because im an awkward shit

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hi,,,,, you're really cool???? & ur art is bomb??????? I spent about 5 minutes actually getting the courage to send this because I'm an awkward piece of shit????? merry christmas

?!?!?!? IM REALLY.. NOT… COOL…. LMAO;;; Im just a simple bean who makes rly bad jokes and lots of puns hfajkdfh—aaAAA thank you for sending this sweet message though!! :’DD Proud of you for getting the courage to! You’re more than welcome to come chat w me off anon if you’d like,, merry belated christmas to you too! ^^

my sister and I were talking about how whenever I hear the question “can men and women really be just friends” my initial reaction is to groan and be like obviously but at the same time neither of us could think of more than one straight man we’ve befriended who hasn’t either A) made inappropriate sexual passes at us or B) fallen in love with us once they got to know us and they realized, shocker, we are fully fleshed, complicated people (like everyone else) and u ever notice it’s always men who are asking that question??? What kind of Weirdo question even is that!?? THE REASON I AVOID FRIENDSHIPS WITH STRAIGHT MEN IS BECAUSE IM TRYING TO AVOID THIS AWKWARD SHIT. BECAUSE, in my experience, YOU ROUTINELY FUCK IT UP. THIS PHENOMENON IS YOUR FAULT