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Warm Me Up ch. 25

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That weekend, Will received a message that caught him off guard. He had been so focused on his conversation with Nico throughout the week that he’d forgotten about Joey. At least until his name lit up his phone screen.

Movie tonight? I can pick you up?

The message made Will feel guilty and uncertain. A week ago, the idea of going on a date was exciting and even a relief. At the time there was no possibility of one day getting back together with Nico. There was no urge to spend every waking moment texting him and smiling over stupid messages throughout the night until Cecil threw a pillow at him and told him to at least silence the phone.

A week ago, he’d wanted nothing more than to tear Nico out of his heart. He would’ve agreed to the date without mulling it over so much.

Now, though, he wasn’t so sure. Going on a date now would feel wrong. In the back of his mind, he would feel guilty because of Nico. Because Nico was trying so hard to be better. He was trying hard to be Will’s friend again. And Will didn’t want to repay it by going on a date behind his back.

Instead of answering, he called Joey and hoped to find a way out of the date without necessarily having to explain his entire situation.

“Hey there, doc,” Joey greeted.

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I had forgotten that part in Dragonshy where Rarity tries to Bilbo Baggins this dragon’s hoard. And it actually almost worked until she showed her hand too early.

It’s kind of funny because this episode is so focused on Fluttershy being scared and inconveniencing everypony, but I never really realized until now that literally none of them have the slightest idea what they’re doing at all. Which kind of makes sense, cause they’re still pretty new to adventuring and stuff, but it kind of seems like Twilight’s making it up as she goes along.

Like, Twilight’s plan if the dragon got rowdy was for Applejack to kick apples at him. Fluttershy was the least of their problems.

okay so a few things are confirmed here:
- lisa has dark and wavy hair at a similar length and style to what i drew it as. i’m not really sure about the skin tone or facial features, nor am i sure about the body because the photo isn’t showing anything else too clearly. so i’m assuming that i can keep my headcanon about how she looks.

- the boys also have dark hair so i can keep my headcanon about their appearances since i already drew them both with brunet hair. though unfortunately they look a tad bit older than how i have them, so my original plan with waylon’s backstory needs some tweaking.
- waylon’s general facial shape is exactly how i draw it, so i guess that’s one thing to be happy with. i’m keeping his thick eyebrows regardless of whether he actually has them or not in this photo.

- waylon clearly has dark hair. there’s no way around it. his hair style is radically different than how i draw it (although i describe it closer to this style on my rp blog so i dunno how to feel). the one thing i can say is that the way i designed waylon means he could just be cutting his naturally dark hair in an undercut and then dying the top part blond. i mean i already designed him so that his eyebrows and body hair are dark, it’s not a stretch to argue that in my design he dyes it.

- waylon looks so separate from his family which fits my headcanons about him being generally emotionally distant and also having trouble with others in his personal space. if this photo was taken after mount massive it fits even more!! the boys look okay but lisa and waylon look… troubled, which could indicate some underlying relationship issues, which again fits what i did with my post-asylum verse on my rp blog.

when you’re putting together a little platonic playlist for moana + maui and you come across a ridiculous playlist of “songs about friendship” on youtube and decide to look up the words to the first one your eye catches on to see if it would fit just for fun and giggles

and the first line is LITERALLY

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea I’d sail the world to find you

lmao i love all those posts that are like ‘’what are the future anthropologists/linguistics majors gonna think unearthing this stuff’’ as if people interested in linguistic anthropology are these super straight-laced normal people with no sense of humor 

2017 was supposed to be a better year but i’m definitely losing all my hopes.

Oh boy, the popular koopa of the hour–the one and only!

who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

Lookit him…

Good boy

last night we had our annual music therapy concert and was a HIT B) B) B)

one of my classmates and i did the pentatonic scale thing from that TED talk with bobby mcferrin and also i was in the boomwhacker ensemble (we did dance of the sugar plum fairies) and i made an orff arrangement of simple gifts where i played recorder and also i did this thing on saxophone where i played the super mario theme and randomly played the sound effects like power up/down, the coin jump, 1-up, time warning, and game over and the crowd had to react to the sound effects

Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)

Keith, my love. (*´◡`)/♥ Who made you angry? (Shiro, Hunk) | Redbubble


I think I overdid this

Oh my god what I have done