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Can you do the 'it killed me to see you with him' maybe a Joseph/Carter fic if that's ok? Idk, sorry for bothering you 🙈

Anon 2: You had an Carter/Joe ask a while ago about them breaking up bc they mature adults and need time apart then they try to do a movie as a friend and end up getting kicked out bc they began to make out. Would you write a fic about that?

It’s not a bother at all!

I just, think maybe we should expand our options. Don’t get me wrong, I love you, but I don’t want to take away the rest of your options just because we’ve been together so long. I don’t want you to feel obligated because you’ve been with me since the beginning. Of course we can still be friends, and if you still want to be with me, I’ll be right here.

Ugh, sometimes Carter was so considerate it made him sick. What was he thinking, letting Joseph off into the big, wide world as a sort-of bachelor? Carter had had a perfectly good man and he’d let him go because he thought he was being selfish. (He was being selfish. That was why he had let Joseph go.) Now he was stuck going on a movie date with him as “just friends” when Carter was still completely in love with him. He let out a frustrated sigh. He was a mature adult. He could do this.

“This is fun,” Joseph commented, shuffling the tickets into his pocket. “Going to the movies. It’s been a while since we’ve done anything together.” Because you haven’t talked to me in a while. Carter bit his tongue, nodding with a smile on his face. Just because he hadn’t found anyone to be with him like Joseph had didn’t mean that Joseph was miserable as well. He was just going to have to suck it up and enjoy what little time he got to spend with his old boyfriend while it lasted.


“Carter,” Joseph whispered, leaning over the cushy arm rest. Carter hadn’t noticed his name called at first until Joseph repeated it again. He looked over at him questioningly, one eye brow raised. “I was really wrong about needing space. I thought Ashton would be a decent replacement for you, but I was so wrong. There’s no one that could ever come close to you.” After they had “broken up”, Joseph had started dating another guy named Ashton, and that was about all that Carter knew about the guy. Carter only felt his eyebrow raise higher at the statement. “I was an idiot for leaving the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Joseph reached out and touched Carter’s jaw gently, trapping Carter’s eyes. He felt like a deer in headlights, caught in Joseph’s unrelenting soft gaze. (Oh, how he missed those blue eyes.) “It killed me to see you with him,” Carter mumbled, closing the distance between them. He didn’t know why Joseph chose to confess in the middle of the movie, but better late than never. He was just happy his love wasn’t actually one sided and that Joseph would chose him, even when given other options.

He didn’t know how long they kisses. Seconds? Perhaps a minute, but they pulled away when Carter felt something peg the back of his head. He glanced back, surprised to find both of hi fathers sitting just two rows behind them.

“Down in front,” Nico hissed, throwing another piece of popcorn at Carter’s head.

“What the hell are you guys doing here?” Carter hissed, embarrassment flooding his cheeks.

“It’s a public movie theater,” Nico deadpanned. “And for your information, your father and I love this movie. Now quite getting tongue tied. They’ll be plenty of time for that after the movie.”

It’s storming

okay but Giotto grew up on the street right? i can just imagine him meeting somebody when he first made his family and he hasnt learned Etiquette yet. the other boss is like “fine we’ll duel” after there was a disagreement for a ceasefire. giotto thought they were both just gonna throwdown and beat the other’s face in not have an old west gun show down. he’s so confused when he’s told to step ten paces away and draw like “whats this rich bullshit come over here and fight me”


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because i didnt want to make a long post ^^;

this is actually sort of a ficlet i’ve had sitting for so long now, i decided to just bahhh put it out there.

i’m gonna put the script under the cut for those who use screen reader-things, and pretty much just to make it easier for some :3

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Those Stupid Hormones

Prompt: sounds like a weird request but would write rucas cuddling and like booty rubs and riley loving it when lucas does that idk

Anon, I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I hope you like it anyway.

AU. Riley and Lucas have been dating for a year.

Rating: T (because of booty rubs)

Work Count: 1,350

That afternoon started off innocently enough.  Riley invited Lucas over to watch ‘Cuddle Bunnies’ and well, cuddle, on the couch.  Her parents had gone to one of her brother’s soccer games and would be gone for the majority of the afternoon.  

She curled up against him as they began their binge watch.  He draped his arm across her shoulders while she rested her head against his chest. She draped her legs over his as they shared a blanket.

“This is nice,” she murmured halfway through the third episode.

“Mmhmm,” he answered as he lightly rubbed her forearm.

Riley closed her eyes as she felt the surge of electricity flow through her veins at the innocent contact his fingertips made to her skin.  She then felt the all too familiar pit in her stomach.  She loved Lucas.  She loved everything about him, but lately, she realized that she wanted more from him.  She wasn’t sure what that meant.  She wasn’t sure what she was ready for, but she also knew that if he hadn’t pulled back from their last few make out sessions, she wasn’t sure she would have had the strength to.  She knew that their hormones were getting more and more uncontrollable, but maybe that wasn’t a bad thing?  She was almost sixteen years old.  He was seventeen.  It was only natural to want to get closer to one another, wasn’t it?  

After another moment of allowing his touch to leave a trail of goose bumps along her arm, she lifted her head to look at him and was only mildly surprised to discover that his eyes were already locked on her.

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now that I think about it… Victor had to conceal a lot…


I imagine him hiding his fanboy feels everytime Yuri did something. BeCausE HE hAd a HUGe CrUSH on HIM






GD x You - When feelings takes over

Requested by: Anonymous

Warning: Smut

“could you write g-dragon x reader where reader is a bubbly and fun girl, she’s extremely unique, and they’ve been friends since childhood and they’ve both had crushes on eachother for a while, but neither of them know about the crushes? like gd is aware he has feelings for reader but she’s trying to deny her own feelings and then the rest is up to you, but maybe some sensual rough smut where feelings held in for so many years are finally released?? ♥ i LOVE all your work!!”

Sorry for have taken so long to write this request. It’s been for obvious reasons, with school and such. But, here it is. And I really hope you like it xx


- Admin B xo

Being childhood friends had created a strong bond between you and your best friend JiYong. You were inseparable, and you did everything together. Like any best friends would do.

However, lately, you had noticed how JiYong had been acting differently than usual. There was something about the way he was around you. For instance, he looked at you differently, sometimes even talked to you differently. And you couldn’t quite understand what it was. Sometimes you would catch yourself thinking there was something more than friendship between you. But you would quickly get rid of the thought. The thought of him that way, hadn’t crossed your mind until these past few weeks. Yet you didn’t want to think such about him. You didn’t want to catch other feelings for him than used to. Cause if you did, you wouldn’t know how to deal with them.

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The Next Ten Minutes

pairing: lin-manuel x reader

summary: lin and reader get engaged how cute such fluff. lots of tl5y references.

warnings: mmmmmmmmm idk alcohol mention and it’s so sweet you might get a toothache? 

word count: 1,355

a/n: AHHH I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I posted. I’ve been stressed and just hadn’t written in a while but had this half finished in my google docs for nearly a month and enough is ENOUGH. so happy Tuesday, here’s this!! my friend addie @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait has been going through some tough times lately and I wrote this for her because of her undying love for lin-manuel miranda and weddings. flashback in italics, you can listen to the song here.

Lin’s hand is clutched in yours as you walk, the leaves floating to the ground creating a red and gold blanket. You lean in closer to him, wrapping your arm through his as your dog pulls at the leash in Lin’s other hand.

“This is nice,” you murmur, leaning your head onto his shoulder.

“It is,” he agrees, turning to peck the top of your head.

It’s the first free day in months for Lin, and he’s promised to spend the entire day with you. You understood when you began dating about a year ago that Lin’s life was hectic - it came with the territory of being one of the most brilliant writers on Broadway. That didn’t make it much easier, especially once you realized the depth of your feelings for Lin. But he had always found ways to make it work, constantly making you a priority among his many other responsibilities.

The two of you had gone out for breakfast to your favorite diner, just down the street from the apartment you share. After waffles and coffee you had returned home to get your pup, and now you were strolling along in Central Park.

“That one’s John Lennon there,” Lin sings as you walk past the statue, bumping his hip against yours. It’s a reference to The Last Five Years, a musical you both love. Your first date had been to see a production of it at a small Off-Broadway theater.

“We should go meet the dinosaurs,” you chirp back.

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: Dean finds out you’re coming back into town. 

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Jess, OFC Lacie

Warnings: Angsty (kinda), drinking, breakups, sadness, Ash’s bad writing, lack of talent of any sort, cliffhangers?, IDK reader beware.

Word Count: 2.5k(ish)

A/N: Welp, this has been in my google docs since… Feb of last year. I’ve decided to post stories about whatever I want because I can. Also, this was unbeta, unedited for the most part, and I’m not sorry. lol. Be gentle, it’s been a while. I’m having difficultly with jumping tenses so just pretend that I’m a good writer and ignore all my mistakes.


Originally posted by sweetpea9873

He had to rip the tag off his new flannel and give his old boots a little spit shine, but it’d be worth it. Dean’s hand shook slightly as he buttoned up his shirt; nothing a quick glass of whiskey couldn’t cure.

A buzzing phone catches his attention, one last look in the mirror and he moved to answer.

“Hey man.”

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I just need a cuddle (Bellamy)

Originally posted by mytravelingcolours


Bellamy had been stressed for a while. He would always snap at everyone and he couldn’t sit still for more than five minutes.

You knew it was because he felt as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders, but there was nothing you could say to make things better because it was true: every single person in the camp was waiting on him to make a move and save everyone’s ass from the grounders, but he had no idea what to do and it was killing him slowly.

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Bakery Days

Simon x Reader #17 

Warnings: noooonnnneeee 

Requested: mmhmm by @sidewomanxix  

Notes: this is not a full imagine just btw, it’s a bit more of a mini one just because idk there wasn’t too much to write :) much love ~ K 


The air was brisk and nipping at your fingers that stuck out of the edge of your sweater sleeves. The seasons were changing and London was getting in the proper mood with lights and Christmas trees lining the streets. One hand was shoved in your pocket, the other holding onto Simon’s. It had been a while since the two of you had gone on a proper day out and so he made you both go out today. You had just finished up a movie and a lunch, just enjoying each other’s company with the cold London streets. You were strolling around casually doing your window shopping, talking about the season to come.

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Characters: Bernie Wolfe, Serena Campbell
Ships: Berena haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~
WC: 564
Rated: G

“I’ve made a discovery.”  Bernie shut the office door behind her and leaned against it, crossing her arms and looking very grave.

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John Laurens x Alexander Hamilton
Words: 706

sometimes i really like myself because i write things and forget to post them. go me. honestly i’m one of the laziest people ever and i’m lowkey glad i didn’t have to write anything new oopssss.

but moving on, i’ve been writing a lot of lams lately. mainly because my friend keeps making me soft. i’m considering writing a lams fic buuuuuut idk. would you guys read it?

i think that’s all i had to say. my hand hurts so i’m going to finish up here. requests are open as usual amazing people!

btw if you guys want me to stop writing lams then tell me honestly if this is annoying then let me know

that is all xx



Alexander Hamilton had been writing letters to his dear friend, John Laurens, since the end of the war. The letters went back and forth for weeks on end, and for a while Alexander believed that he was in love. His heart would beat at a rapid pace whenever Eliza informed him a letter had arrived. He felt it speed up as he read John’s cursive hand writing, his fingers tracing over the words his best friend had crafted.

It was always something new, something that would make Alexander’s heart flip itself over a million times. His stories, especially the ones about his battles always electrified him. He missed it. But most all he missed being by John’s side. The letters weren’t always enough to express his sentiments towards the man.

Alexander had tried his hardest to keep his love for John inside, but every time his quill hit the paper, the words spilled out. His heart knew that John was the love of his life, but his brain knew that Elizabeth Schuyler, his wife, would be heartbroken if he were to leave her. He couldn’t bring that upon her.

So Alexander continued to hide his feelings in the multiple discarded letters, until one day he made a mistake. The letter he had mean to throw away had ended up in an envelope and on its way to South Carolina, where it would later be held in the soft hands of John Laurens.

Alexander had never panicked about the words that spilled from his heart before, but this was different. A part of him had thought letting the secret slip was the perfect way to begin his letter. The secret of his passion, the way he wanted to hold the curly haired man and how he wanted to push their lips together.

It was a while before Alexander heard back from John after that.

Alexander had been waiting for weeks for a response. Inside, he was heartbroken. He knew that John had become noticeably busier, but he had never been too busy to respond to one of Alexander’s letters.

Late one night, Alexander sat in his office, anxiously finishing his work. His health had slowly declined as he worried more and more about the possibility of John Laurens’ hatred for him. He had known it would be a long shot, but he didn’t expect John to ignore him like this. Had he lost his best friend?

A soft knock at the door interrupted Alexander’s thoughts. Eliza opened the door slowly, giving Alexander a small smile. “Alexander, there’s a letter for you from South Carolina.”

He took a deep breath, trying to hide his excitement. A strike of venom overtook his heart as he thought about John’s lack of replies. He shook his head, shrugging. “It’s from John Laurens… I’ll read it later,” he stated, turning back to his work.

Eliza bit her lip slightly, frowning as she read over the envelope. “No, it’s not,” She responded quietly.

Alexander’s breath hitched. He turned from his work, looking up at Eliza. “Will you read it?” He asked, staring at the letter.

He adjusted his glasses, frowning when he saw the name of John’s father, Henry Laurens, printed clearly on the envelope. He had heard John’s thoughts on his father over and over. He could recite John’s opinions off by heart if he were given the chance.

Eliza took Alexander’s letter opener from his desk, slicing the envelope open and taking a seat next to him. “On Tuesday the 27th, Lieutenant Colonel John Laurens was killed in a gun fight against British troops in South Carolina…”

Alexander froze. The fluttery feeling in his stomach that he usually received from John’s letters had been replaced with a cold, dark emptiness. Tears began to slowly drip from his eyes as Eliza continued to read. He tried to listen, he tried to concentrate, but as his heart slowly broke, all he could think of was John Laurens beautiful eyes watching over him.

Eliza placed a gentle hand on Alexander’s shoulder, tracing circles with her thumb. “Alexander, are you alright?” She asked quietly.

Alexander tensed. He turned his chair, picking up his quill and wiping his eyes. “I-I have so much work to do.”

Bitter Sweet [Jaehee Kang/Reader]

Title: Bitter Sweet
Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Jaehee Kang/Reader [you]
Summary: It’s been two years since you adjusted to living with and working with Jaehee. One day, she sits you down and makes a confession.

A/n: Long time no see. Should be working on school but aaaaaaaay. This is for Jaehee because idk how many fics with her there are. Be supportive. Show Jaehee fics love. Show Jaehee love. She’s as integral a part of the game as any of the male bachelors. SUPPOOOOORT.

Yo! Check out my MYSME MASTERPOST for all my other MYSME fics. 






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i’ll reiterate some points since nobody apparently wants to read more than a single post before sending a salty message

  • I’ve been working with horses and in barns off and on since I was 12.
  • I’ve been volunteering at a rescue that takes in semi feral horses, severely neglected horses, abused horses, and actively aggressive horses for idk 4-5 years now?
  • When I adopted Zeke he had to be tranq’d to receive basic vet care and have his feet handled, he tried to kick and bite me repeatedly. He was a dangerous, angry horse and now he is chill and nice and lets me do whatever I want with him because surprise! I trained him!
  • My first clicker training case was with a mule that had never been touched and could not be haltered, caught, led, remotely handled.
  • I’ve been running this blog and analyzing and discussing training, body language, and horse behavior for years, while experimenting and learning in person with both my own horse(s) and strange horses from diverse backgrounds.
  • I am adopting a mustang from a holding pen, where it has probably lived for several years, and it was possibly born there. These horses are accustomed to fences, people, round bales, and while few of them have formal training, they’ve received periodic medical care. They willingly approach strangers in the pens and sniff their cameras.
  • The mustang I select will then be picked up by a TIP trainer (someone who is selected by the BLM specifically to gentle mustangs for adoption) who will spend up to 4 weeks teaching the horse to be reliably caught, haltered, pick up their feet, and get into a trailer.
  • The boarding facility I’m moving to already has a gentled mustang living there.
  • I’ve worked with two mustangs previously at the rescue.
  • Possibly most importantly of all - mustangs are literally just horses. They are horses that are born in the wild and don’t see a lot of human contact, sure, but that does not somehow rewire their brain to be Wild. There are a number of countries/cultures which let their horses roam in a semi feral state (Iceland, Mongolia), where the foals are born in that feral state, and the horses are periodically rounded up and handled and trained and ridden just like any horse born and raised with human contact.
  • Mustangs have been periodically sourced by everyone from cowboys to native americans to cavalrymen through the history of the US. because again. they are horses. they have been domesticated. the only truly ‘wild’ horses in existence are the endangered przewalski’s horse

idk how to make it any clearer. I have shittons of experience with horses (even actively aggressive ones), I spend all of my free time studying and practicing horse training, I get to choose a horse out of roughly 300 which means I get to select based on temperament, these horses have been in captivity for years, this horse will be trained by someone who specializes in gentling mustangs, I have handled mustangs, there is a mustang at my barn, feral horses return easily to a trainable state because surprise! they’ve been domesticated and bred to work with people for thousands of years, they are not some magically different Wild Crazy Animal. Anon(s?) you just are making zero valid points and should just shut up. you are ridiculous

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idk if it u or svtstories thats already done this but seungcheols thighs are killing me so maybe a college au with thigh riding heje

It was probably svt-stories! His thighs kill everyone, including me, and well… I hope you enjoy this, because I’m barely alive lmao 😫 I’m endlessly thankful for this request tho! ❤︎

“So, are you coming tonight?”

You lifted your face from your boyfriend’s chest and looked up to his expectant, smiling eyes, blinking a couple of times in confusion.

“What’s tonight?” you asked while slowly pulling away from the hug you had been engulfed in some time earlier and finding one of his hands to hold. Before giving you an answer, Seungcheol intertwined your fingers while you started walking to the lecture you had together.

“We’re hosting a party,” he said, trying to tone down his excitement, at which you laughed a little. You thought about it for a while, and since you couldn’t find a reason to say no, you nodded.

“Just tell me where and when,” you grinned, holding Seungcheol’s hand a bit tighter for a moment. He gave you a quick peck on your cheek just as you reached the door to the auditorium your lecture was held in.

“9 at our place, send me a message when you’re on your way and I’ll meet you on your way,” he said before squeezing your hand and walking off to take his usual seat next to a couple of his friends, leaving you with a small smile as you found your way to your friend, too.

The lectures, every single one of them, felt like they went by awfully slowly. Not much happened, and in all honesty your mind was a lot more focused on the upcoming party than what was being taught - much to your luck, you were pretty much on track with all courses, so a day of daydreaming wasn’t all that bad.

Or, well, if you were being completely honest, your mind wasn’t as much on the party, but on Seungcheol. During the day, you found yourself absentmindedly biting lightly down on your pencil with your front teeth while you thought about how long it had been since you had had sex because of how busy you had both been, and how you desperately needed some. With a boyfriend like Seungcheol, it was hard not to, really.

He was cute and an absolute sweetheart and you loved him for at least a million reasons, including his bright smile and caring personality, but it was impossible to ignore the fact that his body was more than you could have ever asked for; his shoulders were broad, much like his chest, he was overall rather toned, muscular enough to have your mouth water but not too unpleasantly so, and his thighs

That was usually when you realized where you were and what you were doing, the dents on your pencil rather deep and your thighs pressing together tightly, the person next to you giving you an odd look while the professor continued teaching. Swallowing, you shook your head and began copying the notes from the blackboard that you had been missing on, although your thoughts were running wild again already; you weren’t sure if you even wanted to know how wet you were.

Yes, his thighs. If you had to point out a single thing about his body that turned you on, it would’ve been those. They were muscular but had a pleasant sense of softness to them, not to speak of how good they looked - to you, anyway. Seungcheol had caught on to your liking early on, easily noticing how your eyes would always linger on that particular part of his body,and while he often made light fun out of it, it made him happy to know that something he might not necessarily have been too happy with earlier, was so good-looking to someone else.

Shaking your head, you first moved your thoughts to Seungcheol’s smile and those cute little dimples of his, and when your mind was cleared of most of the earlier dirty content, you finally moved it to the subject at hand, your notes messier than ever, but at least they were done.

When the last lecture was finally done at 4pm, you sighed out of relief and swung your bag over your shoulder as you left the auditorium. You walked to your room in the dormitory as fast as you could while mentally trying to figure out how long of a nap you could have in order to still have enough time to make sure you looked presentable for the night.

At 8.45, you took one last look in the mirror after getting a thumbs-up from your roommate. The tight black dress that came barely to your mid-thigh was one you kept specifically for the sake of parties, or more specifically, parties you knew Seungcheol would be at, too. He had never said it out loud, but you could see the way he was affected by you wearing that specific dress, and at those times it felt like you ran the world. In his eyes you ran it at all times, but you loved the feeling of knowing that he was putty in your hands - he usually was, but with you wearing that dress, he was even more so.

Grabbing your phone, you sent Seungcheol a simple message of “I’m leaving now” before bidding goodbye to your roommate, telling her not to stay up waiting. With your small bag carrying some essentials, you left, your jacket keeping you safe from the rather cold wind.

You were far less than halfway to the house Seungcheol and some of his friends lived in when you saw him jogging to you, his black bomber jacket open and revealing the black jumper he was wearing with his jeans. You couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him panting a little when he reached you, and you quickly linked your arms.

“Did you jog all the way?” you asked in amusement, your face turned to him. He smiled with a nod, leaning down to kiss you sweetly on the lips, his breath already having the faint scent of alcohol.

“I didn’t want you to be alone for too long,” he said as you started walking to his place, him asking if you were cold and you innocently inquiring whether his bedroom was free or not.

“We’ve still got the locked doors rule during parties, so it should. Unless Mingyu has dragged someone there with him, that is,” Seungcheol told you with a snicker, appearing completely oblivious to why you were asking.  You could barely hold back your grin, already bubbling with excitement to fulfill the needs you had only been able to satisfy with your own fingers or a vibrator for the past three weeks.

After you had reached the house, you and Seungcheol put your jackets away and got yourselves drinks, spending a while downstairs with all the people, music playing loudly and a couple of his friends playing beer pong on the porch with more people gathered around them. Seungcheol could hardly tear his eyes off you, which made you smile. Not that it didn’t go both ways, of course, with Seungcheol wearing tight jeans and his hair slightly styled.

As you relaxed little by little, you got your arms on Seungcheol’s shoulders, one of your hands holding your cup and the other playing with his hair while you looked into his eyes playfully. He gave you a grin as he leaned down to kiss you deeply, his free hand pulling you closer by your waist as he began moving against you slowly in the beat of the music.

You nibbled on his lower lip and broke the kiss, gasping at the way Seungcheol was practically grinding on you and tugging lightly at his hair. His grin grew into a smirk. “Wanna move upstairs?”

Biting down on your lower lip in anticipation, you nodded fast and followed him upstairs, all the way to his bedroom, and could barely hold yourself back when he locked the door, his jeans hugging his legs tightly. You had both left your drinks downstairs and when Seungcheol walked to you, he breathed deeply as he grabbed your ass, pulling you closer and leaning down to kiss you again, hungry to continue where you had left off earlier, this time without disturbances.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and replied to his kiss with just as much hunger, your tongue playing with his and your quiet moans being muffled with his mouth when you could feel his bulge growing, pressing into your lower abdomen.

“I’ve been waiting for so long,” you gasped against Seungcheol’s lips, pulling him closer before unwrapping your arms and sliding your hands down to his hips. He groaned against your lips and let his hands move lower on your thighs and then back up, bringing the hem of your dress along with them.

“So have I, and then you come here wearing this…” he said with a small whine, barely able to control his own voice anymore with just enough alcohol in his blood. You giggled at that, giving him a playful nibble on his lower lip.

“I knew you’d like it,” you whispered, your gaze playful as you looked into his dark brown eyes, which soon crinkled when he grinned.

“Playing with weaknesses, huh?” he asked and slowly massaged your ass after he had managed to bring most of your hem a bit above your hips. You nodded with a content sigh. “Good thing I know a few of yours, too.”

You blinked a few times, then moaned when Seungcheol moved one of his thighs between your legs, parting them enough for it to fit. You were just glad that the music downstairs was loud, as it made it possible for the two of you to be… well, borderline loud. He bit his lip at your reaction and moved his thigh against your clothed heat, his hard-on only growing when he felt you pressing down against his leg.

“I have an idea,” he began with a low voice, leaning towards your ear. You could hear him swallow, and while waiting for him to continue, moved your hands up his torso underneath his shirt. “Before I fuck you into oblivion…” You whined at his words, his breath tickling your ear as he licked his lips. “…Would you like to ride my thigh?”

Pulling back, Seungcheol smiled as you nodded frantically, your fingertips digging into the flesh of his back. “God, I’d love to.”

With the wide smile still on his lips, Seungcheol leaned to kiss you sweetly, contrasting with the way he was playing with the waistband of your thong. “I thought you would.”

After that, you began fumbling with his belt and he unzipped your dress, dragging it down you until you could step out of it, leaving you in your underwear while you helped him out of his jeans and underwear, your mouth watering a little at the sight of his half-hard member and toned thighs. Seungcheol grinned at that and pulled his shirt over his head before cupping your cheeks and kissing you again, one of his hands quickly moving down to your chest to squeeze one of your breasts through your strapless bra and making you whine against his lips.

Unwilling to lose to him, you brought one of your hands to his navel, slowly moving your fingertips down the trail of black hair to his length, stroking him slowly and making him breathe more heavily, his hips bucking a little into your hand.  

You moved to his bed, Seungcheol with his back against the wall and you standing on your knees in front of him, your hands placed on his shoulders and your eyes half-lidded. He played with the waistband of your thong and gave you a small grin. “Off or not?”

Without answering, you stood up and got rid of the small black piece of clothing, too. Seungcheol held back his groan at the sight and tugged at his length a little while waiting for you to return. With only your bra on now, you returned to your position on the bed, Seungcheol’s right thigh between your knees as you rubbed his neck lightly with your thumbs, your hooded eyes looking down into his lust-filled ones. The music downstairs never ceased, but just as you were going to move on, you could hear loud footsteps on the other side of the door, then someone trying to open the door and lastly Mingyu grumbling “Shit, it’s locked.”

Only when you were sure they had went to the next bedroom along the hall, you let out a deep breath and licked your lips, shivering when Seungcheol ran one of his hands up the inside of your thigh agonizingly slowly, and you held back a gasp when his fingers finally reached your wetness.

“So ready for me already,” he chuckled quietly, leaning his face closer to you so that he could press a sloppy kiss by your ribcage. You ran your fingers through his hair and snorted, knowing full well that he was hard and heavy between his legs, too.

“You look more than ready, too,” you retorted, a moan slipping through your lips when Seungcheol ran his forefinger over your clit. He grinned and pulled your bra down enough to pepper your breasts with kisses, wet and open-mouthed, the tip of his tongue teasing your hard nipples while you slowly ground against his fingers that were still pressing against you.

Letting your nipple fall from between his lips, Seungcheol looked up at you, swallowing hard at your desperate expression as your hips continued moving. “My thigh is all yours, baby.”

You let out a small whine while nodding, and with Seungcheol moving his fingers away, slick with your anticipation that he quickly licked off, you finally gave yourself the pleasure of lowering yourself on his thigh, thick and muscular, and ground against it slowly with your lower lip between your teeth.

Seungcheol grinned, knowing how much you had been waiting for that exact moment, and ran his hand over your ass, his grin only growing wider when he felt you push harder against him and could notice you holding back your moans. Bringing his lips to your right breast again, he sucked on the sensitive skin lightly. “Don’t hold back.”

You forced one of your eyes open and gave him a nod, angling your hips so that your swollen clit would get more friction - and oh, it did. Little by little, you let yourself relax more as you succumbed to the pleasure, and Seungcheol got exactly what he wanted: you moaning almost freely as you rode his thigh, shaking slightly with how turned on you were and how many nights you had spent dreaming about that very moment.

“You look beautiful,” Seungcheol whispered, his voice a bit hoarse and his left hand pumping his cock lazily while his other hand rested on your ass, his fingers occasionally dipping into your skin or smoothing over your backside. You merely grinned at that, taking a quick look at how he had started to leak pre-cum, his chest almost as flushed at his neck and cheeks were.

“You don’t look half bad, either,” you breathed out, increasing your pace a little as your need for climax only grew stronger with the way Seungcheol’s thigh was pressing against your clit and folds. You bent forward a little, your forehead resting on Seungcheol’s shoulder, one of your hands holding his other thigh and the other holding his arm in search of some purchase when you began rolling your hips a little, moaning in satisfaction at the friction it provided your clit. You changed your movements so that you moved back and forth in longer, slower movements, maximizing the time spent on it as you teased yourself.

Seungcheol swallowed hard at it all, knowing how frustrated you were getting, your wet pussy making his skin damp as you moved back and forth on him and your lips letting out one beautiful moan after another, the pitch rising a little every now and then. A devilish smirk played on his lips for a mere millisecond before you could start feeling his leg moving underneath you.

Seungcheol watched intently how you reacted when he flexed the muscles in his thigh one time after another, and from the way your body was jolting and you were starting to whimper, pressing hard against him, he could easily see that the action was doing its job.

“It feels so good,” you whined near his shoulder, your thighs clenching around his. You were so pleased yet so dissatisfied; so close yet so far from your orgasm. It felt like it was continuously only building inside of you yet not going anywhere, and you both loved and hated it. Seungcheol slid his palm over the head of his length and hissed, leaning his head against the wall behind him, his hand on your ass slowly moving to rest on your thigh instead.

“But it’s missing something, right?” he asked, voice low and raspy, and you nodded, your hips moving against his thigh faster and harder, your moans a lot more like whines now. “I’ll fix that.”

You had barely been able to straighten your back when Seungcheol began bouncing his leg underneath you slightly, making you feel better than you had even thought possible as the skin rubbed against your swollen clit and folds in vibrating movements. Your nails dug into his shoulders as you tried to hold back your mewls, desperately pushing against his leg while it moved against you. “Shit, Cheol…”

“You’ve been waiting for this for a long time, haven’t you?” he asked in a grunt, stroking himself slowly in order to keep himself from coming for another ten minutes while focusing his hearing on your noises and blocking the music. You gave him a nod and he grinned, the thumb of the hand on your thigh moving to tease your clit as it slid against his thigh, snug between yours and still vibrating a little against your heat. “Waiting to ride my thigh just like this…“

“I sure as hell have, but…” You stopped moving for a while, placing one of your hands on Seungcheol’s cheek and looking down at his eyes, your own ones holding a look that was a mix of intensity and teasing. Slowly, you brought your other hand to his cock, moving his hand away before giving him a firm stroke while wetting your lips with your tongue. “…haven’t you been waiting for this, too?”

“Yes, baby,” he grunted, eyes falling shut and his lips parting. You smirked and leaned down to kiss him, somehow managing to multi-task between riding his thigh and stroking him in an uneven rhythm that only got worse when Seungcheol continued adding the pressure on your clit with his thumb.

You kissed him deeply when your whines got more frequent, your hips bucking both against his hand and thigh that was still moving underneath you. Seungcheol responded to the kiss hungrily, his tongue easily finding its way into your mouth to play with yours, and after he had swept the hand he had been stroking himself with against his thigh to clean it up a little, he brought it to your chest and moved your bra out of the way, taking one of your breasts into his hand, where it fit perfectly, your nipple between his fingers.

“Seungcheol,” you moaned against his lips, stroking him faster and sliding your thumb over the head of his cock more often with your impending orgasm starting to wash over you. “I’m–”

He gave you an encouraging groan and bucked his hips up a little while frantically whispering to you to just let it go, which you did. His thumb was erratic on your clit as you rode his thigh while your orgasm hit you, your release making his skin glisten even more than before, shaky huffs of breath hitting his skin while he swallowed your whimpers and felt you jolt on his lap with how sensitive you were.

With your hips finally stuttering, you stroked Seungcheol to his orgasm, his hand on your breast tightening its hold and his breathing getting even heavier, his grunts filling the air. He was close - the knowledge of you having just come on his thigh did little to control the pooling heat at the pit of his stomach. You smirked against his lips and moved to his ear. “Come for me, Seungcheol.”

Seungcheol moaned at your words, and not much later was he coming all over your hand as you continued stroking him, milking him dry while pressing small kisses by his ear and whispering him encouraging, loving words. He shivered with the intensity of it all and swallowed hard, still catching his breath, both of his hands now resting on your hips weakly. You pulled back and smiled down at him, caressing his cheek with your clean hand.

“I loved it,” you said before leaning down to kiss Seungcheol softly on the lips, getting an equally sweet reply from him as his lips stretched into a smile.

“A handjob has never felt that good,” he muttered weakly and slowly brought one of his hands to your back to stroke it. You giggled, leaning your forehead against his, still remaining on your seat on his thigh. A sigh left your lips.

“I don’t want to move,” you said with a small whine, and got a short laugh from Seungcheol.

“Of course you don’t,” he cooed, pecking your lips in amusement, his breath still having a smell of alcohol to it. “Do you remember when you were drunk last time and said that my thigh was your favorite seat? Because I sure do.”

You blushed at that - you could recall saying that painfully clearly and it wasn’t the most embarrassing thing you had ever said, but… Still. Your only comfort was that it hadn’t been anything worse

“I’m tired,” you said instead of replying, bringing the topic elsewhere. Seungcheol yawned and looked at the time, chuckling at how early it still was, at least considering there was a party going on.

“I can guess the answer, but do you want to go back downstairs or would you rather hit the sack?”

You gave him the most pleading pout you could muster. “Sleep?”

The smile that formed on his lips was his sweetest one, the one that always made your heart beat a bit faster and warmth spread throughout your body. “Sounds like a plan.”

After you had gone to the bathroom with one of Seungcheol’s long t-shirts hanging on you to wash your face and brush your teeth after him, you returned to the room he shared with Mingyu. He had opened his bed and had cleaned himself up with some tissues, and on top of everything he had made sure your dress was somewhat neatly on his chair, your thong on top of it. You chuckled, watching him then sit down on his bed, clad in his boxers and ruffling his hair with his tired eyes closed.

You turned off the lights and Seungcheol lay down, holding the duvet up for you until you were lying down with him, cuddling close to him as soon as you were down. He smiled and hugged you close, kissing your forehead gently.

“I love you,” he mumbled, and you nodded, a smile playing on your lips as you hugged him back.

“I love you, too,” you replied before yawning and leaning against him for more comfort. After a bit of silence, you huffed. “I’m just wondering… what happened to fucking me into oblivion?”

Seungcheol snorted and kissed your nose. “Next time, yeah?” You smiled happily and let out a mumbled “Yeah.”

Right when you were both almost asleep, your eyes shot wide open by a sudden high-pitched moan from the other side of the wall Seungcheol’s bed was against. He cleared his throat.

“Let’s ignore them,” he said quicky, and while shaking with silent laughter, you nodded again.

It took some more time for the party to die down, but you and Seungcheol were tired enough to not let the noises bother you, and much to your luck Mingyu remained rather quiet afterwards, too.

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Asdgj i love your writing im so glad reqs are open aaa. Ok ok um - can i req the passione gang (or just gio, bruno and fugo) seeing their crush in maid costume (mission/infiltration idk) and when they end reuniting with the group theyre embarassed and as they try to escape they slam onto them boi - and are like "pls hide me" - i mean whatever u write ill love so

MY AESTHETIC TBH. I’ll only do the three you requested so that the headcanons can be long because I’m a lazy person!

  • While Giorno knew everyone in the group had their own roles to fill during this infiltration mission, the set up for this mission had been so rushed that he didn’t get the chance to ask Bruno what everyone was going to be.

  • So imagine his surprise (and redden cheeks) when weeks later he sees you approach him in your disguise. You were dressed in a beautiful french maid uniform, of which had been sewn to accentuate the most appealing parts of your body. The matching black stockings and collar themed choker certainly didn’t help his ever growing blush.

  • This poor, normally composed Don would have his tongue completely caught in his throat. He’d try and say your name, but all he can manage is a stutter of the first syllable. While it was clear that you had been nervous too over the outfit, seeing him so out of character had managed to get a small laugh out of you, which had completely broke him.

  • Giorno would have to take a deep breath before trying to talk again, but he wouldn’t even get the chance. Just as he was about to speak, the two of you turned toward the sound of glass shattering, followed by a very loud Narancia yelling everyone to scatter. Needless to say, that meant that it was time to run.

  • With everything a complete mess, especially after the sound of bullets reverberating in the ballroom, Giorno would immediately grab you and pull you close to him. Depending on the situation, he might even have to pick you up bridal style and carry you out of the area.

  • After it’s all over, and everyone in the group has managed to escape from the nearly ruined mission, you and Giorno would be left alone together. While Giorno (very obviously) enjoyed the sight of you in your uniform, he’d quickly remove his coat and wrap you in it.

  • “I’m sure it must have been hard for you, having to wear that everyday…” his hand lightly brushed the collar on your neck “…Especially this.” As quickly as he could, the collar on your neck would be turn into vines, weaved together with a single Forget-me-not.


  • Naturally, since he’s the one who would be planning the entire mission, Bruno knew exactly what you’d have to do. Even as he wished other wise, Bruno would approach you and instruct you to become a maid for the target, as he needed someone on the inside to give him information He told you it’d be easy, since the target didn’t really choose his maids based on their cleaning abilities. Of course, he’d never do this if he didn’t know 100% that you’d be safe.

  • But the day would eventually come when it was finally time for the rest of the group to find their way inside of the mansion. When it happens, Bruno’s first instinct is to find you and check on assignment’s status, but the sight before him will leave him completely speechless.

  • You had looked absolutely beautiful in your maid uniform. Dressed from head to toe in shinning black silk, your outfit left very little to the imagination with how perfectly it fit your body. Still, even with your figure being shown off well, the bright whites of your chest and bottom of your skirt were made purposefully made to attract the eyes to what be considered by most ‘the best parts’.

  • And attract his eyes they did before he recomposed himself as quickly as possible. Bruno would never be able to forgive himself if he had blown the mission purely over how beautiful you looked. Still wasn’t easy though.

  • With his composure returned, Bruno was just about to ask you about the details he needed before he noticed the target entering the room. Not risking being caught, Bruno immediately grabbed onto your hand and had you both move to the hallway, where he hurriedly asked you where the nearest place to hide would be.

  • Unfortunately (or not so unfortunately) for you both, the nearest hiding place was a very tight broom closet, forcing the two of you to press as tightly together as possible. While Bruno had wanted to take this chance to ask you about mission, he’d find himself distracted once again, specifically over the feeling of your hands on his chest and your breath on his neck.

  • Please. Help him. He can only take so much.


  • Fugo, like Giorno, would have no clue what your role was, as he was quickly forced into his own. As Bruno instructed, Fugo was to enter the mansion as a new butler, since the target liked to partner up what they considered their play dolls. As to what that meant, he was about to find out.

  • Already feeling the rage boil up inside him, even mantras of ‘do it for the mission’ were doing little to placate when it came to the target’s attitude. His only wish was to punch the living daylights out of the target and finish this mission earlier than planned.

  • That all ceased to be a problem the moment his eyes landed on you.

  • Your uniform looked beautiful, if not a little inappropriate. While seemingly modest in the way it covered most of your chest, a small sliver of cleavage would make itself show. But that modesty was none existent towards the skirt. It had been barely long enough to pass what needed to be covered, and the stockings were short enough to leave a section of skin exposed.

  • The target immediately began to laugh at Fugo’s expense, as the blush that covered Fugo’s cheeks could easily be seen from a mile away. While this had concerned you, given Fugo’s anger issues, he was far too captivated by you to even notice.

  • From that point on, you and Fugo had been paired up for entertainment purposes. After all, the fated romance of two ‘strangers’, brought together by the target was just what the target had always wanted. Because of this, the two of you were forced into some awkward situations, such as being forced to not only share the same room but also the same bed.

  • Even so, Fugo would be very gentlemanly to you and offer to do things like sleep on the floor or not be under the same blanket as you so you can sleep peacefully. After all, he knew better than anyone at this point that good rest is going to be the only thing to keep the two of you sane with all of the target’s antics.

  • In the end, after Narancia’s abrupt glass shattering and screaming, Fugo would immediately run to your side and carry you out of the ballroom. He was going to just carry you out of the ballroom, but he refused to pass up the chance to give the target a quick blow to the stomach before Mista takes the final shot.
Emma (John Laurens x Reader)


So this is my first time uploading onto Tumblr so adventure, am I right! Haha sorry. Anyway, it was just a little something I wrote that was originally supposed to be TJeff but became this. Probably because I love Laurens, idk. Anyway, enjoy and if you want to send a request, feel free.

Ship: John Lauren x Reader

Warnings: None except fluff I guess

It had been a peaceful day. Your boyfriend John was a work and your daughter Emma had spent most of the day in preschool. Even now, Emma was playing in her room quietly with her stuffed animals while you finished cleaning the kitchen.

“Mommy, mommy, mommy!”

Maybe she wasn’t being so quiet. You put down the towel you had been using to dry the dishes and kneeled down to her eye level. “What’s up, buttercup?”

Emma giggled at the phrase, a smile taking home on her freckled face. “When will daddy be home?”

You glanced at the clock that hung next to the fridge and couldn’t help but smile yourself. “About 30 minutes. Why?”

“Can I draw daddy a picture?” The 4 year old asked sweetly, as though you could possibly say no to such an innocent request.

“Of course!” You ruffled her (H/C) hair. “Come on, I’ll get you paper and some colour pencils.”

Emma cheered, running back to her room with you following, first stopping in your office to pick up supplies. You set them down on Emma’s desk. “All set?” You chuckled as Emma nodded excited. “Okie dokie, artichokie. I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.” Emma nodded again as you left to the kitchen with a quick smile.

While she had been a bit of a surprise, Emma has been one of the biggest joys in your lives. You had been dating John for about a year and a half when you were expecting and when you told John, he was frightened and confused and nervous but overall, he was excited. He had fussed and pampered you and even proposed.

However, you said no. You knew he loved you and would love this baby more than anything. At that point, though, you felt like he was doing it out of obligation and had to decline. He understood, even if he was a bit disappointed. Then Emma was born.

You couldn’t help but think back to what John’s face was like when they first handed her to him. It was like he had been handed the world. And essentially, he had. He doted on her whenever he could, making sure she always knew just how much she was loved. And boy did she know it.

You sighed and sat at your kitchen table with a cup of tea, taking in a deep breath. Peace once again.

“(Y/N)! Emma!”

Or not.

“In here, John!” You shouted. John walked in and smiled. “Hey, have you seen the paper towels?”

“Yeah.” He reached into the pantry and pulled a roll out from the back. “Here you go.” Handing you the roll, he pressed a quick kiss to your lips. “I love being your hero.”

“Hero?” You scoffed, standing up and placing the roll on its holder. “More like the villain that put it up there.”

John smirked, placing his hands on your hips. “Don’t you love villains though?”

“Oh my, you’re right!” You said, faking a tiny gasp and wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him in for a kiss.

“Daddy! You’re home!” Emma shouted, running in.

“Emma!” John pulled away to pick the young girl up, drawing tiny giggles from her. “How was your day today, sweetheart?”

“Really good! I got to play tag at school and got a gold star for colouring in the lines!”

John gasped. “No way! I can’t even colour in the lines! I’m so proud of you!”

“Oh, I drew you a picture, daddy! Want to see?” Nodding, John put her down, allowing her to bolt to her room.

“Need a drink?” You asked when you noticed just how worn out he looked.

He chuckled and nodded. “Yeah, that’d be good.” You stood up and went to the fridge, grabbing a beer and the opener. You sat next to them and handed it off. “Thanks. Have you seen the picture yet?” Chuckling, you shook your head as Emma ran back.

“Here you go!” She shouted, handing him the paper with 3 people drawn in only a way a young child could. You automatically recognised the small person with freckles and (H/C) hair as your daughter, making the other 2 you and John.

John grinned widely. “This is amazing, Emma!”

“You like it?” A shy little smile crossed her face and John enveloped her in a hug.

“I love it.” He pulled away and pressed a quick kiss to her forehead before turning to you. “What do you think, mommy? Its great, right?”

You smiled and nodded. “It’s amazing. I absolutely love it Emma. Maybe you can even show your little baby brother or sister how to draw like that.”

John looked up in shock. “You’re-”

“Yeah.” You smiled, hoping he’d be just as excited as he was when you told him about Emma.

He stood up slowly, picking up Emma and setting her in his lap when he sat down set to you. “Marry me.”

You smile, leaning forward and giving him a quick kiss.


your first show.

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Request: Also if it’s not too much to ask could I have a nice smutty Brad one where he invites you to his hotel after a show and you guys have a bath and then after the fun really starts ;) hahah idk you can totally do what you want with the idea

requested by @landofharries

A/N: look at maddie she finally posted an imagine!!!!! lmfao sorry for being so inactive guys, but i worked really hard on this!

you and brad have been dating for a while but you haven’t exactly had sex yet and you wanted it and you knew he did too but you didn’t really know how to go about it because you wanted it to mean something to both of you. You also didn’t want it to be overplanned, you wanted a ‘in the moment’ type of thing with a lot of passion. Anyways you were going to one of his shows tonight and you were told to come early.

It was a half an hour before you had to leave, and it was mid summer so your outfit had to comply accordingly. You put on a pair of high waisted jean shorts and a crop top with your hair pulled back in a french braid.  you did some basic makeup and threw on a pair of converse before you left.

Brad was already at the venue for the soundcheck, so you took the car and drove from the hotel you and brad were staying at. You showed the security guards your lanyard and you continued through to see brad just leaving the stage after his soundcheck. he saw you and instantly walked up to you and held your waist and said “hi babe” and gave you a quick peck on the lips. “hi baby, you’re already sweating” you laughed brushing his already damp hair. “it’s hot on stage!” he said in defense. “i know it is, i was just making an observation relax” you said kissing him again.

“i’m really happy you came tonight” he said with the happiest smile on his face.

“alright, you two enough. brad you need to change and drink some water before the show, you have a half hour alright.” his manager joe said interrupting brad and yourself.

You told brad you’d see him after the show and left him so he could get ready with the rest of the boys. he gave you another kiss before you left to go into the crowd from the side in the first row, getting away with it only because most of the fans knew you from Brad’s twitter and instagram.

The show went really well they performed a mixture of songs from the first album and the second, leaving the multitude of screaming girls in a frenzy by the end of the night. You snuck out of the crowd and went backstage after they left and came back for their encore so you could avoid the craziness that came with post-show crowds.

You met Brad backstage, greeted with a big (sweaty) hug. “Jesus, Bradley you feel like someone threw you in a river” you laughed. “Sorry babe, my bad” he said kissing you on the forehead. You and Brad eventually left the venue, and drove to the hotel after he said bye to the boys and threw on a new shirt.

The two of you arrived at the hotel, and you just needed to take a bath because you felt disgusting. “Hey brad I’m about to take a bath, you wanna come with” you said standing in the bathroom doorway.  he looked at you shocked “serious?”, and you responded with a simple nod. He rushed at this opportunity, and gave you a kiss before starting the bath. Now it wasn’t like you’ve never seen eachother naked, because there have been heated makeout sessions and whatnot in the past just not sex. so you both got undressed and got into the very spacious bathtub and started talking until brad made the first move and started kissing you. as you and brad started getting more into it, you felt his erection on your stomach making you giggle a little. “sorry baby, we can stop and go to bed if you want” he said knowing how you felt about sex in the past and not wanting to pressure you. “no, no, i want to” you said pressing yourself against him causing him to smile into your mouth. “in that case let’s take this to the bed babygirl.” he said getting up and hauling you over his shoulder making you giggle.

“dont you worry about a thing babygirl, ive got you” he said kissing your neck. then ending up on the insides of your thighs, causing you to gasp a little. He was your first, you were a virgin so this was a big step for you personally. His mouth was kissing up your thighs only making you want him directly in between your legs. He could see the eagerness in your eyes causing him to smile. His mouth made its way to your clit giving you an overwhelming sensation causing you to grip onto the sheets. As he went on, You felt yourself coming really close to your orgasm and then he stopped. You had a shocked look on your face causing brad to laugh a little. “Relax baby, i want you to cum when im inside you” he said kissing your lips softly, calming you down. “You’re sure that you’re ready?” He said sweetly, only making sure this is what you wanted. “Absolutely” you said pulling him closer to you, if that was physically possible.

At first it was slightly uncomfortable, but after getting past that you felt the closest you’ve ever felt. The pleasure was uncontrollable, moans were escaping your mouth without a second thought. Before you knew it you were at your climax again, only this time you knew he wasnt stopping. His hand reached down to your clit just making you reach your orgasm faster. When he pulled out he laid right beside you, kissing your temple.

“I love you so much, baby girl”  he said into your ear.

“I love you too, bradley. But can i put some clothes on” you said with a laugh.

“Course you can”

You threw on a tshirt and a pair of underwear, while brad put his boxers on.

Once you were in bed you laid on his chest and said “ brad that was amazing”, making brad chuckle a little. 

“Yes, babe it was amazing. Now why dont you sleep i know you’re as tired as i am” he said putting a peice of hair out of your face.

“goodnight bradley”

While James is in Beacon he spends the night at Qrow’s after one of their booty calls, because he can’t be bothered to get up and get dressed and walk aaaall the way to his temporary room. The day had been fairly taxing for James and he’s exhausted. 

Qrow doesn’t think anything of it though and gets him some pills for his headache and curls up next to him because his post-coital cuddles are the best, dammit.

They wake up not to the gentle chippings of the birds or anything peaceful like that, but to Qrow’s youngest niece.

“Uncle Qrow, are you there?”

The Two in bed share a look akin to that of a Faunus in headlights. Qrow had completely forgotten that he promised his nieces they’d spend the day together.

“Uh yeah I’m just- in my room.”

The only reply is the sound of Ruby’s footsteps running down the hallway and in a state of panic Qrow throws the blankets up over James’ head. The door to his bedroom flies open not two seconds after that and Ruby’s grin practically lights up the room.

“It’s one in the afternoon silly, what are you still doing in bed?” She then takes a few steps back, and having helped raise the kid from birth, Qrow could instantly tell what she was about to do.

“Ruby waitwaitwaIT-”

She pays no mind to his protests and takes a running leap at the bed-

Landing directly on James Ironwood, not only Headmaster of Atlas Academy, but also General of the Altesian military.

And that’s how his niece’s found out about their ”thing.”

They were never gonna let him live it down.