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Re: the trailer's possible meaning - to me, it's always seemed that one of Sana's flaws is that she sometimes thinks she knows what's best for everyone without necessarily considering that other people might feel differently about it, you know what I mean? So I could totally see her accidentally setting off a chain reaction of things going badly because she wanted to help someone/fix something in the way *she* thought was best. And that being her character growth arc for this season.

Yeah, I agree. From season one, Sana always had a vision, vision enough that she’ll push for her ideas and expect other people to go along with them. I could see it being in this season… we see it just go completely awry for her. That she pushes on the wrong thing and something breaks. It dovetails in too with how they’ve shown Sana so sure that what she’s saying is right, calling the answer key wrong and telling Isak she doesn’t need to check her answer. I think a part of this season might be Sana learning to say she doesn’t know, to have room for failure.

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Maybe Uta gets his information from Itori about everyone. Because I'm very curious as to how he knows these things about people.

Hey Anon! And nah, I doubt it has anything to do with Itori. I mean, in Mutsuki’s case…

They are “acquainted” ;) and, as I said before, Uta is a good judge of character since he likes to observe and have fun so much so it’s his own deducting skills in Mutsuki’s case.

As for Juuzou, well, Juuzou is famous and anyone researching quickly into his past (like Furuta or even Donato if Juuzou already went to ask Donato for help on a case) will see that Shinohara was his mentor, so there again no real need for Itori.

Besides we don’t even know where Itori is, Anon ;) but the Clowns are known to be quite skilled on their own in the first place, which is why it’s a big hassle when they act as a group :)

In any case, I’m sure Uta knows that focusing on the investigators’ mentors is the easiest way to mess with them since partnership is how the CCG works, so Shinohara & Juuzou… 

Haise & Mutsuki… 

…it’s exactly like during the auction arc when he “became” Arima to mess with Hirako!

He’s such an asshole! xD I love him <3

I hope it answers your question, have a nice weekend!

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You've mentioned multiple times that you're not sure how you feel about Ziam. May I ask why? Is it because you haven't seen anything 'convincing' or perhaps it's because of zayn's leaving or something else? I'm sorry I'm just very curious (:

Hi anon, because I came to the fandom after Zayn left, and I haven’t really dug into Ziam enough to make up my mind either way. And frankly, with the way I’m feeling about Larry right now, I’m not in the mood to add another gay conspiracy on my plate.

So I enjoy the gifs and chatting with some fandom friends and reading fic, but I just can’t/haven’t gone down the rabbit hole.

This gif fucks me up and I blame @mcqdj for showing it to me.

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I thought this might be a little funny, but how would the main three and Leo handle having an S/O who's birthday is literally a week before Valentine's Day? Would they celebrate their birthday and THEN Valentine's or would they scrunch both of them together to make celebrating easier? I should know because my birthday was yesterday and I'm just very curious. XD


-Is a bit surprised, but finds it surprising, actually

-He definitely won’t combine it, he wants to celebrate both things

-For s/o’s birthday, a huge party, for Valentines day, an extravagant date


-To be honest, he’s not really the person for celebrating Valentines day

-So he’s likely to combine them

-As long as s/o’s okay with it, of course


-Won’t deny being a tiny bit confused

-He kinda wants to combine it into one celebration, but knows it might upset s/o

-So he gives them separate gifts for both occasions


-No combining them for Leo either

-He wants s/o to be able to celebrate both, separately

-However, one of the gifts might be a bit less expensive, since the occasions are so close


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Hi! So, I know that you disagree with shipping real life people, but what do you think about shipped real life people who don't mind? For example, danisnotonfire on YouTube has said that he doesn't mind people shipping him with his best friend (although this may have changed). I don't want to start an argument or anything, but I'm very curious on your opinions because I've never really talked to anybody who disagrees with shipping real life people: you've made me think! :) Have a nice day!

Well I mean if someone’s okay with being “shipped” then that’s… fine… I guess? Like it’s their choice and it’s not like I’m gonna stop them, though I gotta say it really rubs me the wrong way. Idk I just find the whole concept super weird and creepy lol

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can you give me more backstory/explanation to the "In the mid-90s, Palpatine having a harem seemed totally legit;" thing because that just seems like something very very weird and i'm kinda curious

Right!  So I’m not completely up on the OT-era EU because I don’t particularly care about the OT, but I do know some of it.  I tend to divide the EU into pre-AotC and post-AotC – Attack of the Clones came out in 2002, and there’s a specific reason that I use AotC as the dividing line rather than TPM, but I’ll get to that in a moment.

So up until the EU was declared Legends and in a separate continuity in 2014, Star Wars had a bunch of different levels of canon, basically distinguished by how close George Lucas was to them.  The films were G-canon, then the shows, then all the books/comics/games.  If you’ve ever looked at the old EU, then you’ll see that it’s a continuity nightmare, especially once the PT started coming out, then TCW tromped all over the previously-existing timeline of the Clone Wars.  But I digress.

Anyway, prior to the PT’s release in 1999, what was basically going on in the EU is that there was part of the timeline that writers weren’t allowed to work in because George Lucas might eventually want to do A Thing, which he did end up doing and which ended up being the Prequel Trilogy.  The only hard canon, coming straight from George at this point, was the OT.  These days we’ve got a lot of canon, a lot of it straight from George including the OT, the PT, and TCW, but prior to 1999 all there was was the OT.  And the OT is not exactly what one would call a lot of substance, though it lays out a lot of broad outlines and drops some very precise hints about things.  For example: the Clone Wars.  Right up until 2002 no one knew that the Clone Wars were called the Clone Wars because the Republic had clone troopers.

Here’s another thing no one knew about until 2002: Jedi couldn’t get married.  This is not to weigh in on whether the attachment thing is good or bad, but up until Attack of the Clones came out, no one knew this.  INCLUDING THE WRITERS WORKING ON THE STAR WARS BOOKS AND COMICS.  There’s a Star Wars: Republic comic released in 1998 where Ki-Adi-Mundi has five wives and seven daughters.  (The other thing that’s hilarious about the Republic comics, aside from Ki-Adi-Mundi’s hat, is that for some reason they seemed to think that Ki-Adi-Mundi would be the breakout character from TPM.)  It later got addressed in a 2004 comic where it gets handwaved by saying Ki-Adi-Mundi got an exception because of the low Cerean birth rate, and then the family is killed offscreen.

But moving back from the prequel timeline into the OT timeline, especially in the pre-PT days, there was not a lot of hard substance to work with.  Imagine: it’s the year 1994 and literally all we know about Palpatine is what is revealed in the OT.  Also, this is before the special editions so if I remember correctly there’s still a scene in, uh, ESB? where he has a monkey’s face, but that doesn’t really impact this at all.  We know that Palpatine is the Emperor and that he can shoot lightning out of his fingertips.  We know that he corrupted Anakin Skywalker.

That’s about it.

That’s not a lot to work with.  These days, we know a lot more about Palpatine: we know his first name, we know his home planet, we know his weird pet projects, but most importantly we know a whole lot more about his personality than anyone did in 1994 or earlier.  It is really hard to imagine the Palpatine of the PT or TCW having a harem, because we know him.  None of this detail existed prior to 1999.  It was just as reasonable for Palpatine to have had a harem as it was for Jedi Knights to marry and have families (which is where Children of the Jedi gets its name), because there was no reason for the SW writers of that period to think otherwise – in fact, there was plenty of reason for them to think that that was typical.  Palpatine was an emperor; historically speaking, the vast majority of rulers want to have heirs.  (And IIRC, this came up a couple of times in the EU; I think there were several women who claimed to have been Palpatine’s lovers and to have had his children.)  Up until 2002, there was also no real reason to think that the Jedi wouldn’t marry and have families: because in 1994, when Children of the Jedi was published, one of the only things we knew about the Republic Jedi was that Anakin Skywalker had had children, and this wasn’t presented as anything atypical in the OT.

The pre- and post- PT EU (and then dividing this further to add TCW in the mix) is fascinating because it represents a divide in background and baseline knowledge: a number of things that today, looking back at the pre-PT EU, are completely insane based on baseline canon knowledge were pretty reasonable considering when they were published, because none of that existed yet.  None of the authors working on SW at the time (and this is about twenty years before the Story Group and still well before the Holocron) had any reason to think otherwise.

Now, one of the other interesting things that happened prior to the Legends/canon divide in 2014 is that there were efforts in the EU to make all this conflicting continuity line up.  I say in the EU specifically, because the PT and TCW, coming straight from George Lucas, did not care: I think Dave Filoni has talked about this in interviews and BTS material a couple of times, but there are a lot of ways (including the timeline!) that TCW directly contradicts material from the Clone Wars-era EU, which is why I have no patience for OT-era fans complaining about how none of their favorite EU material is canon anymore.  (I’ll talk about Ryloth sometime, if anyone wants.)  For example, going back to the “Jedi get married and have families” thing from CotJ: CotJ has, basically, an enclave where a bunch of Jedi fled with their spouses and children during the Purge, though by the time of the novel they’ve all died.  In 2009, Karen Traviss wrote a novel in the TCW timeline called No Prisoners which presents a separate Jedi sect where Jedi get married and have kids: this is supposed to be the same sect that later shows up in CotJ.  (No Prisoners is terrible, don’t read it: Karen Traviss also wrote the only Star Wars novel I’ve actually thrown across a room because I hated it so much, and she flounced amidst controversy.)  I think there are also a couple of other cases where writers writing after 2002 have tried to reconcile material in the pre-PT EU and the post-PT canon, but that’s the only one I know of off the top of my head.

tl;dr In the mid-’90s Star Wars writers had considerably less canon to work with and made choices that at the time made sense, but in retrospect are pretty wacky solely because we now have more canon.

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What are your specific requirements for drarry? I'm curious, because have very specific requirements as well. And I'm so with you on the dark!Harry thing.

Ha, okay, so I have lots of very strong opinions when it comes to Drarry fics. I mean no disrespect to people who read/write a different kind of Drarry, these are just my preferences :)

Requirements for Fics

  • In character characterizations- the reason I ship Drarry is because I love canon Harry and Draco, so it’s really disappointing when I can’t recognize them in a fic. This is definitely more of a problem when it comes to Draco, because it’s becoming rather popular to make him sweet, soft, and gentle, which, in my opinion, is the antithesis of Draco. I want Draco to remain a prickly, difficult asshole, who, yes, is somewhat softer around Harry, but who still very much retains his hard edges.
  • Either versatility or non-stereotypical depictions of sexuality- one of the things that bothers me the most about Drarry fics is when they dub one of them “the bottom” and change that person’s personality to make him more effeminate in an effort to force a queer relationship into heteronormative gender roles and have one of them be “the girl.” This is very offensive to me. They’re both boys; neither one of them is “the girl,” and there is no need to soften them up and make them more feminine just because they happen to enjoy being fucked. Being the receptive partner doesn’t make you weak, submissive, subdued, more trusting, or feminine, nor do any of these things correlate on their own. Although I definitely prefer switching, I’m still fine with fics in which one of them is exclusively the receptive partner so long as his personality remains the same and he isn’t mocked for his preference.
  • Having to work through their emotional baggage- To me, Harry and Draco aren’t boys who will just run into each other one day in the future and go, “Hey, you’re hot now! Let’s forget about the past and fuck and be happy!” It will take a lot of hard work for them to be together, which is what’s so appealing to me. Yes, it isn’t easy, and it isn’t something that comes naturally to either of them, but it’s something they care about so intensely that they’re willing to fight for it, even when it seems impossible. They have an incredibly difficult history and many emotional scars that they need to confront, and although this doesn’t need to be addressed explicitly, I still want to see that they haven’t just forgotten those seven very important years.
  • Keeping their relationship hard, snarky, and difficult- Drarry isn’t an easy ship, and to me, that’s the beauty of it. I want to see them sniping and arguing over ridiculous things. I want to see Draco storm off in a huff and Harry lose his temper sometimes. I want to see their passion and fire, and I want to see them learn how to work through these difficult times and put their differences aside enough to come back together. Drarry is about forgiveness and change, and seeing how those play out in their relationship is beautiful and inspirational.
  • Minimal spelling and grammatical errors

Preferences for Fics

  • Canon compliant (although it can be EWE, of course)- generally, I prefer canon compliant fics. AUs aren’t really my thing unless both Harry and Draco stay in character and the nature of their relationship isn’t changed drastically. I want their strained history to remain no matter what world they’re in. They’re an antagonistic ship, and that’s why I like them! When that’s taken away, their dynamic is so different that it no longer feels like Drarry to me.
  • Positive view towards Slytherin- I love Slytherins. I love them. I think Narcissa is a queen, Lucius is hilarious, Pansy is a ferocious goddess, and Blaise is sex incarnate. They’re so precious to me, so it can be really difficult to see them demonized even further in fics. I want to see multifaceted Slytherins who are clever, intense, vicious when necessary, and who will move heaven and earth for the people they love.
  • Letting their friends have realistic reactions to their relationship- I actually like when their friends initially have a difficult time coming to terms with Harry and Draco’s relationship. For Harry’s friends especially, Draco was awful to them for seven years and they have no reason to trust him, so I can’t see them unquestioningly endorsing their relationship and throwing their arms around Draco to welcome him into the family. It would be an adjustment, and that’s okay! Being worried about your friend and fearing that he’s making a mistake doesn’t make you a bad person or a bad friend; if anything, I think being concerned for their welfare makes you a better friend. So while I definitely don’t think Harry’s friends would ever judge him for being bisexual, I do think they’d be alarmed that he’s dating Draco Malfoy, his enemy, a man he’s despised since the beginning (ha, sorry, Hamilton lyrics tend to bleed into my thoughts)
  • A lack of character bashing- I love fics that treat characters realistically and don’t shy away from exploring their flaws, but bashing fics can be difficult to read. What I love about fanfic is that it has the potential to develop these characters even further and really explore their depths, and to me, bashing just reduces them to two-dimensional villains.

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What nationality are you? Like I'm trying to figure out if you're Asian or a mix idk I'm very curious because I can't pinpoint anything

mostly native american & caucasian. the rest is small lil pieces of almost everything else.

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I've never heard of Lucifer/Satan ever being just a made up being by Christians. I'm a Wiccan that left the Catholic faith as it never suited me, but I remember things I've been told through school and Catholic summer school. Can you provide sources of articles or such to reach or tell me how you know this? I'm just very curious, because I find this interesting.

Lucifer and Satan are technically two different things.  “Satan,” from the Hebrew ha-satan, is usually translated to mean “adversary” and, in the Old Testament (think The Book of Job) and other texts like the Talmud, it’s a job designation rather than the name of a specific entity, like “president” or “prosecuting attorney.”  At the time, whichever angel was acting as Satan at the time wouldn’t have been fallen at all but still working under God’s purview as a tester of faith.  Again, think of poor Job.  Christians didn’t invent this part.

This doesn’t change until the New Testament, in which case it becomes much more distinctly sinister.

The Lucifer you’re thinking of comes from the Latin lucem ferre, literally “light bringer” or “bringer of light,” comes from “a misreading of Isaiah 14:12: ‘How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning,’ an apostrophe which applied to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon” (Davidson 176).  The “Lucifer” and “morning star” thing comes from the planet Venus, of all things, which is usually seen at dawn or twilight near the horizon between heaven and earth – not unlike a star that is rising or falling.  If you’ve ever heard the phrase that someone’s “star has fallen” referring to a loss of power or reputation, that’s where Nebuchadnezzar II comes in.  Isaiah is, basically, mocking him.  Lucifer as the name of a specific entity “was applied to Satan by St. Jerome and other Church Fathers” (ibid), and it got attached to the one angel that the Bible does say fell but which was never actually named.  Seriously, such a mess here. This is what Copper meant in the previous ask when they said that Christians invented it.

Whether the snake that tempted Eve into eating the apple was Lucifer himself, a creature through whom Lucifer spoke, or another angel entirely is up for debate, but the association is one of many reasons why Lucifer (or Lucifers) is seen as a symbol of enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom, self-possession, and so on.  (I mean, how are you supposed to know not to disobey if you can’t even conceive of good or bad and, subsequently, reward and punishment?)

Consider that Lucifer is a Latin name, too, not Hebrew, which means it entered Biblical thought later on.  There’s also the Roman deity of the same name, and we all know how much the Catholic Church simultaneously loved and loathed pagan Rome.  If there’s a connection between the two, however, I don’t know it.

Gustav Davidson’s A Dictionary of Angels (Including the Fallen Angels) is the most well-researched, ridiculously well-cited text on angels I’ve ever found.  Our “Lucifer” tag has other recommended texts and blogs, and @littledoomwitch is always a good source for anything related to these subjects.

- mountain hound

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Why do some of the characters in your drawings have a floating eye? I'm not trying to criticize, I'm just curious. :)

because eyes are expressive and very funny and useful and I like to keep them both, so I take it from the other side of the face where it should be and put it in the air so you do not forget about it 

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What made you become a vegan? I'm very curious because i will never experience that culture because i will never give up dead animal flesh

This is actually so funny because I remember like 5 or 6 years ago when Facebook started to get popular I was reading a post from the Preserve Planet Fan Page it was about eating animals, I read all the comments and I really believed that everyone should be able to choose what to eat (Because I was ignorant) and I remember that I literally said: “I would never be able to be vegetarian (didn’t know veganism existed) my body ask for meat I just can’t quit it and I don’t want to quit it anyways”. Well, guess I was wrong…

I started to see how I could eat better since my boyfriend was suffering of a severe gastritis so that’s when I stumbled upon the movie Food Matters. As we were seeing the movie we realized how bad we were eating, and not only that but how brainwashed we were about the pharmaceutical industry. Like 1 week later I stumbled upon the Gary Yourofsky’s Best Speech Ever, it was like fate to come across that video.

So my boyfriend and I watched the speech of Gary, that video just made a click on us and since that day we decided to become vegans. We decided to quit everything at once, so we spent everything we had with animal products, also we give away some things like protein shakes and stuff like that. And we started to buy everything vegan.

I chose veganism as a philosophy of life and activism as a tool to impact the reality that bothered me. Not knowing how to do specifically, almost 3 years ago, I started my journey to stop treating non-human animals as objects. The jump was great. I suffered. I cried. At first I was a victim of others. Over time, I realized that feeling a victim reproduced the speciesist egocentrism that I was trying hard to unlearn. I then began a process of deconstruction of what I thought was right, and construction of new perspectives, new flavors, new projects. My life changed completely. My longing for justice spread to the limit. The love of cooking without exploitation, coupled with girlfriends, endless readings. I was reborn in a new me. More empathetic. More consistent. Fairer. I was reborn in the possibility of dreaming of a more just world for all. A world where all the comrades are worth equally, regardless of our race, gender and color. 

Veganism takes your band with you looked at your life and that of other sentient beings since you have the use of reason. And like any court, HURTS. Of that pain, that suffering in productive farms, slaughterhouses, in poultry in farms, in circuses, in aquariums, in zoos, born this desire to share with others my experience and able to show all the comrades who live differently, respecting others, IS POSSIBLE.

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For someone who blogs about religion a lot, you also reblog a lot of sexual things. I'm very curious to know why

because i am a human being with interests as well as a sex drive