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ok but johnny on lipstick prince… the boy can’t even handle looking a girl in the eyes while she call’s him handsome i’m sitting here… heart racing because he’s either gonna be really dorky and embarrassing, or really dorky and sweet and funny and dreamy and prince like and flirty, what if he’s actually good? what if his blending technique is wonderful and he actually pays attention when the stylists do his makeup, i wanna see how he acts around girls i’m what’s the word… *selena voice* me siento muy… excited!!!

I had forgotten that part in Dragonshy where Rarity tries to Bilbo Baggins this dragon’s hoard. And it actually almost worked until she showed her hand too early.

It’s kind of funny because this episode is so focused on Fluttershy being scared and inconveniencing everypony, but I never really realized until now that literally none of them have the slightest idea what they’re doing at all. Which kind of makes sense, cause they’re still pretty new to adventuring and stuff, but it kind of seems like Twilight’s making it up as she goes along.

Like, Twilight’s plan if the dragon got rowdy was for Applejack to kick apples at him. Fluttershy was the least of their problems.

Classic INTP moment I had

Last year a small group of people from school went on a camp for a book fair. We were at dinner at a fancy-ass restaurant and one of the girls said that earlier on in the day, a guy called her fat, and everyone at the table kind of gasped in shock… except for me. I actually laughed - not because I thought what the guy said was funny, but because of everyone’s reaction. They all looked at me like I was a fuckin monster, and I said “What? It’s not an insult, it’s just a description.” (But of course, it depends on the way it’s said.) Then everyone was just quiet and slowly began to talk again. Yeah, put an INTP in a social situation where they’re expected to be civil, with a bunch of people they barely know, and shit is bound to go down.

unpopular opinion but why can’t people just be happy that mark gets to go home and see his family? like yes his friends are snakes but people deadass wish that he doesn’t go home because they don’t want the snakes to be around him. that’s selfish of fans to think that way, mark’s home is in la and people saying they don’t want him to go home and see his family like?? stop thinking that once got7 step into la, all hell will break loose. stop associating whatever mark does with his la friends. 

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IDK if this is actually an Unpopular Opinion (except perhaps with historians): Angelica And Eliza Were Both Awesome and You Can Love Them Both.

See, the issue with this is that, as we all know, female characters in a piece of media can never share traits or overlap roles because, obviously, that would result in extraneous female characters and we must minimize the amount of femininity on screen, to make time for the 6 Smart Guy characters and 3 Funny Guy characters and 10 Tough Guy characters. Angelica received the Smart, Selfless, Loud, and Sassy® traits. Eliza received the Feminine trait and so I stopped paying attention to her after that because you know, it’s just so hard to relate to those girly girls, right, it’s so regressive, they’re so flat because the writers hate them and don’t develop them so how could you even write anything about them anyway?, and paying attention to her would take away from my 234872 page analysis of Samuel Seabury. Maria got Sex and we forgot to give Peggy anything, it happens. 

Anyway as you can see Angelica has the set of traits that make her a Strong Female Character. She’s so good! Too good, in fact. She’s too perfect to relate to. It’s impossible for me to write anything about her. Anyway here’s my fic about uwu misunderstood cinnamon roll His Only Fault Is Loving Too Much Samuel Seabury.

• Jesper Llewellyn Fahey
• Kaz looking guilty
• Nina and Jesper being actual 12 year olds
• Sassy Inej
• Wylan and Matthias doing the ‘scheming face’ thing
• whatever you say, Llewellyn
• all of them being kids for a second
• Kaz still figuring out to save the day with the whole city and even his crew against him
• they know each other so well
• all of them against the world

i guess it just really bothers me that most people laughed at gaga before and never gave her a chance because she was different even though her music was amazing they just saw freak with funny costumes and mocked her but now that she has intentionally surrendered to dressing in simple outfits everyone’s falling for it like “wow this chick is actually talented!!! haha who would’ve ever guessed” like… we all knew this before… you just couldn’t get past how she looked to hear her before cause you’re a boring idiot…


“I don’t see it.”

!!!!! MY WRIST FELT BETER TODAY SO TAKE THIS THING THERES ALSO A FUNNY STORY BEHIND IT: Ahem…so, there’s this restaurant that my family eats at on Sundays after church. The owner is a cook AND an artists. He paints all the paintings that are in his restaurant. We bought one of his paintings last week and he asked us when our birthdays were because he wants to do an actual art trade with us! This man’s paintings are in museums and he wants to do an art trade with me and my sisters. So, I painted him this. It feels nice to e able to paint again. The picture doesn’t really capture the colors properly, but I used some of my calligraphy inks to make the sunlight shimmery and give the blue some extra depth.

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This is like, 13 hours later, and you don't have to answer!!!, but that post with the "Grammy's" for 1D guys made me cringe, too. Especially the Liam part if I'm honest, because Liam has been documenting so much of his writing and recording. They're all working so hard! I know it's supposed to be funny as well, but I actually had to block the post.

Yeah, I blocked it too. It was quite insulting and unfair to Liam, Louis, and Niall who have released music and/or formally announced upcoming albums and I don’t really get how people didn’t see that.

  • Everyone around me: Um why are you excited for... oh, haha because you get to eat all of your candy and stuff, right?
  • Me: *starts sweating*
  • Me: *hides calendar that is counting down days until Lodestar release*
  • Me: *secretly closes out of 20 KOTLC blogs on my phone*
Hogwarts acceptances

J. K. Rowling: All these people saying they never got their Hogwarts letter, you got the letter. You went to Hogwarts. We were all there together.

Me: Actually, I didn’t go to Hogwarts because they didn’t take the Fasfa

So another small thing that I probably shouldn’t be sharing because I already feel like I’m oversharing more than I ever have in my life… I was just playing Xbox with my friends and something funny came up that caused two of them to laugh uncontrollably, to the point of where one of them I guess you could say started hyperventilating (in a good way, he wasn’t actually hyperventilating but you know what I mean) because it was so funny… and it immediately caused a flashback/relapse and I got this sinking feeling where I got beyond terrified because of previous things that have occurred. So yeah, that’s cool

Some interesting quotes from one of my math professors today:

  • “Ok, so if that’s 6, then what are these other fellas?… I’m sorry, I should not call the variables ‘fellas’. I was trying to be funny and it was not that.”
  • “Susskind, who you might know as the daddy of string theory…”
  • “I didn’t include this version of the proof in the notes because it’s actually a little shaky, which would mean the notes would be shaky and if you guys used the proof you would also be… shook?”

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funny how you're out there saying "grow up children" but you apparently havent pay attention to anything at all, specially when adele thanked both of her songwriters on her speech, one which she used the words "mastermind". next time u keep your white stupid mouth shut, since you dont know a fucking thing and apparently seems to think that black women cant write music by themselves the way the whites can

LMFAO I’m Hispanic you dumbass. FAR away from being white. But good job. I love how right away this becomes a race thing. AH the hate begins! It’s an awards show, again, GROW UP CHILDREN. 😬 PS *haven’t paid any attention (correct phrase) and it’s especially * not specially, who taught you how to spell?

Don’t you just love how Uta is able to make us doubt of everything he does everytime he appears in :Re?
  • Uta : *uses the Arima mask*
  • Readers at first: yea lol he's good at crafting
  • Readers 2s later: omg *what if* he actually has the possibility to switch faces?! WAT IF HE WAS HIDE IN THE SEWERS?!
  • -
  • Uta: *talks with Yomo about the Clowns*
  • Readers at first: wtf he's such a joker
  • Readers reading the following page: OMG maybe he's actually a good guy and he's playing the double agent for the Clowns, V and Yomo's group ALL AT THE SAME TIME?!
  • -
  • Uta: *calls his kakugans eye tattoos in front of Sasaki*
  • Readers at first: jfc man can't u think of a better lie?
  • Readers immediately after: WaIt what if those ARE actually eye tattoos of a ghoul' kakugans so he can totally look like one in front of a CCG investigator, even when he's one in reality?! THAT WOULD BE SUCH A FUCKING CLEVER MOVE BECAUSE NOBODY WOULD ACTUALLY BELIEVE FOR SURE HE'S ONE!!
  • -
  • Ishida basically: *plans something with Uta*
  • Ishida: lol i think i'll keep on doing that until the end
BTS as Dads

Seokjin: Very caring and overprotective. I think it’s in his nature to care, but I think he’d be very protective of his child, he’d love them very wholeheartedly and genuinely. You know how when you’re about to get sick and your parent says to you ‘if you get sick, it’s your fault - I’m not taking care of you’ but they end up basically doing everything possible to help you recover? That’s Seokjin as a father. He will cook you organic chicken soup, wrap you in a heap of blankets, check your temperature every hour and ask if there’s anything you need. Also, drives you everywhere no matter how far. Even if you live a two minute walk away from school but are exhausted and call him to pick you up, he’ll be there. Speaking of being there - he’d be very supportive and want to show up to see all your accomplishments. If you have an award ceremony or are performing somewhere, he will be there with a gigantic camera, sitting front row, taking flash photos of you every second he sees you on that stage. He’s the type of dad who loves you with all his heart and it definitely shows through his cooking, his patience, and his support.

Yoongi: Quiet, gentle, doesn’t speak very much but cares from afar. Wakes up early to cook you breakfast, sets it on the table and when you wake up he’s already at work but you realize he made your favourite dishes. If you’re having a bad day he won’t directly ask you but he probably will try to take you out of the house for a car ride to help you get some fresh air. Knows all your likes and dislikes - like if there was something you couldn’t eat or you were scared of something, he wouldn’t have to ask, he would just know - after all, he pays attention to all the little things about you since he cares about you. Yoongi doesn’t say ‘I love you’ or anything very openly in front of you, but he doesn’t make you doubt it that he truly, sincerely cares about you. He’ll say ‘I love you’ in many different ways - telling you to put on your seat belt, to wear your scarf when it’s chilly, ask you if you ate yet. It’s the little things that really count with him. If you needed him to help you with something, he’ll get up to do it with no hesitations; he might pretend to complain and whine but end of the line is that he’s the dad that will do anything for you.

Hoseok: The very comedic dad. The typical ‘dad jokes’ thrown around from time to time, always tries to make you laugh no matter how ridiculous he has to get, will go to lengths just to see his child’s precious smile. Is overly affectionate and loves to shower you with kisses. Embarrases you in front of your friends, but all your friends really love him! Can’t really cook but tries to but then fails and orders in pizza for you to eat. He always finds an excuse to buy you gifts and his significant other always scolds him for spending money on you but he just adores you too much. If you were eyeing a lollipop in the window of a candy shop, he’s buy a bag to just see you smile for a moment. Reads you bedtime stories at night and because he’s so theatrical, he’ll end up dubbing all the voices of the characters and acting it out - what’s the point of watching a movie when you’ve got Hoseok to entertain you. When he sees you down, he’ll tell you really bad jokes and because they’re so lame you’ll just end up snorting up your milk or choking on your food as he’s trying to cheer you up at the dinner table. Hoseok would always try his best to be the person to make his kid smile, I think he would feel really bummed out or down if he couldn’t, he would feel as if he failed - he’s the type of person that makes so many people happy that when he finally can’t, he will feel inadequate and it will only make him doubt himself even more.

Namjoon: Stingy but loving, nonetheless. You know those dads where when you wake up in the morning and come down the staircase you see them in the kitchen - coffee mug in hand, reading the newspaper and pushing the middle of their glasses up against their face? That’s Namjoon except he has his laptop out and is trying to figure out new material for his music. Since he’s heavily influenced by fashion, he’s bound to scold you if you’re not dressed warmly as a parent. It’s cold outside? He’ll ask you where your hat, scarf, mittens and jacket are if you’re not appropriately dressed. And no - not just one of them, you better be wearing all of those articles of clothing or else he won’t let you out of the house. He just doesn’t want you to catch a cold, any parent would be concerned if their child got sick. Nags you a lot. Scolds you a lot. Says no a lot. He says no even before you finish your question or asking permission to go/do something. But please remember it’s out of care and love. He’s very careful when it comes to you. Because he was a teenager, he knows what’s up and that’s why he can’t always let you go out late at night or let you hang out in certain places with certain people. He just cares for you, he doesn’t want you to live a hard knock life but he also wants you to learn that restricting you or making compromises is healthy. Coincidentally - although he may sound strict so far, one important thing about Namjoon is that he would let you grow up to become the person you want to be. Whatever career or path you choose to talk, he will never force you to be in a position that you’re not comfortable with. He’ll tell you to follow your heart, go where the wind blows, to listen to what you want and not want anyone else thinks. He wants you to live the life you want, he wants you happy.

Jimin: Proud father, praises you on the daily, and teases you. The type of dad that pats your head or shoulder when you need comforting. Probably one of the most genuine and caring dads out there. Always looking out for you, saying things like ‘watch your step’, ‘don’t leave your assignment until the last second’, ‘I’m picking you up later so make sure to bring your phone so I can call you when I’m around the corner’. Holds your hand when you cross the street, lets you sleep in his bed when you have nightmares, pushes you on the swings in the park. His eyes light up every time he sees you all giggly and happy, he feels the happiest when he sees his child smile brightly with an open mouth and their eyes nearly shut tight like him. I guess all in all, Jimin would never let his children or child go through things alone. When you’re having a hard time, he’ll want you to lean on him for support. He’s the parent that would let you stay home if you were feeling sick or didn’t want to go to school. There was one time when you came home and you hadn’t done well in one of your courses and you were really scared about his reaction so you hid your report card in the fridge and he found it and asked to speak with you. When you were in front of him and he asked why you had hid your report card in the refrigerator, you bursted into tears and fell into his lap and sobbed there. He kept patting your head and running his fingers through your hair telling you that you could have just told him you were struggling and having troubles understanding the course because he would have helped you or found you a tutor. He has a soft spot and is very good at comforting people, he’d never make you feel any less or worth of a person, even when you make mistakes he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it, he’d only try to let you know that everything would be okay in the end. At the end of the day, you can always come to him to confide for anything, he’s a very understanding dad who would never judge you or see you differently if you made a mistake. After all, you’re only human and in his eyes you’re already quite astounding just the way you are.

Taehyung: Loves to do things with you. Bowling, paintballing, late night movies, the list is endless. He loves spending time with his kids, he loves to be involved and up to date with them. He’s the ‘cool parent’ you could say, he’s very open with his children and they’re very open and honest with him because he’s very chill. He does have his moments where he’ll get down to business and become serious depending on the circumstances but otherwise he’s the type of dad that most kids would want. The type of dad that loves you so much that he literally not only let’s you pull stupid stunts by yourself by accompanies you as you do so. The type of dad that tells you to sit in the cart even though you’re already a teenager and he pushes you so fast that the grocery cashiers and employees give you a warning that you’ll be banned from the store. The type of dad that gets real competitive when it comes to the most randomest things - hot dog eating contest, puzzles, you name it.  He likes to take you on trips for vacation! Camping trips, a week in Hawaii, to a farm for strawberry picking. Taehyung is honestly the most adventurous and playful dad there is. It’s almost unreal. When he’s driving you somewhere, he lets you control the radio station or music playing and you both roll down your windows, screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs and the cars and passerbys give you weird looks but you both continue doing your thing. Taehyung would want to give you anything. He would want give you the world if he could because he just loves you so much.

Jungkook: The smug and sarcastic dad, thinks he’s always right. He’s the ‘I told you so’ dad, so if you got sick because you didn’t dress appropriately for the weather, he’d be all up in your face telling you it was your fault for not listening to him in the first place. When you ask him if you can go somewhere or buy something, his first remark will be “did you ask your mom/dad yet”. Once you returned home late at night, you were sneaking through the backdoor and he was at his desk in the living room, he heard your footsteps and turned around in his swivel chair and give you a raised eyebrow. When you beg him not to tell your other parent he shakes his head and chuckles while saying, “All right, I’ll let you off this time. My lips are sealed.” When morning reaches, your other parent will be downstairs yelling bloody murder and asking Jungkook, your dad if he knew what time you came home last night. Jungkook would be the type to console his significant other, he’d try to drop the conversation if it was getting out of control so he would say something along the lines of “Come on, honey - it was just one time. Just let them off the hook for this time”, as he does that he’ll rub their back or throw his arm around their shoulder. When he tries to ground you he just can’t, he feel sympathetic since he remembers his time as a kid your age so you never really get fully punished. There was another time where you asked your mom/dad for money to go to the movies but they said no and didn’t give it to you, when you walked by the living room, Jungkook gestured for you to come over and slipped $30 into your hand and bus tickets and whispered for you to not come home too late. Basically - Jungkook is the dad that would let off the hook for many cases, but it’s because he’s been there and done that.

Kind of funny how of all the Ben 10 fanart I’ve drawn, I’ve never actually drawn the main character himself! 

Well, actually, I was more interested in drawing his 30-year-old self because I honestly needed more practice drawing guys with beards. That, and his beard in particular just looks really cool. But I thought I might as well throw in his 10-year-old self in there too so people can recognize him.