because i'm sick of ppl doing this

do y'all realize… that you don’t have to look androgynous to be nonbinary ?? did you know that ppl can “pass” as one gender and still be nb ?? because i’m sick and tired of nonbinary ppl being expected to have a great fashion sense and look androgynous all the time… let me wear makeup and do “girly” things but also let me be “manly” and don’t think anything of me other than what i am. nonbinary.

hey yall ‘member that time i was homestuck garbage

hiveswap is a really cute and charming game, i’ve been playing act 1 a lot because theres just so much cute dialogue to find through replays. i really like it!!

listen tho im sharing this with you bc ive been cooped up sick all day and out of curiosity decided to translate this to do list in xefros’ hive and i was really sure “dams hive” was “damnheck” and im extremely disappointed its not but im gonna call him damnheck

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Why do you think there are so many American live action anime adaptations coming out? Also, do you think that only Asian-Americans, Japanese-Americans in particular, should have their voices heard over Asians as Asian-Americans are diaspora? I ask the second question because I'm sick of white ppl using Asians saying "it's ok" to defend whitewashing

In my opinion, I think it’s because people are running out of ideas. Rather than making an original story, Hollywood or Netflix would rather remake or adapt a story that is already known. And since anime has some of the most creative and influential stories, why not take some to only put white faces all over it?

I’m gonna make a stretch here but in a sense, this is how white people have stolen ideas and “made discoveries” for hundreds of years. Go to a non-white country, see what they’re doing, then come back and remake or adapt those ideas, then pass it off as if it’s yours (or put your face all over it). One of the only differences between then and now is that they go through “legal” and “licensing” processes so it seems more legit. And when something seems legit, people willingly give things up without even knowing it.

As for the issue of Japanese people speaking over Japanese Americans, that’s not a conversation for me to have since I’m neither. But I will say this: I don’t think Asian people from the homelands have the right to speak over Asian Americans, especially if they don’t understand the oppressive forces in America that push Asian Americans to speak out in the first place. Sorry for the rant lol.

Angry Asian Guy

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Throwback when the Broganes hc came out and sha//ies saying it was racist. Like BITCH I'm an Asian American and I'm sick of seeing under-representation and when it does? it's fetishized. I'm sick of white ppl saying "wow you look so exotic omg! Your half Asian babies would look the cutest!!" STOP FETISHIZING ME AND LET KEITH AND SHIRO BE BROTHERS🗣🗣🗣 (1/?)

-YOU AINT ASIAN YOU GIT NO SAY ON THE MATTER BITCH y'all see two Asians and your yellow face ass touched it. Broganes being racist was such a fuccing reach what kind of mental gymnastics were y'all doing?? It’s so disgusting because I actually relate to Shiro and Keith’s relationship because I have a sister and our relationship is similar to the show’s (2/??)

I relate to Broganes so much and it’s one of my favs but yall sha//ies think you are going to take that away? You don’t know what it’s like to be so under represented in media (3/3 sorry for this but I had it contained for a long time and I needed to say this )

also i hate to b that person and this is… uncharacteristic but….i’m sick of ‘being there’ for literally everyone while literally no one is ‘there’ for me,,,i’m tired of being the shoulder to cry on . sometimes i wanna b the one doing the crying !! like dang

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making Alec immortal does not necissarly make sense because it does not make him invulnerable. He would not get old then get sick and die, Okay. But like 98% of his race do not die that way. They die young from battle wounds or demon poisoning. So for that to work either an invulnerability that has never been shown to exist in that world would have to also be given; or Alec would have to give up being a shadowhunter, which is his whole way of life.

actually i didn’t want to reply this bc i’m tired of repeating myself and you were replying an old post. but since i’m bored so here we go…

we been knew immortality does not equal invulnerability. you said it yourself that he can die anytime from battle wound or demon poisons whether he’s mortal or immortal and, considering the word they live in, so does magnus. then, why not the latter? if he can die anytime, why not giving him a chance to be immortal if he wants to? did you tell me if he manages to survive all of the battles he fought (and he will, this is work of fiction after all), you prefer he dies because of old age later instead of, y'know, live a long life with the love of his live and their children, fight for another day? of course being immortal doesn’t magically solve your problems. it’s the closest thing we get so they can be together in a long time and it makes the most sense to me.

so, were you telling me in the world with demons, angels, magic, people come back from dead, there’s  no way to make alec immortal and still a shadowhunter? i hope you were joking.

anyway, we get enough lgbtq couple dying tragically, so yeah this is a big fuck you to bury your gays trope.

What I think is the funniest in this shipwars between bbrae and bbterra shippers is that BB is always a victim.

It’s not like he had called Rae a creepy and freak multiple times or if he had been a douchebag to Terra when she confessed about the betrayal. It’s not like he always invade Raven’s personal space when she clearly said him to not do it.

BBRae can be an abusive ship? Yep. BBTerra can be an abusive ship? Also yep. But stop treating Beast Boy as he was just a poor manipulated boy who had the unlucky destiny of always getting into abusive relationships because he had been a asshole lotsa times in the show

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it fucks me over as a long time vegan to see ppl promoting health and being thin with vegan food. I'm not a 'sexyhealthyvegan' and it used to make me feel like I was doing it wrong. I hate people trying to introduce folks to veganism as like. a diet to make you lose weight, because it can cause people to jump in without knowing what they're doing (or doing very little scrape the surface research) and getting sick. It should be like any other change - slow and careful.

Yup absolutely! Going vegan is a process (one that has given me a lot of setbacks) and positioning it as trend or a diet makes it more likely for people to fail or do incorrectly. Do your research friends and take your time! Make sure you’re getting the right nutrients and vitamins and pace yourself so you don’t overdo it and get burnt out. Also! Make sure you’re not just eating rice and vegetables. That won’t keep you full for very long. Make sure you are eating things like beans, lentils, tofu, avocado, nuts/seeds, breads, pasta, etc. that will keep you from getting hungry after an hour.

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Okay I am all for Larry believe me I'm just so confused like how do all u guys know they're together????? Or am i misinterpreting these posts? Is Larry real??? can u tell me why I want to be in the loop I want to freak out when they come out PLS help I'm so confused and new to the 1D fandom PLS

You mean besides the obvious fond and lust and glances they make to each other? Or how they mirror each other in a way that ppl married only for 40+ years do? How it does not add up that they are not friends anymore because rainbow Louis is sick of the gay rumors?How they were never able to pull off a denial that was convincing and during which they finally did not caress each other’s nipples or had the body language that led you to believe the opposite? But Louis did not have any issues to say: just for the record Zayn and me are not dating. Or when he said No No No.
How there are still new complementary tattoos on them? But the two do not talk to each other, do not show up in the same group, not attending ot3 outings, has not been photographed solo publicly for ages before the Nashville pictures? They hate each other/ never dated/ they broke up/ they are just friends but for some reason they always manage to ink their bodies to create a set of complementary tats. Or do you mean the fact that OT3, their families, their friends and everyone in the industry have outed them countess times? How you are made to believe that one of the world’s most famous musicians is sleeping under the bridge after he moved out from said bandmate? Or do you want to talk about how their narratives just don’t add up? How both of their actions and real quotes are the total opposite in the written media? Or just to mention how something is denied by their team left and right and if there was a real feud they would be forced to act professional and amicable? Like in any other band…
How the most romantic guy in this band leaves his beardfriend standing and gives her the cold shoulder? But said bandmate visibly goes through hell and back when Harry disappears from the awards show. How he is unable to hold hands properly and leaves the beardfriend to get mobbed in NYC but puts his arm of Harry’s waist even in a crowd of 3 people? How Louis looks so awkward with girls but jumps out of his seat and licks his lips when there is an attractive polite male interviewer? How Harold visibly cringes when females want to jump his bones and touch him but offers a male musician to sit in his lap at the AMA’s? How is anyone able to believe their narratives if they just look at their chemistry w males and compare it to chemistry with females?

And then look at how THEY are with each other.

Talk about how Harry and Louis are so visibly in love that it really is a no brainer for grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, best friends, neighbors, co-workers, 100 yr olds or 12 year olds to see they love each other and it is not some platonic shit some people want you to think?

In short: They are the realest. Whispers: you can freak out now.