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okay but Giotto grew up on the street right? i can just imagine him meeting somebody when he first made his family and he hasnt learned Etiquette yet. the other boss is like “fine we’ll duel” after there was a disagreement for a ceasefire. giotto thought they were both just gonna throwdown and beat the other’s face in not have an old west gun show down. he’s so confused when he’s told to step ten paces away and draw like “whats this rich bullshit come over here and fight me”

Zach Dempsey (requested)

Anon asked if I could write an imagine where the reader was once close to Zach before high school but they drifted apart then reader stumbles upon that one scene where they are drinking near the liquor store and she knows it’s not like him and he says it is because he misses her

Okay so idk if this was supposed to be platonic or romantic, but i was thinking it sounded more platonic than anything so… yeah AND ALSO YAY FOR MY FIRST ZACH


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At first you were okay with it, the drifting apart. You two had been fighting over petty things and losing interests in certain things you shared. You two were maturing, becoming adults. While he became a jock and went out to parties and games, you were going to college ready classes and going on blind dates your parents had set up. You got a new group of friends and so did he. It was simple. But then you started to miss him, a nostalgia that needed three years to grow it’s biggest and harshest, a need for Zach to be with you once more. Because once upon a time Zach Dempsey did not care what people thought, and once upon a time, you loved him and he loved you. You were like Ying and Yang, the symbol without a bit of each of the other’s color was Ying Yang. Not Ying and Yang. Now you were just Ying. 

So High School was hard, it had always been that way. It became even harder when your newest friend Hannah took her own life. Even harder when Clay became distant because of it. Then you needed Zach more than ever; a simple hand holding yours in reassurance, a pat on the back… even a smile. Instead it was hushed whispers, ignorance, and condolences. They didn’t realize their somber looks helped nothing – they were nothing. The worst part was you or Hannah’s parents never got a note… or a goodbye. It was just done, like one day your relationship with Zach was. Now all that existed was memories and broken hearts. Just the two. 

So you found yourself reliving both every single day. A trip to the local liquor store, a chocolate bar, and a bottle of stolen vodka–sample size of course. Every day that’s where the memories sprung that slowly led to a good day’s heartbreak. Maybe if you had still been friends with Zach things would have been different. Maybe you would not have met Hannah– maybe it wouldn’t hurt as much. But you couldn’t ever say that out loud, because Hannah was the best person you knew. So losing her in any parallel universe would have stung like a bitch. 

it was an exercise in futility. You knew that the same clerk would be there, with the same expression on his face playing the same game. You knew he would charge you the same amount for the same candy bar and give you the same cheeky grin. 

So maybe this time it was different. Maybe you just needed a little change. So instead of coming and going, you stood for a while, contemplating the decisions before you. There were so many candies, liquors, and cigarettes. So you grabbed one of each. When the bell above the door jangled you paid no mind, just grabbed your different candy bar before going to the liquor aisle. 

“Well, well, well.” You heard a voice behind you. 

You didn’t turn. You didn’t need to. That voice was the one that near everyone hated around school but would never say it. Bryce Walker, the high schooler who looked more like a soccer dad than any soccer dad ever. The forty looking one. It wasn’t the time and you weren’t in the mood, so you grabbed the handle of the fridge and yanked it open, going in to grab the bottle you wanted. 

“Rum? Bad, L/N. Never thought you were one for drinking.” Bryce asked, suddenly behind you and very, very close. You shuddered and turned to glare at him, pushing his chest roughly. 

“Fuck off, Walker. Fucking grandpa looking ass.” You stormed to the cash register before he could react, ordering the clerk to get a pack of cigarettes for you as well. “Here, I’m going to use the bathroom, hold my stuff for me.” 

The clerk nodded with boredom before handing you the black key. You stormed passed Bryce once more and he just stared at you as you passed, winking before you were out of sight. You made a face of disgust. 

As you looked in the mirror you stared at the blue rings under your eyes, the nights of countless sleep. The nights that you wished your best friend Zach was holding your hand while he slept on the floor, the nights that you texted Hannah ‘til four. And under those bags were something deeper, because yes, you missed Hannah but you had been wrecked before she had found you. Before her death you were the same. It seemed the people kept leaving you; there was something about that that was ironic to you. The day Hannah died you had gone to the movies without her, the day you lost Zach you had told him you did not care. It seemed that you were pushing people away. 

When you were done in the bathroom Bryce was gone and you sighed with relief, going back to the clerk and handing him your money. As he counted your change you looked out the glass door to see Clay Jensen riding after Tony Padilla’s car on his bike. There was another friend who had distanced himself. 

It was almost serene when you exited the store, your expression placid and your bag full of shit you were going to do the first time alone and your wallet lighter. Almost. In this part of town it was quiet or way too fucking loud, and this time it was quiet… but then it wasn’t quite. There was yelling, whooping, and booing. The three things teenage boys did on a daily for every single reason they could conjure up. This teenage yelling though – it was familiar. It was the yelling you heard at any of Liberty High’s sports games, the yelling heard in the halls, the yelling that made you so angry you could cry. The yelling of the people who had torn you apart from the thing you needed the most. 

“Standall, I cant believe it! Jensen demolished you! What the fuck!” That was Justin Foley.

“Fuck you, Justin. I’m not in the mood.” Alex Standall, someone who had broken Hannah’s heart. 

“Give me the bottle, Alex. I’ll finish it for you.” That was the voice. The voice of a person who once loved you and you still loved. The person who was the missing piece of your life as of late. Zach Dempsey. 

During your freshman year when the blow of the separation was still a raw, open wound you had cornered Zach why he was acting the way he had been – ignoring you, playing mean games with other people. He had just rolled his eyes, “People change, Y/N. Maybe you should too.”. Maybe that blow had hurt worse than the time that he had stolen your smelly markers in the sixth grade and then denied the whole thing. Maybe that’s what made you a mess. 

But he could have told you that a million times on repeat, and you still would not believe him. People can change, but they could also just simply hide who they are. Underneath that cracked asphalt of a facade is the truth bleeding out like a nice, golden sunlight. This was not the Zach Dempsey that glowed like a rich, gold coin. This was the Zach that did what his friends did because he was scared that if he did anything else something would happen. His would be replaced, he would be made fun of, or his worst fear: he would lose all of his friends and just be ignored. Old Zach would never drink in broad daylight where any cop could catch him – underage and intoxicated. 

So you rounded the corner with you plastic bag swinging and faced the group you knew was there. They were all leaning against someone’s car coolly drinking from two bottles and laughing their woes away. Zach was sitting on the hood, his black hair sticking in all directions and his eyes squinted as he chugged the rest of the malt liquor. 

“Zach.” You said loudly, standing in the middle of the alley opening. All eyes turned to you as Zach nearly choked on the liquid, his eyes going wide as he swallowed the drink carefully before looking at you. He winced before throwing the bottle to Justin. He caught it and downed the rest. 

“Oh, uh, Y/N…hi.” 

“Get in my car, Dempsey.” You sighed, pointing to your car across the street. 

The other guys whooped and hollered, yelling out things you ignored as you stood there, swinging your bag around. 

“Y/N, I don’t think-” Zach started, taking a step forward, before Bryce stopped him. 

“Go, Zach. We’ll meet you at my house.” Bryce stared you down as your eyes flickered towards him – a dark, unreadable expression on his face. 

You turned without another word and walked to your car, knowing that Zach was following obediently. You threw your things in the back seat before sitting in the drivers side, waiting patiently while Zach took his time. 

It had been so long since you had spoken to Zach, so many years, but you knew what was right to say. When he was buckled up you stuck the keys in and turned the car on. “Alright listen, Zach. I know you. Say what you want, deny it, but I know you and your family. I know that the Zach that I used to hang out with – the Zach I still see in the hallways sometimes would never do something like this. How would your sister react if you all got caught? Your mother? It’s still light out, Zach. You’re not like this… and I care about you too much to see you do this. Especially with people like Bryce.” 

You sighed after your mini rant and started to drive, not giving him much of a choice in the matter. You weren’t driving to your house or to his – you were driving to Monet’s to get his system clean. He was sitting in silence, thinking your words over. 

“Y/N…” He said, unsure of what to say. 

“And I know we drifted apart, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss or care about you, Zach. The loss of Hannah just made it even harder to cope without you by my side. Clay Jensen has been too out of it lately. I just need someone, and if you need someone I’ll put you before me. Because I care about you more than I care about myself.” 

You stopped at a stop light and looked to see that Zach was wiping at his eyes, before sniffling strongly and shaking his head. “Y/N, there is a reason that I was doing what I was doing. I miss you too. I only do these things to fill the hole in my heart that you vacated quite a while ago. I miss you so much, you were my best friend.” 

You turned to Zach and placed your hand over his on his thigh before squeezing it reassuringly. He gave you a teary smile as you pulled into Monet’s. 

“Can we go back to where we were? I just really need someone. Preferably you.” You asked him softly, looking away slightly. 

There was rustling before he put his arms around you. “I was really hoping you would suggest it.” 

this made me emotional

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pls gimme the thing called love

i wish i could draw because this morning i had what must’ve been a continuation of the obama dream but all i remember is former president barrack obama regretfully bending down and picking up sand while whispering “ i guess there’s no use..the only language beasts can speak… “ then he like idk hes like taking a hapkido sun moo kwan fighting style and with tears in his eyes hes finises “ violence “ i had no idea who my mans was fighting but i want to pretend it was like nightmare from soul calibur 2

I shouldn’t post a WIP but this is a WIP of some Louis-centered thing I’m working on & I couldn’t stop myself from sharing a sneak peek (this is like 15% of it??) because IDK when will I finish the whole thing & this had been sitting in my folder for a while so xD.

(btw should I let him have his facial hair or not i couldn’t decide)

“Imperfections” (Jungkook x Reader)

“hey there lovely! could u write a jungkook scenario where his acne is getting really bad and he feels really insecure about it and tries to hide it as much as possible because he thinks he looks ugly?? the ending is up to you !!!”

Name: “Imperfections”

Character: Jeon Jungkook (BTS)

Genre: Sad

Word Count: 1,176

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(i want to hug him every time i see an article about his acne. he’s in no way ugly and i hope he knows that <3)

Being an idol, or any figure in the public light for that matter, requires having a lot of eyes on you all the time. Each set of eyes is that much more capable of examining you, critiquing you and ripping you apart without even having to be in your proximity. The power of the internet. Any tiny imperfection is immediately exacerbated  into something a million times more severe. It could be something entirely natural: a weird mole or a slight bump in the nose. That public influence makes you want to scratch it off your face and make you look perfect merely for their wandering gazes. We wish it was that easy. One of these imperfections, standardized by the media, is acne. It’s a reality Jungkook was far too used to.

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Mendes in Bed (shitty bullet point addition)

Also accidentally gender neutral? 

Okay, 1) I tried doing this as vague as possible because I really couldn’t deal with writing smutty-smutness right now 2) This is literally the best pile of shit I’ve writing and I’m so sorry about the ending, 3) About half way through this I had this mini crises and, idk why, I started thinking about how strange of a concept writing stuff like this is. I’ll probably come back to this at a later point and re-write it, but for for now we have this. I hope you like it  XD 

  • Imagining this was your first time and you were like 18-19 years old and you guys have been together for a while and have talked things through.
  • And one day you’d come home and find he’s lit candles everywhere and like decorated the room nicely in an attempt to be romantic.
  • Although the whole time you both would be worried about burning down the apartment.
  • Firstly, I’m gonna be like everyone else and say he would be a complete sweetheart, because he would be.
  • Like, he’d constantly be asking if you were okay and would be hesitant to do anything as he was afraid it would freak you out or hurt you.
  • But once you both got over the initial anxiety, things are pretty good.
  • Shawn would mainly be focusing on you to the point where he would forget about himself.
  • So, you’d have to stop him and sit him down or lay him down and focus on him for a while.
  • If there were any ‘awkward’ moments, like you accidently ripped the condom while putting it on or something, he’d just pepper kisses all over your face and neck until you were smiling again.
  • And when it came down to the main event, he’d look cool and somewhat put together, but inside he’d be a mess because he’s been waiting months to do this and now that it was finally happening!
  • Afterwards would be just as sweet.
  • You guys would clean up and he’d be back to constantly asking if you’re okay.
  • “Are you sure thought?”
  • “For the thousandth time, I’m okay!”
  • Then you’d lay in bed laughing as you watched him go around the room and blow out each individual candle before being able to fall asleep.
  • After like a few months, he’d probably ask to try something new.
  • But he’d ask you in the most awkward way like
  • “So, there’s this thing I want to try, only if you want to though. I’m not trying to pressure you or anything.”
  • And at first you’d be freaking out thinking he wanted to do something crazy like he wanted to do some Fifty Shades of Grey shit, or he wanted to have a threesome or something.
  • But then he’d finally spit it out and it would be something he wanted you to bite him or scratch his back or he wanted to use a toy on you or try a different position.
  • And you’d just stare at him confused for a moment, because he just made this whole thing way more dramatic than it needed to be.
  • “Sure, but can I finish my homework first?”
  • And he’d be so surprised because they actually said yes?
  • Then for the whole afternoon he’d be overanalysing everything because nothing happened and oh God they hate me now.
  • But suddenly it’s like three hours later and you guys are in the bedroom making out and he’d finally calm down and it ended up being pretty good.

it’s good to have those moments of “I am a lesbian and I will always be a lesbian” and be content and firm in that conviction. 

it’s a victory, thinking about how much bullshit I had to extricate my thinking from first just to figure out the basic things I want, because of what womanhood is like. for years, because I had men shoved into the center of my perspective by prevailing narratives & images, I just assumed I wanted to be with them even while having extreme discomfort.

I went through the motions of acting out attraction to men (from the first time I literally remember thinking in 5th grade “I need to like a guy, let’s pick one”) that it became second nature and I was unable to realize when it lacked substance, or when I was forcing it. idk maybe I’ve been attracted incidentally to like? one guy? in my life where it felt real but that doesn’t matter to me and hasn’t been relevant to my experiences at all, and even if I am theoretically able to find 1 in 20000 men desirable via some Kinsey-whatever analysis, I still don’t at all want to enter into a relationship with one.  

even after starting to realize I was moreso attracted to women, I had to fight off doubt about being gay because the prevailing images of gayness presented were almost as alienating as the ones of straightness. even in lgbt spaces, the popular 2 dimensional aesthetic/tone/atmosphere of “soft delicate girly women softly delicately having soft relationships” felt fake, boring, etc so ofc I was like “if that’s what being with women is, I can barely picture it much less want it, so how could I be a lesbian? it took experiences with real 3 dimensional women to undo some of that disconnect and realize “yeah, my desire for women is real, tangible and not lacking something, being w/ women feels right” 

anyways I was washing dishes in the sink just now and it crossed my mind “I don’t want or need to be with a man for the rest of my life, I love to be with women and I’m gonna keep being a lesbian, isn’t that wild” and I was so sure of it in that split second and it just calmed me down about 10,000 other things. 

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I wonder how many raised eyebrows Batman gained from his allies when Robin showed up. Some of his fellow leaguers must have guessed he was somewhere in his early twenties, while Robin was 9 (cause Dick probably told them). Bruce likely didn't outright state the nature of their relationship, leaving room for interpretation. I'm sure some rumors have gone around that Batman was a teenage father.

Lmao I love this. I entertained myself for a while with the belief that Bruce was the youngest of the JLA and that while, everyone thought he was 40+ cause of how he acted he was just a babyfaced late 20s who had the attitude of a grumpt middle aged man. Idk why but that’s always been hilarious to me.

But yes, and even more amusing is all these robins and batgirls keep appearing, all grown up and ready to follow Batman’s footsteps. Obviously by the time Tim and Cass come along the JLA know who B is and that all these kiddos are adopted. But imagine Hal gets drunk and starts sobbing to himself one night because Batman has like 7 children, the oldest of which is 20, and when did he have time for this to have all these kids in between his training to become the night? He calls Barry up at 3am, still crying, asking what kind of woman would birth all these children for Batman. That’s too many kids, is she okay??? Barry, man, we gotta save her. Barry hangs up but he spends the rest of the night staring at his ceiling wondering himself how Batman has so many older kids.

Am I allowed to go into the murky waters of speculation and headcanon for Bendy and the Ink Machine or is it too soon? Too bad, I’m going in anyway. I been thinking about Bendy’s voice and how since he originally started out as a silent cartoon (more than likely), I kinda had this idea that he learned to speak over time by mimicking Joey and the other animators. So when I hear folks doing voice acting where he has that Brooklyn accent like the guy in the recording left in the studio, I’m like YES because that’s exactly what I picture. Bendy picked up the accent too. It would have taken time for him to learn that and we don’t know how long Bendy has been “alive” like, you see evidence he’s there in the studio with you causing stuff to happen throughout the first chapter, although some think he doesn’t show up until the end because you had to summon him, idk what’s right. I assume he and Boris have been around for a good while and Bendy is now all bent out of shape over being abandoned and whatever else.

Rebel love

AN: the reader and Cassian are out on a solo mission when something goes horribly wrong.
Pairings: Cassian X reader
Characters: Cassian Andor
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none
Prompt: “Do you think I could please request a cassian andor x reader where you two go on a mission together and it fails, he thinks you had screwed up the mission and it isn’t until they get back on base and he yells at you, does he realise you actually got the information and actually succeeded. Maybe it’s because he is used to doing missions by himself and idk? Whatever comes to your mind heh thanks love”


Cassian swore under his breath as the grainy image on the monitor shifted and you were finally in his line of sight. It was a simple mission: get in, sweet talk the information out of some crooks and get right back out again; perfect for the young rebel looking to prove themselves. He’d known you for a while now- liked you even-but he’d never really understood your need to be in the thick of things, and you had been known to be reckless.

When the mission was presented, it was made clear that it was a two man job, and that whoever took it wouldn’t be able to expect to be rescued should something go wrong. Retrieving the location of the Death Star plans was the priority, they must be located, no matter the cost. It was made clear that this was a success or death type of job. You’d leapt at the chance . Cassian himself had been unsure from the start. The planet they were on wasn’t known for the reliability of its people, and he didn’t want to risk this information on a newbie.

On the monitor, you tossed your hair and threw your head back, fake laughing at something the burly man in front of you had said. Something ugly formed in Cassian’s chest and, like a good boss, he swallowed it down. You were touching the other man’s chest now, leaning in like you were sharing something secret with him, and Cassian felt his beast hiss with displeasure. It was further aggravated as the man placed his hand on your waist and pulled you flush against him. Although there was no sound, Cassian saw you yelp with surprise, only to cover it with a nervous laugh.

“Come on Y/N,” he murmured, “get out of there.”

The man leant forward, brushing his lips against your neck as he pulled you closer and Cassian swore again, the beast in his chest roaring for him to storm in there and pull you out himself. He hoped that you’d finish the job quickly. The information was good, it would save a lot of lives, but it wasn’t worth this. He knew that he had no real right to be angry. By all accounts you were doing what needed to be done, but the creature in his chest disagreed. You were being reckless, it cried, and stupid, and you were endangering the mission.

So wrapped up in his own thoughts was Cassian that he almost missed the moment when the bartender pulled out his gun.

“Fuck!” He cried, gripping the monitor like he could jump into the screen and rescue you.

There was chaos. At the sight of a gun being pointed in their general direction, three other customers had pulled out their own weapons and had begun to fire. Glasses shattered, tables flipped and soon there was so much smoke obscuring the camera that Cassian could no longer see you. He swore again, fear beginning to make its way through his veins. The bar you had been at was only ten minutes from your current temp base, but ten minutes was a lifetime in a gunfight, and he wasn’t even sure that you were there anymore. To rescue you was his first instinct. The protective beast in his chest was itching to tear the men limb from limb.

Nevertheless he started loading his weapons, his heart pounding in his fragile ribcage. You were so young, too young to be in this fight. He should’ve been there with you, he should’ve protected you, he shouldn’t have let you come, he should’ve he should’ve he should've….

“Shoo, that got hairy fast.” He heard you call with a breathless laugh.

Cassian turned, his blood freezing in his veins. You were breathless from running and a fine sheen of sweat coated your forehead, but you were alive and, judging by your smile, found the whole situation rather amusing.

“Going somewhere, Andor?” You teased, casting a look at his half loaded gun, “You’re not planning on running out on me, are you?”

He didn’t know wether it was the stress of the mission, the relief of having you back, or the infuriating smirk on your face that did it. He couldn’t tell why his emotions turned so quickly, but suddenly he was furious.

“Do you think this is funny?” He asked, his voice dripping with anger, “Is this all some kind of joke to you? This is real life Y/N. People are counting on us, counting on you to take this seriously.” He slammed his gun down, the noise eerily loud in the cave, “You managed to, in the space of less than an hour; nearly blow our cover, very nearly get yourself and a room full of civilians killed, and ruin the only lead we had on where to find the Death Star plans. So laugh it up, because the second we get back to base I’m making sure that you are never sent on another intelligence mission.”

“Cassian-“ you started.

“No, no stop. Y/N you could’ve died do you get that? Because I don’t think you do. You could have died and I was expected to just sit here, staring at the computer screen like an idiot and just let it happen,” he continued, words pouring out of him like a fountain as he paced back and forth in front of you, “how could you have been so reckless? What would I have done if-if-“
His voice faded into nothingness as something resembling understanding settled in your eyes. Cassian found himself aching to touch you, to reach out a hand and brush it against your skin just to make sure that it was warm, to make sure that you really were alive. It had been so long since he’d last ached like this.

“Cass,” you tried again, more gently this time, “before everything went down I got the location. There’s a guy who should know more somewhere on Jakku,” you explained, stepping closer to your mentor, “we did it. We got the information we needed.”

Cassian exhaled, the knot of anxiety in his chest loosening, “We did?”

You nodded, smiling again and taking his hands in yours, “We did!” You squeezed his hands in yours.

You really were quite close now, Cassian realized as the fading light glinted off your eyes. The silence began to stretch as he traced the line of your nose with his gaze, burning you with his intensity. The relationship had never been normal, you’d never wanted anything more than Cassian was willing to give you, and he’d never wanted to risk losing you by tying you to someone like him. So mostly you just pined for each other and waited, living for the next moment like this one, where the lingering hope of something good would be loud enough that it drowned out the promise of something bad waiting just over the horizon.

Slowly, Cassian lowered his forehead until it rested against yours, sighing as he gripped your hands.

“I was so scared that I’d lost you Y/N,” he admitted in a whisper, “I don’t know what I would’ve done if-“

“Shh, it’s fine,” you answered, “I’m fine. Nothing is going to happen to me, I promise.”

He laughed ruefully, “You can’t promise that.”

“I suppose I can’t, but I can promise that I won’t try and find trouble.” You promised.

Cassian looked at you, assessing the sincerity of your words and then growled, surging forward and pressing his lips to yours. You gasped into the kiss, but responded in kind, winding your hands into Cassian’s shirt while his tangled in your hair. He tasted like oranges and gunpowder, with danger and devotion laced into every breath and, suddenly, you understood why people died for love, why they risked everything for the people they cared about.

The rebellion had to succeed, because you couldn’t live without kissing Cassian Andor again.

Just a little WIP

I have been working on this office build for a while now and today I decided I needed to get back to it, however when I came back to it I absolutely hated it and I ended up rebuilding the whole thing. I am really liking how it’s coming along, and even though it still needs a lot of work I am planning on releasing it sometime soon. It also includes a meeting room, the “boss’s office” and a reception. I wish to personalize every cubicle at least a tiny bit, so this will probably still take some time to be done, but oh well, just wanted to show you guys my little WIP.

Ok so hear me out. 

Imagine Jean and Eren going through that “no homo£ phase and getting super close and hugging and kissing till there’s really hot tension.

One day, they’ve had a makeout session and Jean’s jokingly said no homo afterwards but next thing you know, Eren’s breaking down, all this anger and hurt filling him. He’s confused and upset because he doesn’t know where their relationship really stands and he wonders if it’s all one sided.


Taiki is a Japanese model and Noah is a Korean model and these two are known to be dating for quite a while. 

now all seriousness aside

i’ve been following these two for quite a while

my japanese is pretty limited scratch that i can barely decipher the characters but my korean is somewhat basic so i have a close idea on what noah’s saying so hey hey hey

i have always had numerous of thoughts whenever i see taiki and noah together: 

“how did they meet” “how did they get together” “why are they so cute wtf” 

i had always have this assumption that maybe they met through friends because taiki had worked with korean models or maybe they met while they were working iDK but one thing for sure

they are hella cute together

i went to backtrack the timeline once again

taiki started posting about noah around september 2015:

[left: taiki | right: noah] and taiki’s caption was “With #koreanidol hahaha #seoul #korea #koreanboy #idol”

noah also started posting about taiki around september 2015

[left: taiki | right: noah] in fact, this post is one of noah’s earlier posts, his caption being: “With my lovely #japanesemodel”




(p/s: anyone wants to talk about how cute they are hit me up)

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wtf how come olicity can have those basically explicit sex scenes but not westallen? they're both on the same network and they both air at the same time of night. westallen has been together during 90% of this season in different verses and we still have not had a real steamy love scene. idk if racism or bullshit or what but i'm very annoyed that one ship gets treated differently than another and they're on the same network by the same producers. ugh!

This is because the flash is a family orientated tv show. You have to keep in mind that kids watch this show and The Flash is rated tv-pg while Arrow is tv-14.  I don’t live in America so I don’t know how the rating system works so I’m going to direct this question to @valeriemperez .

That being said, I can 100% guarantee you that racism is NOT the issue. It is just that both of these shows target different audiences :)

leonacastellanos  asked:

If Donna's sister, Valerie, had been gay-- How you think the other characters would had reacted? Who do you think would be lowkey homophobic and who do you think would actually be cool about it?

I think we know who would be homophobic. I don’t want to signal names because I don’t want to get into any arguments with anyone. So let’s just say that Donna, Midge and Tina would be right away okay with it. Bob may be in limbo for a while, like he heard what Valerie said but his brain can’t prosses it at first. He’ll come along eventually.

Kelso and Fez will think that’s cool because it’ll bring them some kind of pleasure, which will make Hyde and Donna constantly hit them if Valerie is not there to do it herself. She rejecting Kelso will be even more often and she may start insulting him at some point.

That said, I actually think the four boys would make ugly remarks about how hot is that. They are teens at the end of the day, also male and mostly written by straight people, mostly those who think women are just there to aesthetically (and in other ways) please man. They don’t know better, especially in the 70s. 

And don’t come to me saying Hyde wouldn’t when he constantly lusts after his best friend/girlfriend’s best friend. He would.

At the end of the day, the boy’s be ok with it.

Jackie will be ok, too. For some reason she doesn’t seem to care about that? I don’t remember any indication of not. But what she woul do is to say something stupid like, “that explains the bad clothing” or some shit like that. It’s not properly homophobic but it’s stupid and uncalled for.

i’ll reiterate some points since nobody apparently wants to read more than a single post before sending a salty message

  • I’ve been working with horses and in barns off and on since I was 12.
  • I’ve been volunteering at a rescue that takes in semi feral horses, severely neglected horses, abused horses, and actively aggressive horses for idk 4-5 years now?
  • When I adopted Zeke he had to be tranq’d to receive basic vet care and have his feet handled, he tried to kick and bite me repeatedly. He was a dangerous, angry horse and now he is chill and nice and lets me do whatever I want with him because surprise! I trained him!
  • My first clicker training case was with a mule that had never been touched and could not be haltered, caught, led, remotely handled.
  • I’ve been running this blog and analyzing and discussing training, body language, and horse behavior for years, while experimenting and learning in person with both my own horse(s) and strange horses from diverse backgrounds.
  • I am adopting a mustang from a holding pen, where it has probably lived for several years, and it was possibly born there. These horses are accustomed to fences, people, round bales, and while few of them have formal training, they’ve received periodic medical care. They willingly approach strangers in the pens and sniff their cameras.
  • The mustang I select will then be picked up by a TIP trainer (someone who is selected by the BLM specifically to gentle mustangs for adoption) who will spend up to 4 weeks teaching the horse to be reliably caught, haltered, pick up their feet, and get into a trailer.
  • The boarding facility I’m moving to already has a gentled mustang living there.
  • I’ve worked with two mustangs previously at the rescue.
  • Possibly most importantly of all - mustangs are literally just horses. They are horses that are born in the wild and don’t see a lot of human contact, sure, but that does not somehow rewire their brain to be Wild. There are a number of countries/cultures which let their horses roam in a semi feral state (Iceland, Mongolia), where the foals are born in that feral state, and the horses are periodically rounded up and handled and trained and ridden just like any horse born and raised with human contact.
  • Mustangs have been periodically sourced by everyone from cowboys to native americans to cavalrymen through the history of the US. because again. they are horses. they have been domesticated. the only truly ‘wild’ horses in existence are the endangered przewalski’s horse

idk how to make it any clearer. I have shittons of experience with horses (even actively aggressive ones), I spend all of my free time studying and practicing horse training, I get to choose a horse out of roughly 300 which means I get to select based on temperament, these horses have been in captivity for years, this horse will be trained by someone who specializes in gentling mustangs, I have handled mustangs, there is a mustang at my barn, feral horses return easily to a trainable state because surprise! they’ve been domesticated and bred to work with people for thousands of years, they are not some magically different Wild Crazy Animal. Anon(s?) you just are making zero valid points and should just shut up. you are ridiculous

you know…. i realized something on the way to work

this website is so concerned with “age gap” ships or even ships where one is technically still a minor while the other one isn’t (which is all well and good)…… but no one has ever brought that up about inukik

those two have canon ages (15 for inuyasha and 18 for kikyo) and had this been any other series, so many people would be so???? angry????? about that??? why aren’t they about this one ship in particular?

Friends to lovers!au: Doyoung


• sorry for my late post!!! I just got back to uni and its been an absolute hectic day

• but anyway at last doyoung’s here, the totally official mother of nct

• I may or may not have gotten inspiration from the confession on nct night night, aka the cutest fan of Jung jaehyun

• let’s go let’s gooo

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your first show.

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Request: Also if it’s not too much to ask could I have a nice smutty Brad one where he invites you to his hotel after a show and you guys have a bath and then after the fun really starts ;) hahah idk you can totally do what you want with the idea

requested by @landofharries

A/N: look at maddie she finally posted an imagine!!!!! lmfao sorry for being so inactive guys, but i worked really hard on this!

you and brad have been dating for a while but you haven’t exactly had sex yet and you wanted it and you knew he did too but you didn’t really know how to go about it because you wanted it to mean something to both of you. You also didn’t want it to be overplanned, you wanted a ‘in the moment’ type of thing with a lot of passion. Anyways you were going to one of his shows tonight and you were told to come early.

It was a half an hour before you had to leave, and it was mid summer so your outfit had to comply accordingly. You put on a pair of high waisted jean shorts and a crop top with your hair pulled back in a french braid.  you did some basic makeup and threw on a pair of converse before you left.

Brad was already at the venue for the soundcheck, so you took the car and drove from the hotel you and brad were staying at. You showed the security guards your lanyard and you continued through to see brad just leaving the stage after his soundcheck. he saw you and instantly walked up to you and held your waist and said “hi babe” and gave you a quick peck on the lips. “hi baby, you’re already sweating” you laughed brushing his already damp hair. “it’s hot on stage!” he said in defense. “i know it is, i was just making an observation relax” you said kissing him again.

“i’m really happy you came tonight” he said with the happiest smile on his face.

“alright, you two enough. brad you need to change and drink some water before the show, you have a half hour alright.” his manager joe said interrupting brad and yourself.

You told brad you’d see him after the show and left him so he could get ready with the rest of the boys. he gave you another kiss before you left to go into the crowd from the side in the first row, getting away with it only because most of the fans knew you from Brad’s twitter and instagram.

The show went really well they performed a mixture of songs from the first album and the second, leaving the multitude of screaming girls in a frenzy by the end of the night. You snuck out of the crowd and went backstage after they left and came back for their encore so you could avoid the craziness that came with post-show crowds.

You met Brad backstage, greeted with a big (sweaty) hug. “Jesus, Bradley you feel like someone threw you in a river” you laughed. “Sorry babe, my bad” he said kissing you on the forehead. You and Brad eventually left the venue, and drove to the hotel after he said bye to the boys and threw on a new shirt.

The two of you arrived at the hotel, and you just needed to take a bath because you felt disgusting. “Hey brad I’m about to take a bath, you wanna come with” you said standing in the bathroom doorway.  he looked at you shocked “serious?”, and you responded with a simple nod. He rushed at this opportunity, and gave you a kiss before starting the bath. Now it wasn’t like you’ve never seen eachother naked, because there have been heated makeout sessions and whatnot in the past just not sex. so you both got undressed and got into the very spacious bathtub and started talking until brad made the first move and started kissing you. as you and brad started getting more into it, you felt his erection on your stomach making you giggle a little. “sorry baby, we can stop and go to bed if you want” he said knowing how you felt about sex in the past and not wanting to pressure you. “no, no, i want to” you said pressing yourself against him causing him to smile into your mouth. “in that case let’s take this to the bed babygirl.” he said getting up and hauling you over his shoulder making you giggle.

“dont you worry about a thing babygirl, ive got you” he said kissing your neck. then ending up on the insides of your thighs, causing you to gasp a little. He was your first, you were a virgin so this was a big step for you personally. His mouth was kissing up your thighs only making you want him directly in between your legs. He could see the eagerness in your eyes causing him to smile. His mouth made its way to your clit giving you an overwhelming sensation causing you to grip onto the sheets. As he went on, You felt yourself coming really close to your orgasm and then he stopped. You had a shocked look on your face causing brad to laugh a little. “Relax baby, i want you to cum when im inside you” he said kissing your lips softly, calming you down. “You’re sure that you’re ready?” He said sweetly, only making sure this is what you wanted. “Absolutely” you said pulling him closer to you, if that was physically possible.

At first it was slightly uncomfortable, but after getting past that you felt the closest you’ve ever felt. The pleasure was uncontrollable, moans were escaping your mouth without a second thought. Before you knew it you were at your climax again, only this time you knew he wasnt stopping. His hand reached down to your clit just making you reach your orgasm faster. When he pulled out he laid right beside you, kissing your temple.

“I love you so much, baby girl”  he said into your ear.

“I love you too, bradley. But can i put some clothes on” you said with a laugh.

“Course you can”

You threw on a tshirt and a pair of underwear, while brad put his boxers on.

Once you were in bed you laid on his chest and said “ brad that was amazing”, making brad chuckle a little. 

“Yes, babe it was amazing. Now why dont you sleep i know you’re as tired as i am” he said putting a peice of hair out of your face.

“goodnight bradley”