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The only troubling thing about being vegan is knowing that you are enlightened and aware of the injustices and exploitations and violence imposed upon animals, but that everyone else is living blindly, unknowing that they are perpetuating these things further, or knowing, and continuing to employ them because of ‘taste,’ 'convenience,’ and 'expense,’ which are totally FALSE and ARBITRARY constructs of human society, socialization, industrialization, and commercialization.

Being vegan is not 'difficult.’ Being vegan, first and foremost, is about living a cruelty-free life and spreading assertions and messages of peace, equality, and justice to all sentient beings, and not simply to the human ones. We all have personalities, fears, hopes, dreams, feelings, and emotions to whatever degree- and to which degree should not measure how we treat ourselves. There is no “them” or “us” because that isolation and separation based on species is what promotes the discriminatory and exploitative behaviors and mentalities. A person cannot profess to believe in total equality unless they are vegan, because the TRUTH is that animals are being slaughtered and caged and maimed and SUFFER because of what many humans perceive to be “natural” and “acceptable,” and that is the horrifying knowledge that vegans have: we know of these things, and yet we are cast aside as being 'uneducated’ and 'extreme.’ Our knowledge is priceless and IMPERATIVE to moving forward and to continuing to advocate for the rights of all sentient beings.

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Hi you don't have to reply to this (sorry for bothering) I just want to get stuff off my chest. I love my friends so much but none of them have the same interests as me and it bugs me sometimes because I love music more than anything and I wanna go to concerts a queue all day but none of my friends wanna do that and none of them will even listen to the music I like. I would just like to have someone irl that I can talk with that shares the same interests as me. This is stupid sorry.

This is absolutely not stupid! I totally know how you feel, it’s definitely a struggle when you can’t bond with people over the things you’re really interested in and passionate about. It sucks sometimes! Maybe you should try to branch out to some other people? I know it’s easier said than done but it really does help to have someone you can talk about your interests with. If need be, there are plenty of people that are a part of or follow this blog, and i’m sure you’d be able to find people with similar interests! If you can’t find someone in real life, we can at least try to help online! Hope this helps, ily |-/


Feminism (as it currently is) honestly makes me both laugh and cringe. Because when you’re growing up and learning about it, it’s all “Yes. Finally women can make choices that are just as acceptable as anyone else’s.”

Except now it’s like 


Rather than throwing a hissy fit over the unimportant–it’s their own choice, right?–why not focus on the things that should be improved? Like perhaps the Duluth Model, equal sentencing for crimes committed by either sex, or doing away with Selective Service entirely? Why not be actively productive about striving for actual change instead of bitching about ignorance and things that are indirectly offensive? 

Would be nice to see that instead of the usual tantrums I see on social media.


Took the electric brewery on her maiden voyage yesterday.  Just a simple pale ale while I get the system figured out.  (Here’s the recipe, but I used tangelo peels for 5 minutes instead of orange for 10, US-05 instead of WLP299)  The volumes and gravities were a little bit off because I’m still figuring out the boil off rate and dead spaces, but all in all, the numbers were within acceptable ranges, which is promising.  I totally didn’t plan it this way, but this beer should be ready to drink right around spring break when I’m planning to get my kegerator put together.  It’ll be nice to have a little something on tap when I get that thing running.

I did learn, though, that cleaning equipment when it’s below freezing out is no fun at all.  At least I got to use warm water for cleaning post-boil because I collected the water coming out of the chiller.  However, I had to carry the wastewater out to the yard afterwards, 5 gallons at a time to avoid setting up a big ice slick on our driveway.  I guess that’s the cost of winter brewing, though.

I just watched TMZ Live on TV and they not only said someone on his team should demand him to get a paternity test, but they said Briana and Louis dated from January 2015 until a couple months prior and this is him wanting to be the best dad and he has total faith in her and she hasn’t been with anyone else, they also said it doesn’t make sense because it’s Hollywood and he needs to take one eventually….they also said fans have tons of conspiracy theories as to why it’s not true and not his and the one guy mentioned baby gate being a thing….also they were all falling all over their words like they were trying to stick to a fake as hell story on purpose

Pepper really should have been at that party in AoU because one, Tony would maybe have pumped the brakes for a second on the whole ultron thing if Pepper had been there like “what the fuck Tony,” but especially because, two, her and Sam making small talk in the way you do when you’re both the romantic partners brought to the office party though

“It’s been an interesting shift in my life,” Sam says, resisting the urge to stand on his tiptoes. It’s a common male response to Pepper in her heels. They make her approximately eight feet tall.

“I can imagine. It must be wonderful working alongside Captain America,” Pepper says.

“Oh yeah, working with Steve is amazing,“ says Sam. And it is. It is. God, it is. But also Steve disappeared somewhere to go say hi to Bruce Banner, and Sam decided not to follow because he is absolutely sure Bruce is a wonderful guy, but Sam’s still not ready to risk meeting the Hulk.

("Trust me,” said Steve before he left. “If the Hulk was here, it doesn’t matter what room of the party you’re in. You’d meet him.”)

The point is, you bring a man to your work party, you damn well make sure he doesn’t have to make too much conversation with your coworkers by himself.

A very tall, very built, very blonde man walks by with drinks in hand. Thor gives the two of them a little wave and Sam’s brain short circuits. Pepper waves back. Being a personal assistant for Tony Stark seems to demand the kind of person who would never be flapped by something so insignificant as the Norse god of thunder. Even before the whole superhero thing, she’d probably just tell him to wait in the lobby while she checked if Mr Stark was in the office today.

(Sam is, of course, wrong. A blaring siren of “what the fuck what the fuck what the FUCK” has been playing in Pepper’s head for about five years now, sometimes fading almost to silence, sometimes screaming so loud she can barely think, but after so long, Pepper’s gotten used to faking the kind of ice cold serenity that served her so well as Tony’s personal assistant. After all, aliens and demigods are still not the worse mess he’s dragged her into.)

“Steve helped me get my wings back,” Sam says, mostly to remind himself that he can fly, ergo this is a place he deserves to be. “He’s a good man like that.”

“That’s wonderful,” Pepper says. “Tony helped me get super strength one time. And the ability to breathe flames.”

“What,” says Sam.

“Yes,” says Pepper. “Steve seems like a relaxing boyfriend.”

Sam watches Tony Stark and James Rhodes loudly argue about the maximum amount of rocket launcher one suit of armor needs. “No, he’s not,” Sam says firmly. “Not even comparatively. Tell me about fire breathing, though, that sounds wild.”

She tells him about fire breathing. It is, in fact, wild.

things niall should do with his dog 2k16: play fetch in the park. he has to wear a hat and sunnies to go unnoticed, but he’d wear that anyway. bath time is a total fiasco because he forgot to shut the bathroom door, so he’s learned that the puppy likes to stand in the shower with him. he got her a fancy dog bed of her own, but she prefers curling up against his back, so he lets her. he has to set an alarm to feed the puppy at the same time every day bc he’s so used to changing time zones, and after the second time he forgot, he gets a digital watch so time updates over wifi won’t upset their schedule. he can’t trim her nails himself bc she cries, so he has bi-monthly appts set up with his vet to get her manicured. he learns to put down roots again.


Somebody got me into bodysuits today.  Actually, I got myself into this one, but somebody’s blog about how much they love bodysuits just revved up my engine and made it purr.  I’ve always love these quintessentially feminine items that encase the female torso.  This one is a gymnastics leotard by GK Elite.  Crushed velvet in a rich floral pattern with a totally delightful gentle hug all over your upper body.  Wearing this makes you feel like a million.  Only one small downside – they don’t have a snap crotch to allow ‘easy access’, meaning you basically have to peel them off to pee.  I guess that’s because gymnasts don’t want things coming undone in the middle of routines.  Depending on the type of judge, that could either reduce your points, or possibly increase them.  Those judges can be very arbitrary. 

If you like gorgeous, high quality bodysuits, you should really check out these gymnastic leotards.  Ballet ones are great too, but more limited in colors and styles.  These also go great as tops with skirts or tight pants.  

My friend was texting me about Sans and she started talking about how Sans is probably a really good singer and then was like “dude you should totally draw that cliche singing to the partner on the balcony thing but with sans and mettaton” 

so i did.


hey guyyys, just wanted to say i probably won’t be around here until the baby is born near the end of the month. i’ve totally run out of steam for things. i’ll probably still come on to do a few reblogs and stuff but if i don’t answer msgs right away it isn’t because i hate you lol ;3  hopefully i’ll get some motivation back before then but ugh idk


Let Me Make Something Clear To You Non-Ianthony Shippers.

Please stop flooding our tag with begs and pleas to stop harassing Ian and Anthony. The Tumblr side of the fandom did not harass Ian, Anthony, Miel, or Pam AT ALL and had NOTHING to do with this incident.

The Tumblr side of the Ianthony fandom is an overall well-rounded place where we all know to keep the shipping stuff low-key and to support the Smosh boys no matter what because their happiness is key. WE TOOK IAN’S ADVICE BEFORE HE EVEN GAVE IT TO US! We have no control with what people outside of Tumblr say or do.

The Instagram side of the fandom is the most likely candidate for Ian’s reason to post this. This is where a lot of the uneducated young teen shippers are who don’t really “know any better” which is a total bullshit excuse. You should know that threatening someone over A PHOTO is a goddamn awful thing to do 13 or not. In fact, this is the reason why I keep my shipping things on Tumblr. The Twitter and Instagram side of the fandom are just filled to the brim with cruel and complete idiots!

This is an issue that needed to be discussed for sometime now and I’m glad that Ian addressed it. The Instagram and Twitter side of the fandom is pretty vicious to these gorgeous women and it’s just not fair and is totally unacceptable,  but please stop spamming our tag on here. We all truly do love Ian and Anthony and support/respect everything they do. There are some extremists out there, like with everything, but I assure you that you won’t find them here.

Also, please stop saying that they don’t support Ianthony. Ian made it pretty clear that he didn’t mind it and Anthony has also said it as well. So, as long as we’re not threatening anybody, LET US SHIP IT!

We now interrupt this post to bring a smile to your face. <3

Credit to @siberia04 for the photo.

That is all and have have a nice day! :)

I guess I should write a thing about Bro Strider.  Honestly I’m still really unsure what his exact deal is – I don’t have a solid headcanon about his background or his motives, just a lot of wild and contradictory speculation.

I’m kind of bugged though by the “total sociopath” interpretation Hussie ended up advocating.  Not because I’ve ever been that emotionally invested in Bro or his relationship with Dave, but because

a) it… doesn’t reflect a very realistic idea of what actual abuse is like?  I’m no expert on the topic, but I don’t think most abusers are actually complete psychopaths with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  That’s why it’s often so hard for victims of abuse to just leave the people who are hurting them – because there are good parts to the relationship too.  I don’t like the way the depiction of Bro seems to support the narrative of “real abuse is always 100% awful 100% of the time, anything less than that doesn’t count”.

(And it bothers me especially when juxtaposed with the treatment of Rose’s Mom, who is a good example of a parent who probably did genuinely care about her kid but still ended up neglecting her.  I don’t like how the narrative ended up dumping the entire blame for that situation on Rose.  “Mom really loved her, see, which means she can’t actually have been a bad parent and Rose must have been making it all up.  The only bad parents are obvious monsters like Bro; if you feel any amount of affection for your kid, it completely absolves you of all wrongdoing.”  Meh.)

b) it doesn’t fit very well with what we know about Dirk.  Dirk isn’t a sociopath.  He’s definitely capable of feeling affection for other people – he just expresses that affection in really fucked-up ways.  The Dirk-Jake relationship was obviously set up as a parallel to the Bro-Dave relationship, right?  But Dirk clearly does genuinely like Jake!  If Bro didn’t like or care about Dave, then his and Dirk’s motivations were completely different despite the similarity of their actions, and the parallel between them is rendered superficial and meaningless.

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anyways @bitter-radfem-harpy is talking about allowing a woman who has already had her son into a female only community. in a female only community baby boys will not be a thing, because there are no men, so unless youre sneaking off campus to fuck a man, get pregnant and then find out it;s a boy this is a total non issue? and if you’re doing that then i don’t believe you deserve a space in a female only commune anyways.

no i don’t believe women who have children already growing should be allowed in female only spaces unless those spaces explicity state that male children are okay (in which case theyre not exclusively female only are they), gendered socialisation starts before children are even born so your son is already exposed to patriarchy and he’s already benefitting from it. (as they say it takes a village to raise a child) raise your son elsewhere and don’t expect female only groups to cater to you.

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the boy i like has showed some interest in me, but he always subtly tells me i should lose weight, he hints at it all the time. it makes me feel kinda down because i know if i lost weight he would definitely date me, i'm pretty sure that's the only thing stopping him. i know that makes him sounds like a total asshole but i really like this boy

Do what you want bc YOU want to, not bc of one boy. There are many boys on the Earth