn’t want to lose another of his brothers. 


apologies for accidentally screencaptured jinnie’s derp face…

I’m not saying dead5 wants Taehyung dead, but they weren’t too worried when Taehyung looked like he was ready to end his life. Taehyung’s smile could also mean, “my brothers wait for me, I am coming”. 


I mean, c’mon that is such a cheesey scene from films no? (and I’m not trying to diss the vid as well, but his smile most likely meant that bc it’s such a common gesture used in films). I won’t say dead5 is persuading him to die, but at least they make it known to him that no matter what they’ll always be there for him.

And why do I say Tae and Jin are probably the only two left alive at that point? Because Taehyung looks only at Jin before walking up the metal shit. 


Why didn’t he look at the others too? In the end they are really close friends so does that mean he doesn’t care about the others? No. I would boldly say that dead5 don’t even exist - they’re ghosts. or spirits or wtv you call them. Plus, tae dying = reunited with dead5 so why worry about hurting spirits when you’re most likely going to hurt Jin, who is alive and you’re probably his only person to rely on, to cling on.

So, why would the screenwriter put that at the end if it happened earlier? I can tell you many screenwriters and playwrights love to use flashbacks to begin a story with, and why? Because it hits the audience a lot harder than narrating it from the beginning to the end. It makes sense if you think about it this way - starting off with ot7 being all happy and bonding together, making great memories, and then BAM! taehyung commits. pretty sad right? screenwriters are building the happiness and warmth, comfort in you and then with a depressing scene as tae committing, your emotion drops to a low. And as you think that’s the end (referring to the end credits), as you think OH GOD WHAT DID TAEHYUNG JUST DO—- screenwriters hit you with another BAM! why isn’t yoongi in the polaroid? what does that mean? creating more ??????? than there already are floating in your heads. I feel ya all sista, THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME. WHY ISN’T IT OCTOBER ALREADY. OCTOBER IS SO FAR AWAY. I feel ya.

3. Taehyung wakes up on a worn out mattress in the middle of a dried up pool, in “afterlife”. You might think, hey but there ain’t afterlife. It’s a god damn movie, everything is possible. I will boldly say that Taehyung decided to commit not only because he wanted to escape from his guilt, but he also knew that dead5 would be waiting for him. And yes, ok he didn’t exactly wake up on the mattress but he did open his eyes when dead5 arrived as if he had just woken up. Maybe realisation hit him that he was dead? IDK. But I want to point out that notice how dead5 is always together, in a sense that Jin nor Tae were with them in majority of the time. Dead5 were jogging together in the bushes towards the emptied pool, knowing that Tae was there. perhaps they were heading to find him and welcome him? because theyre reunited? They did say “You can smile as long as we’re together”.


Taehyung definitely looks a lot happier, and smiles a lot more than before he committed (which is in the end).


Also, isn’t it weird how jin never appeared until jungkook says he’s over there. Jin is also stood in a pretty secluded area, with the video-camera in hand. I wonder if he’s actually filming them or if he’s watching over the videos and reminiscing the time they had together (This was a point I read from another user). Nonetheless, Jin never really participated in what the dead5 + Tae was doing, he was so focused on the film thing. He even took group photos without himself. What???


apologies jiminie i couldnt screencap you LOL

4. Finally, Jinnie is left all alone because Taehyung committed and so did the others. He is only left with the film tape and all those shit to reminisce his time with his brothers. I’ll also point out that the video footages do look kind of creepy, as if it’s from a CCTV or a spirit detector or some shit. IDK, but they don’t look natural to me, but wtv. It could just be Jinnie’s video-cam or the format of his vids are old.

Another thing is, remember the BTS TRILOGY EPISODE 1: BTS BEGINS?????????? AND HOW JINNIE’S POSTER WAS THE ONLY ONE WHERE IT’S SUPER DEPRESSING AND ALL THAT SHIT BC HE’S TAKING PILLS AND NOT SMILING??????????? IDK if this has any relation to the new album pt1 and pt2, but IT MAKES SENSE TO ME. Jin is delusional (therefore he needs medication), because he sees his dead friends. perhaps he’s denying the truth that they died? idk. another thing is dead5 + tae looked really happy, doing what they like in the BEGINS posters – they’re being freed from the pain of living and reality, and enjoying afterlife maybe??? IDK, this whole part is entirely a random guess because i am still so stubborn about why jin’s poster was so depressing + we have yet to have an explanation for that. do correct me if i am wrong with the explanation to his poster part tho, and if you could do link me the explanation? x

OK so that’s done with the timeline and the part of my theory where I’ve given most thought about + most confident to share. But I also have little pieces of other theories here:

  • None of them really talks in the whole god damn 12 min long video, except Jin. The way they express is by expressions or body language. On one special occasion though did Namjoon write on the mirror, saying “You Need To Survive”. I know this will not make sense, but there is a possibility that Taehyung cannot really see the others when he was still alive. I know he was interacting with them, but IDK. I can’t find a reason why Namjoon would randomly write that. I assume the message was meant for Tae. (btw min yoongi put thAT GOD DAMN LIGHTER AWAY FROM YOU JESUS CHRIST) HOLD UP. I WAS WRITING POINT 2 AND I FIGURED OUT NAMJOON’S MESSAGE WAS PROBABLY MEANT FOR JIN, NOT TAE. BC THE REST ARE DEAD AND ONLY JIN IS LEFT ALIVE, NAMJOON TELLS HIM HE NEEDS TO LIVE DESPITE THE CIRCUMSTANCES IN FRONT OF HIM. so this all camping shit probably happened after taehyung died.
  • When Jin asked the rest of the boys “Should we go here”, while holding the washed out polaroid, the others only replied by nodding instead of by words. Also in a bit later during the driving scene, if you look carefully you can see that Jinnie was the one driving. This could mean that all these camping and beach trips weren’t actually ot7 hanging out, but Jin going alone while hallucinating that his brothers are still with him - or that he could see their spirits. IDK. Choose one that suits you best lol. He helps dead5 + Tae to take the group pic but himself is not in it - I wonder why. 

In korea the steering wheel is on the right hand side, same with hong kong (our city). namjoon is seated in the passenger seat at the front, which is on the right; yoongi and hoseok are in the backseats, and maknae line is on the back of the car. that would leave jinnie in the driver’s seat.

  • There is one thing I am confused about thought. Jinnie did a selfcam thing, and they were all filmed. IDK what that meant, and why were they recorded if none of them showed up in the polaroids.

  • Aha. Lyrics of “Butterfly”. Not sure if everyone has seen the rough translation to the lyrics of “Butterfly” yet, but if you put it into the context of the prologue, it sounds awfully like it is sung from Jinnie’s perspective. Should we analyse each line, in context of the prologue, to the best we can?

Admin Hay found this from suga_world on instagram.

dont think about anything, dont even talk about anything. just smile at me” – sounds like Jinnie is denying the deaths of the boys, right? he only wants to capture their smiles, and the happiness of being together.

I still cant beleive this, i think this is all a dream” – again, jin is trying to deny that theyre dead. why? simple. attachment and the genuine feeling he has for his dear friends, if not brothers.

don’t try to disappear” – i think this is relevant to the prologue as to how jin is always holding the video-cam, trying to capture every moment of the boys because he, in his consciousness, knows that they will soon fade away because theyre nothing but images in his head/spirits who don’t belong in the human realm.

is it true? is it true” – i think again, he is denying the truth. the truth is too painful for him to bear and to accept, therefore he is questioning whether this is the truth. if this song could be used in the perspective of jin in this whole hwayeonyonghwa, i think this questioning definitely make him sound like he is mentally disturbed.

“will you please stay here? will you promise me? if i touch you would you fly off? would you break?” – ok so, let’s say the boys were in fact spirits. if jinnie touched him, would they just vanish into thin air bc they never existed in the first place? like how we probably think spirits would disappear? idk. this is a pure guess again.

i’m scared, i’m scared” – isn’t this exactly what jin is trying to convey? he is afraid of losing his best friends, and yet he lost all of him one after one. this is also why namjoon left the message for him, telling jinnie that he “needs to survive”.

can you stop time? when this time passes would this time become nothing?” – idk, but ‘nothing’ sounds to me as if jin is left alone and lonely, and without his friends therefore he has ‘nothing’. he wants time to stop so that he can cherish this moment, where he can still see his friends/be with his friends.

would you forget me?” – again, let’s just pretend jinnie was the only one left alive. jinnie is indeed looking over at videos bc he misses his brothers. why did he take so many vids? bc he was afraid that one day, after their deaths, he would forget them. of course the whole prologue thing and how he held to the flowers (white flowers may i add. i’ll disregard the whole suffocating death theory for jin, but white flowers are mainly used for memorial purposes – are those flowers supposed to be for the boys? i wonder) in the INU MV, probably showed that he won’t forget about them. but what about for the boys? they’re in afterlife, and they would be reincarnated to the next time – that means they will have to forget about jin, no matter how much they don’t want to.

That is probably all I have so far (and all I am confident to share). Then again, I am up for a debate about different opinions, because it’s fun to know how one piece of artwork could be interpreted in different ways. Have fun theorising 화양연화 on stage : prologue :)

PS have a cutie patootie the love of my life aka park jimin <3 oh how i wish i could go on a road trip around korea with him :(((((((


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Skype Calls and Kisses (PART 18)

Pairing: Phan 
Genre: fluff 
Word count: 982
Warnings: N/A 
A/N: sorry that it’s really short, ive had a busy week and it was basically a filler chapter, i’ll try and make it up to you! i tried to make this majorly fluffy in compensation 
Story Line: Dan and Phil have been best friends for ages but haven’t met yet so Phil’s Best friend Carrie suggests that Dan should come down to Manchester to stay with Phil for while (cute multi paged Phan Fiction) 

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