because i'm still watching this in march

  • Me: Why is everyone on my dashboard posting about Milo Murphy's Law all of a sudden, I didn't know some of these people even watched the show
  • Me @ me: Consider: that's literally the reason you followed them in the first place
  • Me: Oh. Right. So very long ago, in the distant and romantic days of... late March, I suppose.

Happy 60th Birthday Brendan Gleeson! [b March 29th, 1955]

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It's gotten so absurd that I'm actually MORE detached and unaffected. The more unrealistic it becomes the more I forget that this is actually happening in real time in the real world, not some dodgy made for TV movie lmao.

I agree with you…idk, at some point in the last few weeks most of my reactionary emotions shut off. And it isn’t that my opinions changed because they haven’t at all, and I’m still thinking through things as they come in - but I just told myself once the second extra wave at the end of March started “You have to let go of this and watch it play out, because it still seems to be on the path you think it’s on, but you can’t let it affect your mood and your life every time something happens that you don’t like - the ending will come whether you fret over it or not.”

I also think I made peace with some of the uglier parts of this back in January…I don’t know. I’m not as bothered now (although I obviously think a lot of parts of this are reprehensible), and that’s valid. There are people who are bothered, and that’s absolutely valid. You just have to cope with this the way you choose.

Also, yeah. Viewing this as a very scripted storyline helps, I think.