because if you want to put things in the right order

I don't give a flying fart who you ship together in this fandom.

I just felt the need to say that.

With the following exceptions:

You should not remove parts of a character you don’t like in order for them to better fit your [crack] ship. (Obviously you have your right to do what you want regardless, but it’s just a shitty thing to do in my opinion.)

Ex. If you want to ship Alec and Jace together. Go for it. (I ship them too. Platonically, mostly, but I do. They have a lovely relationship.) I would never make Jace gay just to put him with Alec, because that would be removing his heterosexuality. Just as I wouldn’t make Alec straight to better fit him with a female I think he would look aesthetically pleasing with or whatever. That would be erasing his canonical homosexuality.

Which I don’t think is cool at all.

However, I don’t see a big issue with making characters who haven’t necessarily had their sexualities clearly defined into whatever appeals to you. If a character flirts with everyone & has only ever been with women, but never stated one way or another what sex they preferred (and if the author hasn’t either) I think it’s fine to ship that character with whoever. (I haven’t read the books in a while so correct me if he is noted as straight only, but if the show wanted to make, Raphael for example, be bisexual; I’d be cool with that.)

All that said. If your ship is part of an endgame couple canonically (Ie. Malec, Sizzy, Clace) and you’d rather see them in different pairings, you have to understand that canonically that won’t happen. It’s your right to ship who you please but don’t go arguing with someone about who a character should really be with, ignoring who they actually end up with, just to justify your ship.

Only time I’m not against this is if the couple are clearly unhealthy for each other and while the book pairs them together they shouldn’t be. (Ex. A couple where one is physically/mentally abusing the other - if you wanna ship the poor dear getting victimised with someone better, then by all means.)

I’m sorry for being rant-y. Just came across someone being a dickwad. I don’t mean to upset anyone with this. Just needed to get it off my chest. If you want to discuss it civilly then feel free. I don’t have the best way with words so if something came off insulting or disrespectful I assure you that’s never my intention. (I probably shouldn’t write rants when I’m pissy. Lol.)

The Prompto DLC

Episode Prompto is coming in June. And from the 3 very distinct, very emOTIONAL gifs we have from it, I’m putting out a theory, right now.

Ardyn is going to bring Prom to the Niffs, and the first thing Prompto is going to think is that he’s in for it. That they’re going to torture him and kill him because he hasn’t been following their orders. But then the gates of the Magitek infantry he’s standing in front of open and none other than Verstael steps out, welcoming Prom with open arms. He’s confused, very understandably confused. And then when Verstael reveals to him that he knows where Prompto came from he plays into the naivety that IS Prompto. Verstael takes the opportunity and uses Prompto’s vulnerability against him. He’ll say things like “I know who you really are, don’t you want to find out where you came from?” And Prompto has to make tough choices, he has to relive terrifying events, he then has to make an ultimate decision.

Things escalate as it all begins to add up ((Prompto’s no dummy after all)) and at the end of the episode Prompto pulls a gun on Verstael. It’s here that the Magitek commander reveals once and for all, that Prom is inches away from killing his own father.

That’s where the Gifs come in, he’s obviously torn between wanting to know more and wanting it to end.

And you know what? I REALLY hope I’m wrong.

OKAY BUT that part in the interview where Matt says how Alec starts to get what he wants to get Magnus, and it starts going right but he is missing out on other things, but that has to happen sometimes in order to truly get what you want is very important because many times people put their family, friends, responsibilities before what they want and sometimes you have to stop for a second and do what you want even if it means you won’t be doing all of this other things for the other people 


‘Wait, Waylon?’ you asked, unable to believe what you were seeing.

When Rick had said they wanted you on the team as well you’d been a little worried. You were new to the whole thing, and didn’t think that they would put you out there that quickly. But now? Now things were slowly beginning to sink in. They made a little more sense. But you didn’t care, you were just thrilled to see the man that you had once known as a child. The man that you refused to push aside just because everyone else had.

‘(Y/n)?’ he asked, moving a little away from the other criminals. But all the guns in the place seemed to target him at that instant.

‘Stand down,’ ordered Rick, and you shot him a grateful smile before rushing to hug your friend.

‘All right, Killer Croc?’ you asked, finding the name odd. You shook your head. ‘Na, think I’ll stick to Waylon.’

He chuckled slightly, giving you a little squeeze before pulling away. ‘Wouldn’t have it any other way,’ he assured you, shooting you a smile.

A/N: Gif credit goes to the respective owners; I just found them on Google (added the links in the captions).


a lovely blogger asked me how i set up my bullet journal! i use this notebook, it’s a little cheaper than a moleskine. the pages are nice and don’t really bleed through. there’s even a little expandable paper folder in the back and i put stickers there. almost any notebook can make a good bullet journal so browse around :)

i like dividing almost everything up into two columns, just to make maximum use of the space. i write daily entries on the left and then i doodle/journal on the right.

i love my right columns because i can write down little thoughts and it’s not as serious as keeping a diary or something. so i’ll write down things like ‘i forgot how much i love harry potter!!’ or random lyrics that i like. of course you could also just do daily spreads in both columns or switch things around.

  • the first pic is my index. i didn’t want to spend time numbering pages so i just write the order things appear in.
  • the second pic is my key. i doodled all over it but you can see the format for my daily entries. a circle is an event, a box is a task, arrows show migrated things, star is priority, and a bullet point is just a note.
  • third pic has my yearly spread. it also has my september monthly spread. i created a separate box with my ‘weeklies,’ things that happen every week. there’s still some empty space in the right hand column and i was thinking of writing ‘monthly goals there’ or something.
  • the fourth pic has some daily spreads and two lists (happy things and a wishlist). i doodle a lot omg
  • the fifth pic is another one of my weekly spreads. 7 days fit perfectly :)
  • the last pic is a weekly spread in progress. i put a bunch of sticky notes on the left and then moved one day to the right hand column. you can do anything with the columns and it doesn’t need to be perfectly uniform.

if you have any questions hmu! feel free to tag me in any pics of your own bullet journals if you got any inspiration from this :) happy journaling ~



“What you are not is you are not the opinion of someone else. You are not damaged goods just because you’ve made mistakes in your life. You are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet. So just take a deep breath, and remind yourself of what you are. You are someone brave enough to question whether or not you are in the right place. You are someone who took risks, the kind of risks you have to take in order to make mistakes, but also those risks will get you to places you want to go in your life. You are someone who walked through a bunch of rainstorms and kept putting one step in front of the other even though sometimes you didn’t want to. I just think that the one thing I’ve learned for sure is that pain, and all those terrible things we go through, those days where we just don’t know what’s what. Those days, if you make it through them, make you stronger and walking through a bunch of rainstorms doesn’t make you damaged, it makes you clean.”

anonymous asked:

how do you make gifs?

I mean it’s a little difficult to explain because there are quite a few steps but I’ll try my very best. I’m gonna put this under the cut however, I assume it’s gonna get pretty long.

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I couldn’t find a nice way to put these all in oldest-to-newest order, but wanted to capture the whole thing.

I’m glad someone with more knowledge into the whole process responded, because from the sound of it seems like at least *someone* involved in the anime gets how much potential there is here. And it’s not impossible that the anime and manga could diverge further, which isn’t usually what you want, but as you point out it’s when they’re less faithful that the show’s better.

(Also, you’re right about its opinion re: sexual assault, didn’t mean to omit that, it’s such a bummer that this is so common a thing :\)

Anyhow, the mood whiplash in general is just fine with me. It feels like it’s so far had just enough serious moments to hint at something deeper going on and provide an avenue for character growth, without losing its upbeat and cheerful nature. I don’t know if my original post gave the impression that the mood whiplash was what bothered me, but if so that wasn’t what I was trying to get at. The only whiplash bothering me is going from heartfelt affection & a budding bond between two vastly different women who have found an unlikely counterpart, and trope-erific gags about perversion & sexual assault & other gross stuff.

I’m still crossing my fingers that it gets less gross, but the fact the original manga isn’t any better is definitely not good news. Important news, however, as there was a post going around a few days ago implying that the manga was better about all this (it was focused mainly on the funimation dub, but that seems from what I can tell to not be inventing anything that wasn’t already there). Maybe the best I can hope to see out of this is baby steps towards actual good anime featuring queer relationships. We’ll see I suppose. Thanks for all the replies.

Fast food

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

(I’m working drive through, when a guy drives up and asks for a cheese burger and a nugget happy meal.)

Me: So was that a three or six nugget happy meal?

(He doesn’t say anything, so I put it through as a six)

Me: Okay, so that’s a six nugget happy meal, and a cheese burger happy meal.

Him: That’s right.

(He drives through, and I hand him his happy meals. When he opens the nugget one he gets angry)

Him: What’s this shit? I wanted a three nugget happy meal! Just because your parents didn’t care about you and ordered you six nugget happy meals and let you be a fat fucking whore, doesn’t mean I’m going to let the same thing happen to my kids. (He continues to rant, calling me names, particularly fat and whore, and just yelling at me. My manager comes over, and catches him ranting. I’m almost in tears, and I never cry.)

Manager: Right, you have no reason to treat my employee that way. So you can just get out of my drive through.

Him: No! She’s a fat fucking whore, trying to charge me more and make my kids fat.

Manager: No, stop right there. YOU CAN GET OUT OF THE FUCKING DRIVE THROUGH RIGHT NOW! (She throws his change out the window at him, before slamming it shut, and looking at me, noticing I’m nearly in tears.)

Manager: Do you want to have a break now?

Me: Thank you.

anyway, id like to take this moment to reiterate: you do not need proof in order to have a trans headcanon. meta style “proof” is 100% optional. If you want evidence to point to, for whatever reasons, be it personal assurance, or argument, be my guest, but just because that is an option doesn’t mean it is necessary. and if there is something that “disproves” your character being trans? it is not necessary to recognize that if you dont want to. this is all about fun and entertainment, there is no Right way to have a headcanon. and if youre just, like, super duper into canon accuracy and a trans reading doesnt work? thats what aus are for! the possibilities are endless. just do whatever makes you happy!

and, additionally, you do not NEED to engage everyone who may argue with you! i choose to, because i am grown and i know i can handle it. and, frankly, i love arguing kjfjkfdh but please, put your own health and safety first! use the block button as you see fit, unfollow blogs which no longer feel good to follow, turn anon/the ask box/messaging off if you need to! hell if you just want to! you dont owe anyone anything, not an argument or proof of an idea or your time or energy, especially not vitriolic people (unless you want to of course)

in the meantime, be what you want to see in the world! that is my #1 piece of advice. i love trans sherlock, and i make trans sherlock content. if you love a different trans headcanon, make that content! if you hate trans sherlock, make your own damn content where he’s c*s and leave my ass alone! if you cant make content then consume the content you do enjoy! we’re all just having fun out here. anyway dont shit in peoples inboxes, and take care of yourself

I want a fanfiction where Finn reacts negatively at the idea of staying with the Resistance. That he can’t handle the idea of following orders again. He could commit to the mission of destroying Starkiller because it’s the right thing to do while actually prioritizing saving Rey AND the fact that is was his idea in the first place. No one ordered him to help or complete the mission. It was all free will. And now that it’s done you want to submit to another power, to give over his life to a cause when he literally just got his freedom?

The Resistance practically lives at the First Order’s doorstep, the exact thing he wants to be a galaxy away from. And now after nearly dying from his battle with a man who takes his mutiny extremely personal, you want him to face him again? You want him to put his life on the line for “something bigger than himself” again.

Talk to me how the Resistance is another nightmare for Finn. That he watched one of the few friends he’s ever had be murdered when he was unarmed and vulnerable. You want him to experience that again?

Talk to me about how Finn feels cornered. That he feels as if he’s tied himself down to Rey to where he feels that he has to be in the Resistance so he can see her again. Talk to me about how he might feel envious of her ability to adapt to her new role in the galaxy where all he wanted to do is escape the First Order; what that actually meant to him, he didn’t think past getting to the Outer Rim but now he has time to sit around and wonder what to do and in the meantime, he’s with another army where his life still doesn’t feel like his own.

Someone write a fanfiction talking about Finn’s restlessness of not wanting to stay with the Resistance but he never leaves and Leia sees this, understanding that he needs to be in charge, to feel like he has a place in this world and control over his life and she takes him under her wing for him to have that space to make his own decisions and have a say in missions.

Tell me how he feels to have this older woman be invested in his well-being and what he wants in life, who doesn’t force her expectations on him like Phasma did. Talk to me about how he turns his unrest and feelings of listlessness into motivation and spite. It’s the First Order’s fault he’s here in the first place right? It’s the Order’s fault he feels so uneasy being in the Resistance, a movement built on the fight for freedom, what he’s been wanting for so long. 

Show me how Finn comes to terms with the reality that the Resistance isn’t just falling orders and watching people die or sacrificing himself as the command of a captain. It’s about destroying the thing that took so much from him and making sure it happens to no one else. It’s about punishing the bad and saving the good. I love the idea of a spiteful Finn killing two birds with one stone.


Darcy Lewis Crossover Bingo

Hi guys! So, I have not been writing for about two months now, and i need to get back to it. I have high hopes of finishing my termpapers soon, so i’ll do what I like writing best, which are crossovers. From March 15th to April 13th. Initially i just wanted to to it for myself, but since it’s so much more fun to do things together, all of Darcyland is invited to join. Here’s how this’ll go down:

1) Download the Bingo sheet.

2) Put in your Jokers and then randomly asign the numbers from 1 to 30 to the different fields. (My example is up there.)

3) Starting March 15th i’ll provide a number between 1 and 30 (from each day.

4) Write between 500-2000 words for the Crossover that is your number of the day. Post.

5) If you have one horizontal or vertical line, post bingo. You win …. the honour. (I have no prizes planned… maybe i should?)


  • Between 500-2000 words is what I’ll do. Feel free to do whatever you want.
  • I called this Crossover Bingo, but Fusions are a type of crossover and welcome. Interpret the prompts to your liking.
  • Include pairings or don’t, that’s up to you.
  • If you don’t want to write something for a day, or if you don’t know a verse, that’s fine - just skip it. You don’t need to post every day to have a chance to win.
  • Disney* is about the childrens movies. Technically, disney owns abc and marvel, but for the sake of diversity they don’t count.
  • You can let me know if you want to play, but you don’t need to. Trag the tag ‘darcylewiscrossoverbingo’ for the numbers and updates

EDIT: It’s not April 15th but April 13th. Otherwise we would have more than 30 Days. Sorry there.

The cell phone, or when lost boys discover technology. (Peter Pan imagine)

(AN: Hope you’ll like it, tell me if it’s not what you asked for and i still can try to rewrite it. Again, I apologize for the mistakes.)

You were trying to clean the room while Pan and the lost boys were doing… lost boys’ things. Living with boys and being the only girl was quite hard for you. Especially when it came to cleaning! Obviously, it was not the priority of Peter. While you were putting stuffs in their right place, you opened a drawer in order to put Peter’s knife in it. In this drawer, you found something you totally forgot about. Your phone! You had it with you when you first arrived to Neverland and after being kidnapped by Peter, hating him, fighting him, kissing him, falling in love with him, and him begging you, you decided to stay. You remembered putting the phone in the drawer because you didn’t want to scare the jungle boys with Earth technology. But they were away and probably not coming until a long time so maybe you could use it a little bit… You turned it on and started using your apps. It was so nice to be on tumblr again! You missed instagram so much! Wow, you didn’t now you missed that many vines! Times passed and you were still on your phone. Peter came back and found you, on the floor with this strange black rectangle in your hands.

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Friday Five-Things are surprisingly good right now edition

1) I still felt pretty crappy today after yesterday’s migraine, but I went to work and was a real asset. I like knowing I contribute a lot there.

2) Middle class people (however you define them) have to make trade offs. We choose to put our kids in sports and live in an expensive neighborhood with some of the best public schools in the state. I had another mom tell me she wouldn’t let her daughter take more dance classes because she liked having a Mercedes. More power to her, but we choose differently.

3) I don’t think my kids are spoiled (does anyone?). They don’t get everything they want, they don’t have new clothes all the time, they have to do chores and maintain good grades in order to have privileges, and the older ones have to earn extra money by working for us or at a job.

4) A majority of people couldn’t raise $400 in an emergency. That was us until I found another job, so I am very grateful to be working and living with a little left over between paychecks for the first time in a long time.

5) With my new job, scholarships and financial aid, we have gotten by with the oldest in college this past year, but we were worried about next year when we will have two kids in private colleges. Zack got a good offer, but there will still be substantial expenses. Nick’s boss called him into his office yesterday to let him know that the company is giving him a large, unexpected raise. The timing could not have been better.

Bonus: Nick and I are going out with @pandoranora and her hubby tonight!!

Not sure why things are suddenly going so well. I am doing my best to fight off any sense of impending doom and just accept the goodness graciously.

Bellarke: Season 1 Statistics

A comprehensive list of all smiles, touches, significant/meaningful looks, and noteworthy conversations shared between Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I recently decided to go back and watch the show from the beginning (because what better time was there than right before finals when I should’ve been studying instead?). Like the total nerd I am, though, I decided to start keeping a record of certain things I believe could prove to be interesting and insightful regarding the development between two of our favorite characters. I originally planned on putting all three seasons into one post, but seeing as this task was already turning into a monster only halfway through season one, I’ll break it up into each season and then possibly give a grand summary following the Season 3 finale.

I did my very best to stick to what I saw being portrayed on screen in order to give the most unbiased information I possibly could. Although this is obviously subject to error I believe I was fairly successful in doing so. In fact, even though I noticed several bits of additional information this time around in comparison to my first time watching, I found that my original viewpoints on nearly everything stayed almost exactly the same.

I’m sharing this information with all of you, for one, because I know how obsessed all of us are with anything and everything Bellamy/Clarke related. Also, if you’re anything like me, you probably feel much more secure by validating your own opinions and arguments through the support of specific examples and concrete facts.

I really hope you find this information to be informative and useful. And now, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Follow wizardofauscore/apocaplysedreams/newpersonsameoldmistakes? Read this...

Let me start this right off the bat:

This would’ve happened about 1-2 years ago if I had my way but I was asked to keep a lid on this because the parties involved didn’t want this becoming a thing and I honestly would’ve continued sitting on this but between this guy, this guy and this guy i’d say my instincts are somewhat fine tuned to a certain class of people that are more or less “scumbags”.

I’ve known for ages that Tom was abusive towards his ex and I’ve tried to keep it as underwraps (because I was put under strict orders to) only telling certain people as a warning and generally they listened to me but some of you have chosen to have this information but continue talking, following and being friends with him.

But hey  lets get to the core of the issue:

This is Tom wizardofauscore/apocaplysedreams/newpersonsameoldmistakes (who is 21 or 22) asking a underage girl for nudes.

I have no doubt Tom is gonna leave a long reply calling me out on talking shit about him in the past but the difference between some words being thrown around and this is like jumping from the earth to the moon.

Tom a 21-22 year old man asked a underage year old girl for nudes.

The more people I see defending the idea of someone being “transracial” the more I just want to put my head in an oven.

Serious question: Why is no one pointing out that Rachel Dolezal is basically doing a glorified version of blackface?

She allegedly (I haven’t read the entire story, but don’t need to in order to know how stupid this whole thing is) lied on a college application and said she was black and was awarded a scholarship that would have rightfully gone to a black student.

So now not only is she a liar and a racist (because how else can you pretend to be another race without playing on the stereotypes surrounding people of that race), but she actually is taking opportunities away from black people while claiming to be fighting for their rights.

Honestly, if you don’t see how ironic it is for a white woman to pretend to be black so she can be the head of a community’s NAACP branch, you are either willfully ignorant, a bigot, or don’t understand irony.

And if you compare being “transracial” to being transgender, you’re whacked.

Reading Commissions Open

So as a lot of you know, recently I had to move back in with my mom because I couldn’t find a job to continue supporting myself. While this wouldn’t be so bad for most, my mom’s an abusive piece of trash. So I’m wanting to get out as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, my vehicle was taken by her, so job hunting is now pretty much impossible since the city I plan to live in is about 30 minutes away. So that’s why I’m opening commissions. Everything I make will be put into my savings to buy a car and insurance. 

So what can you purchase?

I have a whole page right here that lists everything you can currently purchase from me. If you are purchasing a devotional painting or prayer beads set, you will need to email me at before you pay, and we will discuss the specifics of the order to determine the price. Keep in mind, however, this is my first time using paypal. There’s bound to be mistakes made. Just be patient with me, and be specific on your order, and I’ll do everything I can to make things go smoothly. Donations and any commissions can do me wonders.

AU Honeymoon (part 3)

Okay, for all you begging for the dirty photoshoot. Here you go. And thanks to @yellowfeather84 for her contributions to making this part interesting. 

Once I’d read the books, after seeing the first season, I decided one thing that I didn’t like them changing was the fact that Jamie was the first to give Claire oral (if you could see how red I am right now, you’d be laughing at me). I might be bringing that into my modern AU. :D “Sorry” for how long it is.

Previous installments: Part One Part Two 

She’d sent him to the bedroom without his supper. Well. She’d only done that because she’d wanted to surprise him. He had no notion of what she’d ordered for their dinner, but refused to leave until she’d put something on.

“I’m the only one allowed to ogle ye, Sassenach,” he’d said before stomping down to their room.

He heard the soft doorbell ding and Claire’s voice as she paid the delivery boy. Nerves were beginning to fray and he didn’t really know why. His foot tapped restlessly on the floor.

When she came in, she’d changed into the silk robe. But she wore a new set of underthings beneath it, he thought. The shape of her was different.

“Staring at my breasts already?”

“Oh, they’re quite lovely, Sassenach. It’s a shame t’ cover them.”

You insisted they be covered while strangers were at the door,” she winked, bringing in the brown paper sack of dinner.

“Aye, I did. But the strangers are gone, now.”

“Oh alright,” she smiled and shrugged out of her robe.

He growled. Actually growled. Like an animal on one of those nature shows. Like a lion gone wi’ lust.

It was purple, the same sweet shade of heather. Black lace trimmed the edges of it, contrasting strongly with her ivory flesh.

“Holy Mother of God,” he moaned.

“Men and lingerie,” she laughed. “Come on. I’m starving.”

“So am I,” he muttered, not looking at the paper sack.

She pulled out boxes of food and opened them. It was an arrangement of local seafood, all delightfully prepared. He ate happily, unable to look away from her while she twirled pasta on her fork.

“I had an idea,” she said, holding two more boxes in her hand.


“What if we took pictures?”

He frowned, confused.

“We could, I suppose. If we save a little money, we can make an appointment wi’ a photographer and-”

“No, no. Not like that. I mean we could do that too. But I was talking about now. Tonight.”

Still utterly confused, he set down his glass of Scotch whiskey.

“I dinna ken what ye’re about, Sassenach. If ye dinna want t’ make love again so soon, all ye have t’ do is say.”

“But that’s my point. I still want to. Very much. But I want to take photos while we do.”

His brows met his hairline.

“You. Want. To. Do. WHAT?!”

Her eyes widened and she smiled with wicked pleasure.

“Take photos while we make love.”

“Why in the hell would ye want that?!”

“Because! I want to see what we look like! Think of how much fun it would be!”


She slid over the side of the bed and grabbed a long bag.

“Look. We don’t have to do anything differently. I’ve got a tripod for the camera. I can set it up to take as many photos as we want.”

“I dinna want any! Christ, Claire! Imagine if someone found them?!”

Her lips pursed into a flat line.

“And who will be rifling through our dirty pictures?”

“Well… None I can think of. But things happen, Claire. Surely ye ken that.”

She set the tripod up and got the camera mounted. He downed the rest of his whiskey, not tasting a drop of it.

“Just this once. Then never again.

“Ye canna be serious.”

“Think of how much fun it’ll be!”

There was that word again. Fun. Perhaps the English and the Scottish had different definitions of that word.

“We can’t ever see ourselves that way.”

“I’m no’ sure I want to!”

“Please? Only this once. And I promise no one will ever see them. This is just for us.”

Closing his eyes, he poured himself another glass and downed it.

“Alright. But so help me, Sassenach, if any of these are discovered, ye’ll be a widow.”

“Thank you, Jamie,” she beamed.

He started toward her, but she shook her head.

“What? I thought ye wanted-”

“I do, but… I have oysters first.”


“Oysters. They’re an aphrodisiac. That was why I wanted to order in.”

“Ye think I canna get in the mood t’ bed ye?”

She snorted.

“No. You’re awake, of course you want to bed me. But this’ll help you forget about the camera.”

Then she opened the box to reveal six prepared oysters, nestled in a small basket of ice. With the wee fork, he swallowed his three down and waited for her.

Some of the juice dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. He watched the droplet slide down her neck, feeling the desire beginning to bubble in his blood.

He grabbed the ice basket and empty oyster shells and dropped them off the side of the bed. It didn’t matter that he’d probably made a mess that he’d have to clean in the morning. She was sitting there on the bed, naked and inviting.

“Wait! I have to set up the camera!”

Grumbling, he stared at her through a slight haze of whiskey and oysters. And Claire.

“Alright. It’ll take a photo every fifteen seconds until the memory card runs out of space.”

“How many bloody pictures do ye need, woman?!”

“I guess we’ll find out!”

He hadn’t been paying attention to how much of the whiskey she’d had. It was clear she’d had more than the wee dram he’d poured her. She bounced back onto the bed and shimmied to him.

“Alright, husband,” she said, giggling as the camera beeped.

“Claire… I canna. No’ wi’ that thing watching us.”

Her whiskey eyes rolled and she kissed him. One of her hands put his on her breast. The camera beeped again.

“Forget about it,” she breathed against his lips. “It’s just you and me, Jamie. Mr. and Mrs. Fraser. Until the end of time.”

It got a little easier to kiss her and ignore the beep.

“My perfect match,” she said, gently pushing his head down to her chest. “The one man who loves me truly and fully.”

The soft skin on her breasts brushed against his face. Still painfully aware of when the camera beeped, he let himself get lost a little. Her nipples were already hard before he began to suckle them. His tongue flicked across them, making her whimper. At least she hadn’t suggest they made a home video of this.

Her fingers were digging into his scalp, pulling on his hair. One tug pulled him harder than he’d been expecting and he bit her nipple.


“Sorry, Sassenach. I didna mean to hurt you.”

“No, you didn’t. It’s alright.”


“Can’t we turn the bloody thing off now?”

“No! W haven’t made love yet!”

Glaring at the camera, he huffed.

“I could turn the sound off?”

“Aye. That would be good.”

Crawling over, she fiddled with the camera and rejoined him.

“There. Now you won’t hear it go off.”

“Good. Now come here, I’ve a condition I think ye can help me with.”

“Oh? What sort of condition?”

“A certain stiffness.”

Her hand slithered down and gripped him.

“Oh this? I think I’ve got an idea what to do. Vigorous exercise can help. Especially with a partner.”

He kissed her long and slow.

“Fancy helpin’ a lad out?”

“I’d be honored.”

With her hand still in place, she guided him home. He knew the camera was still going off, documenting this moment. But he didn’t care anymore. The only two people in the world were in that room.

He rode her with determination. It wouldn’t be over so soon this time, he’d set his mind. Those smooth ivory legs locked around him, driving his hips harder. The sounds that slipped form her open mouth made him lose control. He jerked wildly against her until she screamed. Her fingernails were digging deep into his buttocks. 

“Oh, Jamie…”

“I think,” he panted. “I’m learning.”

“I’ll say. God that was good.”

He chuckled and kissed her again.

“See? Wasn’t this fun?”

Shaking his head, he looked over at the camera in time to watch it snap a photograph.

“Oh, Sassenach,” he said, smiling. “I’m no’ done wi’ you yet…”

He needed a few minutes to rest himself, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t make her moan and squeak again. Getting up, he pulled her to the end of the bed. She watched him curiously, not sure what his plans were. Good. She didn’t need to know everything all the time.

“What are you doing?”

Standing at the foot of their bed, he grabbed her ankles and dragged her down. Her hair was wild around her head as she stared up at him. Before he did anything, he went and adjusted the view of the camera. If she wanted these bloody photographs, he’d make sure she got them. Keeping his eyes locked with hers, he knelt before her and smiled.



“But… Why would you… I mean…”

“He didna like it, did he?”

“Well, no. I’ve never…”

That made him smile even more.

“Something ye havena done yet. Hopefully I’ll make it an enjoyable experience for ye.”

And then he tasted her. Sweet Lord Almighty. It was addicting. One arm braced over her abdomen, keeping her pinned to the bed. The camera was clicking away, he hoped, and he buried himself in his task.

He had to admire the lungs she had on her. Christ she was loud. At one point, her back was bowed and she had their quilt in white knuckles.

“Jesus,” she heaved. “Oh Jamie…”

“Did ye like it?”

Her body shuddered again and she smiled.

“Yes. Very much.”

“I like t’ see ye pleased, Sassenach.”

Pushing herself up onto her elbows, she gazed fondly down at him.

“I’ll wager you’ve got another problem with stiffness, yes?”

He looked down and smirked.

“I might at that.”

“Then it’s my turn. Come here.”

Crawling back onto the bed, he lay down on his back. Claire moved the camera again and smiled.

“The memory card is nearly full.”

“Good. Then we can delete the bloody things.”

“No! I’m going to print them first.”

His head snapped up.


“Not get them printed. I’ll just do it here. Don’t worry, darling. No one will see them but us.”


Her face was still flushed from his attentions, but she was grinning.

“I love you, Jamie.”

“And I love you, mo nighean donn.”

“You know,” she said softly as she climbed above him. “I think you should teach me Gaelic.”

Sitting up, he pulled her into a hug and nibbled on her ear.

“I will, Sassenach. Though maybe no’ just now.”

Her hips shifted from side to side, making him groan.

“No… Now probably isn’t the best time. Now lie back and let me take care of you.”

Holy God. He’d thought making love to her had been wonderful. But having her above him, watching the faces she made, the way her bonny breasts bounced… His hands were on her hips, pulling her roughly against him. The friction they created would surely burn their flat down.

And then she was gone. He grabbed at the quilt and tried desperately to not fly into pieces.

“Claire! Damn it Claire!”

“Just… One… Moment.”

He cried out, body beginning to tremble.

“Alright,” she said. “I’m right here.”

He didn’t last long after that.

When she collapsed down beside him, she looked up at the camera.

“I think the memory card is full.”

“That’s good. I dinna want to do that again, Claire.”

“You don’t want to make love again?”

He pursed his lips at her.

“That isna what I meant and ye ken it well.”

She giggled and snuggled close to him.

“Thank you for doing it this time. For indulging me. Perhaps we can look at them tomorrow?”

“Aye. Tomorrow. Or maybe next week. Christ I’m tired.”

Moving up, she kissed him softly.

“Rest up, my lad. Perhaps I’ll try my hand at breakfast.”

“Just dinna burn the flat down, aye?”