because if not im really disappointed

i havent been reading into as much mea stuff mostly because i want to have as few expectations as possible so i can experience as little disappointment as possible also im pretty sure theyre really trying to keep the info at as much of a trickle as possible

the worst thing about that ‘heteroromantic asexual ronald reagan moodboard’ post (which im going to talk about a lot because its really upsetting) is that the OP is a minor. so not only is someone making a fucking meme out of the AIDs crisis, it’s someone who didn’t even live through it. which is incredibly disrespectful to lgbta+ people who did live through the reagan administration, and who do understand the significance. people fucking died and this kid is making a gross exclusionist meme out of it. 

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I'm seeing people post about Henriks gf making conspiracy theories and saying that their relationship doesn't add up and how weird it is the way she touches him. WTF IS THIS? I hope the Skam fandom doesn't become like other fandoms with all these theories of why their gf's are "fake"! Omg I can't stand it! Leave the poor girl alone you know nothing about her and she has done nothing! Henrik and Tarjei aren't dating, Isak and Even are! There's a difference!!!!!

Im disappointed and mad but not surprised. People really suck. To anyone reading this, if you’re hating on a girl because she’s dating a celebrity then you are literally human garbage ok.

im disappointed yeah but im more like. sad for the fans who were really hoping for representation. im sad for the people who thought maybe they could get a crumb from this show that by all means was pointing in that direction and then took that crumb away with shitty writing and insane wish fulfillment from people who could get that insane wish fulfillment from any run-down, shark-jumped show on television. but for the fans who came out because of the show, for the people who thrived on watching this love story unfold, for my queer friends who identified with sherlock and john, the rug was really pulled and now everyone else is standing and clapping and we’re down here on the ground thinking what the hell just happened?

it’s 2017. ambiguity is exhausting and television producers need to be better than this. they need to take risks (because apparently having two men in a relationship is still a “risk”) and stop with the boring tropes they claim are groundbreaking. because this really could have made history but instead we just got a boring, safe conclusion that doesnt make any narrative sense whatsoever.

this shit can’t be acceptable anymore. not when people are still desperate for crumbs.

[mystic messenger spoilers] I just. have so many feelings for zen. the way he covers up for his insecurities by being too full of himself. his hard work, his ambition. the super relatable feeling of disappointment and self-deprecation when he couldn’t participate in a major production because of an injury he himself caused (that has happened to me, too).

it is a bit strange, considering he doesn’t really fit my type. but I just look forward to all his chats, I adore his calls, I smile when he uses “babe” so liberally. I was literally so excited when MC visited his apartment for the first time. he’s a good kid and I don’t know how or why this game is making me feel so much.

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hi :) im a hufflepuff, i have always been a hufflepuff since i can remember but recently my friends have been telling me im probably not because i am a really sarcastic, anxious, socially awkward person, and because i love memes, books and i procrastinate a lot and because of that they see me more as a slytherin or a ravenclaw. i have been previously sorted in hufflepuff by pottermore and i love my house and im a proud badger but now i feel like im disappointing my house. what should i do?

Get better friends.

-Justin (Slytherin)

Hey there pals

I must apologise as ive not been on here recently, but due to good reason.

I always struggle with this time of year, because I know theres a couple of rough dates coming up (best friends death anniversary, sisters death anniversary & her birthday) and I feel a bit of shame for not being able to deal with them despite the years going by.

The other day I hit a major low and I had incredibly dangerous thoughts going on in my mind and it was the first time in a long while ive ever contemplated ending everything. I remember sitting here thinking how easily I could set myself on fire and all shit like that, and ANYONE who knows me, knows that is not like me at all.

Ive also been feeling a lot of disappointment in myself, and I feel like im not bringing everything I could do or that I used to in this community and it really hit me that ive not been giving everything I could to you guys.

It actually pains me to write this, because I know its not the positivity youre all used to on my blog, but I didnt wanna leave you guys without an explaination.

Im not going anywhere though, I’m still here and you better believe my regular content will be back soon, hopefully tonight!

But I hope you all understand ive had to take a few days off to give myself a kick up the ass and stop feeling sorry for myself, and get myself back where I was!

Love you all!!!

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im kind of upset that they've put the entire wings album on YNWA - like I expected remixes of the wings songs and the majority to be new. I pre-ordered both versions and also all 4 versions of WINGS itself. It worries me that now the tracklist is out people won't buy YNWA because of this :(

Anonymous said: I figured it’d be a repackage, but I was hoping for remixes or different versions, like an acoustic vers of Awake, or Lie or something. I’m slightly disappointed that it’s the same thing.

://////// I really don’t like bighit right now ;_; when the price came out I figured there might be a lot of songs for the price. So I thought some of the WINGS songs would be in it. I didn’t expect it to be like that though. First anon, you right. I hope this doesn’t affect the physical sales that much. bighit wyd ;_; we’re not friends right now huhuhuuhu

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Our perspective of this is completely different than yours – it doesn’t mean what you interpreted is wrong because, of course, readers can interpret whatever they like. But this just isn’t how we view Luka & Baylee AND the whole cast of characters we’ve ever written. 

So we want to talk about our perspective. 

1. We write lots of different types of relationships and dynamics. 


We’re not sure if you’ve read our other books, but in Addicted to You Lily Calloway clearly sleeps around more than the hero (aka Loren Hale). In fact, he breaks up with a girl for her and stops sleeping around for her – yet, she continues to sleep around. 

In Hothouse Flower, Daisy likes Ryke, but she can’t be with him (a forbidden relationship) and she does sleep with other guys in this timespan. 

Rose – in Kiss the Sky – is a virgin. She’s waiting for the right person. Which is her choice, which we advocate every female’s choice in terms of sex. 

2. Now onto Baylee and Luka in Infini, another forbidden relationship where they didn’t think they’d ever be able to be with each other in the end. Note there will be quotes from Infini in this. So SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t read Infini yet. 

We haven’t really written a character where they need an emotional connection in order to have sex. (You could make a case that Daisy needs an emotional connection, and she, herself, would admit that she wishes she had waited. She did not enjoy any sexual encounter before Ryke.) We chose Baylee because this fit so in line with her personality and character. We knew that Luka wouldn’t match her because of his background and how he was raised. 

“You told me that you knew more about sex when you were seven than you did math or science. Not because you experienced it but because you were surrounded by men who constantly talked about ‘fucking’ and ‘masturbating.’” ~ Baylee talking to Luka

“You were raised seeing sex as an act of pleasure. Like momentary fun. Love wasn’t a requirement. So I understand.” She exhales. “I just want to know how you do it. How do you shut off the emotional aspect in order to just get physical?” ~ Baylee talking to Luka

Luka did not emotionally move on from Baylee. He says this, and in that regard, they are both equally attached. 

Baylee & Luka then come to terms with the fact that it’s not wrong to need to have an emotional connection before having sex. Just like it’s not wrong to only view sex as a physical act. Both never shame each other. Both encourage each other to follow their own choices – Luka does not pressure Baylee to have sex without emotions. 

But now they just need to figure out a way for Baylee to move on emotionally so she can have sex with other guys. Because unlike Luka, Baylee needs that emotional connection in order to have physical intimacy. 

She nods once and then hesitates, contemplating. “Maybe I shouldn’t do it like you then, but in order to do it my way, I need to figure out how to get over you emotionally. That way I can form an emotional connection to someone else and eventually be physical with them.” 

To us, Baylee has so much agency in this scene. She has been trying to move on. (She dated around, tried Tinder, and was searching for an emotional connection for so long). All to find out what she’s hung up on – and instead of bowing to societal pressures of “let me have sex even though I’m uncomfortable and I freeze up and I’m scared” – she waits. She waits because it’s what her body & mind is telling her to do. She doesn’t force herself to do something she’s not ready for. 

That, to us, is powerful. 

3. There is a female in Infini who views sex as a physical act of pleasure. No emotions needed. That female is Kayta Kotova. She mirrors Luka because they both grew up in the same environment. 

“I want to,” she refutes. “You all do it. Why am I different? Because I’m the girl? It’s just sex. I don’t look at my virginity like a delicate flower any more than you all looked at yours like a petunia or daffodil.”

I realize now that if I can view sex as just physical, no emotions required, she may be the same way. Timo was before John. We grew up around the same dudes. ~ Luka 

If Katya were in Baylee’s position with another guy, she would’ve had sex in that timespan. But this is not the book we wrote because we were staying true to Baylee. 

4. We’re going to write female characters who sleep around. We’re going to write female characters who don’t. We’re going to write female characters who don’t have interest in sex. All paired with different kinds of guys and/or girls. 

Our canon of work just can’t be a “strong” female because she chooses to have sex in a timespan away from a guy. The girl does not have to mirror the guy. If he’s celibate, that doesn’t mean she has to be celibate too. Or vice versa. 

The thing is, we look at people as more than this. We look at their reasons, motivations, emotions – all of these factors that make them human and real to us. And it breaks our heart to think that maybe there’s a girl out there who’s still emotionally trying to get over a guy like Luka. And so will we tell her “you can’t remain celibate if your guy is having sex. You’re weak if you return to each other and he’s slept around and you haven’t.” 

No. To us, she’s not weak. 

She stayed true to herself. 

And to us, that means something. 

idk how to word this really but ithink its important to be able to think separately of creative work vs the people who created them. so many people say stuff like “you cant like ___, because the person who made it is problematic because they did such-and-such.” but i mean, if a persons actions are entirely unrelated to the thing they’ve made that i enjoy, i dont think it should matter that much…?

i mean yeah, it sucked that ale/x hi/rsch donated to PP and all that, but it doesnt make me think any less of him, really. im just disappointed but not surprised. maybe its bc im used to everything i like coming from liberal creators so at this point i try not to even pay attention to their choices outside of what they create.

of course if they’re including immoral content in their works, thats another issue, but i can still respect them for their talent, effort, and creativity, and enjoy what they’ve made regardless of their personal beliefs and political choices. i can still recognize when they’ve made something unique because its what theyre passionate about, and say “this is a well-made film/show/etc.” if i gave up everything i like bc of something wrong that the creators did or said, i would be left with almost nothing.

idk where im going with this but its been on my mind and im just gonna keep enjoying the things i like despite what differences i have with the people who made them

like…call me crazy but if theyre secretly planning to resolve shit in a 5th season im not?? all that interested??? i really dont want to wait another 2-3+ years to watch how they intend to fix the monumental fuck ups of this season??? like after seeing how absolutely gutted everyone was because of the absolute shitshow this was my excitement and passion for the show is totally obliterated which makes me far less likely to watch myself and others possibly get hurt again after waiting through literal years of hype only to be greatly disappointed

Sigh. When you think someone’s logical enough to stop kissing ass and call out their “friend” but instead they give em a free pass on the truly fucked up shit they said because “oh well they dont REALLY mean it :(((( lighten up it was a joke”. Like??? Not only did Felix fuckbag make the obvious fuck up (again) to spew anti-Semitic bullshit, but then he dragged two Indian comedians into it who didnt understand at first what they had agreed to do and then got kicked off of the service for it. He took food out of these people’s mouths. Their family’s mouths. AND he carelessly insulted countless of his fans, showing him he clearly doesn’t give the slightest fuck about them or the horrific genocide they had to go through. This isn’t even the first time he’s done some shit like this. Most of his audience are young, impressionable kids who are gonna take his “jokes” for what they are. Hateful bullshit that he wants to spew for the lolz. He’s a grown ass man. He fucking knew what the fuck he was doing. He knows what he’s been doing. A half assed apology at the end of the video isnt going to do shit when he’s done shit like this before. The first time, someone can say it was a slip up and they’re sorry. But he’s so far gone past his first time with shit like this. There’s no way you can sit there and expect the victims of these jokes to believe there’s no truth behind what he’s saying if he keeps deciding to make them. And honestly fucking shame on his friends for not also being adults with huge fan bases and actually telling him that “hey dude. This isnt okay”. And it’s not some “oh you just don’t have a sense of humor”. Like?? Most normal people can have a laugh without it being at the expense of the victims of a fucking genocide. Im glad the visual of babies burning, gas chambers, firing squads at civilians, people hoarded together like animals in filthy conditions, absolute HELL is a joke to some asshole on the internet who can sit on his throne and try to slap “its just a joke” on it to make it okay. Instead of using his platform to tell his viewers that this kind of stuff isn’t okay and spread awareness, he used it to spit hate and validate the chucklefucks in his audience that also believe in it.

im also really disappointed in myself because i skipped class for a week and then noticed we had an essay due the day i was gonna go back and i didn’t go cause i was afraid and now idk what to do…idk if i should just drop but im really ashamed of myself for doing this…

tfw you try to complain about how hard it is to get a job and then someone else (though their struggles are not invalid) yells at you because they’re “disappointed” that you’re “invalidating their struggles” and "have declared that being autistic means you cannot get a job"

let me note that i did nothing more than explain why i’m having trouble finding a job, due to social anxiety and yes, my autism, which on bad days prevents me from speaking.

and anyway im kind of stressed about it and needed to vent

There’s nothing wrong with interracial marriage in general but if you are in a relationship with someone BECAUSE you are embarrassed by your own culture, fetishise other races/ethnicities and constantly slander your own people, then you really need to take a look at yourself

hey i know we’re all disappointed about MID and the lack of information, but please lets not be dicks to random Her employees. Most of them are just doing their jobs, and it really doesn’t help anything to be rude because Her obviously doesn’t want to release information yet. idk just think about other people because Her employees are probably really annoyed and tired of the flack they are getting for things that are out of their control