because i'm listening to them right now

  • You: Awww, Vilde and Magnus are so cute together! I ship them!
  • Me, an intellectual: I love Vilde Hellerud Lien, my beautiful lesbian princess.

Listen guys, I think Winn made a poor choice in siding with James/Guardian. I say this because Kara’s been there with him from the very beginning. Her coming out as Supergirl changed his life and made a huge impact—and he later met James because of her and Clark. She’s supposedly his best friend and yet he’s chosen to play hero with James instead of using some common sense to understand what she was trying to tell them. I get that he and James have become good friends and everything but idk I feel like he ignored his dose of reality when he was held at gunpoint not once but twice in the span of a single episode. And it’s foolish. It was not a calling but a warning of how dangerous the hero game really is. Sure the adrenaline rush is great but he and James could seriously get hurt next time. Is stopping drug dealers and other riff raff really worth dying over? I really felt that he should have stood by Kara’s side on this one. Something worse will probably happen, just watch.

I often forget how much my family has suffered and lost

I have been going through a bit of an inspiration drought lately, so I was thinking if any of you have any idea you’d like to share with me (asoiaf, history, period drama - anything, really), I’d be grateful to listen! I don’t want to call them requests because I can’t make any promise I’ll make them (honestly, I have like six unfinished sets in my drafts right now, I’m a mess), but I thought this might help getting any sort of inspiration back? 

I’m seriously keeping my username now. The main reason why I decided to make the change is because I HONESTLY cannot support the majority of them. A good 83.3% to be exact. Right now, I’m bearing and grinning (not really but I gotta tolerate their presence since they’re still together). Also, I fracking hate the majority of the fandom*. So why would I wanna associate myself with the filth? 

Yeah sure I’ll still listen to their songs and stream and vote but it’s only for that one person in mind. Once dissolution’s a thing, you know whom I’m gonna put my full time support for.

*Don’t get me wrong. There are still some decent people in the fandom and for that I’m grateful for that. You’re pretty much another reason why I’m still here. You make a shitty fandom a much better place. /shout out to my dear mutuals (from tumblr and or twitter) for not putting up with any bs.

What I’m Writing

The amazingly talented @criminal-minds-fanfiction tagged me to make a list of things I’m currently working on. Thank you, Cher! ^^

So, here is the list of my unfinished drafts right now + a few ideas I have floating around in my head! (Maybe if I write them down, they will magically come to life, ey?) Also, “working on” is used very, very loosely here.

Yuri!!! On ICE

- PanzerMensch: Literally writing right now because I am Otayuri trash and I should seriously stop listening to music altogether at this point A one-shot featuring my favourite boys at a club where Beka is supposed to be dj-ing… Yuri thinks his boyfriend deserves a bit of a break. (Title may change in the future)

- All That I’ve Got: my other two favourite dorks, Viktor and Yuuri, totally deserved their own separate Soulmate AU. Only two chapters have been posted so far, but I hope to write a third one soon and, if the planets and gods allow me to, post it sometime during the weekend.

- Vampire!Yuri AU idea: I. CAN’T. GET. THIS. IDEA. OUT. OF. MY. HEAD. But I cannot decide if I want Beka to be a human or a werewolf. Lately, I’ve been leaning more towards human, though. This will have to wait until I finish the Viktuuri Soulmate AU, but well.

Criminal Minds

- Water Under The Bridge: My beloved fic! The original idea that brought me here! The one I haven’t written for in months! Apologies for that. But I honestly lost all my drive. Believe me, even if I’ve said it before and looks like I’m lying, it will get done. As I always say, I know exactly where it needs to go, how it should progress, but I just cannot seem to find it in me to finish it right now (I even wrote the last three chapters before I thought about chapter 2!). I’m at a different place that I was when I started writing it and that’s probably why I can’t focus on it at the moment.

- Bunch of Luke Alvez/Reader ideas: Is that something people want to read? Is my boy Luke in need of some fluff/love in this fandom? Let me know!

I tag: @imagicana, @give-me-a-moose, @otayuriistheliteralbest@severeminx, and anyone else who wants to do this! :D

I honestly feel like I’m cheating on All Time Low right now. Like they’re still my favorite band but since I saw Set It Off last Monday, I haven’t been able to listen to anything else. I’ve tried listening to other stuff but I always go back to Set It Off, it’s like nothing else is satisfying because nothing is as good as Set It Off! I’ve been listening to them for a full week non-stop and I can’t seem to get sick of them! This is crazy but they’re just so damn good!

listen. i’m hella faded right now but hear me out because i’m having lots of ronan/everyone feels

  • consider the possibility of ronan and declan not having a falling out after niall lynch’s death. consider ronan crying in declan’s arms and declan trying to be strong for his little brother so he only cries when ronan won’t see him. and the two of them sharing a bed because they just lost both of their parents and they don’t want to be alone, they want to have the reassurance of each other’s warmth and quiet breathing
  • consider adam and ronan making a huge blanket tent in one of the pastures at the barns. consider ronan dreaming up fairy lights that don’t need to be plugged in to work, and they string them up all around. consider how they kiss and touch each other all night and fall asleep to the sound of crickets and the glow of fireflies and occasional soft huff of breath from a faraway cow
  • consider gansey knowing how much power his voice alone has over ronan. consider how that if ronan would ever submit to anyone, it would probably be gansey. consider gansey demanding things of ronan and ronan always giving, so willing. consider gansey, in a much softer voice, one laced with reverence and love, praising ronan and sweet-talking him afterwards, lips delicately against his forehead
  • consider noah being the first person ronan comes out to in a straightforward (ha!) manner. consider noah being the one ronan feels comfortable with because noah would never judge anyone. consider noah being ronan’s first kiss because ronan wants to have some practice before he kisses adam

batarangblog  asked:

Mercy :3

- how often I play them: Listen right here, I don’t call myself a Mercy Main for nothing. I have the most logged hours with my girl, she was my go to healer and just in general I’m a person who prefers to play support. So all the time I’m picking her especially since I know I won’t fuck up with her.
- which maps I like to use them on: Basically all of them, because Mercy is good in any map or situation. She’s pretty much useful in every map and every type of game mode.
- which skin I currently have equipped: I had wanted the witch skin during the Halloween event but I wasn’t able to get it, so I have the Valkyrie skin equipped on her. I love the design and it’s my preferred choice.
- who I ship them with: Romantically/Sexually? No one. I just, I know some people ship her with Pharah, some with Widow, Genji, Soldier 76, but seriously I just don’t ship her with anyone like that. None of the possible pairings thrill me, like my girl is special and not just anyone can be with her. I only see a brotp between Hanzo and Mercy (mostly because of you Dauris). My girl don’t need anybody to be happy. She’s going around the world saving people, she ain’t got the time.

Here's what makes Shadowhunters so amazing

Simply because they listen to their fans and try to do right by them.
•They used what worked in the books and movie and applied it, and changed what didn’t.
•They don’t erase parts of character’s personalities:
-Isabelle and Raphael speak Spanish regularly and IT’S HOT.
-Magnus is openly bi, and even though he’s with a man now, the fact that he’s been with women isn’t shamed or demeaned. And whatever gender he’s with doesn’t devalidate his sexuality.
-Kat McNamara dyed her hair GINGER red, which is how it was intended to be. Not auburn just because it’s socially considered ‘more attractive’. (I can go on about this forever)
•ALL relationships are made important; family, friendships, and romantic. The characters don’t have to have a romance to have a storyline.

There are many more but I just wanted to post a few.

How to kill your children in nine easy steps

One, do not listen. Do not listen when they tell you that they are hurting. That they cannot get out of bed because it feels like chains have wrapped around them and those links of iron are killing them.

Two, scream at them. Tell them how disappointed you are because A’s have dropped to F’s and senior year might as well be junior because it’s gonna be senior year again.

Three, tell them they cannot love certain people. Tell them they cannot love someone of the same gender. Tell them they will go to hell if they do.

Four, do not acknowledge the heavy sighs, the dark shadows that have appeared under their eyes.

Five, tell them they do not matter. Tell them they are a failure, they are worthless, they are not worthy of your love. Tell them this with your eyes. Tell them with your hugs, tell them with your lack of hugs. Tell them with your mouth hesitant “I love you’s”, where they used to flow like Niagara Falls.

Six, cry. Cry when you find a binder stuffed in a Drawer under underwear and bras. Cry when you violate their privacy and go through their art and find two girls kissing. A boy holding hands with another boy. A vibrant water colored rainbow with the words “pride” written under it. Cry when you find an LGBT flag carefully folded and set in a box in the back of the closet.

Seven, be disappointed. Criticize every action and everything that makes up the beauty of your child. From their art to the clothes that they wear.

Eight. Do not accept them. Yell back in anger when your daughter says she loves a girl at school, tell your son the crush he has on that boy is a sin. Glare, with the intensity of the hellfire you say they will go to, as your child tells you that sometimes they’re a girl and sometimes they are not and they want to change their name and their pronouns do not belong to a binary gender.

Nine. You have now shoved your child into a box until they could not breathe and now they are in a shiny, bigger box. Into a hole in the ground. Soon it will be topped with a stone that holds the wrong name and you will tell them it is their fault.

You will tell them this by saying it isn’t yours.

i would have never thought i’d see the day on which my non-kpop friends would ask me if i listened to “blood, sweat & tears by a korean boy group that is The Shit™ right now”. and believe me when i say i’ve never been smugger in my life, because yes you slowpoke, i watched them grow and conquer the music world step by step since the very beginning and i don’t regret a single second. bye.