because i've wanted to interact with erik since the last time i rped him


“Eh?” Hearing the voices calling out his way, Arthur tuned towards the fence, noticing the other man and– oh goodness. He shook his head, doing his best effort not to let such a cute sight distract him, and aproached the fence to respond “Ah, I am very sorry if I bothered, sir… You see, I was in town on some business so I thought I could spare some time to visit some old acquaintances. It is a pity… have they moved out of town, then? Miss Bianca and her father?”

Inevitably looks down to Lucia, a big smile coming to his face as he watches her seemingly atempting to reply. Although not a word can be understood, the display was too adorable to pass. “Hmm~♪ someone sure is eager to answer! How cuuute~♪”