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Small scale beekeepers treat their bees well for sure. But do factory farmed bees? I've seen videos of supers being taken and it doesn't look very kind. :(

Unfortunately large scale beekeeping, similar to factory farmed chickens, isn’t very ethical and do often treat the bees very poorly.

On top of that, these large companies are the ones selling honey that has been processed to the point where there’s no nutrients left in it and is basically just sugary goop.

That’s why you’ll always see posts on here that say “support your local beekeepers”, because smaller scale beekeeping is a lot more ethical and as you’ve said, they treat the bees a hell of a lot better.

  • Minami: Yuuri you're absolutely stellar! I've seen every video of yours at least three times!!
  • Yuuri: Aww haha that's sweet. I didn't know my programs meant that much to people.
  • Minami: Oh not just your programs, I mean ALL of your videos.
  • Yuuri: ...All?
  • Minami: Yeah I found a whole series of you and some guys street fighting behind a Krispy Kreme's! You throw a solid right cross.
  • Yuuri: ...Thanks

Favorite Con Moments [1/]
↳Misha wiping “fairy herpes” (Jensen’s words not mine) on Jensen at JIB 6 [x]

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That was the best and most entertaining YouTube video I've seen for a while, especially from them. Not only was it morbidly funny, it was also oddly haunting and thrilling at the end? A bit like horror, but also lonely and sad. I like the boys the best when they act in these personas for some reason

it wasn’t personas, that was just their true humor for once

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Is it okay that I don't ship Analogical? Since today's video I've seen quite of the blogs I'm following go insane about it and it makes me feel like my ship is invalid. I know that one useless person's view isn't going to change an entire fandom, but it's kinda making me feel bad because now the majority of people are on their side. I see Analogical as a friendship, not a romantic relationship, and I feel like my view's invalid because of it.

tbh a lot of the ppl freaking out are also just platonic shippers too. i wouldn’t feel bad, because if we’re being real if prinxiety had even half as much screen time together as analogical got in the recent one, there’d be 10x more chaos lmao so don’t feel like your ship is invalid, most ppl see anx and logic as friends. depending on the context, i enjoy it as a ship and friendship

For those who say that your Ryder's are adopted because your dad is black and you don't look like them

You do realize the mother is white, right? No matter what you choose your parents will be a interracial couple. (I’ve created two different Sara’s already and Ellen has not changed)

Also, have you guys even seen an interracial family?! Genetics are a wild thing my friends.

Trust me, my mother is black, but extremely light and my dad is black but darker. I have a twin and a younger brother who are all light skinned like my mom (and me) and then my other brother is a good mix between my parents and my youngest brother looks straight up like my dad.

Please, don’t sit there and just automatically assume Sara/Scott is adopted because you can’t figure out how they don’t look like their father.


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1. There's just... zero investment to be had in this band. As far as I'm concerned, they have zero likability bc they haven't shown any personality, from the one video I've seen, they're nothing special, there's no music, and NO NAME. Like??

2. Are we just supposed to open these girls with open arms bc they’re connected to Louis? Bc it takes more than that for me to get behind someone. I love Steve bc he’s lovely and I love his music. This girl band? There’s literally nothing.

one of the reasons louis loves us so much is because we’re so independent like we start charities and fan projects and make them blow up but not only that but we can see through bullshit (most of us, anyway)

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I've only been in the phandom since summer 2015, but I know about literally everything since 2006, and I sort of act like I've been here longer because of that (cause I've seen literally every single video they've ever been in including deleted videos and unlisted video and videos on other people's channels and some that have less than 1,000 views) is that weird?

No not really haha - it just means you have some serious dedication haha 

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Hey Amelia! I've been watching your videos since I found out I was ace and I want to thank you for being so helpful:) I also have a question, because I've seen this a lot but it's always been confusing to me. How is virginity a social construct? Is it just the idea that it's a big deal is a social construct? Or is it that you're "pure" until you lose it? Something else entirely? Thanks!:)

There are several reasons that virginity is a social construct, and why we should therefore disregard it. This might be a more in-depth explanation than you were looking for, anon, but let me tell you a few.

1. The myth that virginity is when a hymen is broken is wrong.
There is no physical or medical change that takes place when you “loose” your virginity. I mean, I could end it here, but I’ll go on.

Hymens are not a cellophane seal inside the vagina that a penis must pierce through the first time a vagina-having person has penetrative sex. They’re a membrane on the vaginal opening that can stretch or tear due to sex, yoga, inserting a tampon, etc, etc. There is no “cherry popping” or “deflowering” going on.

As loosing your virginity is not an act which enacts physical change on your body, then it must be a construct, right? Like, we as a society have to have made it up and given it meaning.

2. Sex is more than penetration.
Reducing sex to penetration makes it incredibly tricky for anyone who isn’t heterosexual and cis to define when they loose their virginity. You fall into uncomfortable questions like “do (cis) lesbians ever loose their virginity is there’s no penis involved?”

3. What counts as loosing one’s virginity is different for everyone.
Which of these acts would result in virginity being lost?

Making out
Letting somebody touch your boobs/touching somebody’s boobs
Letting somebody touch your genitals/touching somebody’s genitals
Clothed rutting/grinding that results in an orgasm
Fingering somebody/being fingered
Receiving/giving a hand job
Receiving/giving oral sex
Anal sex
Penis-in-vagina sex

I bet that whatever you picked, there’s somebody who picked differently. So you might say you’re a virgin because you’ve never had penis-in-vagina sex but have given many blowjobs, where as somebody else might think they’re no longer a virgin because they masturbate. It’s all subjective.

4. The value we place on virginity is all a construct, as well.

This is what you were talking about - that we make a big deal about it and think about it in regards to “purity.” If loosing virginity is subjective, then when is “purity” lost? When do we celebrate/cry over loosing it? Basically, the whole thing falls apart under scrutiny.

5 (bonus!) Virginity as a concept is wrapped up in so much sexism and heteronormativity, we might as well give it up for good.

Like, think about it. The cherry-popping myth implies that only cis women can be virgins. The purity thing implies that sex is dirtying, which isn’t great as far as the sex positivity movement is concerned. The idea that virginity is about penetrative sex is heteronormative. Let’s just move on from talking about loosing our virginity, and celebrate our right to engage in (or not engage in) sex acts without shame.

This is a longer answer than you probably wanted. But I hope that explains some things - feel free to ask me to clarify anything if needed. I’ll try my best!


So at this point it seems unlikely that Noel Fisher will be coming back, and I know a lot of people are angry about this, which is justifiable for sure.  Whether he comes back or not, this whole situation has really made me appreciate the work Noel has done on Shameless as Mickey.  I mean, he made a character who was only supposed to be in a few episodes become the most complex, interesting, loved character on the show, and Mickey’s development was truly a joy to watch.  Noel gave that to us, so here’s to hoping he comes back.


“I saw a man so beautiful I started crying?
I immediately felt compelled to give them the nine dollars I had in my purse and say ‘you are the best looking person i have ever seen so i think you deserve it and i was going to buy my lunch with this but whatever’ but decided against it. and then i started crying. i seriously cried for an hour. i ran to the bathroom and came out later and i was even more tired before. i was overtired and btw i am a girl. i dont know why i cried because of that and he was better looking than all the models id seen ever!”

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it's a Sunday night and I just watched 18 of your videos that I've already seen before because you make me happy when I'm feeling like it's all pointless. I'm minor to you but you're major to me, thank you so so much for helping me even though you had no idea, drew. you're a great person, please keep being yourself :)

Please don’t think of it that way. You have to know that you’re more than the perceived unawareness of strangers. Plus, I read your message and replied, and though it shouldn’t matter, in this moment you are major to me, and after this moment there are so many others out there who will continue in valuing you the same.
I’m sorry you’ve been feeling like it’s all pointless. It isn’t. We know that. I think we really do.

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hey there! I'm an avid supporter of Jackbum of Got7, as I have been for a long time now. the problem is whenever i see gifs or jackbum videos, i feel like he's more or less staring and show affection towards jinyoung in a few rather than jackson. idk, personally I've seen a few like that. i may just be a bit paranoid because I'm major jackbum trash. anyways, i love your jackbum master posts! keep up the good work ^^

firstly thank you so much!!!! <3

secondly ummm idk?? but he knows jinyoung for a long time (6/7 years now i think) and they are very very close like brothers !!! so i can see why he would show some more affection towards him sometimes but dont worry girl, we’ve got moments like THESE

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Hey! May I ask why there seems to be a general dislike for Brian from SnakeBytesTV in the community? I'm not saying I like him, because I've only seen a handful of videos. I'd just like to get the overall on him before making a judgement. Don't feel as though you have to reply if you don't want to, I'm just curious. Thankyou!

Oh man, so this can be a touchy subject to some people (ie. his hoard of followers that blindly listen to everything he says) but here are a few of the things he’s done:
Not updated people who put money down to be included in the scaleless ball python project, cut all contact with them
Posts photoshopped pictures of ‘mr smooth’ rather than actual pictures (actual pictures show he is incredibly dry and unhealthy, with a growth on his stomach) 
Cohabitates his bearded dragons together, and his leopard geckos together as well in small cages
Keeps his giant snakes in tubs that they can barely coil up in
Gives his snakes no enrichment whatsoever, just has them in tiny rack systems with a single water bowl
Has a ton of bad reviews where animals come in skinny or emaciated, with mites, or they regurge their first meal with the owner and die the week after

There’s just a ton he does wrong, and he claims to be the face of the reptile trade which is not okay in my opinion. You can see more of what he’s done, along with links to sources, in my ‘bhb critical’ tag :)

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That was BY FAR the best "Dark Side of Disney" video I've ever seen. I love how you use your characters representing your different personality traits to create clever and creative dialogues rather than just lecturing towards the viewer. Your videos are always funny and clever and a beautifully refreshing twist on whatever topic you choose to cover

That is SUCH a wonderful thing to hear!!! It really is such a handy device, because I know I personally don’t have all the answers and don’t wanna pretend like I do! I don’t wanna overuse it, but I think it is better to almost make viewers feel like they’re part of the conversation rather than they’re a student and I’m some sort of teacher haha. This way, I can talk it out literally with myself and draw upon any conclusion that may pop up! Haha


[dumps a couple doodles here]

I recently got (back?) into Yogscast,,, I’m hardly updated with everyone’s videos, but I peeked into the fandom on Tumblr a bit? It’s phenomenal. Q 7Q I’m not familiar with all the AUs, so I just crapped some shippy things and Rythian, because he’s such a sweetheart. /) w(\

Uhm, uhm, hi, my name is Rai the horrid, somewhat hipster fanboy and I ship Rythna and Parvill, please be my friend, lm a o , , ,

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hello! i've always seen gifs of that vkook moment when taehyung kind of grabs jungkook the neck and pulls him closer (to kiss?!) and was wondering if you knew what interview or video it was from! the gif is usually of a close-up angle and it's from boy in luv era, i think, bc taehyung has orange hair and they're all in school uniform. i'm pretty sure it's one of those iconic vkook moments, but i've just never seen the video for myself. any help is appreciated - thank you! <3

Yeah you should definitely watch it as a video too because Taehyung lowers his voice almost like a whisper when he says to Jungkook to ‘come here’ and the whole scene is so.. SO..♥♥ (ಥ﹏ಥ)

..quite different from the way Jungkook said to Tae to ‘come here’ ♥(//▽//)