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Henstridge said that means the duo formerly known as FitzSimmons will need to learn who they are as Fitz and Simmons, separate entities.

“Their relationship has to be reborn in a way now because they are emotionally and physically scarred from that life-threatening situation they were in,” Henstridge told us. “They need to repair their relationship so fans are going to finally get to see how they each develop individually. Previously they have always been a duo and always have identified themselves as that, so now they have to figure out where they are in that relationship and what that brings into other relationships they might form. Fans are going to get to see them as individuals this season.” [x]

"I'm not crying. You're not crying, are you?"

I lied. I’m crying. They’re not tears of joy. They’re ‘I’m just fucking pissed’ and 'whyyyy?’ tears. Was this a joke to you? Were you trying at all? Even after we agreed to try again, did you put any effort? Or were you just taking me along for a little joyride and taking your sweet time?

You gave up, just like that. I said I wanted to see you again, or at least talk to you over the fucking phone because not seeing each other in person and ending this is just… It’s stupid and cowardly.

That’s one big difference between us. I don’t like giving up and keep trying and trying. It breaks me to bits but it’s what makes me feel okay about moving on with life. You, on the other hand, always seem to give up and take the easy route. So when you were faced with a challenge such as the unhappiness of none other than your supposed significant other, I guess I shouldn’t have expected you to try. I mean, that’s what we agreed to last time, right? That I wouldn’t expect so much from you? After that, I didn’t expect anything at all from you, as I didn’t expect much from you in the first place. The result of that was a lack of effort. Look where that led us…

I’m not gonna go on and list all of the things you did wrong. We both were at fault for this and I was in the wrong plenty of times too. I’d just like to thank you for helping me realize how many lovely friends I have out there. They’ve given me so much more support throughout these seven months and even now than you’ll ever know of, and I’m so grateful for them.

I’ll make one last promise to you. I promise I won’t hold it against you. No hard feelings, just fond memories and positive vibes. Have a good day.

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