because if he says no

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been involved in ace discourse, so sit the fuck down, cause this has been bothering me for a while.

If you go around attacking someone for making a character ace/aro, or having a headcanon about it, or identifying with them because of ace/aro qualities, ask yourself why.

If you don’t think said character is ace/aro, don’t get involved with that post. Scroll on by, cause you have the free will to do it.

If you feel the need to question someone’s headcanon, bring evidence to them of why it isn’t true, proclaim fiercely that said character can’t be ace/aro because they’re something else instead, think really carefully about your need to do that.

That is acephobia/arophobia, and it needs to stop. 

Ace/aro people have a right to make headcanons, too. We have a right to identify with certain characters without being questioned about it. If you don’t agree, don’t get involved.

Allosexuals and alloromantics are absolutely encouraged to reblog this. 

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waait what was the dan saying a male name in a liveshow thing? Sorry I must have missed it, thank you

No worries! Sorry this took so long for me to get back to, pinof drained me so much that I went back to sleep,

But basically: In pinof at around 1:04 phil asks dan what the sexiest name is and dan says greg

and in phil’s live show last week, he was talking about how greg was like a hard name/”a mouth work out” linguistics wise

i just thought it was funny haha that they both went for the same name not like dan probably rewatched phil’s live show when he was away or anything hahahahaha what kind of demon do you think i am/he is??????


“Hunk, he knows my name. Shiro knows my name!”

“Pretty sure that’s because he saw you start a food fight in the mess hall with Keith and he stopped you two before you could drag other people in it. You both got detention for that, remember?”

or: Lance have been pining after his hero for quite a while now and is having a hard time keeping his crush a secret especially after Shiro called him by his name for the first time.

I like to think that Lance is one of those guys that says “I love you” a lot. To everyone and about anything. He loves the beach, he loves space, he loves flying, he loves his family, he loves his friends, he loves people– and he’ll just say so, too. Whenever he thinks it. He’s constantly blurting out declarations of undying love for Hunk whenever he eats his cooking. When Pidge is getting too techno-y for him he tells her that “I love you and all, but you’re being way too nerdy right now Pidge.” He loves Coran’s mustache. Loves the way Shiro’s always there just when you need him. Allura saves his butt from getting stabbed by a galra droid once and has he mentioned he loves her lately? Lance says “vol” and Keith says “vol… tron?” and Lance pats him on the head and says “love you, man, never change.” He just loves a lot. Loves this group of people. And he wants them to know.

Fun Fact: When Merle finally dies it will be his 69th death and that’s exactly what he would’ve wanted.


Eraserhead Week: Smile

It’s not art or writing but i saw the prompt and i couldn’t resist

aizawa shotoro

Reasons to be happy today:

  • One night after a difficult mission made Bruce even gruffer than usual, his children gathered for a group complaining session that featured sarcastic Bruce-impressions and comments like “it would be nice to get positive feedback every once in awhile”
  • “I get that he loves us and all, but he could stand to show it” “Or say it, even. Never heard him do that”
  • At that point Cass, who had been sitting quietly, confused all of her siblings by replying, “He says that a lot”
  • See, Cass’s understanding of language is different. She reads body language, and it allows her to understand how people feel when they aren’t necessarily communicating it to others. Technically, Cass has never heard Bruce say “I love you.” But she’s certainly seen him say it many, many times
  • And since her siblings found that hard to believe, she set about proving it to them. Through the rest of the mission, every time she saw Bruce say “I love you,” she approached the nearest sibling and whispered “There”
  • [Bruce adjusts Damian’s cape on his way past] “There”
  • [Bruce rolls his eyes as Dick and Tim strike intentionally melodramatic poses on the rooftop] “There”
  • [Bruce hands Duke a granola bar when his stomach starts growling] “There”
  • [Bruce uses excessive force on a villain that came slightly too close to Jason] “There”
  • [Bruce tells off the collective JLA for unprofessional behavior while they openly ignore him and continue said behavior] “There”
  • [Bruce turns away from the truly impressive kick flip Cass used to incapacitate three separate combatants with absolutely no change in expression] “There. See? He’s proud”
  • The others aren’t totally sure they believe her, but if she’s right…. wow. That kind of changes everything
  • And since Bruce had no idea any of that went on, she’s free to continue. Whenever Cass sees that one of her brothers is feeling down, she follows them around to act as Bruce’s translator. Somebody has to do it, she figures

Just a quick PSA, if I catch any of y’all threatening to hurt Jeremy in any way, shape or form (joking or not) for not validating your ship, you’re gonna catch these hands, legs, and then some more hands so shut up





s1 vs s6

#i just love this moment right here #the pure happiness radiating from both of them #’do you want to get out of here’ and an emphatic ‘yes’ #alec’s slowly spreading grin #magnus’s smitten face and the embodiment of heart-eyes #the way they circle in each other’s gravity #it’s a fleeting moment but it feels like everything

you know that the twins have been Taako-and-Lup their entire lives, all or nothing not getting one without the other and they damn well liked it that way. No one else was ever important enough or stuck around long enough to fit into the equation

so imagine how it must have felt when somewhere along the line in the stolen century when Taako-and-Lup became Taako-Lup-and-Barry

like none of them probably noticed it for the longest time, even after lup and barry became a thing, in the twins minds it was always segmented, Taako and Lup or Lup and Barry or Taako and Barry. It’s not till one day near the beginning of a cycle, they’re all deciding what they want to do and Magnus jokes about the meetings being useless because the groups are almost always the same

‘I’m just saying, we could save a lot of time if we just left Taako, Lup and Barry out of these meeting because they’re always together anyway’

‘We’re not always together numbskull, where’d you get that idea?’

‘Uh, maybe from the fact that I can’t remember the last time I’ve said one of your names without having to immediately follow it with the other two? You’re all kinda a packaged deal’

It shocks all three of them, because Lup and Taako never even considered adding someone to that inner circle, as much as they fucking love the rest of their family, and Barry never thought the twins would consider him on that level, as much as they both meant the world to him

After the initial shock the three of them are all about being a trio. They joke that Barry gets to be the pretty one because Taako and Lup are tied so he wins by default. They all love each other so much, Taako and Lup can’t imagine going back to not having the –and Barry at the end

Except of course, after the voidfish there’s no ands

It’s just Taako, starting a cooking show

Just Lup, trapped in the umbra staff

And Just Barry, alone, trying to find some way to get his family back