because if not im really disappointed

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heeey :) i dont mean to be rude or anything but arent the prince and prince volumes a bit too expensive?i mean to get both i have to pay like 50 dollars plus shipping and i dont think most fans have that much money :(( or to buy only one its 25$ +shipping and its not the full story :( i wanted to buy it very much so im kinda disappointed bec most probably i wont because of the price :(

dude when i promised we’re making it as cheap as possible i meant it. the ultimate bundle, which is $66, only nets us $20, split by two is $10……we’re really making jack shit. if you want a cheaper option, that’s what the digital bundle is for bc that’s readily affordable.

also remember that this is the content of two harry potter-sized novels, over 44 pieces of art (NOT including concept art zine) and a bunch of extras too…i promise i wouldn’t over charge and i mean it. that’s another reason i did the survey to see how much people can afford. i know it’s hella expensive but the truth is that with the size of the texts + need for color we just can’t make it cheaper if we want to make ANYTHING. and hina’s gotta afford a super expensive plane ticket man.

also, if it helps at all, with the looooong preorder date there’s plenty of time for y’all to put away just a little over time for it if you desperately want the physical copies. the only thing that may be over-priced is the shipping but i am far too afraid of underestimating international. when we get the damn things i’ll see if i can’t send cheaper and refund some of the shipping to y’all bc i know that’s a bitch, but it’s the best we can do.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>20 year old sister:</b> you should not read this book before 18<p/><b>17 year old me:</b> why?<p/><b>20 year old sister:</b> because there are 'things' that are inappropriate here for people below 18 like you<p/><b>17 year old me:</b> *thinks about all the smuts i've read when i was 16* ok<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

You could see he was disappointed with himself for not hitting those few high notes towards the end of the song… he kind of sighed and was stepping away from the mic when he couldn’t hit them and its breaking my fucking heart because he did so good!!! That performance was fucking incredible !! The way he owns a stage is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, theres so much passion in the way he moves and sings and feels, and I hope he doesn’t bring himself down. His voice is so raw and I got goosebumps from hearing it, he’s just so incredible,, Im beyond proud of him, I cant explain the amount of love i have for him I just really hope he isn’t disappointed with himself because i know absolutely no one was disappointed with that performance. In conclusion:

Thats my baby and I’m real proud (,:

Got7′s Reaction to you gaining weight

I hope you enjoy the reaction!! :)

A/N: Honestly they will all somewhat have the same reaction because they will love you no matter what. Like they wouldn’t really care if you gained weight or you didn’t because they don’t love you just because of your appearance. 


Y/N: *while looking in the mirror* “Bam…. I think I gained some weight and it is not looking okay.” *disappointed face*

BamBam: *walks up to you and also looks in the mirror* “It’s okay… I’ve gained weight too so don’t worry about it, Jagiya.”

Y/N: “What are you talking about?!?!?! You still the same!”

BamBam: *gif*

*The two of you just end up laughing which made you forget about everything else.*


*When he sees you looking at your body, he already knew what you were thinking.*

Yugyeom: “Jagiya, you look the same so stop looking at yourself like that.”

Y/N: *still looking* “No I don’t… I definitely gained some weight.”

Yugyeom: *gif*


*He hated that you didn’t like the way you looked when he actually loved you just the way you were.*

Youngjae: *sigh* “Y/n…..Jagiya….. No matter how much weight you gain, you will still look beautiful.”

*Then he would hug you and all the ‘weight you gained’.*


*He sees you looking in the mirror and complaining that you gained weight because you looked a bit more bigger than before. He hated the way that you complained about what you looked like.*

JB: *gif* “Stop looking in the mirror because you will always look beautiful.”

*Then he just keeps dragging you away until you  stopped and just laughed at what he just did.*


*Just like all the others, he loved you no matter what you looked like so to stop you from complaining and thinking it wasn’t good that you gained weight, he would start to describe everything else he loved about you.*

Jinyoung: “Who cares if you gained weight?? You’re still beautiful.” *smirks* *gif*

*You smile and accept his high give and for the rest of the day he kept complementing everything about you.*


*When you start complaining about you gaining weight, he just looks at you and ignores you.*

Mark: *gif* *sigh* “Stop complaining…. You still look beautiful to me. So whether you gain weight or not, you will always be the same to me.”


*You start looking in the mirror and see that you gained weight so you ask Jackson if you actually did.*

Jackson: *gif* “No…. there’s just more for me to hug.” *smirks and then gives you a kiss on the cheek*

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Some time ago, i noticed a bunch of old and new boy groups with a lot of talent that arent appreciated as they should be. In kpop industry, make success is hard, and sometimes very talented people lose their chance to show their talent, thats means a lot of new groups disband for being underrated.

So i take a moment to make a list of really good groups u guys really need to check:

- VICTON (Plan A Entertainment, 2016)

- Snuper (Widmay Entertainment, 2015)

- VAV (A team, 2015)

- ROMEO (CT Entertainment, 2015)

- Imfact (Star Empire Entertainment, 2016)

- MYNAME (H2 Media, 2011)

- MADTOWN (GNI Entertainment, 2014)

- MAP6 (DreamT Entertainment, 2015)

- KNK (YNB Entertainment, 2016)

- UP10TION (TOP Media, 2015)

- JJCC (Jackie Chan Group Korea, 2014)

- B.I.G (G.H Entertainment, 2014)

- Boys Republic (Happy Tribe Entertainment, 2013)

- Topp Dogg (HUNUS Entertainment, 2012)

- BIGFLO (HO Company, 2014)

- Cross Gene (Amuse Entertainment, 2012)

- HISTORY (LOEN, 2013)

- HIGH4 (N.A.P Entertainment, 2014)

- 24K (Choeun Entertainment, 2012)

- 100% (TOP Media, 2012)

I know theres a lot more but thats the groups i remember at the moment, i know new groups are amazing and wonderful, but please take a moment to listen just to one music of these amazing groups, youre not gonna be disappointed i swear. 

Im not saying um should not love the new groups, theyre amazing as well but open your rice guys, K-pop has a huge variety of groups, do you really want to be stuck in only three or four just because theyre the most famous or they belong to a big companie? Give love to the flops too, u guys have no ideia how its like to see their smiles when a big amount of fans notice them. 

Maybe i do a girl group ver as well. 

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how do we refrain from antisemitism while supporting palestinians?

im really disappointed in myself to think about the one million ways i might’ve contributed to violence towards marginalized people when i was younger–and the fact it was unintentional, (or worse: with good intentions) does not matter because my intentions will never erase the impact my words/actions might have. in particular antisemitism, is so pervasive and insidious it can present itself in the mildest of ways and in ways that make it look totally normal. and that’s the ugliest, most disconcerting thing of all. that you might be contributing to the hatred of jewish people without at all thinking you are–which is exactly why it is so important to listen to jewish people when they tell you your behaviour is violent. this is why we have to be extremely extremely careful that our “activism” doesn’t align with an excuse to hate jewish people. another extremely concerning point is that it is always non-palestinian “pro-palestinians” who delve into antisemitism without thinking twice, using their support for palestine as a thin guise for their own antisemitism. 

The most important thing is to always listen to jewish people and respect their thoughts and feelings. if your behaviour is violent, be ready to rectify it. if you’re supporting antisemites, be ready to separate yourself from them. if fighting antisemitism is not a priority for you, ask yourself what thoughts and opinions led you to such a sentiment. 

i am still learning how to dismantle antisemitism in my everyday encounters with people who toss antisemitic rhetoric into conversation or within their actions, and also looking to expunge my life of antisemitism in its many forms: on tv, in movies, in books, in the news etc.  

in order to transfer this effort into your support for palestinians, it would be in my opinion extremely beneficial to learn from jewish activists who are themselves committed to the liberation of palestine and palestinians. i can suggest as a starting point, and i hope my followers can suggest other resources which can shape pro-palestinian activism in a way that also works to dismantle antisemitism. 


12/2/17 (42/100)

Today I bring you Chemistry and Chinese! I’m really proud of my Chemistry notes because that amount of neatness pleases me (and it shows how into studying the subject I was, which is great).

And then there’s Chinese… There’s this section where they test you words that they teach you in class and that part is worth 15 marks this exam, so I definitely worked my ass off on those words because that’s the only part I can gain marks *sighs*


Last time I checked I had a hundred followers. And now I have 333?! Like what?!

I genuinely did not check my follower count, and I really am feeling a little overwhelmed because I was having a really bad day before this.




I hope I don’t disappoint ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و

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What is your all time favorite picture of each Day6 member?? :3

ughhhh anon i can’t believe you’re making me choose just one for each member, but here i go:


this look was so freakin good i legit couldnt stop reblogging pictures of him from this day


snapback sungjin is so freakin hot this needs to make a comeback

Young K

no words to describe this kinky


this photoshoot did wonders for him ohmy


casual, soft, fluffy, omg (there’s so many other ones i really couldnt pick)


my fav ot5 photo ;w; so precious


get to know me meme: [2/20] relationships ♥ tris and four (the divergent series)
I used to think that when people fell in love, they just landed where they landed, and they had no choice in the matter afterward. And maybe that’s true of beginnings, but it’s not true of this, now. I fell in love with him. But I don’t just stay with him by default as if there’s no one else available to me. I stay with him because I choose to, every day that I wake up, every day that we fight or lie to each other or disappoint each other. I choose him over and over again, and he chooses me.

me: im kinda sad alluras a teenager because of shallura and bc i dont understand what theyre doing for her character. i’ll live, but its sort of disappointing, and im really worried about what direction the show is trying to go in

my brain: if shes a teenager you can ship her with pidge, who is a girl, and that would be gay

me: it really is a very good thing that allura has been confirmed to be a teenager

the worst thing about that ‘heteroromantic asexual ronald reagan moodboard’ post (which im going to talk about a lot because its really upsetting) is that the OP is a minor. so not only is someone making a fucking meme out of the AIDs crisis, it’s someone who didn’t even live through it. which is incredibly disrespectful to lgbta+ people who did live through the reagan administration, and who do understand the significance. people fucking died and this kid is making a gross exclusionist meme out of it. 

No More Big Southern Shadow - Jim Kirk

Title: No More Big Southern Shadow

Pairing: Jim Kirk x reader

Prompt: Could you do a Jim Kirk x reader where the reader and Jim have been close friends ever since they had class together at the academy. They were there for each other through thick and thin no matter what. Reader and Kirk tell each other everything but what she hasn’t told him was her feelings for him. Reader is offered a promotion, doesn’t tell Kirk yet but he finds out; Kirk isn’t too happy but reluctantly congratulates her….  - @missmle712 (it won’t let me tag you!)

Word count: 1,787

Warnings: language

A/N: not sure about this one because it turned out to be very romcom-esque. but that’s all good, who doesn’t love a good romcom in their life? i really liked the specificity of this prompt, though (i didn’t include the whole prompt above bc it was quite long). mostly because it didnt take much brain power on my part to write this so i was able to finish it before bed last night. ANYWAY. i hope you ENJOY IT! and LEMME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! also it won’t let me tag the person that requested it, so im a bit disappointed in tumblr. 

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hi :) im a hufflepuff, i have always been a hufflepuff since i can remember but recently my friends have been telling me im probably not because i am a really sarcastic, anxious, socially awkward person, and because i love memes, books and i procrastinate a lot and because of that they see me more as a slytherin or a ravenclaw. i have been previously sorted in hufflepuff by pottermore and i love my house and im a proud badger but now i feel like im disappointing my house. what should i do?

Get better friends.

-Justin (Slytherin)

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I'm seeing people post about Henriks gf making conspiracy theories and saying that their relationship doesn't add up and how weird it is the way she touches him. WTF IS THIS? I hope the Skam fandom doesn't become like other fandoms with all these theories of why their gf's are "fake"! Omg I can't stand it! Leave the poor girl alone you know nothing about her and she has done nothing! Henrik and Tarjei aren't dating, Isak and Even are! There's a difference!!!!!

Im disappointed and mad but not surprised. People really suck. To anyone reading this, if you’re hating on a girl because she’s dating a celebrity then you are literally human garbage ok.

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What's your coming out story? When did your realize you were gay?

okay so im gonna start off by saying im so blessed because it was a very easy coming out experience for me and i wont ever take that for granted because ive heard soooo many that break my heart. 

anyways i didnt come out to my mother until i was 21. I didnt come out to my dad until i was probably 21/22. and i really didnt come out to myself till i was 20. (im 23 now) what i mean by that is that i was really ashamed of it. I always held the possibility in my head that one day i will marry a woman. I just hated the fact that i knew it would be a disappointment to my family. I moved away when I was 20 to miami by myself. thats where i really started to experience “gay culture”  I saw that people accepted me when I told them right away. I began to make the bestest friends ever (who i am still bestfriends with today) so I thought if i could be accepted by these people, all the people back home should be able to do the same, especially my family. so i just had a conversation with my mom and dad at two separate times. my mom handled it kinda bad, she cried and told me it was as if i was crushing one of her dreams. so that was tough but nothing ever changed between us, if anything we’ve gotten closer since then. my dad literally told me he could care less and just wants me to be happy so that was such a big relief. my parents are the greatest and have proven that their love is unconditional. i am truly blessed. since then, i kinda just slowly came out to different family members and this past christmas, my ex visited my home town with me and met my entire fam even my strict ass puerto rican ass grandpa haha. with friends from highschool, i think it just began to become obvious through social media. thats basically my story. growing up knowing i was different was the hardest part and i think admitting it to myself was even harder than saying the words “im gay” to anyone. I sometimes regret waiting so long because of the reaction ive gotten since being my true self but i know it happened that way for a reason. I encourage young people to come out when youre ready though because at the end of the day the only happiness that matters is your own and you have complete control over that. gay straight bi trans, we were all made this way for a reason and we need to embrace it :)