because i'm sick of people telling me how to be


“I…thank you, thank you for saying all the things you said, it means a lot.”

They seem to be going back to normal, tho is seems someone took their scarf

No but seriously, thank you to the lovely people who said sick nice things to me: @asksomecolouredink
@ask-mary-the-ink-demon @neonblitzcrazy @demi-gray @ink-brush-chronicles and @paint-splatter-17

I love you all and you’re so amazing, thank you for being here with me through this

when people talk about how polysexuals aren’t real

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when people talk about how bisexuals aren’t real:

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when people talk about how pansexuals aren’t real:

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when people say that they’re valid:

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Do you mind people asking you how you would interpret your songs? Because I was wondering what your song Sweet November means to you? I'm sure you get these questions a lot. 🌻

Long story super short I got really sick and skinny n no one knew what was wrong and I thought i was gonna die and didn’t wanna tell my boyfriend I was actually sick cause If I died I wanted him to remember me as just cute bubbly funny regular me … Like the movie “Sweet November” . Turns out I had Systemic Samonella and a Gluten allergee but I beat it n I’m still here ta daaa! Lol

Tried to send this as an ask but it’s too long; that post about the benefit luncheon actually just reminded me of the time i almost accidentally vomited on a holocaust survivor.

so, back in school, went to an excursion to the jewish museum and once a week holocaust survivors come in to give a talk. we had lunch just before and my mum usually bought these muesli/granola bars that i took to school every day, except this time she made a mistake and bought ones that looked basically the same, but contained a small amount of peanuts. 

I’m really really allergic to peanuts (except i don’t go into anaphylactic shock, i just vomit). nobody noticed, and i ate the thing. straight away i can just feel it, and i spit out what i can and drink like 2 litres of water; i know i can’t start vomiting because then i just wont stop. i tell myself i gotta be strong. 

so we get in there, this tiny like 85 year old woman is telling her story, she is crying everyone is crying, she gets to the part about her parents dying and i am sitting in the front row groaning and vomiting very lightly into a plastic cup over my mouth pretending its my drink of water (getting up at that point would have been so rude that i would rather have swallowed my vomit back up than do that to that old lady, so i stay till the end). she tells up how she survived a nazi death march as like a 13 year old kid while sick and starving and on the verge of death, meanwhile ME the WEAK ASSHOLE is so damn close to vomiting my peanut infested insides out all over everybody

i managed to hold off the worst of it until after she finished but I’m very traumatised from the event and read the labels of everything very carefully from now on.

oh my GOOOOD the shit you people go through

I hate when I tell people the story of how we met they always say ‘OMG- that’s like out of a movie! You’re totally meant for each other.’ Because where is my perfect movie ending? The one where you come running after me because you finally realized that everything you ever wanted or needed was right here all along.
—  me, 12.4.15
  • Book readers finding out some non-book readers ship Clary and Alec: This is so horrible and wrong. How dare these people who never read the books ship something they like that includes someone they don't know is gay because the show didn't say it yet? People are sick, i'm telling you
  • Me finding out some non-book readers ship Clary and Alec: Oh, boy. I'm so exited!! I can't wait for them to find out Alec is gay and has the hots for Jace AND the warlock, they will be so surprised!!

I’m so over (ignorant) black people AND non black people telling black people how they should be reacting to the treatment of our people.

I’m sick of this respectability politics shit. fuck outta here with what MLK would have wanted. THE MAN WAS FUCKING KILLED HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE WOULD HAVE WANTED? Black people shouldn’t have to act a certain way to get respect. So what if some black people are loud and rioting and crazy? In all honesty those people have every right to feel this way and more importantly why should a few people represent our race as a whole? I’m so tired of hearing “well we have to respect ourselves in order to get respect”, nigga what? In what other race does every single person have to be respectful in order to get respect? I’ll fucking wait. As a black person I’m sick and tired of people saying that we have to be peaceful and calm in these situations of injustice. Why in the world is it expected that we’re supposed to take the deaths of our people lying down?

IT IS ABOUT RACE. IT IS ABOUT RACE. IT HAS ALWAYS FUCKING BEEN ABOUT RACE. when you have the white governor of Minnesota saying that if that man wasn’t black he probably wouldn’t be killed, you know it’s about race. When you have HELLA white people coming out the cut saying it IS racial, ITS ABOUT RACE. when you magically have black people being hung from trees down south and it being ruled a “suicide” before the autopsy even finished, IT IS ABOUT RACE. when you have a man who literally was reaching for his license PER ORDER OF THE COP and he’s shot to death in front of his child and girlfriend, IT IS ABOUT RACE. when you have fucking CHILDREN, a damn BABY as far as I’m concerned being shot for being mistaken for a grown man, IT IS ABOUT FUCKING RACE. it never fucking stopped being about race, y'all so naive and ignorant.

you know until you see videos of your people being killed in cold blood every FUCKING day on the news or on social media, don’t tell me how I should feel. and if you black and seriously don’t think this reason enough to be angry then shame on you. until you have to be constantly afraid that your mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle or other black family member may not come home that day simply for being black, don’t tell me how I should feel. until I don’t have to be worried to walk out my house or go anywhere in fear that a fucking insane cop or crazy white person won’t just randomly want to kill me for being black, don’t tell me how to feel. the fact of the matter that we have young children afraid their parents won’t come home or afraid they’re going to be killed is a problem.

and to be honest, black people BEEN being calm. because trust and believe if we were actually being as crazy as y'all want to claim we are, shit things DEFINITELY wouldn’t be like this. bet on that.

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Hey I was just wondering how you deal with people commenting on your weight/ what you wear. I have people around me constantly putting me down telling me "that dress wasn't made for you" or "if you lost 25kg, it'll look better". I'm so sick of it. I give a witty counter when they sass me but I end up crying when I'm home alone because it really hurts. (I thought I looked good, dammit) I'm clearly in the process of loving the way I look but any advice would help.

Um….who the fuck are those people? And why are you wasting your time around them?? There’s one idea, find some new friends and surround yourself with different people. But I would also drop the sass, look them straight in the eye, and say, “Can you hear yourself? What makes you think you have the right to say something like that to me?” Make them super uncomfortable. And when they get defensive, tell them again that they have no right to make unsolicited comments about your body. Stand up for yourself, you’re worth it! Loving yourself is hard enough without the extra bullshit coming from other people, and you don’t have to take it!

P.S. You better wear that dress again because if you think it looks good, then it does!

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I'm so sick and tired of being made fun of for being so attached to Twenty One Pilots. People just don't understand my love for them and how much they have helped me to pursue new things in my life

Just don’t listen, stop sharing this love with them, because you are only hurting yourself, as Tyler says “only few people understand” so if they just make fun of you, they don’t deserve your explanation of how much they have helped you and how important they are for you. 

Keep the love for you, because you are the only one that matters. 


You know what I'm really sick of?

Hearing people, I love you, but I got a question for you - how come you laugh when I say, “What?” when it obviously means that I did not hear you?

People: “$@%$-@ Arthur…$+@@**@&$”
Me: “Huh?”
People: “LMAO!”

Okay, look, I’m not saying “Huh?” because I’m being funny - I legitimately did not hear you and I’m asking you to repeat yourself. I’m not in on whatever joke you’re trying to tell. You understand that you look like a fool because you’re laughing and I’m completely in the dark and unaffected by what you said?

I’m about to become a huge ignorer of the human populace in a hot ass minute.