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how do i get less self-conscious about being a good or bad kisser? i'm 18 and i only sorta recently had my first kiss. i've kissed 4 people since then but they've all been full-on make out kisses and i've been drunk every time so i really have no idea what i'm doing?? i'm just nervous for actually kissing someone i'm interested in beyond a hook up because i might be bad at it idk

Don’t even worry about it. Just keep kissing. The moment you get all in your head worrying about how you’re performing, you remove yourself from the moment and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Kissing is a conversation, and if you’re not listening and paying attention to the other person, it’s gonna show. So attach yourself completely to the moment and the feelings you’re feeling. Feel what the other person is feeling. Listen to their body, their breath, their movements, and react accordingly. You’re just talking with each other on a primal and nonverbal level. So get talking.