because i'm still jetlagged

my ghost flight story

as promised, here’s my weird travel story. So a few days back I arrived at JFK airport for my first transatlantic flight (fuckin terrifying) all excited and stuff at around 10:30am after a morning from hell. This is just under 3 hours before my plane was due to fly (at 13:15). I checked in at the desk, the guy hands me my ticket and says “be at the gate by 11″, I thank him and join a half hour long security line.

at this point I’m a little confused as to why I’m supposed to be at the gate two hours before my flight leaves, but I kind of shrug it off thinking “well it’s a transatlantic flight, maybe things work differently or something”. I get through security and bolt over to the gate, and as I’m waiting in another queue I look up at the board and notice something weird: the flight number wasn’t right. I look down at my ticket, and the same flight number is there. I have a ticket for the wrong flight.

so my brain starts running through every expletive in the dictionary as I draw up my phone to check my e-ticket to make sure I’m not remembering the wrong flight number. sure as hell, the flight number on my phone is different, though the flight is going between the same two airports and run by the same airline, leaving from the same gate and everything: the only difference is the flight number and flight time. I get to the front of the queue and explain to the woman checking my ticket that “I think there’s been a mistake, I’m on the JFK-NRT flight at 13:15″ and she looks me dead in the eye and says “that flight doesn’t exist”.

I’m freaking out but head on through anyway and when I land at the other side I double check, thinking she had her facts wrong. but no. there was no flight between those two airports at the time I had booked. the flight literally did not exist.

tl;dr: I got on a flight I didn’t have a ticket for after buying a ticket for a flight that didn’t exist.