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I knew putting myself out there and laying something close to me bear yesterday was going to be rough. Most people were really supportive and I was thankful for that. But this morning one of the people responsible for a “blue” side word tried to tell me how to feel about my own expression. I’ve been fighting with those words they told me for over a year, and today I was like you know what…you don’t have power here anymore, m’dude. I’ve got support and love and good friends and a lot of heart, and nothing’s going to stop me drawing every day like I’ve done for the past almost three years. 

Faeb doesn’t have a lot of confidence as a character right now, and I wanted to show her leveling up, if you will, in herself–so I drew that! Because I think we both kind of leveled up today and overcame some stuff holding us back. And because how my day goes almost directly translates into what I draw…I’m an open book, guys XD 

do you ever think about will and mike going camping together? they have a really nice day just playing games and listening to some of will’s favorite songs but in the middle of the night will wakes up. he’s having nightmares and he can’t stop shaking because this time mike is the one in danger and he loves mike so much, he is his whole world and he can’t lose him. so mike holds will’s hands, pulls him closer to his chest and makes sure he knows he’s not going anywhere without him.

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A: Age- The question is irrelevant to me, plus I’m not all that comfortable sharing :/

B: Birthplace- Attleboro, Massachusetts located in mother fucking ‘Merica

C: Current Time- 4:26pm Arizona time

D: Drink you had last- Apple Juice

E: Easiest person to talk to-  @salt-for-days

F: Favorite Song- I cannot decide on that one, wayyyyyy to difficult I have too many I listen to frequently

G: Grossest memory- Tricky one but I’ll just say how over the summer I literally vomited because of how angry I was at a certain person/situation :)

H: Hogwarts House- Slytherin a.k.a the best house

I: In love- Platonic love? Romantic love? What kind of love? Platonically I love and care about my friends and romantically is just ehhhhh not really anyone?

J: Jealous of people?- Not particularly, just salty at certain past people I used to interact with. 

K: Killed someone?- Physically or mentally? Because let me tell if the nazicallout drama didn’t teach you that I can write a mean essay I don’t know what will. 

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again?- Walk again because who the fuck are you stranger? 

M: Middle name- James

N: Number of siblings- One

O: One wish- To not feel like shit about myself :)

P: Person you called last- @salt-for-days

Q: Question you’ve always asked- What? But why though? 

R: Reasons to smile- My ocs, not feeling like garbage, dark humor, @salt-for-days

S: Song you sang last-  Salvatore Ganacci - Talk

T: Time you woke up- 6:40ish am Arizona time

U: Underwear color- Odd question but it’s my favorite color, red

V: Vacation destination- Europe in general

W: Worst habit- Overthinking things, getting angry at the tiniest logical inconsistency, biting my nails, the list is endless 

X: All I can say is hit me up with that Xylophone solo 

Y: Your favorite food- Alfredo sauce. Just in general. On pasta, on pizza, as a dipping sauce for bread sticks, you name it. Also chocolate is really good too. 

Z: Zodiac sign- My sun sign is Leo, my moon sign is Libra (just like Mengele :’D), and my rising is Taurus 

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Ever since Yoongi's mixtape came out I've been seeing him in a new light. Its fucking great to see him laughing and smiling so brightly without a care in the world. Even after all his heartbreaking hardships. I just can't express how I feel these days whenever I see Yoongi enjoying life knowing he has his members, family, and armies behind his back.

Same here. I literally cannot see him as Suga anymore but as Min Yoongi. I cried while listening to the songs with the lyrics not only because of how much I related, but also because I felt genuine pain for him. Bless him, his perseverance, and everything about him. 

Dear Yoongi,

You are loved and very much appreciated in this world.