because i'm watching this movie rn

I’m thinking about John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton again

And also crying

Because I was thinking about it and we only know that they were together because they were apart, you know? Like, because they were away from each other and wrote letters to each other, we know that they loved each other. So it’s kind of a blessing and a curse that they were apart for so long because I mean they probably missed each other to pieces! And that’s why they wrote those long letters idk this is sounding really rambly but basically if Hamilton and Laurens hadn’t been away from each other we probably wouldn’t know about their relationship today and that’s making me really sad.


And when all else around her fell to ruin, she sighed,-“What a pity”- and built a castle up from the decay and a throne from nothing.
From Queens and Heroines and the Like (via @dawnisgone )
Susan Pevensie

@ everyone who gets to see buster’s mal heart in theaters - we’re not friends. Don’t speak to me.

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Narumitsu prompt - Can be silly or serious. It's family movie night at the Wright house. Trucy wants to watch Disney movies because Papa Miles hasn't seen any of them. Lion King gets a little too real for him. Phoenix has to deal with the fallout. (That stampede scene tho...) Alternatively: Narumitsu Tangled AU where Miles is Rapunzel and Pheeny is Eugene. I'm in a Disney mood rn.

ok so I wrote both


[Disney Night]

“You’ve never seen any Disney movies?!”

That was the first thing Phoenix heard as he walked back into the living room. He spotted Trucy and Miles sitting on the couch, which was where the surprised gasp had come from. 

“Daddy! Papa’s never watched Disney movies!” Trucy practically yelled when she noticed Phoenix.

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Do you ever just cry sometimes because Ryan Ross

i don’t know why every single person on here doesn’t love my big fat greek wedding because it’s on par with legally blonde

a Greek woman miserable with her life decides to find fulfillment by getting an education and a job she loves and then her new found confidence and happiness attracts a guy who completely respects and values her to the point he gets baptized to fit in with the family’s culture because he’s not greek which upsets the family greatly but it doesn’t matter because she knows what she wants and in the end she finds her place in the family and in the world all from her own desire and making

like why isn’t this always on my dash??

tag thing

i was tagged my bb lyss @parkerroos !!

01. relationship status : dating peter parker :)

02. lipstick or chapstick : chapstick

03. last song : the girl meets world theme LOL

04. last movie : i’m watching twilight rn sjjdk

05. top 3 tv shows : teen wolf, sabrina the teenage witch, shameless

06. top 3 ships : uh what other ships are there besides pizzy, karry, + sass??? (honorable mention goes to stydia xo)

Petition for a second nightmare before Christmas where Jack goes through the turkey shaped door because there aren’t many movies for thanksgiving and also I wanna see what the fuck is going on in Turkey Town

like do you remember watching the trailer for the first time, being so completely drawn in by the dwarves singing ‘misty mountains’
do you ever think about the moment you first watched the movie in the cinema, hearing the shire theme come up and just feeling home
the goosebumps during the prologue, because you don’t even know these characters but you already feel so invested in their story
that feeling you got when frodo appeared and put that sign on the door
the little references to lotr, seeing gandalf and gollum again
smiling like an idiot after watching thorin and bilbo hug for the very first time
then remembering how the book ended and knowing that you will be a crying mess after the third movie but thinking that it’s still so far away
do you

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I just got back... and I'm still crying rn. It's so beautiful... it hurts. Like I would love to watch it again and again for a whole day and cry. Like even though I've read it for a billion times, I'm still fond of their little infinity and everything they had. The book is perfect and the movie is perfect. Hazel Grace is beautiful and Augustus Waters is a handsome interrupting bastard. And you know what, I'm going to read the book again. And cry. Because It's ultimately beautiful.

This review almost made ME cry!!!