because if it was just me... lol can't even imagine it

ok but like

1) Lucifer still has the Mark???? technically??? Because Cain still had the Mark even after he transferred it to Dean so shouldn’t Lucifer still have the Mark after he transferred it to Cain???? And as long as one entity has the Mark shouldn’t the Darkness till be at bay?????

2) Death said he could reap God. GOD!!! Are you telling me that one lonely little Mark makes someone so powerful that a fucking jawbone can kill them but Death can’t?????

3) Also like, fucking Death was in Sam’s mind and saw how fucking destructive and powerful their codependency was and he was like “you know what would be a great idea?? Making Dean kill his brother. I’m sure nothing can go wrong there”

Yesterday when I was about to sleep, I started thinking about Rey and her having her period (lol). Because honestly, can you imagine how scared she must have been the first time she got her period? Like suddenly, there’s blood between your legs and you don’t know what it is or how to stop it!? Especially when you’re all alone and no one even bothered to tell you about it or womanhood in general?

Can you imagine having your period in a desert where there’s almost no water to clean yourself up with? (A nightmare if you ask me). Also, did she trade her scrap metal for tampons/sanitary pads with Unkar Plutt? If yes, then that’s just creepy.

And what if she got her period while being Kylo’s prisoner on the Starkiller base? Like, imagine Rey awkwardly asking Kylo for some tampons and him knowing absolutely nothing about woman stuff and having to run around the base like a fool only to find these “tampons” in the female stormtrooper department. If you ask me it would be even funnier if he actually took his mission very seriously, lol.

And now that she’s with Luke, is everything okay now?? Like, did Leia send her a huge supply of tampons along with the Falcon??xD

Or do women in the SW universe even use tampons/sanitary pads at all???

All these very unnecessary questions that I have…lol.