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Delena Forever Ours // July 2 : Two Meetings (1/2)

The emotions in this scene were so strong. You could see both of their nervousness. How hesitant she was to open the door because she was afraid of all the things she made herself forget coming back to her. The gentle knock on her door that Damon finally did after a deep breath, because this was the moment he had been waiting all those months for. He was finally getting to see the love of his life again. He just wanted to see her even though he knew she didn’t remember him as anything other than a monster anymore. She opens the door and they just stand there looking at each other. So many emotions swimming around in the air. It was so palpable and they didn’t even have to say a word. 

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I emailed my DM a two page email about all the shit that's been going on in the store in the last 4 months and I put in my notice today and my SM's response was "I'm sad to see you go.. but I've appreciated that you let me beat you up." && yes I'm emailing that to my DM and asking to not work my final week because I am uncomfortable working with her and I want him to start his investigation now and not wait another week (he was going to wait until I left to start the investigation).

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I need to quit my job because it's been giving me 1 shift a week for months now... But I've never quit a retail job before. Do I need a resignation letter? Can I tell ANY manager or does it need to be the store manager? I never know when she's working though and I need to quit ASAP. I want to leave on good terms but I can't wait forever to see her at work especially since I get one shift a week. Help!

{Klance} The Bloom AU


(You’ll see why it’s called the Bloom AU later ;D)

Ok so how about an au where both Lance and Keith are both YouTube stars but they’re both cover artists? Like they do covers of songs, put them on YouTube, and they’ve gone viral? Yeah.

• Lance has been with YouTube since the very beginning. He’s been on the site ever since 2007 or something but he only has like 500k subscribers smh. Usually he does covers using only his guitar, but there are often times where his friends Pidge and Hunk help out with vocals and/or other instruments needed. Pidge also does the editing for some of his videos.
•Keith, on the other hand, has been on YouTube for a while and has over 2 million subs. His earlier covers were just like Lance’s; no editing, only had a guitar, and a low quality filming, using his laptop to record. In due time, when he started to sing duo’s w/ Allura, his channel started to boost. They do covers as often as possible now (fans think that they would make a cute couple but in reality Keith’s in the closet and is scared to come out to the internet).
• Since Keith and Pidge go waaaay back (high school), she suggests to Lance about arranging a duet w/ Keith. Lance chokes.

- “No way!! I mean, even though he has the voice of a god I won’t duet with him!! I’m fine the way I am!”
- “Lance, it’ll help boost your channel.”
- “……..fine”

* So Pidge get’s back in contact with Keith and soon they arrange a duet. They’ll meet at Keith’s studio, which is in his brother, Shiro’s, house. Shiro’s in a band. Enough said.
• At first, Keith and Lance don’t really get along well. It started as bickering, which led to arguments, which led to actual fights. Shiro has to supervise to keep the two from ripping each other apart. The main reason being on what song to sing…

- “so let me get this straight. You flew all the way over to the other side of the country and you haven’t thought about what song we’re going to sing?!!!”
- “this is going to be a train wreck.”

• Wrong!! Once they find a song, sing the cover, and release it to the public, people were ecstatic. The people who were both Lance and Keith fans lost their shit. The video gets thousands of likes and millions of views. It went viral. Lance gained so many new subscribers.
• The two rewatch the video and think “huh. That could have gone so much worse.” So at the end of the day, they exchange numbers for “business reasons” and Lance leaves.

-They still text and message each other.

• So, due to others wanting more collabs between the two, they give the fans what they want. Two duos every month by Lance and Keith. Fans ate it up.
• And as weeks pass, the songs become more intimate. Their first duet had them both in separate recording boxes- now their newest cover was of them looking into each other’s eyes while singing a very calm and sweet love song idk
• also insert slow burn/mutual pining
• and so many people ship them (:
• Lance was the first person that Keith came out to, and he helped him with an idea to come out to his fans

- “Two words. Original. Song.”
- “…..alright?”

• So they both write the song about how it’s perfectly ok to be who you are and not be afraid to show it to the world. It’s really sweet and cute and it’s a duet w/ Lance on acoustic guitar
• Saying the fans cried and replayed the song over again was an understatement. Many of Keith’s fans were so supportive and came out themselves in the comments. Both Lance and Keith read the comments and they almost cried.
• One day, Lance gets an idea. A very, very, very good idea.
• He asks Pidge for a camera. She agrees.

- “break it and I will break your skinny noodle legs”

• So from then until Vidcon, every time that Keith and Lance were together (either working on a song or just hanging out) Lance filmed it. Every moment of Keith smiling, singing, and just being Keith was caught on film. Lance always said it was a semester project for his film class.
• but Lance doesn’t have a film class
• (so you might be wondering why I said this lasted until vidcon, which was, luckily, exactly one year since Lance and Keith first met. Ohohoh, just you wait (((: )
• So, a few days till Vidcon, Lance (with the help of Pidge and her brother, Matt) edit all of the clips together into one 10 minute video. It’s gonna be showed at Vidcon
• So at Vidcon, there’s a panel with different Youtube musicians. It includes both Keith and Lance.
• Note that their panel is HUGE. Even though there’s like 5 people talking in the panel, at least a couple hundred people show up. And there’s a big screen. You see where I’m going with this.
• As soon as the Q&A’s over, Lance says he has something he’d like to say. The lights go out. And the video begins.
• It starts with Lance saying a little thing into the camera for context.

- “Exactly one year ago, I met someone very special. He’s an asshole, a smartass, and has the worst hair I have ever seen. But, he’s special. He can be caring when he wants to be, he can have amazing tastes in music, he’s kind to his devoted fans, and he has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know the real him. And I’m glad I did. He means a lot to me and I hope he loves this as much as I love him. Keith, this is for you.”

• And the video is just a bunch of clips put together of Keith being a total dork and being a cinnamon roll and laughing and bloopers behind some of his cover videos while Lance is covering Bloom by the Paper Kites (THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED THE BLOOM AU HAHAAA) and people in the audience are crying and I’m crying and Keith’s about to start crying.
• The video ends and Lance gets up from his seat, faces Keith, and just gets a microphone and is just “I’ve been wanting to ask you this for months but… Keith Kogane?”
• everyone’s on the edge of their seats
• “Will you be my boyfriend?”
• So Keith’s now definitely crying, he says yes, and they both hug tightly, and there’s two people in the audience that are handed the microphone.

- “That was amazing!! Definitely worth the wait. But, Hunk?”
- “Yes, Pidge?”
- “I honestly think that after all this, a year of pining and duets and sappy cue videos, they hug? And they’re boyfriends? Don’t the fans want to see them do more?
- "I agree. What do you think guys? Does anyone else want to see them kiss?”

• Everyone screams yes because they’ve waited for this for months and they want their fanfics to be canon dammit
• Keith’s all flustered and sputters out words that’s just “what?? we uh we just got together and” and then Lance just dramatically dips him and kisses him and everyone goes nuts
• Two weeks after Vidcon, a new duet by Lance and Keith are released to the public. It involves an acoustic guitar, two lovey dovey happy boyfriends, and the song “Can’t help falling in love”

  • Me before the OVA was released: Oh God, I smell jeanmarco. Gonna prepare tissues and cry.
  • Me seeing a caps: Oh God, I smell jeanmarco. Gonna prepare tissues and cry.
  • Me starting the OVA: *prepares tissues*
  • Me watching the OVA: Oh God.
  • Anime staff: *laughs evilly in the distance*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Just...
  • Me: *makes use of prepared tissues and cry, because no jeanmarco was shown that time*

I suddenly see him standing there, a beautiful stranger, tall and fair.

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(New thing.)I looked out at the lake and sighed. It has been 3 months since I've last seen you. I knew I shouldn't be complaining. At least I got to see you. I remembered what you first told me when I told you I liked you. I thought you were joking about leaving along time but now I see the reality of it. The only reason I was sad was because you wrote me a letter saying you were coming to see me today. I've waited the whole day but you haven't shown. I lied down on the sand and closed my eyes.

The sun dipped down into the horizon, seeming to melt into the lake surrounding Camp Half-Blood. Just as it was about to disappear, however, the light from the sun grew, getting brighter and hotter. In fact, the sun itself seemed to be moving closer.

As it drew closer, it revealed its true form: a convertible, glowing bright red. It parked, and out of the car stepped Apollo. He took his sunglasses off and threw them in the car. Once he saw Dylan, a wide smile grew on his face. “Dylan!”

This picture literally looks like you were waiting at the bus station or something for your boyfriend to come off the bus because he had to go back home for a few months but he’s finally back and you couldn’t be happier to see him so you decided to take a picture of him and just remember this moment.

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Ok sorry if this is a sensitive topic but I'm really nervous because for the past 2 months or so I've been losing weight like crazy, I'm ALWAYS tired or feel sick get horrible headaches everyday, my bones and joint hurt like a bitch, and when I searched my symptoms a bunch of bone/blood cancers came up but I really don't want to go to a doctor because I don't want to hear something bad and I was just gonna see if you had any advice??❤️❤️ilysm btw

Similar symptoms… I waited about 6 months before I said anything to a doctor, and once I did they drew my blood and realized a lot was wrong. Over a period of 4 months I was getting weakly blood draws and eventually was getting bone marrow biopsies to “rule things out”. Turns out they found some nice cancer cells in my bone marrow. If I had waited a month later, I would’ve had a 30% chance of living instead of the 60% chance.

It’s scary. It is. But I survived and I can’t stress enough that you need to go to the doctor now. It could be nothing, but waiting can ultimately determine living or dying. Feel free to ask me anything about my experience.