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I'm sorry. I'm slow but I am DEAD. You probably already noticed this BUT. "...I'm afraid I cannot congratulate you on your choice of companion *sad smile*... Actually now I can." HE WAS TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF. HE'S THE "BAD COMPANION" *gross sobbing*

YES ACTUALLY I HAVE NOTICED IT. I can’t believe you MADE me watch this AGAIN with my own two eyes, and then make a pretty and sad photo edit of it. YOU MADE ME DO IT. HOW DARE. 


(seriously, though, this is literally one of the saddest parts of this episode, because Sherlock pauses for about 3 seconds as if he’s pondering what he has said, and then he came to the conclusion that yes, he is an unsavoury companion indeed).

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Y'know how everyone is pretty much sure that Marty and Vidalia are Sour Cream's parents? Well, I've been thinking and I'm not sure it works. Since Story for Steven seems to have been set in the 80's, that would make him at least 25 years old which I'm pretty sure he isn't, to be blunt. And Marty didn't like Beach City or value Vidalia at all, so he probably wouldn't have seen her again either. I'm not sure what my point is, but do you have any thoughts/rebuttals?

I think considering Steven Universe is set on an entirely different Earth than our own it’s safe to assume that just because something has an aesthetic relating to a decade here, doesn’t necessarily mean it relates to the same decade in Steven Universe’s universe, if that makes sense.

Like the crew could apply an 80s aesthetic to really any decade of Steven Universe’s universe of their choice. It doesn’t have to be parallel to our own decades, just inspired by.

But, to me 20-something for Sour Cream kind of fits? 25 might sound too old, but really there’s been no defined age for anyone on the show to my knowledge. My reading of this could also be swayed here since I’m in my 20s and can relate to some extent to The Cool Kids group and their antics. So yeah to me Sour Cream, Jenny, Buck Dewy- even Sadie and Lars to an extent all seem to be young adults more than teenagers.

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I just wanted to say something even if you seem to be not into speculating about future DLC. Deacon not being romanceable is tragic, but siding w the Railroad is 'tying the knot' of the partnership between Deacon and the Sole Survivor, cute post-ending dialogue included...we don't get that with the other companions as far as I know. It's canon. Any Railroad DLC will probably give Deacon some new content and might even have more Death Bunny team-ups. What do you think about this possibility?

After Nuclear Option with the Railroad, yes, your Survivor and Deacon are basically married forever. I mean, the romance is there in game, it’s just very subtle (like Deeks).

I’m kidding. Mostly. 

I can’t emphasise how important this turn of events probably is for Deacon. Not only has he spent years looking for the Survivor, he then finds out that they have a very similar set of morals and objectives, he doesn’t lose them to the Institute while they’re being a double-agent, and they help him and his organization, which he lives for and calls his family, bring down their #1 enemy. 

Everything in Deacon’s POV has just clicked into place in a beautiful way: he found and then partnered up with his own BFF. (This is Deacon’s POV, not your Survivor’s. I’d never assume anyone else’s Survivor’s feelings about this).

So yes, I am 100% here for more Railroad shenanigans because not only could there be super amazing Team Death Bunny shenanigans (get matching tattoos, pillow fights, ass slapping, karaoke nights, taking Drummer Boy out for training missions, helping Tinker Tom deal with his trauma FINALLY, help Dez get to Goodneighbor to record Silver Shroud episodes, let Dr Amari know how special and wonderful she is by taking her out for a spa day, train new tourists, etc.), but also room for more drama. Post-Institute Railroad is probably just as tense and fractured as ever and it could be delicious.

I think the DLC would need to exist for all four factions, though, which I think they could do. All four of them have room for post-game missions and storylines based on what choices you made in game. Maybe there’d be enough content they could do faction-specific expansion packs?