because i'm too tired to be creative

Arguing with non-black poc about how George Lopez telling a joke about how Latino folks have two rules, one of them being don’t bring a black person home, is actually anti-black as fuck and hearing them defend it by saying yes that’s just how it is and it’s not anti-black is wild

It’s also that last straw that really proved poc solidarity is bullshit and that brown folks will defend anti-blackness as a way to not actually address the affects of white supremacy on their relationship to blackness and how they treat black folks and I’m tired and I’m not taking that shit from white people so I’m definitely not dealing with it from nobody else

Y'all wanna claim rights to say nigga and bank off black culture and creativity all day but will show your ass with some racist ass comments about black folks in a heart beat and claim its culture.

ok i like kendall and kylie but really this is too much. they’re literally swimming in money and you think you can just put your face over rock bands that worked their ass off to be where they are now because they’re fucking legends and you’re just an entitled hoe. they always say that “oh i’m so creative”. bitch copying someone’s designs or putting your face over famous bands is not creativity it’s plagiarism and you’re being disrespectful. and what bothers me is that their fans buy this shit and if they didn’t they would see that they’re in the wrong but they wouldn’t now cause people throw money at them like they’re goddessess. i’m done.

It’s the middle of the night and Connor really has to pee. The only problem is he’s tangled up in blankets and his octopus boyfriends limbs. It takes a good five minutes to maneuver himself to the edge of the bed without waking Oliver - he’s considerate, damn it. Plus it’s his fault Oliver’s so worn out.

So he finally gets to the edge of the bed and his feet are on the floor. All he has to do is move Oliver’s hand from his wrist to the mattress - when that hand retracts all on it’s own. It snaps back like Connor burned him.

Connor glances at Oliver’s face just in time to see Oliver close his eyes.


“Just pretend I’m asleep,” Oliver says, and there’s something really off about his voice. Like, it’s groggy, sure, but under that… He sounds almost sad.

“Um.” Connor thinks hard, but it’s three in the morning and he has to pee. He has no idea why Oliver would be upset about that. “Why?”

“I won’t make it awkward, I promise. Just pretend I’m asleep and…” His voice breaks. “I mean… Come back, won’t you? This isn’t goodbye forever, right? You wouldn’t just leave and never come back, would you? Oh crap, I’m making this awkward, aren’t I?” He curls up, arms tight against his chest, and buries down deep in the blankets. His eyes screw shut and he won’t look at Connor, even when Connor puts a hand on his shoulder.

“What are you talking about?” Connor’s heart races. He doesn’t really understand what Oliver’s thinking right now - what he did - but he wants to know so he can fix it. “Oliver?”

Oliver sniffles and Connor’s heart twists.

“You’re leaving.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi! You always seem to be cranking out such amazing artwork. It seems like you never get art block,(which I'm sure you've had your own share of). How do you deal with art block when it strikes, and how do you keep yourself inspired? As an artist, I was cranking out a lot of work since January of this year, but once May hit, I have hit a wall in my creative thinking. It's like I get inspired, but I'm not motivated to art sometimes. Thx!

I find that art blocks are usually a result of sticking too closely to routine. You’re probably tired of doing the same kinds of things over again.

Things that have gotten me out of mini-blocks recently:

  • Listening to podcasts! Sometimes conversations are more inspiring than music, I find, because it engages your brain in a different way and sharpens your listening focus. Art and writing related podcasts work best for me, like Your Dreams, My Nightmares and Scriptnotes, but I’ve also lately really enjoyed listening to Overdue, a podcast about books everyone says you should read.
  • Switching mediums! I haven’t been feeling digital much lately, so I’ve been drawing more in my sketchbook and it’s been a really refreshing experience. I’m going to break out my watercolors and inks again really soon and it’s getting me excited about drawing all over again.
  • Switching subject matters! I draw a lot of women because it’s what I’m used too–it’s easy for me to default to women as a subject because I know it’s going to come out relatively good regardless of what I do. This is going to sound really silly, but drawing a lot of Captain America lately has been helpful. Drawing buff men has always been a challenge for me but taking on new challenges stretches your creative muscles and is part of what makes drawing fun.
  • Talking about your work! Get a buddy or form a group of buddies to talk about art with. In explaining the things you want to do, you sort of remind yourself why you wanted to do that thing in the first place.

If none of that works, there’s always goat sacrifice to Cthulu. Sheep are okay too, but the effects don’t last quite as long.

Hope this helped!


more Leap doodles for you (alas, no time or strength to colour today)

one thing that I haven’t really seen in games is a real reward for following a tutorial if you take the option of following one; I’d quite like to see a system where the game play is intuitive and inviting enough that you can figure out most of your abilities/how to navigate the world by yourself, but if you want to you can seek out The Teachers for Lessons.

Lessons are not compulsory, but if you complete them you gain a boost in the ability that you have studied. Lessons can be difficult, however, and have to be followed in their entirety to gain the most benefit. Knowledge is also accumulative, so if you complete two compatible Lessons your character would be intelligent enough to combine them and gain a new ability from their own creativity.

Also hey leaf gliders to ride air currents to higher places (because everyone loves sedate drifty flying games right).