because im crying now


very lazy portraits of some of my favorite companions so far


my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

i started watching football not knowing how emotional it’s going to be in the long run

i’ve cried at knock out rounds, derbies, quarter finals, semi finals, finals, and last night i cried at an international friendly

i cry when my team loses an important match, but i cry harder when they win

i cry when my favorite players retire and hang up their boots

i get emotional thinking that in a few years, the players i grew up watching and admiring will do the same soon

football is such a beautiful sport and before i started watching it, i honestly never realized what an emotional ride it will take you on

however, i am thankful that i got into it and i feel sorry for who doesn’t watch it because they’re truly missing out


Able to make him do his killer smile

dude that cluster b feel when you have intense emotional responses to everything but your feelings change in the blink of an eye so you have to pretend youre upset for like 5x as long as you actually were because if you just go from storming out of the room to “okay im fine now” in 30 seconds flat everyone thinks youre pretending, or if you go from yelling at someone to instantly feeling calm and clear and apologetic they think youre only apologizing for show


Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday; graduating high school, saying goodbye. That feeling that you get at 17 or 18 that no one in the history of the world has ever been this close, has ever loved as fiercely or laughed as hard or cared as much. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. Sometimes, it feels like someone else’s memory.

One Tree Hill, Season 5 Episode 01: “4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days”


Captain America: The Winter Soldier Audio Commentary:

“We always wanted to approach Sam through the prism of being a fellow veteran, someone who could speak to Steve on that level as opposed to in awe of him because he’s Captain America. Also it brought the idea that Steve, in addition to everything else he’s gone through, spent 4 years in WWII. That’s very traumatic stuff. And he has never had a chance to decompress about any of it.

This is probably the hardest scene in the movie because it leads to one of the the biggest buys in the film: that Cap is gonna go back to the guy he met jogging on the Mall when his life is in danger because he’s the only guy he can trust. So it’s important that these two connect on a very deep and emotional level in this scene.

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do you mean can i relive @pika-ace messing with my emotions for 12 beautiful beautiful chapters just to draw a picture???


(psst the last chapter made me cry dont tell anyone)

And I get it. I get why you were so scared of us now. Because – shit. Because you lost Wallace and it gutted you and I thought I figured out why and that felt like metal in my throat, and I realised I couldn’t drop you if I wanted to, ‘cause you were saying you didn’t even know what love feels like and I was just thinking,

you idiot,

you asshole,

it feels like this.


- in celebration of Ninety One Whiskey - @cuddlebabies

nighty knight✨

how does one draw snow in SAI again…

anyhow, here’s a fanart for @pemprika‘s werewolf!yuu AU! >w< i haven’t done any proper colouring in a while so this was sort of a challenge for me as well TwT

i hope you like this!~ ;v;


“I’ve aged a bit.”