because if not im really disappointed

gems i remember from the wtnv fandom

  • since cecil has no designated last name, he was cecil baldwin
  • *immediately checks the description to see if carlos is there*
  • ultimately being disappointed when he wasn’t
  • cecil getting the typical “non descriptive white guy” treatment
  • tattoos tattoos tattoos tattoos ta
  • the switch in carlos’ voice, going from jeffery cranor to dylan marron because the creators didnt want carlos, a gay poc to be voiced by a white man (i really like carlos voice now)
  • fuck you steve carlsburg
  • the third eye tattoo that symbolized when u were cosplaying cecil
  • tentacles everywhere and to go along with that, tentacle porn everywhere
  • when review & taking off were released and we all thought that carlos was going to go break up with cecil to be with kevin in the desert otherworld
  • in suit, thanking Jesus himself that finkor released both parts on the same day because holy sHit would u imagine having to wait two weeks between those episodes??? FUCK we would’ve all died
  • wtnv novel release! woohoo!
  • triptych being released and we all went from “FUCK kevin” to “you deserved so much better;;;:”
  • the shitcecilpalmerwouldwear tumblr
  • every single time carlos would flirt with cecil or litERALLY try to have phone sex with him or LITERALLY ALMOST HAVE PHONE SEX WITH HIM
  • immortal cecil
  • seeing the growth of cecil as a character…….. like when u listen to earlier episodes, its clear cecil isnt happy
  • but as soon as him and carlos start dating he gets so much brighter…….
  • cecil being confirmed nonbinary jewish

wtnv is gud yall

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as someone who is older and part of this fandom it really freaks me out when people start shitting all over being older and part of it. like....i know that they are kids but it's not like im into the kids?? i respect them as actors/actresses and i love them because of their talent but i see older fans (like 18-20s) get called out on so much and i dont get it? like it is not a kids book in the first place, and maybe i let it get to me too much but honestly it's overwhelming and disappointing now.

^^^^ this 


Scott has waited 634 years to make this pun when Jaal finally asks him, ‘what do you do for fun’.

And finally, Jaal has a satisfactory answer, haha.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>20 year old sister:</b> you should not read this book before 18<p/><b>17 year old me:</b> why?<p/><b>20 year old sister:</b> because there are 'things' that are inappropriate here for people below 18 like you<p/><b>17 year old me:</b> *thinks about all the smuts i've read when i was 16* ok<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

You could see he was disappointed with himself for not hitting those few high notes towards the end of the song… he kind of sighed and was stepping away from the mic when he couldn’t hit them and its breaking my fucking heart because he did so good!!! That performance was fucking incredible !! The way he owns a stage is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, theres so much passion in the way he moves and sings and feels, and I hope he doesn’t bring himself down. His voice is so raw and I got goosebumps from hearing it, he’s just so incredible,, Im beyond proud of him, I cant explain the amount of love i have for him I just really hope he isn’t disappointed with himself because i know absolutely no one was disappointed with that performance. In conclusion:

Thats my baby and I’m real proud (,:


Go BlameThank @binaryflower010 @nozomiyuki and @angisam for this, because if it wasn’t for them, I would never have done something about this group. How dare they to inspire me to the point I need to draw it! shame on them! nah, not really, love you guys <3 you’re the best  xoxoxo

This means I will do comics with them in the future? not really, only if I want to, same with the asks about them, so don’t be disappointed if I don’t answer your asks, you’ve been warned.

So, there you have it, Swapfell and Fellswap pets and owners! / Fellswap rabbit and doggy inspired by @dust4148 design 

i was so happy at the start of the BOM episode cuz i love keith and i really thought we were gonna get some solid backstory and character development from him finally.  but i came out so disappointed because he went through pain and torture, a literal near death experience and it didn’t even give him any development nor did he really get to find out anything concrete about his past.  plus!!!! there was zero closure afterwards!!! the writers did it all for nothing and im mad as hell about it


get to know me meme: [2/20] relationships ♥ tris and four (the divergent series)
I used to think that when people fell in love, they just landed where they landed, and they had no choice in the matter afterward. And maybe that’s true of beginnings, but it’s not true of this, now. I fell in love with him. But I don’t just stay with him by default as if there’s no one else available to me. I stay with him because I choose to, every day that I wake up, every day that we fight or lie to each other or disappoint each other. I choose him over and over again, and he chooses me.

Svt reacting to their s/o being insecure about their looks

@sofiafabulousphan requested: “hiya !! im not sure if you’ve done this before, but could you do svt’s reaction to their s/o being insecure about their appearance (maybe not looking like the idols they always see?) thank you! if this goes against your guidelines then it’s alright. ♡♡”

admin note: This was fine thank you lovely!<3

Seungcheol- This big softie would tell you immediately that what you just said isn’t true and that you’re perfect the way you are. Heck, even always trying to convince you your ARE beautiful. It pained him to hear someone he loves pull themselves down. But that doesn’t mean he cant change your mind. He would pull you in closer to him and play with your hair. Telling you that he loves you no matter what you look like. Because he knows that you’re beautiful inside. And thats what matters to him most.

“ Looks can be fake. People can get plastic surgery to look beautiful on the outside. But you can’t get plastic surgery to be beautiful on the inside. Always remember that. ”

Originally posted by isaacvoo

Jeonghan-The moment he heard you compare yourself to someone else, he wouldn’t hesitate to point things out about you that he finds beautiful. Never will he let you think about yourself that way. You’re someone he loves and cares about. So he’ll replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. Tell him why you don’t like this certain thing about yourself, he would tell you why you should like it. Tell him what you want to change about yourself, he would tell you why you shouldn’t. Because the way you are now is the reason why he liked you. And he will for a very long time.

“ I wont let any day go by without you knowing that you’re beautiful. You shouldn't compare yourself to others. Because to me, you’re already perfect. ”

Originally posted by koraenpop

Joshua- He would be miserable after hearing you say that youre not as beautiful as someone. Since to him, you’re the epitome of beauty. He would look into your eyes, tell you that you’re perfectly beautiful and pull you in for a hug, making sure to casually remind you that every day. Since he honestly can’t stand hearing you say that about yourself, he would do whatever he can to make you realize that you’re beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

“You don’t have to be perfect for everyone. As long as you know that you’re perfect in my eyes, that should be enough. ”

Originally posted by jiseonghan

Junhui- This soft boy wouldn’t understand why you would compare yourself to other people. Since to him, you were already perfect and he wouldn’t hesitate to convince you that. You two would be just talking among yourselves when all of a sudden you say, you wish you were as beautiful as someone. He’ll deny it quickly, saying you’re beautiful the way you are. The more you deny what he says, the more he will tell you why you’re beautiful. Even if the conversation already ended, he’d remind you every day that you’re beautiful to him, and not stopping until you finally see that you’re beautiful.

“You’re already beautiful. Don’t let anyone, even yourself think otherwise. Believe me when when I say it, because it’s the truth.”

Originally posted by junhoontrash

Soonyoung- This boy would honestly be so sweet. You two would be watching a show, when all of sudden he hears you compare yourself to one of the idols. Literally starts deny everything that you have said. And I mean everything. And if you protest, he would do everything to prove you wrong. Whether it be by showering you with compliments or asking you to name a flaw in your body and would tell you why he finds that flaw beautiful. After that, he wouldn’t let a day go by without you knowing that you’re gorgeous.

“Don’t say that. Stop putting yourself down. You’re honestly more beautiful. Both inside and out. And if they’re more beautiful, how come I fell for you?”

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Wonwoo- Wonwoo being wonwoo, he would be a bit confused to why you would think that way, already looking perfect to him. He honestly couldn’t see any of your flaws. But eventually, he would understand and will softly talk to you. And deny what you say, telling you that you’re perfect. You may protest all you want, but know that he will do the same and tell you reasons why he found you beautiful. He won’t let the conversation end without you saying you’re beautiful and mean it. If he ever heard you compare yourself to an idol again. He will just look into your eyes and say that you’re perfect to him. And just finish it off with a smile and a hug.

“You pull yourself down more than you should. You’re honestly perfect. Those flaws that you see in yourself is one of the reasons why I fell for you. ”

Originally posted by j-wonwootrash

Jihoon- If Jihoon heard you compare yourself to an idol. He would sit you down and talk to you softly. And he will tell you that you’re gorgeous to him. He will be straight forward with you. But he will be careful with what he says. Telling you that it’s useless comparing yourself because you’re only pulling yourself down. Telling you that you should believe him when he says you’re beautiful. And you really should, because he wouldn’t let anything pull you down, even yourself. After talking, he would still remind you that every day. Just like Jun, he won’t stop until you believe him.

“You comparing yourself to them won’t do you good. They’re idols, they HAVE to look beautiful. You’re already beautiful. Idol or not. ”

Originally posted by dokyuml

Seokmin- This sunshine would tell you that you’re perfect the way you are! You may not see it at first, but thats why he is there. He will do whatever, and I mean WHATEVER, he can to make you believe him when he says your beautiful. He would shower you with compliments. To be honest, he wont let a day go by without telling you that you’re beautiful. But just like Seungcheol. It pained him inside when you said you weren’t as perfect as someone. So he would casually hug you and add in a compliment for you. He wants you to see what he sees. And that’s a beautiful person, both inside and out.

“ That’s not true. You’re perfect the way you are! Don’t compare yourself to them. You being you is what makes you beautiful! Don’t ever change. ”

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Mingyu- This big puppy would honestly be miserable after hearing you say that about yourself. He will pull you in for a big hug and when he finally lets go, he will just look into your eyes and tell you that you’re beautiful. He would tell you all the things he found beautiful in you. He would also tell you that your flaws is imperfectly perfect. Really won’t let this subject go. As days go on, he will keep reminding you that he finds you beautiful. Just him being a big sweetheart to be honest.

“ I don’t believe you. You’re honestly beautiful! I will do whatever I can to make you see that. ”

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Minghao- Just like Jihoon, he would be straight forward. But he will be careful to not hurt your feelings. He would tell you immediately that you’re beautiful. He will tell you what you have that those idols you compare yourself to don’t have. And he would just remind you every day that you’re beautiful. He would do whatever he can to convince you. Because he really couldn’t bear hearing you say that about yourself. He would tilt your chin up and look into your eyes and tell you that he will love you no matter what. And then pull you in for a hug.

“ Looks really don’t matter. But if it does, I bet you would be the most beautiful. Because you have it both inside and out. ”

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Seungkwan- Aigoo this boy. I think he would understand why you would think that way. So he would do whatever he can to convince you that you’re beautiful. He will tell jokes every now and then but he won’t stop telling you that you’re beautiful. If it doesn’t work, he will just pull you in to cuddle and softly sing for you. After that he will tell you that you’re beautiful inside and out and thats what matters to him. He may have not convinced you at first. But he will try again the next day. Until you finally see what he sees.

“ I understand why you would think that way. But also understand that being beautiful on the inside is what should matters most. It just a bonus that you’re also beautiful on the outside. ”

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Hansol- Prepare yourself to be showered with a lot of compliments. He wont stop until you believe him. And he would just keep denying you everytime you protest to what he says. Real talk though. He would be surprised when you suddenly compared yourself to an idol. He found you really beautiful and he can’t believe you found something about you that you think isn’t beautiful. Not only would he try to prove you wrong. He would be a big sweetheart. He’ll do anything to make you believe him. And he will make sure to tell you everyday that he thinks you’re beautiful.

“ I didn’t even realise that theres something about you that isn’t beautiful. You look perfect in my eyes. And I will do whatever I can to make you see yourself in my eyes. ”

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Chan- He would be like Hansol. He’s head over heals for you that he doesn’t think there’s a single thing about you that’s not beautiful. He would tell you every single thing that he found beautiful about you. And it would just be him naming everything from your head to toe. But if you protest to everything he just said, he would be really disappointed in himself. Because he thinks he hasn’t told you that you’re beautiful enough. To which he would just pull you in for a hug while softly telling you that you’re perfect enough for him. And thats what should matter. And he will continue to tell you that as days go by.

“ You’re beautiful inside and out. And that’s more important. You may not think so. But thats why Im here. I will make sure to change the way you think about yourself. ”

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Some time ago, i noticed a bunch of old and new boy groups with a lot of talent that arent appreciated as they should be. In kpop industry, make success is hard, and sometimes very talented people lose their chance to show their talent, thats means a lot of new groups disband for being underrated.

So i take a moment to make a list of really good groups u guys really need to check:

- VICTON (Plan A Entertainment, 2016)

- Snuper (Widmay Entertainment, 2015)

- VAV (A team, 2015)

- ROMEO (CT Entertainment, 2015)

- Imfact (Star Empire Entertainment, 2016)

- MYNAME (H2 Media, 2011)

- MADTOWN (GNI Entertainment, 2014)

- MAP6 (DreamT Entertainment, 2015)

- KNK (YNB Entertainment, 2016)

- UP10TION (TOP Media, 2015)

- JJCC (Jackie Chan Group Korea, 2014)

- B.I.G (G.H Entertainment, 2014)

- Boys Republic (Happy Tribe Entertainment, 2013)

- Topp Dogg (HUNUS Entertainment, 2012)

- BIGFLO (HO Company, 2014)

- Cross Gene (Amuse Entertainment, 2012)

- HISTORY (LOEN, 2013)

- HIGH4 (N.A.P Entertainment, 2014)

- 24K (Choeun Entertainment, 2012)

- 100% (TOP Media, 2012)

I know theres a lot more but thats the groups i remember at the moment, i know new groups are amazing and wonderful, but please take a moment to listen just to one music of these amazing groups, youre not gonna be disappointed i swear. 

Im not saying um should not love the new groups, theyre amazing as well but open your rice guys, K-pop has a huge variety of groups, do you really want to be stuck in only three or four just because theyre the most famous or they belong to a big companie? Give love to the flops too, u guys have no ideia how its like to see their smiles when a big amount of fans notice them. 

Maybe i do a girl group ver as well. 

hey yall ‘member that time i was homestuck garbage

hiveswap is a really cute and charming game, i’ve been playing act 1 a lot because theres just so much cute dialogue to find through replays. i really like it!!

listen tho im sharing this with you bc ive been cooped up sick all day and out of curiosity decided to translate this to do list in xefros’ hive and i was really sure “dams hive” was “damnheck” and im extremely disappointed its not but im gonna call him damnheck

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Which things do you think made so many people love Graves? And I mean the things, we know about him from the movie, not the things the fandom made up. Tbh after the movie I felt nothing for him, cause he wasnt even on screen, but thanks to the fandom I got to like him a lot. So Im really interested in your opinion.

Ah, him.

Well to be honest with you for me it was kind of like…. an awakening. Literally. The minute he strutted on screen my brain and body were suddenly like oh. 

oh dear. 

So a huge part of me liking Graves and his character has to do with sexual attraction and I won’t deny it. Have you seen that man? 

Originally posted by porpentinygoldstein

like, ugh. he makes me weak in the knees. or, if we want to be more blunt, then ugh. id let him use me anywhere and anytime he asked. id get on my knees so fast for him. 

anyway. that’s mostly how I felt the entire time I was watching the movie for the first time. utterly shocked, eagerly anticipating his next appearance on screen and knowing i was fucked the minute he started taking on all these Aurors by himself. That’s kinda when i lost it. then there was that plot twist, but well 

and then i just started thinking about his character more and more and then, of course, i thought about the original Percival Graves. I was baffled that JK (and no one in the movie, for that matter) seemed to give a shit about him. i had my period of anger, of denial, and now i’ve come to accept his loss. 

and then the fandom grew and people made so many versions of Percival, that man we knew next to nothing about and they were all so interesting. without mentioning the fanarts. like, this character is so loved he’s only second to come after Newt - the main character - when it comes to the number of fanfics written about him. 

like, i’m blaffled that JK doesn’t see that. 

and when you just take one second, one tiny second - and i took a lot of those seconds - to simply think about him and his story, then you are just struck by the sheer amount of potential Percival Graves has as a character in a franchise. like, it’s been said so many times already, but : 

  • his position 
  • his family name 
  • his powers 
  • his trauma 
  • his lonely personality 
  • his impersonation
  • his connection to Credence, to Tina, to Newt, to Grindelwald
  • the fact that no one noticed he was being replaced

i just, i can’t. there is so much there. so much. 

I liked Graves in the movie because he was, up until the end, a grey character. i didn’t really know how to feel about him. i wanted to like him, but he was shady. and then he executed Tina and Newt, and punched Credence, etc. It was hard to know what to do with him, but I already liked him and found him interesting - I was much more drawn to him and what the hell was going on with him than I was with Newt and the others. 

And with the revelation at the end of the movie, I became interested and invested in the real Percival Graves - this man we’ve never met, this man who never appeared on screen once. I want to know him. I still do. How different is he from how Grindelwald played him? How different is he going to be after this trauma? Who is Percival Graves? 

I want to know these things. 

I like Percival because of all of that, and of course also because Colin Farrell is an amazing actor who I feel could really give justice to Percival’s story, should he ever get one. I know we wouldn’t be disappointed with his performance. I know he could bring Graves to life, the real Graves, as easily as he did Grindelwald impersonating Graves. I want to see that too. 

Honestly, you guys have got to stop saying shit and putting other people down over ships. Like I just saw a post putting down everyone who says Jimin is a bottom. That is so fucking stupid, I hope you know that. Like stop saying shit like you must be stupid if you think so and so is a bottom/top. It’s literally just what you prefer, what you think would be the cutest/hottest. Stop calling those people immature and saying they have no idea what their talking about because guess what, you don’t either. You don’t know who bottoms/tops unless you actually ask the person you are talking about and you can’t do that bc that’s really disrespectful. You can insist all you want and study the relationships between tops and bottoms but in the end you really have no idea what the person you are talking about prefers. It’s idiotic of you to hate on other fans because they have a different idea of who bottoms/tops. It’s pretty pathetic that I’m having to point out the fucking obvious here. Stop being so rude to other fans just because they think differently than you. That is so close minded and just plain sad.

how about a modern!shance au where lance is driving his rusty old hand-me-down car one day and it breaks down, so he looks around for the closest mechanic shop to fix it up.

so lance goes there, fully expecting a grumpy old man to greet him but instead, enter shiro. lance is so caught off guard by how gorgeous this man is he barely remembers any details about his car, but luckily shiro is patient and eventually works out the cost and estimate to fix it. lance is so charmed, and soon he relaxes more and starts to make jokes, even a flirt or two to test the waters. hes not sure what chances he has here, but shiro doesnt seem bothered by it, even laughing along with everything, and lance wishes he didnt have work later and would much prefer to stay here and chat with this beautiful mechanic because whoa

a few days later (and having thought about shiro a lot) lance goes back to collect his car, and shiro catches him up on all the new updates until soon lances realises oh, im not going to see him again. he loses his nerve to ask him out, because really, shiro is a friggin catch. so they part with a handshake and a sour feeling in lances gut.

but then, not week later, and lance gets the idea of bringing in another car so he gets to see shiro again. he borrows his brothers old honda and drives over. shiro looks surprised to see him, but not disappointed, and smiles and gladly says hell help to fix up this car for lance too. lance beams, goddamn butterflies in his stomach, and savers every damn second.

the days go by, and soon the weeks as well. lance asks his family or friends if they have anything they need fixing, finding any excuse and gladly brings it over to shiros shop (one time he brought his dads old radio, claimed it was priceless)(another time he dropped off an old clock he claims his grandma would cry if it ever broke)(one time, he came around with nothing, offering shiro a coffee and going on about his day). most days he lingers around and chats to shiro as he works, and lance learns a lot about him and feels himself fall more and more for the guy, thrilled that shiro enjoys his company just as much.

at this point everyone is wondering why lance hasnt just asked the man out yet? “because oh my god boy youve got it bad.” and lance will flush crimson but never deny it. “its scary, okay?” hell protest weakly. 

and so one day, after walking back and forth in front of the shop and trying to finally muster up the nerve, he swallows his fear and steps inside, the familiar chime of the bell going off. he walks over to shiros office, opening the door without even thinking, and finding shiro in a mess at his desk, small parts littered everywhere and a youtube video on how to fix clocks currently playing. 

lance pauses, eyeing the scene curiously until shiro finally looks up and notices him.

“oh - lance - I -”

and lance is so confused. “wait, i thought you said you knew how to fix clocks?”

and shiro becomes really bashful, rubbing at his neck and refusing to meet lances piercing gaze. “uh, i kind of… lied?”

“what?” lance is so lost

shiro starts stammering. “I, uh, said i knew how so i could… keep seeing you. i.. didnt want you to leave and find someone else to fix it.”

and after what feels like ages lance… starts giggling. he cannot believe it, honest to god cannot believe how lame they both are to have not even realised that it was mutual. so hes full on laughing now, and shiro takes it the wrong way and grows hurt, so lance sobers up quickly and closes the remaining distance between them to smile so big and wide, his face heating up.

“I wanted to keep seeing you too. shiro, shiro i brought in three cars to see you, shiro, man, i had to look up what parts were even called just so i could figure out what the hell i needed you to fix.

and shiro breathes out an awed “oh” and lance is so happy he feels like he could fly, holy shit. shiro stands up, and when he reaches out to gently brush their fingers together lance is pretty sure he has a heart attack right then and there. and then shiro says in a really soft voice:

“you’re so beautiful.”

that’s when lance is sure hes died and gone to heaven above. lance.exe has stopped working. hello, 911, id like to report a murder.

“god, shiro, have you even seen you?” he laughs nervously, shying away. 

“im serious,” shiro pushes gently and picks up a hammer without breaking eye contact. “this is not …a drill.”

and lance feels his eyes grow wide, so completely gone he cant help but blurt “oh my god marry me.”

shiro grins, his thumb rubbing lightly across lances fingers. “let me take you on a date first. but perhaps we should take my ride, yeah? not sure i trust you behind a wheel just yet.”

and lance punches him playfully, but his heart wont stop beating loudly in his chest because he finally has a date with shiro.

Criminal Masterminds Crunch Ratings

Gavin’s crunch: Good form. Full, deep echoing sound, but unfortunately cut short by closing his mouth too soon. Could have reached its full potential if not for his rushed movements. 9/10

Jeremy’s first crunch: Long lasting. Really takes advantage of completing the full crunch by using a second bite, but unfortunately does not get the same reverberating effect Gavin’s does. 8/10

Ryan’s crunch: Extremely disappointing. Amounts to nothing more than the crunch expected from an average Lays chip, but somehow even wetter. Would rather he not have crunched at all. 0/10

Michael’s crunch: Superb crunch. An open mouth and repeated chewing really drives the crunch home. Contains almost all of the fullness of Gavin’s crunch without cutting it short. Excellent form. Quite possibly the best crunch of the bunch. 10/10

Jeremy’s second crunch: Once again lacks the strength that both Gavin and Michael achieved. Somewhat shorter than his first crunch, but it does still hold its own. 7.5/10

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sunny idk if its just me but like the screen cap with the Angry Disappointed team, like, shiro's body language seems a lot harsher? like pidge and lance are turned to the side, while hunk, coran and allura are facing him. however, i cant help but feel just... bad??? worried? about shiro's posture. he has his back to keith. i can't fully word why this stresses me out but, like, considering their relationship, him having his back to keith is worrying;; (i mean they hugged but that.. felt distant?)

OKAY BUT. AFTER WRITING THAT S+K LEADERSHIP STUFF IN THE LAST META I KIND OF HAD AN EXCITING REVELATION!!!! im literally in the process of yelling about it on discord right now. so i can already tell you this won’t be my most coherent analysis bc im genuinely so excited to think about this LMAO. you’re getting my Live Reaction to this angle of interpretation. 

Their previous encounter is important to recall here, Keith definitely would have every reason to believe that Shiro is Angry and Disappointed at him, so that’s how Shiro looks. Just hear me out for a second because that probably sounds strange. I’m not saying Shiro isn’t those things, but. I think there’s a cool ‘but’ here. Let’s find out what that is! 

so the mindscape parallels are really cool in 4x01 and I honestly think this is deliberate mirroring. But. But there’s more! Look at where the eyes are placed in this shot you’re talking about and describing to me. Look at how you’ve just described how it made you feel, and look at the perspective here. Especially look at Shiro’s and Pidge’s eyeline: 

Yeah. From this distance, it looks like Shiro is almost looking directly at us. A zoom-in proves that it’s not completely centre:

But god MY GOD. HECKANSDOH. it’s pretty damn close when you look from this distance

We just…. it really can be felt. The way this is positioned, it hits us. Just like it hits Keith. 

Now i’m stepping away and looking more from a perspective of audience rather than just Keith, I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to be in Keith’s place here. We’re meant to see this from where he is standing. I think that’s one of the reasons why it has made so many people feel so strongly (note: one. there’s a lot going on here). 

If we are supposed to be there with Keith and seeing it with him, it could potentially explain why this particular shot looks this way. Everyone really does look so harsh. Granted, there is frustration and anger here. but it really does seem SO GOD DAMN INTENSE. bECAUSE TO KEITH IT DEFINITELY WOULD BE RIGHT NOW. FOR MANY REASONS. 

Keith can be pretty good at judging character but he is not so good at determining how OTHER PEOPLE judge HIS character. He is great at being objective in terms of the mission and making a decision for the greater good, but he is not objective in terms of how he thinks and believes other people see him. How he sees things regarding his relationships w the team or how they see him is not the Objective Truth (and vice versa). 

Also note, all of the shots of Keith in comparison are much closer to him. No close-ups of the team. It tends to pan sideways, Keith’s pans in towards him. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that starts once he starts delivering his speech to the team about Shiro finding the black lion: 


You can see we’ve gotten closer to Keith as he’s talking. Also look at that parallel!!! Keith’s eyes look like they’re close to the centre of the screen too. Just like Shiro’s did before. Not quite on us but we still feel close. 


Long answer is Long so more under the cut:

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u still like jake tho right? my son,

yeah, he also makes me feel bad at this point tho because he reminds me of he was treated in the story, and then I think of how all the other characters were treated and basically I think I just need to distance myself from all of this but apparently i can’t

Anon: im kind of lost why dont you like homestuck anymore…?             

long story short, I got too attached then I got too disappointed and things got really shitty and now I have bad associations with most stuff related to it, I tried to still like some characters but I feel like it’s just bad for myself