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And when all else around her fell to ruin, she sighed,-“What a pity”- and built a castle up from the decay and a throne from nothing.
From Queens and Heroines and the Like (via @dawnisgone )
Susan Pevensie

Do you ever just cry sometimes because Ryan Ross

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oc ask--microscope

omg for some reason my inbox has stopped showing it when I get messages so I never know that I have any but thank you!!! 

  • microscope: zoom in – describe the little, insignificant details about an OC.

Some small details about my son Xander:

  • has many freckles
  • hasn’t finished watching a movie in like 3 years because he always gets bored/distracted halfway through. this also applies to reading books, but he likes audiobooks because he can listen to them while doing something else. the exception is comic books because he can read them so quickly. 
  • lives for sweatshirts that are slightly too big (much like me) 
  • puts his hands in his pockets when he feels awkward and then feels more awkward about it.
  • would probably spend all of his money on skittles if he could!

cute oc asks!

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Dude power rangers spd tho? I watched that!!! It was my favorite OMG it was freaking HILARIOUS yell at me about power rangers please also how excited are you for the new movie

i LOVE spd, like it’s really cheesy but i can tell the writers actually gave a crap about it because it was more intricate and had better storylines and struggles than, say, mystic force (which is my personal favorite bc i watched it intensely as a child) whose last episode i watched was just about how shy madison the blue ranger was. i want to see more SPD things in my life. 

also i am SO HYPE to see the movie and i literally cannot decide who i wanna see it with: my dad, my gf, or my friends or a combination but i am SO EXCITED that the cast is diverse and billy has autsim (are their names all the same? i assume they are) and trini is queer aa!! i’m HYPE 

Take me to the movies and we can go to the back and share popcorn and soda and sit close to each other and make other people around us angry because we’re talking too loud

Run around with me in the rain like we’re kids and when one of us slips and falls, we pull the other down with us and get covered with mud

Let’s build blanket forts together and then we can cuddle and watch a movie in a dimly lit area and candles around us

Let’s make breakfast together and then feed each other the result, no matter how bad the food may or may not end up

Grab me by the collar of my shirt and kiss me in front of everyone, or drag me somewhere where we’re alone and then kiss me there

Swing our hands back and forth like we’re kids and we can walk around the city with no real intention

Bake things with me and then we can smash it all over each other’s faces

Lay your head in my lap and I’ll play with it and we can look at into each other’s eyes and be happy

Tell me the cheesiest damn pickup lines even though I’m already yours

Go on a roadtrip with me and we can sing songs loudly with each other or sit in comfortable silence

Call me cute things like babe or sweetheart

Kiss my hair, forehead, nose, cheeks and make me blush uncontrollably

Lace our fingers together and give my hand a gentle squeeze every one in a while

So do we imagine Dean’s now calling everyone he’s ever known to brag about how he killed Hitler? I imagine he probably called Cas first, because hey that’s a HUGE deal. Cas would probably be impressed by that, right?

But Cas is still hunting with Crowley, and Dean knows Crowley’s always had a thing for Hitler too (I mean he was watching Nazi movies the first time they broke into his house to try and steal the Colt from him…) so Dean would probably have Cas pass the phone to Crowley just to laugh and sort of rub Crowley’s face in the fact that hey, “I KILLED YOUR BUDDY HITLER!”

And then he’ll probably text Mary, because gosh any mom would probably be proud of her son for that.

>>Mom you’ll never guess who I killed today. HITLER! Awesome right? I killed the actual Hitler! Sammy and I are going for celebratory I KILLED HITLER pie now. Love you.

He’ll have to call Aaron back and update him. Aaron will probably be just as thrilled as Dean was, and yet regretful that he was across the ocean in Germany and therefore wasn’t able to get a few shots in himself.

Then he’ll start in on the list of everyone else.

Hey Donna! How you doing today? I KILLED HITLER!

Jody, how are you and the girls? I KILLED HITLER!

Garth, how’s the married life been treating you? oh by the way, I KILLED HITLER.

Yeah, it’s a good day.