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Dazatsu Week 2017- Day Four: Free Day

So I made this for the Dazatsu Week: Sleeping Atsushi with Dazai, and I’m super late T-T but here is my entry anyway.

Oh and a bonus!!




i have no excuse for this and i am sorry

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You're... you're almost 30 and live with your parents

(( OOC: Very astute observation. All of my siblings still live at home as well… all 67 of us. I’m also employed by my parents, so it works out nicely. ))


BSD rarepair week - Day 1: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” - Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind (because Fuku gave no damns about a gun being held to Mori’s head. Chapter 50 feels hit me in the face man)

And of course, Mori is a doctor and can do basic self-treatment. He may be looking for an excuse of some sort, for something…

(Prompt by @buraihas, thank you!!)

The Dead of July by whimsicule - M, 117k

Being an Avenger means continuing to be Captain America and smiling and being honorable for the public and Harry does his best. But it doesn’t give him time to figure out who he is supposed to be once he takes off his uniform and puts the shield to the side. Just being Harry had always involved Louis, and Harry fears he doesn’t know how to exist without him.

or: Harry is Captain America, and Louis’ been dead for 70 years.

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[stares into the middle distance] 

I have made a huge mistake.


all the boys // panic! at the disco

daniel and aled reunite with nick and charlie for a dog-walking double date

day 9: hanging out with friends

30 day otp challenge with Nick and Charlie (from @heartstoppercomic)

Yoi Ao3 tag summarized

-homophobic fic
-weird au fic
-homophobic weird au fic
-pedophilia fic
-normal fic with a side of pedophilia
-‘I understand depression and anxiety’ says person who looked up the Mayo Clinic symptoms and that’s it: the fic
-blatantly racist fic
-incredibly homophobic fic
-‘I like to see gay men suffer for entertainment’ fic
-1 singular normal fucking fic

The world is bad— but being with you is so, so good.

(crank up your screen brightness if you keep it low)