because if i own it i love it

i. People tell me I smile like my mother
the thought warms me
that I could own a part of beauty
carved from fifty years of dedication
and survival and a love so potent and full.

ii. She leaves nothing to be wanted
stretching the soles of the shoes
I have to fill and it scares me sometimes
because I know I don’t have enough smiles
or time with her to walk through this life.

iii. I tell everyone that I get it from my mum
churning the food she cooks into character
breathing in the smell of her discounted perfume
and out an immovable presence of dignity
absorbing her stories of childhood, of home
until I can stomach the meaning of survival
and live a legacy that makes hers brighter.

iv. I don’t know if I smile like my mother
mirrors and young eyes distort the truth
it will be years before I am aged
with any bit of her grace
but if there is any resemblance 
then she has given me more
than I could have ever asked for.
—  A story about great women and their daughters in four parts

Fuck my boss, I guess. My second job is a locally owned spice shop, and its awesome and I love it, but I work it on the weekends and my main one on the weekdays, so I dont really get a day off. I had decided to put in my two weeks notice, and I was going to do it in person (I’ll get to this). There’s a Sunday and a Monday I couldn’t work because I had to go out of town, so I get that Monday off at my main job and I ask for the Sunday off for the other. The schedule comes out and I’m on it for that day, its 2 weeks away, so I leave a note asking if anyone could do it. We then had someone quit and just not show up (which wasn’t surprising but shitty still) so the Sunday before I’m supposed to leave, my boss calls me at the shop (I might add when I was alone and during the late rush when it was packed) and asks what’s up with that Sunday.
Me:“I can’t work, I’m going out of town for a family event.”
Boss: “Well you’re the only one who can work that day.”
M: “I’m not going to be here, I’m leaving Saturday when I get off.”
B: “We really need you to work open to close.”
M: “I can’t.”
B: “You’re the only person we have.”
And then I found out that he couldn’t do it because he was going on vacation, whereas I had an actual event that I needed to go to. So after that I decided to just write a note instead because he’s super passive aggressive so I was like I’ll show you passive aggressive. But then he just didnt schedule me the last weekend I was supposed to be there, and I was like “lol okay I need a break anyway”. And I honestly should of just quit that day he called.

What frightens me about the men I know is that I know men are so good at compartmentalizing and creating public and private selves. I don’t think there’s a single man I know, including gay men, including men I love, including men in my own family, who I don’t fear might secretly be doing some horrific shit on the internet. I’ve just read too many stories about women who were happily married for years before they found out their husbands’ abusive online habits.

I’ve often joked with my friends about how me using the internet in front of other people (like in a class) is “taking a walk on the wild side” because the might see my search history, but I just want to clarify: when I say that my search history is private and might be embarassing, I meant, “I look up geeky, uncool things like fanfiction and I spend too much time reading celebrity gossip blogs and looking at Pinterest shit,” not embarassing as in the male sense of “My search history would reveal that I send violent, abusive threats to women online and watch rape porn.” My private self is maybe less cool than my public self, but it isn’t so dramatically different that my ethics would be called into question if my search history were to be made public.

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Okay so real talk. Have you considered selling prints of any of your Grimsley art? Because I just absolutely adore your style, no one days the man justice like you, and he's super neglected merch-wise x'D

Oh man oh man…if I ever open a shop, I would honestly love to sell my Grimsley art as prints or even make buttons or charms. Mainly because I want to own a few stuff myself lmao. It was already hell knowing that he never got his own card and has never made an appearance in the anime.

I am very late to the party, but dear god, now I understand how Grimsley fans have felt all those years ago. It’s absolute madness hahahafhsdgf

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Do you ever wonder why Hillary stayed with bill? It must be so heartbreaking and a betrayal to be cheated on in front of the entire nation 😕 on the flip side, my feminism prof told our class that Hillary only able to run for president because of her connections to bill and stuff. Do you agree with this cause it doesn't sound true (think of all the other female heads of state merkel, may, etc) but I don't know if it's not for sure.

bc she loves his ass i guess smh best believe if i was her i would’ve gone lemonade on his whole entire life.

and no, i think she would’ve still made it to where she is today all on her own and i think that’s such an insulting and backward thing for a feminism prof (wtf????) to say about one of the greatest feminist icons in herstory. you should give her a negative rating and zero hot chili peppers on ratemyprofessor.

Quarrels with an Elegant Egotist (Chapter 2)

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A/N: WOOP WOOP I finally managed to get this chapter out.  The last couple of weeks were really stressful for me because school and stuff, but school is done now so YEAH YEAH!! This chapter is not as good as I had hoped but it’s still decent. Get ready for shitty writing and angst galore

Pairing: Bucky x OC

Word Count:1017

Summary: (Taking place in the late 1700s) Elvira Waugh is a member of a special squadron, within SHIELD, mainly consisting of enhanced individuals.  Against her own will, she falls in love with a mysterious man within the initiative: Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.

Warnings: Angst overload. TOO MANY GODDAMN EMOTIONS. Terrible writing and English.  Blood and gore. Minor character deaths. 1700s Pride and Prejudice-ish vibe.  Sexual tensions. Murder.  More sexual tensions. Brainwashing. Implied torture.  Not being able to control one’s body. Hydra control. Slight emotional abuse from bucky?

OC thoughts are italicized



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Top ten female oc blogs?

(Ask Mun’s Top 10 | Accepting!)

yes yes yes!! Now I can finally shower love on people’s OCs because they’re all so wonderful!! I’ll try to go for 10 but I can’t recall if I actually follow that many. These are in no way ranked from best to worst!! I love all of these people equally, the numbering system only came in how I remembered their URLs lol

1. @grand-order-girl ‘s Cana as well as all the other Masters made from the MC. This includes @heikin , @haremmasterritsuka , @haremprotagonthemoon , @masterlost  etc etc etc. To turn what could so easily become a self-insert into her own living breathing character is such a hugely impressive feat! All of you have amazing threads with Mashu and I only hope we continue to do more in the future! No joke, you all inspire me so much every day!

2. @neverendingspell ‘s Hecate. While our thread has had spotty activity I adore her interactions with Mashu! They give off a wonderful vibe of Hecate being the older and wiser teacher/aunt and Mashu wanting so desperately to make both a good impression and a good friend to her. I hope our threads are plentiful in the future!

3. @radiantdescender ‘s Rias. like I know I shouldn’t start a ship without confirming it with you first but i  HIGHKEY want to ship at least a little bit of Mitsue and Saber together. They have great chemistry and bounce off of one another so well!

4. @searching-mage ‘s Sanzu. I know we haven’t threaded in a little while but Sanzu has grown so much since your blog started (or at least since I started following you) and your threads on my dash with other people are always hilarious and a blessing to read. Keep it up!

5. @lnrgod ‘s Chang’e. ok lol I know we had maybe 1 interaction but the depth and backstory to Chang’e is just so gorgeous and amazing??? I truly hope we find a way to interact in the future because it could turn out to be something awesome!


7. @warcrowned ‘s Penthe. I LOVE OUR DAUGHTER RHONA and also we need to interact b/c Pent is an absolute badass and I would love her to teach Mashu/Mitsue how to fight in some way. Pent is also so much fun to read in other threads as well, her character complexity is amazing!

8. @driftingjazzbard ‘s Erin. i’m just in love with Erin thinking Mitsue is better than Leo just since he’s this fluffball of positivity and happiness. Erin for Best Big Sis 2k17! I hope we have many more threads to come!

9. @avengerlucifer ‘s Lucifer. aaAAAA I adore the dynamic between Lucifer and Mashu (largely since hateships are almost never a thing w/ her lolol) and how it could grow into so much more! I’ll definitely throw Mashu at Angel Lucifer sometime whenever I get the courage!

10. @stories-in-song ‘s Naiko. I’m so glad I got to thread with you and for Mashu to have a fantasy big sister! Naiko is an absolute gem and your writing style is through the roof in its beauty! I hope we interact more!

Wait, is Lars technically a magic zombie now? Because Steven said his heartbeat was ‘slow’ and Lars says he probably doesn’t need to eat anymore because he has magic in his guts, so is he still technically ‘’’alive’’’?

Also I love that Steven has his own special pink tree in that pocket dimension, I wonder if he’ll actually store his stuff under it now like Rose? I mean he doesn’t have to go through Lars’ hair all the time since it’s connected with Lion’s mane and he was already using Lion’s mane as storage for stuff like his bike

operation: get the boyfriend into symphonia is going more successfully than i’d ever imagined it would! i was worried he might find the game too boring/cheesy/outdated to enjoy as someone playing it in 2017 without the lens of nostalgia, but he’s totally loving it! the best part is that he keeps talking excitedly about how he can’t wait to cosplay as lloyd, and i didn’t even have to suggest it to him; he decided on his own that he wanted to do it because (paraphrasing here) “lloyd is really cute, and as you’ve said, he’s basically me, and i know you cosplay as colette, so of course i have to cosplay as lloyd!” and we’ve barely even started the game! (we just finished the palmacosta ranch.)

this whole experience is just confirming why he’s so right for me. :>


                                                                                      I could only love in my dreams.


Which Defenders would win in a dance off?

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Akaashi, please tell Futakuchi to CHILL

futakuchi has been adequately chilled… just kidding, he unplugged the fridge to get in there. akaashi has learned to keep a closer eye on him from now on

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can you draw some Sonny n Graffiti Pete Valentine's Day love !! I wanna surprise my girlfriend she loves them more than me

getting pete to accept that sonny actually likes him is a full time job


i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018


Sense8 | All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet

At least we know the name of the restaurant.