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I saw your post and I swear that I tried to resist (for 3 full seconds or something) but Taekook 38. *bows head in shame* And 4 because I have a little bit of depth or so I like to pretend.

Mirre, I saw this and cracked up so hard, but don’t worry because…

anonymous said: 38 taekook;)

anonymous said:  taekook for 38 😎

…so you’re clearly not the only one who’s thirsty. >w

38.  What are they like in the bedroom? Any kinks/fetishes/turn-ons? Anything they won’t do?

god this is so… mortifying to like…pen down… even though I’ve written such explicit stuff in the past, it’s still like…my finger tips are blushing omg.


I’ve always headcannoned that taekook are really open and adventurous with their sex life. There’s very little that Taehyung won’t at least consider with some level of serious contemplation - although Jeongguk has at least gotten him to promise never go searching on porn sites as a source of inspiration because Tae’d come away from that particular attempt with such a mix of horrified amusement, that he hadn’t been able to stop calling Jeongguk ‘daddy’ for a week, before breaking out into a bout of helpless giggles every single time. Suffice to say it almost always served to ruin the mood, and Jeongguk did not appreciate being riled up and then cockblocked by his own boyfriend. 

Mostly, Jeongguk… Jeongguk is kind of content to go along for the ride. It’s always amazing, every single time, because Taehyung has the unique ability to light Jeongguk’s skin on fire with a simple palm, laid flat against Jeongguk’s heaving chest, almost unbearably warm, and the hooded look of want he gives Jeongguk.

But perhaps their favorite thing is when Taehyung gets into a particular mood, when he’ll look at Jeongguk just right, eyes hooded, almost shy. And Jeongguk always knows, he can always tell, because there’s a softness to the way Taehyung holds him on those nights, a desperation to the way he arches up against Jeongguk when he leans down to feather kisses wet and slow along gorgeous, golden skin of his boyfriend’s neck. And those nights, those nights are absolutely for Taehyung - for him to let go and let Jeongguk’s careful attention unfurl the knots of tension in his spine until he’s shaking, shaking with how good everything is, and the way Jeongguk keeps pushing and pushing and pushing (baby, you can do it, just one more; you’re so gorgeous right now, darling, come on, one more time, for me) until Taehyung is floating on a sea of white noise and blissful silence echoing in his head and the soft, soft way Jeongguk gathers him back to himself in the aftermath. 

But those nights are also maybe a little bit for Jeongguk too. Because there’s nothing more precious to him than knowing that Taehyung trusts him like this - trusts him to the point of utter abandonment, and it’s the thought of that, more than anything else, really, that makes Jeongguk so, so grateful that Taehyung calls him his. 

(hello, yes i’m still trash for soft d/s taekook, this has been a psa)

((also, i headcannon that pain is actually a turn off for both of them. tae because he’s not the type to enjoy pain and has an almost embarrassingly low threshold; jeongguk because the thought of hurting tae - no matter if his intent was pleasure - makes him physically ill.))

4.  First impression of each other? Was it love at first sight?

Jeongguk was absolutely smitten blown away slightly intimidated by Taehyung when he first met him, actually. 

He’d been prepared, of course, to meet his Jin-hyung’s new boyfriend. An (apparently adorably dorky) new professor at his hyung’s college, who’d somehow managed to win his hyung over despite his cheesy one-liners and nerdy sense of humor (or perhaps it was because of those things - Jin hyung did have a rather horrifyingly lame sense of humor himself). 

But when he’d found their table, there had been this beautiful boy, with a smile so winsome it had made Jeongguk’s heart stutter in his chest, and of course that made him clam up like a particularly grouchy seashell, words lodging like sticky molasses in his throat whenever he turned slightly to his left and caught a glimpse of perfect golden skin and the softest, most fluffy blond hair Jeongguk had ever had the misfortune to lay his eyes on. He’d had to actually sit on his hands at one point to stop himself from reaching out and touching it. 

Taehyung couldn’t help but wonder what he’d done to insult his Namjoon hyung’s boyfriend’s brother because the way this Jeongguk person kept glowering at him every time he tried to start a conversation was really quite baffling. And also disappointing, because Taehyung was man enough to admit that the way the leather jacket sat so scrumptiously on those broad shoulders was a definite turn on, and Taehyung was quite intrigued to know what lay behind those down-turned, gorgeous brown eyes.  

Then Jin blurts out the fact that Jeongguk’s going to be in Seoul for the next two weeks and hadn’t really been able to find anyone to show him around the city, and well, Taehyung would definitely be remiss if he didn’t do his brother’s boyfriend’s brother such a simple favor and help him discover the wonders of their glorious city. 

After all, they were practically family.

(Fast forward a year, and Jin is suddenly unsure if he should be delighted or disgruntled that his baby brother actually managed to go and get hitched before he did.

The fact that they ordered a Red Velvet cake primarily as a thank you to him bringing them together was only the barest bit mollifying.) mchanzo English paper

Wilted flowers crumbled beneath quiet footfall, the duo having snuck out into the night. The smell of spices clung to the air, mingling with decaying plant and the scent of burn. They duck through the briar, branches grabbing at their cloths as if attempting to halt them from running away, but they ignore their dying pleads.
Miles pass, the pair unspoken, cold air inhaled and exhaled between them. The thrill of escape kept them warm, even as the near winter air bit them and snarled. One hour, finally they arrived at their first resting point.
Settled deep into the woods, the two climbed the ladder to a treehouse, settled on the thick branches of an oak tree. Both flushed with the heat of adrenaline and cold, they settled on the hard wooden floor, backs against the wall, giggles escaping their mouths as they ponder the idiocy of their midnight escape.
The smaller man reached his hand into his bookbag, bringing out a thermos of tea and a worn novel. When his partner pointed down in confusion at the two objects, he only replied, “I thought a story would be nice during our travels, and the tea will go cold if we do not drink it soon,” he reasoned.
The taller man let out a small laugh, unscrewing the top of the container and taking a small sip. While being a coffee person more over then a tea drinker, the warmth was exactly what he craved.
Fishing out a blanket from his own backpack, he laid it on top of them, finally allowing their wind ravaged muscles to relax. The smaller of the two let a small smile slip through his composer, leaning over to grab the tea from his partner, chuckling to himself as the man whines.
“Darlin, my hands are freezing,” he says, making a grabby motion for the thermos back.
“You must have packed for the coming seasons,” he replied, “did you bring no gloves?”
“Yeah, I did,” the taller man sighed, rummaging through his backpack, only to freeze after a few minutes of searching.
Without even looking up from his book, the smaller man launched a pair of gloves at the forgetful man, keeping his face impassive even though all he wanted to do was laugh at the stupidity of his partner.
“Thanks babe, you always know how ta’ take care of me,” the man said, slipping on the warm gloves.
“Quiet, your flirting will get you nowhere,” he chided back, turning to his book in hopes to hide his blush, “Now get over here, I will read a bit tonight.”
The two settled down for their rest on their first perfect night, hope in their hearts and minds, for better ahead.


that’s it, that’s the whole show


This is what happens when I try to make “serious” prints… a retake of modern AU Star Wars, now with MORE terrible shirts!!

(…. and because I’m still not over punk Anakin and hipster Obi-Wan. \m/)

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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Can Yatori even have a truly happy ending? Yato is immortal and Hiyori isn’t. Say they get through everything together unscathed and trash dad is no longer a problem. Hiyori will grow older and will eventually die of old age, leaving Yato alone. But what if through some unfortunate circumstance, Hiyori died and Yato made her into his shinki? They could be together forever in that situation, right? Sure, but she wouldn’t remember anything, and he could never tell her who she was and just how important she is to him because of the God’s Greatest Secret. It’s just too risky and she might not even fall back in love with him, anyway! Also, as a shinki, Hiyori would be a constant reminder of how Yato failed to protect her (in his point of view, even if it wasn’t his fault). So no matter what, everything is just fUCKED AND IDK WHAT I’M DOING WITH MY LIFE WHY CAN’T THEY JUST BE HAPPY DAMMIT

Kara x Lena cuteness for everyone

free_69min thingy on twitter, prompt was new haircut/hairstyle and yeah rocker/punk rinrei oops. oh dear poor guys i’m sorry i put you through this (▰˘◡˘▰) on another note, i think rin would be reluctant about cutting his precious hair, so he just braids it for a shaved effect hah rei would go all out maybe?

this is the first piece I’ve drawn in like three months that wasn’t for a class lmao. completely in pen (because addict with a pen, duh)

titled ‘drop of life/you/water’