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I'm saying this from the perspective of a shipper I guess but looking at all these Sheith moments got me thinking.. Would it be possible that the creators themselves are actually planning for them to be canon at some point? But because of some complications..(not gonna name it) they decided to scrap it off? Do you think this is possible? Although Keith telling Shiro he is like a brother to him kinda made me sad? lol I have got so many questions so I can't wait to see more of this amazing series!

Hi anon! The thing is, writing and animation for shows like this are done way in advance. When season 1 came out, I imagine the plot up until seasons 3 or 4 was already set in stone. And Voltron, like most shows, works off a “TV Bible” that had all the major plot points outlined right when the series was first pitched so,, once you plan things out like that I think it’s difficult to make big changes to characters’ relationships.   

I think the writers have also made it clear that they are going to go ahead with their narrative rather than catering to popular fannon, particularly when they’ve told certain fans they don’t agree with their mentality at all. Even with things like how they mentioned Allura was a teenager like all the other paladins, a lot of people didn’t headcannon that, but the writers stood by it. It’s their own story after all, and I don’t see why they should change it. As for sheith, we know the writers have outright told people that harassing shippers isn’t okay and they’re completely against it. 

There are also plenty of writers, animators, and VAs who have liked clearly romantic sheith fanart, cosplay, or pro-sheith posts (and gotten backlash for it). So we know they’re certainly not opposed to shipping it. And I mean, whether it’s romantic or not, we know that the cast certainly seems invested in their dynamic. The fact that their relationship and character development is by far the most fleshed out is certainly apparent. Here’s also some stuff staff has drawn that shows they at least like Shiro and Keith’s bond: 

So anyway, despite how the fandom can be, I don’t think it would necessarily deter the writers or dissuade them from following through with major writing decisions. And given how supportive the staff has been of sheith, I don’t think they would suddenly just abandon whatever plans they had for their character development together. Under the hypothetical that they did make sheith canon, I think they would just maybe adjust how they went about it so that the fandom could kind of like, ease into it, and hopefully not be too mad about it. Though I have no doubt people would still harass the staff if sheith happened, which just…makes me feel really bad to be honest…

On the BOM line though anon, I don’t think it goes against sheith at all and here’s why:

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May,15th and I'm having sad thoughts because of Santa lol

(because of this post)



Just imagine Derek being utterly convinced Santa is real because his mom told him Santa was like mermaids and vampires: Santa existed but was rarely seen within the supernatural realm, and to humans he didn’t exist at all. Because, well, humans. They aren’t even aware of him. Derek can see the logic.

Imagine Derek telling his and Stiles’ kids about Santa - like, proper back story and everything - and Stiles thinking how cute it is, how much he is into it, until he realises, wait -



Stiles, of course, goes to Cora and asks, just to be sure (because, hey, you never know) but it turns out Derek was just so into the Santa myth as a kid their parents never had the heart to tell Derek before they died. 

I like to think Stiles never tells Derek because Derek Hale got such a shitty deal in life and if Stiles can do this one thing, keep up this one magical thing for him, that’s what he’s going to do (even if it meant having to tackle Erica to the floor that one time and making a complete ass of himself - not that that is unusual) because Derek deserves magic. He deserves a fuck ton of magic.

And that’s the story of how every year Stiles-unsubtle-Stilinski 


somehow manages to sneak their kids’ presents under the tree without his husband noticing. 

(This usually takes a lot of orgasms - Derek gets very sleepy after orgasms - but Stiles really doesn’t mind the extra effort.)

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Ummmm like yeah I know this is hella strange but... What do you think about Evil!Deku Au?? I know this kind of thing is absolutely not about fandom precious bun but just imagine yourself: Deku didn't meet All Might and at one moment he just tired of all this shit. Like, you know, at one day he have finally understand that you can't be hero without a quirk and he can't enroll in YA because hE JuST DOn't HAVe FreaCKING quirk but there is no such think as villain academy and he is like: 'why not??'


This is a rly good au, I’m a sucker for angst///;;; This makes me realize how strong a character Deku really is. Seriously, reality is a harsh world and just seeing Deku face so many rejection from so many people, even with his own mom AND All might at one point… its just so sad and man the sucker still goes forward, headstrong, I really applaud Deku for having such a strong character trait. Now, I’m honestly a bit of a sadist so let’s just say he DID meet All might, but the response was totally different….

I feel this would really develop quite well! I tried to creat3 Deku’s villian outfit;;; I rly love steampunk so you can guess where the goggles came from lol It’s more of a casual look and just covering his identity and such so yah;;; I noticed most villians’ outfits are like dat o<-<

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Hello, everyone! I know that I said I’ll be on hiatus BUT! It’s the end of June in my time zone, so that means:

It’s my first blog anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s been a year! I created this blog to have a small space to myself but now, it’s grown so much—thanks to this blog I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and created amazing relationships!

I am so happy I started this and to celebrate its birthday, I decided to make this quick follow forever ft. some cheesy notes (I can’t help it!!! Let me live, gosh.) I also am playing an ask game, so please feel free to send in your names! I will get to them as soon as I can~

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So I saw a video about a baby boy can't stop crying when daddy is kissing mommy because he gets jealous. That baby boy even steals kisses from mommy. This is so cute. If this happened to jungkook and taehyung, what would be their reaction? (sorry for my bad English😅) ☆Taurus anon☆

Hello, thanks for requesting! And your English is completely fine! And that is so cute!!!

Jungkook would find this so amusing and would probably do it to tease his son a lot. Imagine in the morning when he comes down to the kitchen and sees you (his wife) by the counter fixing up lunches… He’d just sneak his arm around your waist and pull you in for a quick peck then look over at the table where he knows (he sure as hell knows) his son is watching. 

Little Kookie pouts and Jungkook gives him an air kiss before giving your cheek another peck. His son’s eyes start to water.

Aish Jungkook, seriously. Don’t make <son’s name> cry again.” You said as you pull away from him.

“So I can’t kiss my own wife in my own house now?” He asks teasingly as you hand him his cup of coffee.

You roll your eyes and pat his cheek before moving towards your son and kissing the crown of his head tenderly. Little kookie looks up at his father then and Jungkook’s eyes widens over the rim of his mug. Simply because that look was way too familiar…

No doubt he got that from me, Jungkook thinks amusedly and he winks at his son who returns it by giving his mommy a kiss on the cheek.


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Taehyung loves kisses, whether directed at his wife or son it doesn’t matter. There’s simply so many kisses to go around with this guy. 

The first time he made your son cry due to said kisses, he’d be so confused until you went and explained to him that your son was probably jealous.

“Jealous? I give him kisses all the time!” He exclaims and you chuckle before giving his cheek a peck.

“No honey, he’s jealous of you kissing me.”

“But you’re mine.” Taehyung says a matter of fact and that mere statement makes you blush despite the many years of being together.

“Well…he’s just being cute like that.” You shrug just as you hear your son’s calls from the living room.

Taehyung would find it amusing after that and would tease your son with it by giving you lots of surprise kisses. There would be times when he’d be a little annoyed cause he just wants to give you a long sweet kiss after coming home from a long day but he wouldn’t want your son to start crying either and so he waits for night time when  little Taehyung would be fast asleep and the two of you would be alone.

He kisses you tenderly then, the type that makes your heart flutter and toes curl.

“What was that for, honey?” You whisper as the two of you snuggle against each other on the bed.

“Nothing. I just love you.”

You smile up at him and kiss his jaw. “Jealous of <your son’s name>?”

Taehyung snorts and pulls you closer. “Can’t wait till he gets older.”


“Because that way, he’d be too grossed out to see us kissing and leave us alone.”

You laugh at his answer and Taehyung laughs along with you. It was always like this in your household: it always started and ended with smiles on your faces.

Originally posted by kookies-for-taehyung

I just want a family with BTS lol Hope you guys enjoyed that!

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- Kaye Allen

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Mini scenario about when Jason can't say no to his S/O because they are doing the sad puppy eyes and saying "I love you"??

“I hate it when you do this, (Y/N). You know I can’t say no.” Jason struggled to look away from your gaze.

“I know.” You pouted your lip out a little bit more, “That’s why I’m doing it.”

You were determined to get the last slice of pizza. You were the one that bought it, but Jason and Roy devoured almost all of it!  The last piece was supposed to be Koriand’r’s but she politely declined it for some of the leftover Chinese in the fridge and you will be damned if one of the guys got her piece. 

“Don’t you dare, Harper!” You scolded him without looking, knowing he would try to snatch up the pizza while you were tied up with Jason.

“How did-?” Roy put his hands up in defense even though only Jason could see his retreat.

“Roy, help!” Jason whispered. “They’re doing the eyes!”

Roy gave him the once over before leaving with a “yeet”.  Jason wasn’t going anywhere now. He was stuck.

“You’re an evil little thing, you know that.” Jason frowned, handing over the slice.

“I know.” You smirked as you took a bite right in front of him. 

“But I love you anyway.” He muttered, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

You munched on a pepperoni,”I know.”

“Did you just Han Solo me?”

anonymous asked:

okay, I love your camp halfblood AU but also, please tell us more about Dex, son of aphrodite, because I can't stop imagining him grumpily standing in a plastic shell while the aphrodite soundtrack from hercules the animated series is playing in the background xD

OH MY GOD STOP. Now Aphrodite is Lisa Kudrow that’s what’s happening in this AU look what you did. 

Okay Dex is a son of Hephaestus it’s just a Fact, but I love him as a son of Aphrodite because it’s just…he’s not. He’s the worst son of Aphrodite ever and he knows it and he’s just so MAD. He gets claimed and everyone is staring at him and he’s like “mother of FUCK” and someones like “lol yeah that’s your mom” and he’s gotta throw down right there. 

Not much changes with him being a son of Aphrodite, like I still think he would talk his way into the Cabin 9 bunker to work with the Hephaestus kids, even if they don’t believe an Aphrodite kid can keep up with them (he can). But he probably fights a lot more, like he’s training in every weapon he can get his hands on just because FUCK YOU GUYS I CAN FIGHT TOO. He’s over compensating so hard but no one really wants to make fun of him because he’ll fuck them up. 

His sisters adore him and his brothers are scared of him but they all keep trying to give him a makeover and he has climbed out of the window of cabin 10 so many times trying to escape this Hell. They always wanna know about his love life too, but they’re always disappointed because he doesn’t know how to do that. He’s busy he doesn’t have time for this. Also he’s ugly and no one likes him.

That last part’s not true and Dex doesn’t even actually care but he said it once and four of his sisters just started bawling and it was a stressful time in Cabin 10. It’s always a stressful time in Cabin 10 for Dex but that day was particularly rough. He’s actually a good looking guy, but he’s so stressed and embarrassed about being a son of Aphrodite that he just assumes all flirting with him is a joke and he has to fight someone. 

Aphrodite Dex literally always has to fight someone it’s his Curse here. That someone is usually Nursey, but sometimes he mixes it up. 

“You look really nice today Dex. I…like your hair.”

“Yeah HAHA Nurse, you’re so goddamn fucking funny. Because I’m a son of Aphrodite and you’re Ares HAHAHAHA shut the fuck up gods I hate you.”

“HAHA. Yeah. Got you good. Why don’t you love me?

It’s okay though, because Nursey can openly sob into his pillow in Cabin 5 and no one will say anything because they’re all so fucking embarrassed they don’t want to acknowledge it’s happening. 

So like?? With this whole pastor / imp au going on??
Forgive me I know 0 about religion and how it works but like
What if Tweek’s part of Damiens horde and he was assigned to posses / steal the soul of someone in Craig’s congregation. To do so means to attatch himself to the human, so Tweek has to go to Craig’s sermons every Sunday.
And he’s like. K. That priest is p hot lol. Until Craig starts getting all passionate and loud about Jesus then Tweek’s like. “This dude really wants to fuck his savior in the ass. Talk about daddy problems.”
But over the course of Craig overseeing Tweek’s host’s possession and exercism, Tweek starts to realize this over zealous pastor is the definition of sweet. And he just kind of??? Starts feeling bad for even inconveniencing him LOL. Like: this is a Tuesday night and here you are flicking holy water on a puking girls face ‘cause of me. Hey man I’m sorry I’ll just — leave. Go home and do whatever priests do on weeknights, my bad.
He can’t even bring himself to fight Craig for the girl because he doesn’t wanna have to hurt him pfft.
Which naturally gets him in trouble with Damien, who decides he needs to get rid of said priest to set things straight. Which causes some EPIC DEMON BATTLES and it’s all over some pastor who has literally 0 idea. I mean- imagine Craig just walking into the church and pews start getting thrown across the room, and he is so SCARED and CONFUSED, clutching to his bible and screaming verses into the seemingly empty room.
Long story short Craig, a righteous man of God, is unwittingly being hunted down by the son of the devil, whilst his “guardian angel” just happens to be an AWOL demon of the damned.
Gayness and more EPIC DEMON BATTLES ensue.

I MEAN imagine when Craig first meets Tweek,and starts just beating him over the head with a bible.

Request: Hi it’s me again I just had the cutest idea ever!! Could you to a middle school au where the reader has a crush on TJeffs and the reader puts a note in his locker and loses his cool over it?? I think this is cute af and I think you could do it really well thx luv you!!

Warnings:  no n e

Tags: @abi-sans05

Time Period: modern?????? Yeah

Notes: h ah - enjoy this piece of garbage m’dudes. I tried my best. and honestly i just wrote this like how my school schedule was in middle school


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prettyphobia  asked:

Do you think it's possible the writers will bring back cas in a female vessel right away and that's how we'll get deans proclamations of love and the kiss we've all been waiting for then? Or do you think we will get what we all hope for with "our cas" and dean.

Originally posted by oliverbmthlml

Lol, no but seriously…. no.

Noone would stand for it.

That would piss off the antis cos they don’t like the character CAS as well as Misha so meh they’d still be pissed and it would ROYALLY piss off all the shippers and for the GA / the main audience and non - audience it make the CW seen as so homophobic it would be a PR DISASTER, can you IMAGINE?!!!

I mean, small, 1% chance they might make AU Cas female or something just to show the UST and make it blatant for the GA, but we will eventually get Misha Cas back and the UST / love will REMAIN and it will just be more obvious.

Look, I say Destiel is endgame, and I do utterly believe this. Do I think we will for sure get even a kiss let alone a roll in the hay? THAT I’m not sure of, it depends what the actors are comfortable with ON SCREEN cos don’t even get me started on Cockles, but also the network etc etc they may not want to show this on screen. 

Lesbians is fine, its a fetish but guys kissing? Eww. Don’t even…. man I could write for hours on that but that is unfortunately the case for so many people, I literally just shouted about this to my family this weekend so I’m still sore about it, sorry.

So yeah, do I think we will know it is romantic by endgame? 99% sure.  Do I think we will see them actually kiss? Only 80% sure. Do I think we will see a modest sex scene? Well I HOPE SO to freaking make the point that it can be beautiful and not fetishised or “gross”, but my hopes go down to like 20% tbh.

So… yeah. Sorry I’m usually pretty positive on my blog because I write about the narrative and how well it is written, but when it comes to the production side, I think there is only so far Dabb can go and man do we NEED it for not just representation but to make true on the story, but could you imagine…. I’ve talked to a few people recently about what a HUGE DEAL Destiel could be when it is made canon.


This could be life changing for so many people as well as taught in cinema / writing courses for decades to come as an example of the longest and best written love story ever told as well as a personal growth story, a story about faith and trust and love… it is AMAZING and if it DOESN’T happen it literally is so WASTED an opportunity I can’t even comprehend it.

The fact that it has been overlooked by so many precisely because it is M/M is also brilliant in how they can now turn this around, it’s literally a metaphor for real life queer couples who get mistaken for siblings or whatever all the time…

It’s such an opportunity to show that LOVE is LOVE and how well it fits with their individual personal growth stories, it doesn’t FIX their own stories but leads them to be the best them that they can be, this is the point of any romance… and for real life at the moment it is PERFECT, it is PERFECTLY timed where people need this kind of story, not even just the queer community but anyone who feels alone, rejected, to see how Family don’t end in Blood and LOVE IS LOVE.

I mean literally…. this is such an opportunity for the network, the writers, the actors, the showrunner, the producers to show how inclusive and progressive they are, to show the guys ridiculously good acting skills, that casual viewers on rewatching will pick up on all the UST from seasons 4-5 then the growth from UST to CARING to LOVE, to show the amazing writing skills at starting, continuing and tieing off this so subtle love story that so many didn’t see it until season 12/13 when it will be more obvious…

It could be a PR GOLD MINE for the CW and everyone involved… I so hope and I can't believe they would waste it after building it so much in s12…

6amwritings  asked:

This is totally random but I can't sleep and I'm hungry but not like food hungry, more like snack hungry, do you know what I mean? Anyway I'm gonna bake a lava cake and I'm in the mood for reading so could you maybe do some marauders sleepless nights headcannons or something? :))

So sorry I just saw this!! I’m going to do these which each marauder separately :) but let me just say I’m 100% convinced 60% of marauders sleepless nights in the dormitory were because James wouldn’t shut up about Lily and the other 40% was Sirius asking existential questions and also never shutting the f up hahaha

Also this is on mobile so sorry if the formatting it a little wonky!


• he’s usually a pretty sound sleeper because he loves getting up early
• it really throws him off when he can’t fall asleep and Merlin help the first person who tries to talk to him the next morning (usually that’s you)
• on sleepless nights he’d wake you up with all his tossing and turning and constant little huffs of frustration
• finally, annoyed yourself, you drag yourself out of bed without a word and come back 5 minutes later with a cup of tea infused with a minor sleeping draught
• but you can’t even stay mad because he just looks so sleepy and his hair’s all a mess so you just smile and hand him the mug
• he passes out almost right away after drinking some but not before giving you a quick thank-you kiss
• but now you’re wide awake thanks to him and have to get up aGAIN to make more tea


• nights where you can’t sleep are filled with conversation because it’s better than just lying there knowing the other is awake but not saying anything
• you don’t even have to look at each other, you just like hearing each other’s voices in the dark
• and before you know it you don’t even want to sleep anymore
• you’d hear him turn to face you in bed and say “midnight motorbike ride?”
• can you imagine omg
• just flying through the air while the rest of the world sleeps
• lots of whooping and hollering as you hold onto him and he drives because when else will you get the chance to be so free?
• you come back as the sun is rising and end up seeping all day


• besides his transformation nights, Remus also has a lot of restless nights where he just. can’t. sleep.
• definition of an insomniac
• has considered getting prescription sleeping potion at least once but that would mean probably divulging his werewolf status to the hospital as a preexisting condition
• you’ve been asleep for hours when you finally feel the bed dip with his weight as he gets in
• you know never to ask if he slept well
• but somehow he’s still up bright and early with a smile every morning
• every now and then he passes out at 8pm and sleeps until noon the next day and you’re fine with that because he needs it
• but usually those are the nights YOU can’t sleep
• why is life so unfair right


• lol idk Peter would probably sell you out to Voldemort the second you finally fall asleep because he seems to like stabbing friends in the back when they’re at their most vulnerable

Cait :)

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The dialogue option thing got me thinking: Akira's not smooth at all it's honestly just Arséne saving his ass 24/7 because sometimes Akira just can't think of something witty enough that'd be up to par with his usual sass, so Arséne will just speak for him. Like, the only time Akira is shocked speechless is when it's so shocking that even Arséne is stunned. Seeing their S/O walking down the aisle? Floored. Don't expect either of them to speak at all.

OMGGG that last thing was SO CUTE like Arsène can’t stop talking to save his life because he loves attention so much and he’s always gotta outwit everyone smh. But then he just FREEZES when he sees how beautiful S/O is though Akira’s eyes. ;A; Even though Arséne’s such a player he’s still a hopeless romantic. he probably cried tbh

THAT REMINDS ME before I forget I need to write this. BUT. I think Personas can ‘feel’ their hosts feelings. Like they don’t feel them as if they were their own, but the Personas can ‘sense’ how intense their hosts’ emotions are and they get really impacted by it sometimes.

But yeah you’re totally right, Arsène’s got Akira’s back. It’s probably mostly out of pity and his own pride because if Arsène’s going to be inhabiting someone he’s going to make sure they live up to his unreasonably high standards. LOL Maybe he’s the one that controls Akira’s social stats?? Like Arsène won’t let Akira advance to the next level until he deems him worthy? BUT the proudest day of his life is when Akira can out-sass him because his little protegee is all grown up. ;_;

Anyway these little headcanons you guys throw in my inbox are great lol. Thank you for sending this!! <33

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Do you think Robron have the best sex or just causal sex? The reason I ask that is because I actually can't imagine Aaron been one to really let loose in the bedroom, Robert definitely, but I can picture Aaron holding back. Help me out lol?

Oh anon, my beautiful, wonderful anon, bless you for this question.

Firstly, I can totally see where you’re coming from in terms of Aaron being more reserved emotionally than Robert. But the thing is, Aaron’s inability to communicate his feelings is predominantly to do with having an audience. You’ll remember him being reluctant to say ‘I love you’ to his mum over the phone because Robert and Charity were behind him. It’s the same with anyone - Aaron hates having anyone watching him when he’s being ‘soft’, but the beauty of sex is that he gets to have Robert on his own, no one to make him feel self-conscious. So the Aaron we see on screen is definitely not the version of Aaron that Robert sees behind closed doors.

But, I’m nothing if not generous, so I’ll happily help you out. 

In terms of casual v best sex, Aaron and Robert most definitely have the latter. There’s a reason they continued with the affair despite all the obstacles in their paths. Yes, they were falling in love and neither wanted to let go of the other, but that affair was fuelled by sheer, unfiltered lust. Sex, for them, is both physical and emotional. The connection they have is unlike anything either have experienced before, heightened to the point of intoxication during sex. It’s necessary, not the sex per se, but that feeling of unity and closeness which goes with it.

Aaron is often a closed book, preferring to say nothing at all than open himself up to anyone, but when he’s alone with Robert, safe in the knowledge that they’re not going to be disturbed, his inhibitions are entirely lost in the feel of Robert’s touch. He allows himself the opportunity to just want Robert, not to hold anything back because he doesn’t have to. Plus, Aaron has never been able to resist Robert or his advances, he just gives in completely, willingly.

I don’t think Aaron found his more adventurous side until Robert. Before that he’d only had two previous relationships (with men, I’m  not counting Victoria or Holly in this) - Jackson was his first, and at that point Aaron was still wrapping his head around the idea of him being gay and out; with Ed, I think they probably explored a bit more, but Ed always seemed fairly safe in all regards, plus I doubt Aaron ever felt fully comfortable with him because chances are Aaron thought Ed deserved someone better. But Robert? Aaron wanted Robert any way he could have him, was quite willing to fuck him in the passenger seat of the truck the first time they kissed. That is not a man who is unable to ‘let loose’, in fact, it proves the contrary. The thing is, Aaron’s doesn’t really think when he’s around Robert - it’s instinctual, that desire an almost sickening ache which has his breath faltering, his heart staggering to keep pace with the blood coursing through his veins. 

When it comes to sex with Robert, Aaron is stripped of fear and nerves - he wants Robert and that surpasses everything else. And the reason it does is because he knows, categorically and without hesitation, that Robert wants Aaron just as much. He’s made no bones about that, in fact he’s always been very upfront about his desperation for Aaron, wherever and whenever they possibly can. And that makes Aaron confident, flying high on Robert’s desire, the darkening of his eyes, the graze of teeth against his skin, the shiver which travels the length of his spine when Robert moans against his mouth. He loves everything about Robert, but that feeling of being wanted, of making Robert want him without seemingly trying, is a novelty which has his head spinning.

So he loses himself in it, luxuriates in the knowledge that Robert’s sole focus is on him, and enjoys every second as it burns its way into his skin. He loves bringing Robert off with just his mouth, the tip of his tongue, fingers pinning Robert’s hips to the bed as he writhes beneath him. He loves bringing Robert to the very edge, have him pleading with Aaron to just finish it, refusing to tip the balance until Robert is practically screaming expletives into the pillow. He loves taking his time, working over every inch of Robert’s body at a languid pace which has both their eyes drooping in the darkness, his thrusts achingly slow and punctured with whole minutes of just lapping his tongue into Robert’s mouth. The thing about their sex is that they vary it so often, everything they do feels fresh and untried, even as their re-mapping over well-worn territory. Sometimes Robert tops, sometimes Aaron does, most nights they’ll alternate with each go because it’s never enough just to have each other once. And there’s a spontaneity too which adds to the rush for Aaron - he never quite knows what he’s going to get, and the unknown is only part of the excitement. Robert might come home irritated from a meeting, and Aaron will have to spend hours nuzzling at his neck and peppering kisses down his chest just for Robert to relax. Other days Robert will practically shove Adam out the door of the portacabin just so he can take Aaron over the desk, too desperate to wait until they get home. 

He loves all of it, and they’ve come to a point where they know each other so well that verbal communication is rarely needed now. Their bodies are entirely in tune, so that Aaron knows exactly when Robert is close and Robert knows to the second when Aaron has been worked open enough. There’s a trust between them which has been built over years now - destroyed to the point of no return, and yet still somehow the foundations have remained. And now they’re stronger for it, their relationship more solid than it has ever been, and the sex has, if anything, improved as a result. Aaron knows Robert inside out, both physically and emotionally, and there is no greater reward after all those agonising months of heartbreak and trauma, than to know he can have Robert anywhere and anytime he likes.

  • yuya: i don't know i mean i really like being around yuzu a lot, she makes me feel safe and comfortable and calm and i can talk about anything with her no worries and she always seems to know just what to say and i also really like helping her and making her feel safe and comfortable and i just want to be around her always and make sure nothing bad ever happens to her ever and i like it when she smiles, especially when she does because of me, and i also really admire her i mean she works so hard and she's also really supportive so i wanna be there for her too and support her always but i also like just seeing her you know? like... she's really nice to look at like her hair looks really nice and soft honestly she looks really nice all the time like sometimes i stare at her for a bit and lose track of time haha she's my best friend and i can't imagine living without her lol but i mean i don't know

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Did you see that video Jimin posting on twitter with him and Jungkook? There's just something about it, I can't really explain it. Like it was soft and so comforting the way Jimin just lean on Jungkook's shoulder.I feel something different, like the opposite of the intensity I am used to seeing in a lot of Jikook moments.The viedo somehow makes me feel that's what their relationship is like behind camera, just simply being in love, like an ordinary couple. Sorry if I am just talking rubbish :/

Gwaaaaaaah I knoooow right, they were soooo cute idk what to think ^///o///^ And I’m pretty sure anyone would think the same: just show your non-kpop friends the video without context and I would really like to see what they think  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

but honestly idk what to feeeeeel with their recent posts lately. like who even does that? post repeated videos of them being in each other’s presence. it’s like jimin is proud that jungkook is with him and wants to show him off every time, and i think that’s so simultaneously funny and adorable. they’re just so…floofy <3 and the ambiance between them is just….gaaaah. 

I mentioned it in my tags but have you ever stopped to imagine how many of these vids Jimin/Jungkook have in their phones? And how many of these cute moments they have in general without filming them at all? It’s so hard to picture, because on camera they’re almost awkward with each other sometimes…but in moments like these where it’s natural or when the camera is not focused on them, they’re not. Even now, my sister is confused about their relationship. She keeps saying things like “Since when did Jungkook become such ‘good friends’ with Jimin?”, which we know they always were since debut days…but how come their on-camera interactions show such a drastic change/?

idk man i couldn’t tell you  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but i have so many questions because of them…and from what I see, more and more people have been questioning as well recently ;)

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CAN I JUST SAY THAT I SPENT THREE HOURS GOING THROUGH YOUR ASKS AND ART AND YOU SEEM LIKE THE NICEST PERSON EVER and then i met this one person in rl and she was following you and we bonded and it was very nice ily and your art so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This is honestly surreal for me oh my g o d - I’m glad I could??? help you make a new friend??? Holy shit I don’t know how to answer this uHHHHH!!!!!!!! thank you??? yes, tHANK YOU!!!! that’s definitely the most important part, I’m super happy you like my stuff!!!! <3<3<3

Anon said: i would like to say that I really really love your art and it inspires me so sooo much and yeah, thanks for sharing your art with the world

Gosh!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! And I don’t kind what kind of inspired you mean but whichever it is I’m happy I can make you feel like that!!! Oh boy!!!!!

Anon said: Is it okay to use your art as a phone background? I’m asking bc i saw your no reposting post and I was wondering if using it for phone bgs etc is allowed?

Sure!! As long as it’s for private use I don’t mind at all!!!!

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We’ll Carry On

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: Request fic for @ellasfandoms1234. “Could you do a Gerard X Reader where he just started to relapse and he’s thinking about breaking up the band and the reader convinces him not to and it’s so fluffy 😍”

When you first saw him, standing onstage, tossing his beautiful red hair seductively, singing with the voice of an angel to an adoring crowd, you thought, He’s a fucking god. But, slowly, as you came to know him, you discovered that Gerard was only human. Trying desperately not to fall into the same addiction that had plagued him in his twenties. Questioning if he was as attractive as the fangirls said he was - and if they would still love him if he packed on a few pounds, if he looked, again, like the fat, dateless nerd he’d been in high school. 

“They only love me,” he’d told you, a melancholy look in his eyes, “because they don’t know who I am." 

"That’s not true, Gee,” you’d protested. “I know you very well, and I love you very much.”

But, you weren’t sure if he believed it. 

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jughead living with betty would include... pt. 2

- them opening up betty’s window on warm summer days enjoying the soft breeze while listening to some songs blasting out from the radio/speakers/etc.
- jughead would be writing his novel at betty’s desk
- betty’s on her bed writing in her diary or smth
- them struggling with their insecurities and helping each other with those insecurities
- ugh the aNGST
- betty feeling like she’s not pretty enough (or even being stressed about her school grades)
- she’d be standing in front her mirror frowning and jughead comes up to give her a back hug
- “i think you look amazing. and you should think that way too. because it’s true; you’re beautiful, betty. ”
- or jughead holding betty in his arms stroking her hair
- “they’re just numbers. they don’t define you, betty.”
- same for jughead btw
- him feeling bad about his family’s situation and betty would be there to comfort him
- she’d caress his cheek and whisper encouraging words to him
- betty being in a really good mood after a day at school
- she’s so happy to the point she feels like dancing
- so she does
- and she keeps bugging jughead to get up and dance with her
- he’s just like “lol no let me be woman”
- she turns up the volume real high and just starts dancing around the room
- and jughead tries to distract himself but he keeps looking back at her
- he smiles like a dork while watching her be all happy-go-lucky
- then he realizes how much he loves this crazy girl
- when the song finishes she turns to him and he just pulls her to him
- he kisses her passionately like woah i rlly love you betty cooper
- and at first she’s just like “????”
- but then she smiles and kisses back
- betty putting on her makeup and jughead stares at her like “lol what is all this”
- one thing leads to another and betty leans in
- and she draws a line across jughead’s face with her red lipstick
- he tries to look real pissed but gives up and just grins
- bughead brushing their teeth together in the bathroom
- they keep making funny faces at each other in front of the mirror with their toothbrushes in their mouths
- they invite archie over to study and stuff
- but then archie gets ignored bc bughead be in their own bubble
- he just watches them act like cute like jughead bopping betty’s nose
- and betty playing with jughead’s fingers or hair
- like ugh guys archie’s still here
- “aHEM”
- “oh hi archie when did you get here”
- lol #justiceforarchie
- k i’m done
- or am i
- sooo part 3???? :D


All Tied Up

In which Harry has his girlfriend in a very vulnerable position. 

A/N: Ahhhh it’s finally here! I present to you the smuttiest smut you’ll probably ever read from me.  I’ve been working on this one forever, so I really hope it’s worth it.  Enjoy, loves! xx

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Hi, I've see your Vergil's headcanons, it's amazing! So I wanna ask you about his attitude to his tiny so. Thanks 💜💜💜💜💜

I might just make this a general being with Vergil thingie, but there is a tiny bit in here that you could read as being a smol s/o haha!

Just dating Vergil things:

Originally posted by incneet

  • I guess from an outsider’s perspective, it might not seem like Vergil cares about you because he is a very, very independent person. If you’re someone who constantly craves affection, I think you might struggle when it comes to being with Vergil. He is someone who thinks more than he feels, but he’s learning about what to do with the feels when it comes to being with you, so please be patient.
  • That being said, when he is affectionate with you, it just means so much more and feels like so much more. Any affectionate gesture, no matter how simple, is kind of intense; in the best possible way! For example, maybe after a decent scare you’re trying to stay strong with your hands clenched tightly together so you won’t give away that you’re shaken. Your boyfriend is incredibly observant even though he seems like he doesn’t care 1200% of the time. He does care and Vergil hates it when you’re scared. So he’ll gently take your hands in his and silently stay with you until he feels that you’re not feeling so vulnerable anymore. It’s not just a simple gesture of affection, not just holding hands, it’s kind of more like a small promise that he’ll be there for you.
  • Dante gives his brother so much shit for being with you. Not that he hates you, its just that the red devil is so happy that his surly brother has found someone. Praise the fucking universe. If you’re 100% human, it just gives Dante that much more ammo. He’ll walk around pretending to be Vergil sometimes with is hair slicked back “I’m Vergil and I hate all humans except the one I’m totally banging one right now~”. Honestly its funny and you can see that Dante loves his brother very much and is happy that Vergil has found you. Although, Vergil sometimes gets really fed up with Dante and will stick some of his summoned daggers in him. Not fatally of course, but he does it out of the blue and it can scare you.
    “Ah! Vergil why did you do that to him?! He was joking—”
    “Hmph. It will take a lot more than that to kill that imbecile. Would you like me to demonstrate?”
    “Vergil, no…”
  • Vergil stares at you. It’s not bad staring, he’s just kind of trying to rationalise how he strongly he feels for you. Like, up until this point he’s never cared about anyone like he’s cared about you. He’ll look at you and pretty much just be a little bit bewildered. Consider this: Vergil is an incredibly powerful being. He can destroy legions on his own if he wanted to. He could crush your skull in his fist on a whim! But some days you’ll smile at him and sweetly ask him to do some menial task like get you your favourite mug from the top shelf because you can’t reach and he will gladly do it without question. He should be the one giving orders, he should have everyone under his thumb, but you just… smile and he’s ready to do anything for you. It’s pathetic.
    Sometimes you catch him looking, “Hm? What is it, Vergil?”
    He’ll just look away and shake his head. “…Nothing, worm.”
  • On that note, really bizarre pet names? Like, okay, they are degrading in most cases, but they’re really weirdly sweet when Vergil uses them with you. They are never said with any kind of malice, although to any outsider it’s probably fairly alarming because your boyfriend is very clearly calling you things like ‘weakling’ or ‘worm’ or constantly announcing that ‘you are the biggest thorn in his side’ and ‘you’re too much trouble’. But its okay. No one ever misses that very brief flash of warmth in his expression when you fire back with, “Mmhm and you love me, so shh.”
  • Best moments with Vergil is if he’s reading something on the couch and you kind of wriggle under his arm to try and take a nap against him. He will absolutely roll his eyes and chide you for bothering him while he’s doing work or whatever, but its not like he won’t slightly adjust how he’s seated so you’re much more comfortable and can actually rest.
  • “I could kill you at any time, little worm.”
    “Hm? Oh, I know. Love you too~”


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